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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 PM urges Maldives to be partner in Bangladesh’s development journey Jagonews24 30 days ago
2 Maldivian Speaker arrives in Sri Lanka 6 days ago
3 Speaker Nasheed heads to UK on unofficial trip Raajjemv 28 days ago
4 Kazakhstan: De-Nazarbayevification Picks Up Steam, But Is It Just For Show? Eurasia Review 22 hours ago
5 Gov't extends applications for membership at ACC Raajjemv 2 days ago
6 People's Majlis passes no-confidence motion against Communications Minister Maleeh Raajjemv 11 months ago
7 People's Majlis approves Maldives' participation in two Vienna Conventions Raajjemv 7 months ago
8 Intel reports of threat provoke enhanced security measures near Majlis building Raajjemv 8 months ago
9 Gov't opens applications for membership at ACC, once more Raajjemv 16 days ago
10 Gov't to submit 32 bills to Majlis during year's last session Raajjemv 5 months ago
11 MP's spousal invitations recalled for this years first sitting of People's Majlis marked by Presidential Address Raajjemv 12 months ago
12 Sheikh Faisal's book sheds light on Qatar's history, people, rulers Gulf Times 5 days ago
13 Thursday's parliament sitting extended until agenda concludes Raajjemv 9 months ago
14 Women’s World Majlis at Expo 2020 Dubai highlights women’s role in sustainable development Gulf News 9 days ago
15 Debate on State Budget 2022 commences at People's Majlis Raajjemv 2 months ago
16 People's Majlis condemns Israeli human-rights violations, calls for immediate cease-fire in Occupied Palestine Raajjemv 8 months ago
17 Gov't to reveal reduced internet prices as People's Majlis sessions move online Raajjemv 8 months ago
18 Maldives legislature considers bill that could force journalists to reveal sources CPJ Press Freedom Online 4 months ago
19 People's Majlis Sergeant at Arms suspended pending investigation Raajjemv 12 months ago
20 People's Majlis rejects improving Covid-19 response, votes "no" to developing resource capacity! Raajjemv 8 months ago
21 Majlis approves MVR 36.9bn budget for 2022 Raajjemv 2 months ago
22 Majlis extends ongoing session Raajjemv 7 months ago
23 Amir receives message from Algerian President The Peninsula 4 days ago
24 Motion seeking establishment of official residence for Majlis speaker sent to committee Raajjemv 8 months ago
25 People's Majlis to reconvene for third session on Aug. 16 Raajjemv 6 months ago
26 Majlis to begin sittings at 10:30am during Ramadan 1442 Raajjemv 10 months ago
27 Majlis begins debate on bill seeking to establish foreign service as a separate entity Raajjemv 7 months ago
28 Another Covid-19 case confirmed from the People's Majlis Raajjemv 2 years ago
29 US vocal about rights, justice, democracy while sheltering killers: PM The Daily Star 24 days ago
30 J&K Government order to ensure ‘active participation’ of students, teachers in ‘Surya Namaskar’ evokes sharp reactions The Hindu 8 days ago
31 Majlis approves Dr. Farahanaz Faizal's appointment to IMO Raajjemv 11 months ago
32 Majlis approves Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan as new fisheries minister Raajjemv 7 months ago
33 Khela Hobe: From Punjab To Goa, Smaller Parties Take On National Behemoths Outlook India 12 hours ago
34 People's Majlis goes into recess Raajjemv 1 year ago
35 People's Majlis: first sitting of third session set for Monday Raajjemv 1 year ago
36 Majlis Committee on National Security Services to launch inquiry into security breach following attack on Speaker Nasheed Raajjemv 8 months ago
37 Disinfection work carried out at the People's Majlis, after staff tests positive Raajjemv 2 years ago
38 Bangladesh wants discussion before US decision on security cooperation The Daily Star 25 days ago
39 Wednesday's Majlis sitting cancelled due to pending tasks of committees Raajjemv 5 months ago
40 Maldives Parliament debates defence deal with India The Hindu 11 months ago
41 People's Majlis to go into recess on Monday Raajjemv 1 year ago
42 Majlis accepts emergency motion over death of Hulhumalé prison inmate Raajjemv 4 months ago
43 Majlis committee questions defence minister in security breach inquiry Raajjemv 7 months ago
44 CP Hameed questioned as Majlis committee continues probe into May 6 terror attack Raajjemv 8 months ago
45 Imran Khan's State of Madina Newsweek Pakistan 2 days ago
46 Minister Zaha receives two-weeks' notice from Majlis over no-confidence motion Raajjemv 11 months ago
47 State budget 2021 presented to People's Majlis Raajjemv 1 year ago
48 Majlis passes to abolish revenue stamp system Raajjemv 7 months ago
49 Man arrested for threatening to bomb parliament Raajjemv 8 months ago
50 Majlis Podcast: Shortages On People's Minds As Central Asia Heads Into Winter Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 3 months ago
51 Majlis approves to extend overdraw period for a third time Raajjemv 2 months ago
52 Assembly Polls 2022 Highlights: Former Army chief Gen JJ Singh joins BJP ahead of Punjab polls Deccan Herald 3 days ago
53 Youngest UM director's suggestions a search for truth, justice New Straits Times 4 days ago
54 Presidential address to be delivered on February 4 Raajjemv 1 year ago
55 Digital archive upcoming for parliament library Raajjemv 12 months ago
56 AG Riffath to face questions in Majlis on legal impediments to detaining dangerous terror actors Raajjemv 8 months ago
57 Parliament creates 9-MP committee to overdraft extension request Raajjemv 9 months ago
58 Speaker Nasheed hesitant to return to Maldives until bomb attack probe concludes Raajjemv 5 months ago
59 People's Majlis Speaker Mohamed Nasheed calls on PM Modi, reaffirms 'unwavering support' to 'India First' policy ANI News 2 years ago
60 Joint parliament committee continues closed-door analysis of MMPRC list, 14 names added to total 281 suspects Raajjemv 9 months ago
61 Majlis approves bill to allow elections during public health emergency Raajjemv 1 year ago
62 Opposition response to presidential address riddled with baseless claims Raajjemv 11 months ago
63 Maldives once again faces question of parliamentary governance Raajjemv 9 months ago
64 Maldives: Parliamentary committee intervenes in media council case IFEX 6 months ago
65 Man arrested for threatening to bomb parliament released Raajjemv 7 months ago
66 Deputy Speaker asks committee to review decision to seek opinion on female circumcision Raajjemv 7 months ago
67 Transparency calls for action against MPs who do not attend parliament sittings Raajjemv 11 months ago
68 Nasheed confident that police probing assassination attempt, thoroughly Raajjemv 2 months ago
69 Vaccines now being administered from parliament building Raajjemv 12 months ago
70 State budget for 2021 placed on Monday's agenda of the People's Majlis. Raajjemv 1 year ago
71 Maldives` Nasheed expresses worries over extremist elements; says China hasn`t restructured debt WION 6 months ago
72 Lilly Nicholls named new Canadian ambassador to Bangladesh The Daily Star 29 days ago
73 Parliament committee reviews Maldives' participation in two Vienna Conventions Raajjemv 10 months ago
74 Majlis’ debate marks Maldivian ‘defence deal’ with India Observer Research Foundation 11 months ago
75 Majlis approves appointment of Shauna as Environment Minister Raajjemv 8 months ago
76 Majlis approves for Maldives to join ICIEC Raajjemv 7 months ago
77 Parliamentarians travel to atolls for campaign under Speaker Nasheed's directive Raajjemv 10 months ago
78 Majlis Podcast: Is Central Asia Doing Beijing's Bidding When It Comes To Xinjiang? Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 4 months ago
79 Maldives: Rising jihadi networks Deccan Herald 8 months ago
80 Planning Ministry currently conducting 251 projects: Aslam Raajjemv 5 months ago
81 Majlis Podcast: Just How Bad Has The Situation Become In Turkmenistan? Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 7 months ago
82 President Solih inaugurates parliament's library and digital archive Raajjemv 12 months ago
83 Bill to excise Transport Authority from Land Transport Act goes to committee Raajjemv 9 months ago
84 #REPORT Passionate politicking: why the People's Majlis is failing the Maldivian people Raajjemv 6 years ago
85 State Budget 2021: Majlis to commence debate on committee report, on Sunday Raajjemv 1 year ago
86 The Scottish Parliament on the world stage – report from Day 1 of the GLOBE Legislators’ Summit SPICe Spotlight 3 months ago
87 Dr. Asim Ahmed approved as Maldives Non-Resident Ambassador to Morocco Raajjemv 7 months ago
88 Parliament accepts motion on difficulties being faced by operators of cafés and restaurants Raajjemv 10 months ago
89 Majlis consideration to be sought on accepting Protocol Amending the TRIPS Agreement Raajjemv 1 month ago
90 People's Majlis to convene online sittings, on Monday Raajjemv 2 years ago
91 Iran Majlis speaker arrives in Syria for economic talks Tehran Times 6 months ago
92 State Budget 2022 forwarded for committee review, debate to commence on November 8 Raajjemv 3 months ago
93 Komandoo MP loses long battle with cancer Raajjemv 1 month ago
94 Emergency motion submitted to Majlis over Lhaviyani atoll Covid-situation Raajjemv 10 months ago
95 Prime Minister Modi Meets Mohamed Nasheed, Speaker Of People's Majlis Of Maldives Indus Dictum 2 years ago
96 Maldives announces plans to lift ban on shark fishing Oceanographic Magazine 10 months ago
97 Case of Islamic scholar promoting female circumcision submitted to Majlis committee Raajjemv 7 months ago
98 241 committee asked to assess any risks to Maldives due to situation in Afghanistan Raajjemv 5 months ago
99 simón vélez + stefana simic build bamboo 'majlis' at the venice architecture biennale Designboom 8 months ago
100 MP Hisaan submits bill criminalizing hate crimes and labelling of persons as non-muslims Raajjemv 8 months ago