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1 Armed group attacks UN convoy, burns two vehicles in Colombia Al Jazeera English 15 hours ago
2 Colombia’s top court orders government to protect ex-FARC rebels Al Jazeera English 4 hours ago
3 US has taken FARC off its terrorist list, giving insight into Biden's foreign policy The Conversation United States 2 days ago
4 Colombia: At least 23 dead in clashes between armed rebel groups Al Jazeera English 26 days ago
5 Leader of rebel group that rejected peace deal killed in Colombia, says president FRANCE 24 English 4 days ago
6 Ingrid Betancourt, held by FARC rebels for more than six years, announces run for Colombia president The Washington Post 11 days ago
7 “They were recruiting children”: people displaced by guerrilla war speak out La Prensa Latina 9 hours ago
8 ACAPS Thematic report: Colombia Regional needs analysis: Chocó, 22 December 2021 1 month ago
9 Ex-FARC Mafia vs. ELN: a Fight Too Far at Colombia-Venezuela Border? 18 days ago
10 A look inside a craft beer joint run by women ex-FARC combatants The Bogota Post 15 days ago
11 Security Council Press Statement on Colombia, 27 January 2022 Colombia 2 days ago
12 Car bomb in eastern Colombia conflict area kills one Reuters 9 days ago
13 EXPLAINER: What are Colombia's ex-FARC splinter groups? Associated Press 2 months ago
14 Colombia can’t resume coca aerial spraying for now, court rules Al Jazeera English 9 days ago
15 Colombia saw 145 activists killed in 2021, ombudsman says BBC News 11 days ago
16 Cedric Jimenez to Direct ‘Verde,’ About Ingrid Betancourt and Clara Rojas’ Captivity in Colombian Jungle (EXCLUSIVE) Variety 1 day ago
17 Colombian Indigenous Leader José Albeiro Camayo Killed by Armed Group Democracy Now! 2 days ago
18 Colombia ex-rebels grow disillusioned with FARC party 5 years after peace Reuters 2 months ago
19 Delegation for 1.28.22: Lonely fight — SOS — tout sheet — SCOTUS battle — reproductive rights Florida Politics 6 hours ago
20 White House official travels to Miami to smooth over FARC de-listing controversy Miami Herald 2 months ago
21 Election Vertigo? What’s at stake in Latin America’s intense election cycle Latin America Reports 8 hours ago
22 In a first, UN Security Council uses virtual reality for field trip to Colombia to get review peace process Devdiscourse 8 days ago
23 Colombia charges former FARC rebels with destruction of Amazon Al Jazeera English 2 months ago
24 Colombia's former FARC accept responsibility for kidnappings Reuters 9 months ago
25 Colombia’s ELN rebels warn of ‘reprisals’ after commander killed Al Jazeera English 4 months ago
26 Former Colombia FARC leader killed in Venezuela: Local media Al Jazeera English 2 months ago
27 Despite War Crimes Tribunal, Guerilla Violence Persists in Colombia Harvard Political Review 3 months ago
28 Stories for January 28th 2022 — MercoPress MercoPress 13 hours ago
29 Things Are Looking Grim For Colombia's Oil Industry 5 days ago
30 At least 10 FARC dissidents killed in Colombia bombing, military says Reuters 4 months ago
31 How Colombia aims to build its cocoa market Candy Industry 4 days ago
32 Colombia’s ex-armed group leaders apologise for war atrocities Al Jazeera English 6 months ago
33 Five Years After Peace Deal, Colombia Is Running Out of Time, Experts Say The New York Times 4 months ago
34 Colombia's Female FARC Guerrillas Struggle Post-Peace Foreign Policy 3 months ago
35 Five years ago, Colombia ended a half-century civil war with the FARC guerrillas. Where is the peace proces... Latin America Reports 2 months ago
36 FARC peace deal in Colombia sparked war on forests, report says 3 months ago
37 ELN's Territorial Expansion: Is “Strategic Limbo” A Window of Opportunity? smallwarsjournal 11 months ago
38 The U.S. has lifted the terrorist label on Colombia's FARC NPR 2 months ago
39 Tourists In Colombia Can Now Take Jungle Hikes With Ex-FARC Guerrilla Guides NPR 6 months ago
40 Colombia's FARC signed peace accords, stays on State Department Foreign Terrorist Organization list The Washington Post 3 months ago
41 Brazil's Bolsonaro doesn't show up to testify after being subpoenaed by SC over leaked documents The Daily Star 5 hours ago
42 Good news — Colombia’s FARC is no longer a terrorist threat |Opinion Deseret News 2 months ago
43 FARC indictments in Colombia are encouraging Chicago Sun-Times 12 months ago
44 Over 18000 children recruited by Colombia's FARC rebels -court Reuters 6 months ago
45 EXCLUSIVE Some 1900 Colombian guerrillas operating from Venezuela, says Colombia military chief Reuters 4 months ago
46 Ten FARC dissidents killed in shootout with Colombian army FRANCE 24 3 months ago
47 Opinion | Why Colombia Can’t Afford to Abandon Peace The New York Times 1 month ago
48 Colombia governor says he escaped two armed attacks in 24 hours Al Jazeera English 4 months ago
49 Children and armed conflict: Report of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict (A/HRC/49/58) [EN/AR/RU] World 2 days ago
50 Rivers that build peace: Rafting with ex-combatants in Colombia CNN 4 months ago
51 A Violent FARC Guerrilla Soldier and 5 Dangerous Salvadoran Gang Members Arrested in South Texas San Angelo LIVE! 2 months ago
52 Colombian authorities say ex-FARC behind recent Duque attack Al Jazeera English 6 months ago
53 Truth or Fake Truth or Fake: Is this armed drone being used by FARC rebels in Colombia? 3 months ago
54 At least 14 rebels killed in fighting with Colombian army Reuters 10 months ago
55 Ex-Farc leader killed in Venezuela by Colombian troops, rebel group says The Guardian 8 months ago
56 Colombia's FARC party is changing its name to 'Comunes' CNN 1 year ago
57 Headlines for January 26, 2022 Democracy Now! 2 days ago
58 Colombia's insurgency resumes: why Segunda Marquetalia, a wing of the Farc, have returned to war Morning Star Online 11 months ago
59 Colombia should negotiate with all armed groups -dissident leader Marquez Reuters Canada 2 months ago
60 Colombia’s FARC Rebels Laid Down Weapons. Winning Votes Is Harder. The Wall Street Journal 11 months ago
61 Demings, Republicans campaign in South Florida Miami Herald 2 days ago
62 Ingrid Betancourt faces ex-FARC captors nearly 20 years after kidnapping FRANCE 24 English 7 months ago
63 Deforestation rising in Colombia 5 years after peace deal Associated Press 3 months ago
64 ‘I grew up with the guerrilla, but I don’t want to die there’: The story of a former child combatant ... Latin America Reports 2 months ago
65 New Guerrilla Boss, Same as Old Guerrilla Boss in Colombia 5 months ago
66 The Colombian War Machine Has Gone Global World Politics Review 6 months ago
67 Study Shows Colombian Guerrillas Were Guardians of the Forest Discover Magazine 5 months ago
68 Colombia: Ex-soldiers take responsibility for killing 227 Al Jazeera English 2 months ago
69 Colombia's FARC Rebels Laid Down Their Weapons, But A Growing Number Are Being Killed NPR 2 years ago
70 Is Colombia's Military Deployment Playing into FARC Dissidents' Hands? 6 months ago
71 Venezuela Is Locked in Battle With Guerrillas It Once Welcomed The Wall Street Journal 8 months ago
72 Ex-FARC and AUC leaders meet to "respond to victims" of Colombia's atrocities The City Paper Bogota 11 months ago
73 Colombia Neutralizes 10 FARC Dissidents 3 months ago
74 Does the FARC still exist? Challenges in Assessing Colombia's 'Post Conflict' under International Humanitarian Law Human Rights Watch 1 year ago
75 Children Trapped by Colombia’s War, Five Years After FARC Peace Deal The New York Times 10 months ago
76 US Support for Peace and Stability in Colombia BORGEN 9 months ago
77 Colombia court charges former FARC commanders with war crimes Al Jazeera English 1 year ago
78 At Least 29 House Dems Will Not Run for Reelection; Alabama Ordered to Redraw Racist Voting Map Democracy Now! 2 days ago
79 Colombia Creates Command to Counter FARC Dissidents 6 months ago
80 Florida Republicans Push Homophobic Bill Banning Discussion of LGBTQ Issues in Schools Democracy Now! 2 days ago
81 Florida Bill Backed by Utility Co. Could Wreck State's Solar Industry Democracy Now! 2 days ago
82 What is the FARC? USA TODAY 5 years ago
83 Killings of Colombia ex-FARC fighters persist amid peace process Al Jazeera English 1 year ago
84 In Colombia, Hundreds of Ex-Rebels Have Been Murdered Despite Peace Agreement Truthout 9 months ago
85 Seven Bangladeshi Refugees Die En Route to Italy Democracy Now! 2 days ago
86 Aid Ship to Tonga Reports 23 COVID Cases; China Tries to Contain Omicron Ahead of Olympics Democracy Now! 2 days ago
87 Pfizer Starts Testing Omicron Vaccine; FDA Halts Use of 2 Antibody Therapies Democracy Now! 2 days ago
88 Dozens of Migrants Feared Dead After Boat Capsized Off Florida Coast Democracy Now! 2 days ago
89 ACAPS Briefing Note: Colombia: Post-conflict violence in Cauca (6 August 2021) Colombia 6 months ago
90 Biden Admin Pulls Business Vaccine Requirement; Judge Stays Decision Blocking NY Indoor Mask Mandate Democracy Now! 2 days ago
91 Colombia reissues Interpol Red Notices for three more ex-FARC Reuters 6 months ago
92 Venezuela Sends Mixed Messages to Colombian Insurgents 10 months ago
93 FARC Dissidents Want Old Land Back in Colombia's Caquetá and Meta 6 months ago
94 Pataxó Protesters in Brazil Launch Blockade, Demand Justice 3 Years After Deadly Vale Dam Disaster Democracy Now! 2 days ago
95 Killings of Colombia ex-rebels could reach 1600 by end of 2024 -court Reuters 9 months ago
96 A rebel playing field: Colombian guerrillas on the Venezuelan border Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 9 months ago
97 Ex-FARC commanders accept Colombia war crimes accusations Reuters 11 months ago
98 Four years after FARC peace deal, Colombia grapples with violence Al Jazeera English 1 year ago
99 Colombia says ex-FARC reintegration must continue, despite setbacks Reuters 1 year ago
100 Prosecutors Accuse 3 Ex-Officers of Failing to Intervene During George Floyd's Murder Democracy Now! 2 days ago