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1 Simplifying the Tax Code and Reducing the Tax Gap: What Can Be Achieved?
2 Tax Complexity for Multinationals is Growing: Survey
3 State Gas Tax Rates | State Gas Tax Rankings, July 2021
4 The Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan Avoids Tax Increases, Undermines User-Pay Principle, and Misses Chance to Modernize Obsolete Programs
5 D.C.'s Income Tax Hike Helps Maryland and Virginia, Not D.C.
6 State and Local Sales Tax Rates, Midyear 2021
7 States Respond to Strong Fiscal Health with Income Tax Reforms
8 Corporation Tax Burdens: Property Taxes & Sales Taxes
9 Tax revenues in Asia and the Pacific hit by pre-COVID economic slowdown
10 North Carolina Income Tax Reform & Proposals
11 North Carolina Tax Reform | North Carolina Tax Competitiveness
12 How Biden's Business Tax Proposals Would Impact Taxpayers Across States
13 IRS Sends Nearly $15 Billion of Advance Child Tax Credit Payments
14 Unanswered Questions about Upcoming Advance Child Tax Credit Payments
15 How High Are Property Taxes in Your State?
16 Biden Plan's Higher Taxation of Businesses Would Boost Collections to Highest in 40-Plus Years
17 Biden Tax Proposals Could Impact Small Businesses
18 Global Foreign Direct Investment | UN World Investment Report
19 Entertainers working in multiple states run into tax issues. Here are ways to avoid those problems
20 Statehouse Report – BIG STORY: Three-day sales tax holiday starts Aug. 6
21 The State Tax Costs of Doing Business | Location Matters, 2021
22 Democrats' budget prohibits higher taxes for those making less than $400,000. Here's who might pay more
23 This map shows how much every state taxes beer in 2021
24 Tracking the 2021 Biden Tax Plan and Federal Tax Proposals
25 Tennessee's sales tax holiday starting July 30 is more all-encompassing
26 Biden Infrastructure Plan: American Jobs Plan
27 Biden's First 100 Days: Taxes & Tax Policy
28 Between stimulus checks and expanded tax credits, here’s how much federal money you could get
29 Biden Corporate Tax Increase | Details & Analysis
30 Taxing Consumption Progressively Is a Better Way to Tax the Wealthy June 8, 2021
31 Biden Approach to Taxing Corporate Income
32 Resource Center: Tax Proposals by the Biden Administration
33 Biden Capital Gains Tax Plan | Capital Gain Rates Under Biden Tax Plan
34 Many states are holding lotteries with cash or other prizes to boost vaccination rates. Here's how much winners could owe in taxes
35 2021 State Tax Changes, Effective July 1
36 Financing Infrastructure Spending with Corporate Tax Increases?
37 Summary of the Latest Federal Income Tax Data, 2021 Update
38 Combined capital gains tax rate in California to hit 56.7% under Biden plan
39 Expensing Is Infrastructure, Too
40 How a Landlord Making $75,000 a Year Could End Up in the Millionaire Tax Bracket
41 How the Tax Code Handles Inflation (and How It Doesn't)
42 A Global Minimum Tax and Cross-Border Investment: Risks & Solutions
43 How Stiff Are Distilled Spirits Taxes in Your State?
44 Some Corporations Pay Zero Federal Income Taxes
45 Eight Ways to Compare the Biden Proposals to the Global Minimum Tax
46 2021 State Corporate Tax Rates and Brackets
47 Wisconsin Budget Surplus Presents Opportunity for Future Growth
48 State Digital Taxes: Details & Analysis of State Digital Tax Proposals
49 US Cross-border Tax Reform and the Cautionary Tale of GILTI
50 Biden Corporate Minimum Book Tax
51 Evaluating West Virginia Income Tax Repeal Plans
52 Who Bears the Burden of Corporate Taxes? Reviewing the Evidence
53 Blunt Urges Democrats to Abandon Tax Hikes on Middle-Class Families | US Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri
54 Study: NC ranks well for competitive business tax rates
55 Are Federal Taxes Progressive? | Taxes & Transfers
56 Tax Burden on Capital Income: International Comparison
57 Excise Taxes | Excise Tax Trends
58 G7 Tax Agreement: Questions for Global Tax Reform
59 American Jobs Plan: Tax Changes in Biden Infrastructure Plan
60 Transportation panel to issue plan on Pa. gas tax elimination
61 Evaluating Options to Help Low-Income Households
62 TCJA's Broader Corporate Tax Base Opens More to Biden's Proposal
63 Testimony: Tax Fairness, Economic Growth, and Funding Government Investments
64 Consumption Tax Policies | Consumption Taxes
65 Yellen Offers Latest Treasury Pillar 1 Proposal
66 Montana Adopts Individual and Corporate Income Tax Reform June 1, 2021
67 Here are the big developments this week coming out of the Capitol
68 Wealthy Americans Scramble as Biden Targets Protected Assets for Taxation
69 Schapiro: Race for governor roiled by a taxing topic: taxes
70 Wealthy In DC And Plastic In Calif.: SALT In Review
71 Biden's proposed inheritance tax changes would destroy small American farmers: Norquist
72 Tax Foundation Sounds the Alarm — Over the Plight of Totally Mythical Taxpayers
73 Infuriated by IRS, Rep. Kelly fights calls to bolster tax collection as way to fund infrastructure
74 Awash in cash, state lawmakers ask how long the boom will last
75 The IRS has issued $10 billion in tax refunds on unemployment benefits. Here's why another break is unlikely next year
76 Opinion | How to close the wealth gap from the bottom up
77 Analysis | Youngkin wrongly claims 'every single state' has earned disappointing cannabis revenue
78 Regardless of whether proceeds fund infrastructure, the IRS needs more funding
79 How Congress plans to pay for the new infrastructure deal
80 Louisiana consumers face back-to-school sticker shock with nation's highest sales tax rate
81 First Use the Spare Covid $1 Trillion
82 Letter: Donald Trump and Charles Koch are dangerous enemies of democracy
83 What explains the California exodus?
84 Tax Foundation Ranks Missouri 10th Best State for New Firms; 4th for New Manufacturing
85 Tax Foundation: Connecticut has second largest tax burden in the country
86 Is Gunn on a political island with tax overhaul plan?
87 Tax Foundation president: Economists 'very concerned' about stimulus amount
88 What Is the State and Local Tax (SALT) Deduction and Why Was It Capped?
89 Sources of Personal Income in the United States
90 Elon Musk: Visionary, Innovator, Freeloader |
91 East Fork property owners appeal tax decision | News |
92 Bipartisan plan to raise revenues from cryptocurrencies faces implementation obstacles
93 Longtime assistant to Apollo-Ridge superintendent retires, but work with education foundation continues
94 Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol launches Ohio legalization effort
95 Biden plan would increase taxes on multinationals by $1.2 trillion over 10 years: study
96 New York Tax Rates: NYC's Richest Face Top Rate of Over 50% Under Cuomo's Plan
97 Yellen pushes global minimum tax as White House eyes new spending plan
98 Benefits of $2T Biden plan won't outweigh tax costs: Tax Foundation
99 ‘Silicon Six’ tech giants accused of inflating tax payments by almost $100bn
100 Over half of the latest infrastructure plan is “paid for” by “repurposing” deficit spending