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1 US Arms in Afghanistan Mostly Inoperable, but Others Maybe Battle-Ready
2 'Great power rivalry' fuels Pacific arms race frenzy
3 How China's defence spending has surged
4 The Taliban Just Received the Largest International Weapons Transfer in 50 Years
5 How Asia’s leaders triggered the world’s most rapid arms race
6 Conflict at the cost of the poor
7 Global Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) Market Expected to Grow Immensely Owing to Its Extensive Use to Ensure the Security and Defense of the Government and Military – Exclusive Forecast Report [170 Pages] by Research Dive
8 US, biggest saboteur of post-WWII global peace
9 Pacific arms race intensifies
10 Global Helicopters Market Forecast to 2028: Rise in Military Expenditure on Advanced and Lightweight Helicopters
11 World Insights: US, biggest saboteur of post-WWII global peace (Part 1)
12 Furious China could NUKE Australia as sub pact with UK fuels chilling new arms race, claims state media...
13 China urges crackdown on illicit arms transfer at Arms Trade Treaty conference
14 25 Countries with the Highest Military Spending in the World
15 Russia is building its military influence in Africa, challenging U.S. and French dominance
16 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute warns of increasing global nuclear warhead stockpile
17 New Chinese Missile Silo Fields Discovered
18 Opinion | Invading Afghanistan was based on more than fear
19 Russia Uses Defense Show To Try And Boost Arms Sales To Middle East
20 Defence spend to rival Cold War blowout
21 Japan Seeks Record $50 Billion Defense Budget With Eye on China
22 Laser Weapon Systems Market Growth’s Key Contributor Is The Increasing Investment In Military And Defense
23 Why Addressing the Climate Crisis Can Help Build More Sustainable Peace
24 Why a calmer Asia is buying more arms?
25 US Forces Were Training the Guinean Soldiers Who Took Off to Stage a Coup
26 EU Could Waive VAT On Weapons Made In Bloc, Official Says
27 Tim Glawion – The Conversation
28 SIPRI Fact Sheet April 2021: Trends in world military expenditure, 2020
29 The Retreat from Afghanistan Has Made America's Allies Nervous. None More So Than Taiwan
30 Lives lost, poverty, an arms race, rights destroyed … the continuing cost of 9/11
31 The View from the New York City Hiroshima Peace Vigil
32 Japan Foreign Minister condemns attacks by Yemen Houthis
33 Afghanistan Retreat Makes Taliban Best Armed Islamist Group on Earth
34 Trial begins over COVID outbreak in Austrian ski resort
35 BrahMos Missiles To Be Manufactured In Uttar Pradesh: PM Modi
36 Infographic: US military presence around the world
37 Chinese astronauts return after 90 days aboard space station
38 Is The Taliban Now The Most Well Equipped Islamic Militancy On Earth?
39 Florida surpasses 50000 COVID deaths after battling delta wave
40 Major arms sales flat in 2016-20 for first time in more than a decade
41 Jakarta residents win landmark air pollution case against Indonesian president
42 Taiwan 'Absolutely Capable' of Stopping China's Missiles, Says Tsai Ing-wen
43 Is The Taliban Now The Most Well Equipped Islamic Army On Earth?
44 Saudi-Russian defence agreement reflects Riyadh's diversification drive | | AW
45 US Largest Seller in Flat Arms Market
46 Keeping an eye on China’s expanding nuclear stack
47 Afghanistan could become base for Al-Qaeda: US intelligence
48 British study to test mixed COVID-19 vaccine dose schedules in children
49 German police detain 4 on Yom Kippur after synagogue threat
50 Contours of Russia’s creeping expansionism in Africa
51 Russia Seeks Arms Market, Foothold in SE Asia in Courting Myanmar’s Isolated Junta
52 Afghan envoys marooned abroad after Taliban's sudden return
53 SIPRI Report 2020: Know all about SIPRI and India's position as the 2nd largest arms importer
54 U.S., China dominate arms market: report
55 American public woefully ignorant about Iran nuclear deal: American foreign policy expert
56 First foreign commercial flight since Taliban takeover lands in Kabul
57 Vietnam's biggest city to keep coronavirus curbs, flight resumption sought
58 Air force inducts 70km range surface-to-air missile system
59 Ralf Trapp
60 CHINA SIPRI: Beijing adds 30 more warheads to its nuclear arsenal
61 SIPRI Fact Sheet April 2019: Trends in world military expenditure, 2018
62 SIPRI: Weapons boom shows no signs of slowing
63 2 politicians launch bids to be France's 1st female president
64 Brother of former Afghan VP shot dead by Taliban
65 Veiled protest: Afghan women rally in support of the Taliban
66 In conservative Somalia, a rare woman presidential candidate
67 Iran says SIPRI report reveals who is advancing arms race in region
68 Australia’s truest enemy: its own complacency
69 SIPRI: Climate change hinders peacebuilding in Mali
70 Morocco: 50% Increase in Military Expenditures in Last 10 Years
71 The Peace Policy Maker: Dan Smith Interviewed by Stein Tønnesson – PRIO Blogs
72 Up in arms: Western military exports surge as Chinese and Russian sales subside
73 Taliban deny foreign interference claims by Iran; Pakistan rejects role in Panjshir capture
74 Transparency in Military Spending in Sub-Saharan Africa Higher than Expected, New Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Report
75 SIPRI Yearbook 2020
76 The world arms sales market
77 Ex-Afghan president Ghani apologizes, regrets 'how it ended'
78 Russia Remains World's Second-Largest Arms Exporter: Report
79 US accounts for one third of all global arms exports
80 World Military Spending Rose in 2020, India by 34% the Past Decade
81 The bulk of arms imports took place after the Velvet Revolution – Pashinyan
82 Secretary-General's remarks to the Security Council
83 SIPRI Map of Multilateral Peace Operations, 2021
84 China's Combat Drones Push Could Spark a Global Arms Race
85 UAE's EDGE First in Middle East to be Ranked Among Top 25 Military Companies in the World
86 Chart: The Countries With The Highest Military Expenditure
87 Arms sales: US remains world's top supplier as Middle East spending spikes
88 Nominal spending figures understate China's military might
89 Russia Rises To Second In Global Arms Sales, With U.S. Still At No. 1
90 International arms transfers level off after years of sharp growth; Middle Eastern arms imports grow most, says SIPRI
91 Myanmar embraces Russian arms to offset China's influence
92 It’s time to stop US arms sales to Saudi Arabia
93 Will Biden Curb Trump-Era Surge In Arms Sales?
94 As India Cut Its Defense Imports, Pakistan Went On A Shopping Spree — SIPRI Report
95 Climate change and violence in Africa: no time to lose
96 Israel says military exports hit $8.3 billion in 2020
97 China 'world's 2nd largest arms producer': Report
98 India was worlds 3rd-biggest military spender in 2020, behind US and China
99 Campaigners condemn US ranking in global military spending | ICN
100 Pakistan ranks 10th among largest importers of major arms globally: report