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1 It's 'reckless' to talk about defeating Russia, says former advisor to the Soviet Union CNBC 12 days ago
2 Bungling the Prewar and First Moves in Finland 1939 and Ukraine 2022: A Comedy of Errors for Stalin's Soviet Union and Putin's Russia, Respectively smallwarsjournal 1 day ago
3 ‘The Hill’: Cannes film revisits the Soviet Union’s smouldering remains FRANCE 24 English 2 days ago
4 Mother and daughter recall escape from Soviet Union; James Beard semi-finalist : Here & Now NPR 1 day ago
5 Russia is being made a pariah state – just like it and the Soviet Union were for most of the last 105 years The Conversation 15 days ago
6 Ex-Soviet Nations Likely to Reject Russia, Belarus Calls to Form New USSR Newsweek 27 days ago
7 Why the Soviet Union's 20th Party Congress Continues to Haunt China The Diplomat 11 days ago
8 Using the 1933 Soviet Definition of Aggression to Condemn Russia Today Just Security 13 hours ago
9 A new return to the USSR EL PAÍS in English 28 days ago
10 Russia's Death Toll in Ukraine Already the Same as 10 Years in Afghanistan Newsweek 2 days ago
11 50 years ago, the U.S. and U.S.S.R. joined forces to ensure astronauts could survive in space Inverse 13 hours ago
12 Leonid Kravchuk: The man who buried the Soviet Union DW (English) 15 days ago
13 Wars hot and cold: Revealing histories of the Soviet Union and its Afghan invasion The Irish Times 18 days ago
14 Rikhter R-23: The cannon the Soviet Union sent into space Interesting Engineering 11 days ago
15 Goodbye, American soft power: McDonald’s exiting Russia after 32 years is the end of an era CNBC 4 days ago
16 Analysis | Soviet flags keep rising over Russian-occupied Ukraine The Washington Post 23 days ago
17 Nehru set the foundation for ‘Indo-Soviet friendship’ but never let it cloud his judgement The Hindu 5 days ago
18 Ex-Belarus Leader Who Helped Dissolve Soviet Union Dies Aged 87 The Moscow Times 21 days ago
19 Siberian Students Uncover Soviet Peers' Wish for Peace in 50-Year-Old Time Capsule The Moscow Times 5 days ago
20 Second Cold War The Statesman 2 days ago
21 Russian-speaking communities in New York rally for Ukraine US Embassy Rome 19 hours ago
22 Russia's National Security Narrative: All Quiet on the Eastern Front Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 23 hours ago
23 Kremlin critic Bill Browder recounts narrowly escaping a Russian plot against him at Davos CNBC 10 hours ago
24 Russia's May 9 Victory Day celebrations to mark anniversary of Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany WION 18 days ago
25 U.S. to end Russia’s ability to pay off international debt PBS NewsHour 7 hours ago
26 A pariah state: Approach to isolate and contain Russia follows strategy long used against Soviet Union Milwaukee Independent 16 hours ago
27 The History Behind Victory Day in Russia TIME 21 days ago
28 The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is back EUobserver 11 hours ago
29 A Passage to Israel Tablet Magazine 22 hours ago
30 Russia needs cars, so it's rebooting this Soviet-era brand CNN 7 days ago
31 Russian-Speakers in Tech Rebuild Their Lives in San Francisco The New York Times 14 hours ago
32 As Finland seeks to join NATO, look back at photos of the 1939 Soviet-Finnish War USA TODAY 9 days ago
33 Renaming Ukrainian landmarks to eliminate Russian names The Washington Post 2 days ago
34 Opinion | Russia’s War on Ukraine Shows That It Is Fascist The New York Times 6 days ago
35 Population decline in Russia: ‘Putin has no other choice but to win’ in Ukraine FRANCE 24 English 8 hours ago
36 1991: When America Tried To Keep Ukraine In The USSR OpEd 27 days ago
37 How Ukraine’s Greatest Novelist Is Fighting for His Country The New York Times 18 hours ago
38 Tom Emery: US-Russia relations have uneasy history Monroe Evening News 5 days ago
39 Able Archer 83 Nearly Sparked Nuclear War With the Soviets | History Smithsonian Magazine 28 days ago
40 World Economic Forum kicks of first Russian free Davos meeting since the fall of the Soviet Union City A.M. 2 days ago
41 S Africa’s Ramaphosa: Russia sanctions hurting ‘bystander’ states Al Jazeera English 11 hours ago
42 Inside The True Figure Of How Many People Stalin Killed All That's Interesting 12 days ago
43 BLIZZARD: Russia's invasion of Ukraine would not surprise two late Sun legends Toronto Sun 5 hours ago
44 Russia was planning to use monkeypox as bioweapon, claims ex-Soviet scientist WION 4 days ago
45 From Soviet loyalists to Putin's targets: how Ukraine war turned 'brothers and sisters' into enemies The Times 11 hours ago
46 The Biggest Threat to Putin's Control of Crimea The Atlantic 8 days ago
47 Soviet Union: History, leaders and legacy 3 months ago
48 The Soviet Union's Porsche 911 Is As Bad As You Might Expect CarBuzz 26 days ago
49 Russia Is Preparing for Annexation of Disputed Territories Foreign Policy 9 hours ago
50 Is the United States Totalitarian? Lawfare 2 days ago
51 How this astronaut approached U.S.-Russian relations in space The Washington Post 13 hours ago
52 Nazi or KGB agent? My search for my grandfather's hidden past The Guardian 22 hours ago
53 Introducing the A-36 Bomber: Dreamed Up for a Nuclear War on Russia 19FortyFive 14 hours ago
54 When Cuba Provided Crucial Military Aid to African Independence Movements Jacobin magazine 5 days ago
55 Soviet Union Leaders: A Timeline History 3 months ago
56 NATO Review The present state of East-West relations 17 days ago
57 Typhoon: Why Russia Built the Largest Submarine Ever (Think Nuclear War) 19FortyFive 14 hours ago
58 Russia Raises Territorial Questions For Finland Ahead of NATO Application Newsweek 15 hours ago
59 Prepare for the disappearance of Russia The Hill 12 days ago
60 Black Hole: Why the US Navy and NATO Hate Russia's Kilo-Class Submarine 19FortyFive 12 hours ago
61 How the Soviet Union's collapse explains the current Russia-Ukraine tension NPR 5 months ago
62 Malukas' Parents Living American, '500' Dream as Immigrants INDYCAR 1 day ago
63 Washington’s ‘Pakistan Blunder’ – How US Itself Pushed India Into The Russian Camp That It Is Now Trying To Correct EurAsian Times 3 days ago
64 Finland: the art of looking both ways – from the archive The Guardian 7 days ago
65 Where Can You Find Preserved Examples Of The Tupolev Tu-144? Simple Flying 2 days ago
66 Ernst Statement on Getting Banned from Russia | U.S. Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa Senator Joni Ernst 1 day ago
67 96-year-old Japanese WWII POW warns Russia-Ukraine is history repeating itself Yahoo News 1 day ago
68 Russia has cut off its natural gas exports to Finland in a symbolic move Capital Public Radio News 3 days ago
69 As its done with Ukrainians, America should welcome Putin's other victims — his own people | Opinion South Florida Sun Sentinel 13 hours ago
70 How the KGB Silenced Dissent During the Soviet Era History 2 months ago
71 U.S. National Guardsmen trained Ukrainian soldiers and it seems to have paid off New Hampshire Public Radio 17 hours ago
72 Test Your Knowledge of Russian Intelligence ClearanceJobs 10 hours ago
73 Russia at war The Kingston Whig-Standard 1 day ago
74 Best Andrei Tarkovsky Movies, Ranked MovieWeb 1 day ago
75 Why the US Navy Fears Russia's Fleet of Nuclear Missile Submarines 19FortyFive 2 days ago
76 For All Mankind Season 3: Trailer, Release Date & Everything We Know So Far Collider 2 days ago
77 Canadian imperialism's fascist friends—Part 3: The role of the OUN and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in the Nazi war on the USSR and the Holocaust WSWS 3 days ago
78 Can a Nuclear War Be Won? America's Adversaries May Think So The National Interest Online 13 hours ago
79 Russia needs to stop clinging to the idea of reviving the Soviet Union, Ukraine ambassador says CNBC 4 months ago
80 The Volga V12 Coupe Is a Stereotype-Defying, BMW M-Powered Custom From Mother Russia autoevolution 1 day ago
81 What was the USSR and why did it end? NationalWorld 2 months ago
82 'The Baltic states want to strengthen their security and are prepared to make remarkable sacrifices' IPS Journal 5 days ago
83 Russia Says 'Impossible' to Revive Soviet Union Amid US Concerns, Growing Nostalgia Newsweek 6 months ago
84 Americans don't like talking about it, but the Soviet Union produced a golden age of science Salon 1 month ago
85 The Undoing Of The USSR: How It Happened Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 8 months ago
86 The Surprising Reason Why the Soviet Union Wanted to Join NATO History of Yesterday 2 months ago
87 Why Mikhail Gorbachev let the Soviet Union dissolve quietly into history Big Think 2 months ago
88 Vladimir Putin's Rewriting of History Draws on a Long Tradition of Soviet Myth-Making Smithsonian Magazine 2 months ago
89 Why romanticising the Soviet Union obscures its colonial past gal-dem 3 months ago
90 The Ghost of the Soviet Union Still Haunts the Internet WIRED 2 months ago
91 The Soviet Union 10 months ago
92 How Ukrainian-origin leaders dominated the Soviet Union TRT World 4 months ago
93 Putin's Russia: people increasingly identify with the Soviet Union – here's what that means The Conversation 1 month ago
94 What was it like to be a non-political criminal in the Soviet Union? Big Think 3 months ago
95 When Soviet-Led Forces Crushed the 1968 ‘Prague Spring’ History 2 months ago
96 How the Soviet Union Helped Establish the Crime of Aggressive War Just Security 3 months ago
97 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, is it time to finally stop using the term 'post-Soviet'? The Calvert Journal 9 months ago
98 ‘Cold War 2.0 has started’: Inside Putin’s strategy to rebuild the Soviet Union NewsNation Now 3 months ago
99 Russia's Putin laments Soviet collapse, says he moonlighted as taxi driver to earn money NBC News 5 months ago
100 Is the Crisis in Kazakhstan the Rebirth of the Soviet Union? The Wall Street Journal 5 months ago