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1 Build Back Better Plan: $3.5 Trillion Budget Reconciliation Bill
2 House Democrats Corporate Income Tax Rates by State
3 House Tobacco Proposals Defy Biden's Tax Pledge and Undermine Harm Reduction Efforts
4 Infrastructure Bill: Infrastructure Investment, Taxes, and Inflation
5 Tax Foundation Comments on the Wyden, Warner, Brown Discussion Draft
6 Wyden Tax Proposals & Reconciliation
7 Treasury Minimum Tax Argument Relies on Narrow Interpretation of Rules
8 International Tax Proposals and Profit Shifting
9 US Global Minimum Tax Revenue Analysis
10 Response to Ireland Consultation on OECD International Tax Proposals
11 FACT CHECK: 97 percent of small businesses exempt from Biden tax plan
12 A 15 Percent VAT Rate Is Possible by Scrapping Reduced Rates
13 Tax on Stock Buybacks a Misguided Way to Encourage Investment
14 Biden Fossil Fuel Tax Provisions | Biden Budget
15 Expense Allocation: A Hidden Tax on Domestic Activities and Foreign Profits
16 COVID-19 Tax Relief Added to Increasing Share of Households Paying No Income Tax
17 Don't Add More Temporary Tax Policies in Budget Reconciliation
18 Medicare Part D | HR3: Lower Drug Costs Now Act
19 Don't Copy European Drug Pricing Policies that Reduced R&D Innovation
20 Federal Cannabis Tax | Cannabis Administration & Opportunity Act
21 Sources of Personal Income in the US, 2021
22 2021 Wine Taxes in Europe | Compare France Wine Tax, Spain Wine Tax
23 Cigarette Taxes in the EU | European Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Map
24 Analysis of Federal Proposal to Increase Tobacco and Nicotine Products Taxes
25 TaxEDU: Education, Discussion, Understanding
26 Top tax rate on capital gains could reach highest level since '70s
27 The DASH Act Isn't the Best Way to Solve the Housing Crisis
28 Fact-check: Does the top 1% pay 90% of federal income taxes?
29 Study: Biden Death Tax Increases Could Cost 100s of Thousands of California Jobs, Billions in Economic Output
30 House Democrats' plan drops repeal of a tax provision for inheritances
31 Child Tax Credit Changes | Temporary Policies Complicate Its Future
32 If you're not super-rich, tax-hike proposals probably won't affect your retirement investing
33 A rip on AOC's dress misses with claim that the top 1% pay 90% of income taxes
34 In the blogs: Now the fun begins
35 Capital gains income tax quotes – who said it?
36 History shows Democrats' tax proposals will hurt hiring, wages and economy | TheHill
37 $3 trillion tax hike the opposite of 'good investment' | TheHill
38 A new report says the MBTA is on the verge of ‘fiscal calamity.’ Is the millionaires tax the solution?
39 On Senate Floor, Portman Says Democrats' Massive Tax Hikes Will Destroy Jobs, Undermine U.S. Economy
40 The State Tax Costs of Doing Business | Location Matters, 2021
41 Higher taxes threaten businesses of all sizes in Orange County
42 Lowry: Why Democrats won’t be able to pay for ambitions
43 Simplifying the Tax Code and Reducing the Tax Gap: What Can Be Achieved?
44 State and Local Sales Tax Rates, Midyear 2021
45 Biden's First 100 Days: Taxes & Tax Policy
46 House vote on $3.5 trillion budget raises prospect of higher taxes on the rich
47 US International Tax Reform Options | Analysis by the
48 Biden Approach to Taxing Corporate Income
49 Biden Corporate Tax Increase | Details & Analysis
50 How High Are Property Taxes in Your State?
51 Tracking the 2021 Biden Tax Plan and Federal Tax Proposals
52 2021 Louisiana Tax Plan: Details & Analysis
53 US Multinational Tax Reform Options: Taxation of US Multinationals
54 Biden Tax Proposals Could Impact Small Businesses
55 Taxing Consumption Progressively Is a Better Way to Tax the Wealthy
56 Summary of the Latest Federal Income Tax Data, 2021 Update
57 State Tax Policy Boot Camp
58 Unanswered Questions about Upcoming Advance Child Tax Credit Payments
59 Are Federal Taxes Progressive? | Taxes & Transfers
60 States Respond to Strong Fiscal Health with Income Tax Reforms
61 Evaluating West Virginia Income Tax Repeal Plans
62 Buyback tax proposal could blunt a major driver of stock market returns, experts warn
63 2021 State Tax Changes, Effective July 1
64 SALT Cap Confounds House Democrats Crafting Taxes for Biden Plan
65 13 States That Tax Social Security Benefits
66 Eight Ways to Compare the Biden Proposals to the Global Minimum Tax
67 State Gas Tax Rates | State Gas Tax Rankings, July 2021
68 How the Tax Code Handles Inflation (and How It Doesn't)
69 Biden Infrastructure Plan: American Jobs Plan
70 Evaluating Options to Help Low-Income Households
71 Some Corporations Pay Zero Federal Income Taxes
72 Tax Proposals by the Biden Administration
73 Treasury State Tax Cuts Limitation Rule
74 How Stiff Are Distilled Spirits Taxes in Your State?
75 Testimony: Tax Fairness, Economic Growth, and Funding Government Investments
76 D.C.'s Income Tax Hike Helps Maryland and Virginia, Not D.C.
77 Tax Burden on Capital Income: International Comparison
78 2021 State Corporate Tax Rates and Brackets
79 Biden Budget Tax Proposals: Biden Child Tax Credit Changes and More
80 Sources of Personal Income in the United States
81 Montana Adopts Individual and Corporate Income Tax Reform
82 North Carolina Tax Reform | North Carolina Tax Competitiveness
83 State Digital Taxes: Details & Analysis of State Digital Tax Proposals
84 Biden Corporate Minimum Book Tax
85 Mississippi Income Tax Reform: Details & Evaluation
86 Biden Capital Gains Tax Plan | Capital Gain Rates Under Biden Tax Plan
87 SCRS joins coalition opposing proposed higher taxes on small businesses
88 Tax Foundation Sounds the Alarm — Over the Plight of Totally Mythical Taxpayers
89 Democrats Should Heed Mitch McConnell's Advice
90 Income tax map: How UK salary tax compare with Europe
91 Oil lobby targets Democrats in fight against tax plan
92 Webinar: Biden Individual Tax Plan
93 What's in Democrats' $2.2 Trillion Tax Plan?
94 CHRIS POWELL: Lamont's appeal on abortion won't lure Texas businesses
95 Tax Foundation: Connecticut has second largest tax burden in the country
96 Tax Foundation Ranks Missouri 10th Best State for New Firms; 4th for New Manufacturing
97 Tax Foundation president: Economists 'very concerned' about stimulus amount
98 The crypto tax provision in the infrastructure bill is 'potentially unworkable'—but Treasury may say it doesn't matter
99 How to Send U.S. Companies Overseas
100 Biden plan would increase taxes on multinationals by $1.2 trillion over 10 years: study