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1 'There is still racism in the world': Race at forefront of jury questioning in trial over Ahmaud Arbery's death
2 Judge erred mentioning race, faith to possible jurors
3 Jury selection to start in trial over killing of Black jogger in Georgia
4 Race-based jury tactics at issue in appeals court arguments
5 Race permeates day one of jury selection in trial of Ahmaud Arbery's accused killers
6 Brazoria County District Clerk Chose Juries Based on Race, Geography, Potentially Tainting Trial Results
7 NC Supreme Court to consider racial bias in jury selection | Raleigh News & Observer
8 Tesla Slammed with $137M Verdict for Race-Based Harassment: A Reckoning
9 NC Supreme Court to decide racial discrimination in jury exclusions
10 The History And Impact Of Non-Unanimous Jury Decisions : 1A
11 After 35 years, will North Carolina courts act on claims of racial bias in jury selection?
12 Jury Awards Former Tesla Worker $137 Million in Race Bias Suit
13 Court recognizes implicit bias in nixing juror for supporting Black Lives Matter
14 Racist jurors tainted Texan's death sentence, lawyers tell Supreme Court
15 Labor Law: A California jury gave Tesla $137 million reasons to prevent and stop racial misconduct in the workplace
16 Arbery family attorney Lee Merritt on jury selection: 'Culture of racism, separation still very much intact'
17 Ex-Tesla Worker Tells Jury Of 'Devastating' Racial Harassment
18 Jury selection begins in trial over Ahmaud Arbery's death
19 Tesla Racial Discrimination Verdict: Juror Says Company Fails to Protect Workers
20 Jury discrimination claims from Winston-Salem man should be heard in Forsyth Superior Court, prosecutors say
21 Texas Law Says Jury Panels Must Be Chosen Randomly. A Brazoria County Official Had a Different Idea.
22 Jury acquits woman accused in attack on Wisconsin lawmaker
23 Why isn’t my Asian identity listed as an option on jury duty forms? | Opinion
24 State court system creates video to teach jurors about implicit bias
25 UCI jury disqualifies USA's Luke Lamperti from U23 race
26 Race and the Jury
27 A ‘Jim Crow jury’ prisoner fights for freedom
28 EXPLAINER: Why jurors can't be dismissed based on their race
29 CHSAA resolves race discrimination lawsuit after jury ordered $2.5 million payout
30 EXPLAINER: What is the impact of racially diverse juries?
31 The 15 jurors selected for the trial of Derek Chauvin
32 Half Of The Jury In The Chauvin Trial Is Nonwhite. That's Only Part Of The Story
33 Caddo DA offering deals in divided jury cases
34 Why a Jury’s Racial Composition Matters
35 Chauvin Jury: A Range of Views on Race and Policing
36 R. Kelly Trial: The Jury Is Now Deciding What's Next
37 Jury selection is notoriously racist. Arizona has a bold plan to fix it.
38 How lawyers regularly keep Black people off juries (and what to do about it)
39 The jury in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin has been seated.
40 The 12 jurors deliberating in the trial of Derek Chauvin
41 Court aims to end racial bias in jury selection with new rules
42 Are Juries Free From Racial Bias Possible?
43 California Adopts New Laws to Fight Racism in Jury Selection
44 What We Know About The Jurors In The Chauvin Trial
45 Colorado Supreme Court rejected proposal to address race discrimination in juries
46 Winston-Salem man wants murder conviction overturned, saying prosecutor used race in jury selection. Evidence? Prosecutor admitted in open court.
47 Judge delays rape trial over Santa Fe jury pool's racial makeup
48 Jurors in ex-officer's high-profile trial face heavy burden
49 Lack of Black Jurors, Implicit Racial Bias Focus in Jury Selection
50 12th juror picked, lawyers clash over expert in Floyd trial
51 The jury for the trial in George Floyd’s killing must have Black members
52 New Mexico judge delays trial over jury pool's racial makeup
53 Court overturns convictions, finding racial bias in man's jury selection
54 NJ wants to tweak the jury system to check for racial bias. Here's what would change
55 Judge overturns murder conviction over juror-selection bias
56 George Floyd death: What we know about the 14 jurors
57 What we know about the diverse jury selected so far for Derek Chauvin's trial
58 Anonymous jury in Derek Chauvin trial part of a growing trend that has some legal experts worried
59 How racism shapes jury selection
60 NY man gets hearing to determine if black jurors were excluded due to race
61 Juries have a diversity problem. What’s being done to address it in Washington state?
62 Washington State Working to Diversify Its Jury Selections
63 Judge Finds Racial Problems In SDNY Grand Jury Process
64 Federal judge tosses NYC gun case over racial makeup of grand jury
65 Opinion | Yes, Jury Selection Is as Racist as You Think. Now We Have Proof.
66 New Jury Selection Rule 'A Huge Step Towards Addressing Racial Bias'
67 Our jury system is racially biased. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
68 North Carolina Case Tests State's Commitment to Racial Justice
69 Appeals court finds Contra Costa prosecutor’s dismissal of Black woman from jury pool was ‘plainly tied to race,’ overturns 2016 double murder conviction
70 Evidence of jury racial bias in civil trial requires hearing, 6th Circuit says, citing 'crackhead' assumption
71 Racist Jury Selection at the Heart of a 1977 Murder Conviction
72 What Was Different This Time
73 An 'enormous burden': Chauvin trial jurors will face scrutiny — no matter their verdict
74 How big of a difference does an all-white jury make? A leading expert explains.
75 US Supreme Court holds racial bias in jury selection unconstitutional
76 Supreme Court Takes On Racial Discrimination In Jury Selection
77 Federal Jury Hands Defense Win in Georgia Employment Discrimination Trial | Daily Report
78 NJ's top court takes 21st century approach on implicit bias in jury selection
79 Derek Chauvin was convicted after facing a jury of George Floyd's peers | Mary Chao
80 Justice Thomas speaks as U.S. top court confronts racial bias in jury selection
81 Supreme Court to hear case on racial bias in jury selection
82 Ignoring race at its peril in the Derek Chauvin trial | TheHill
83 Racial bias in the American jury system, explained
84 The Data That Shows American Juries Are Racially Biased
85 Chauvin trial shows that justice requires diverse, inclusive juries
86 Louisiana lawmakers reject non-unanimous juries relief bill
87 What can you do with possibly racist jurors? Case helping set standard in Iowa
88 Juries are supposed to be unanimous. But I was convicted under an unconstitutional law.
89 Chauvin conviction: 2 things to know about jury bias and 2 ways to reduce it
90 Opposition leaders want juror demographic data to help fight systemic biases
91 Readers Write: Father's Day, Minneapolis mayoral race, jury selection, gun laws
92 The NC Supreme Court must stop racism in jury selection
93 Mississippi D.A. Doug Evans has long history of striking Black people from juries
94 Arizona's Supreme Court Eliminates Peremptory Challenges
95 John Oliver highlights racial bias in jury selection ‘so flagrant even Brett Kavanaugh has a problem with it’
96 Jurors In Chauvin Trial Have Security Escort, Are Partially Sequestered
97 Jury: Black bikers' race was a factor, but city won't pay
98 Jury Selection, Explained | The Takeaway
99 Doctor wins millions in AdventHealth discrimination suit
100 When to ignore race in the Derek Chauvin trial