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Result Content Outlet Published Research
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2 The Staggering Economics of the Tesla Semi Torque News 6 days ago
3 Tesla Semi electric truck with impressive artwork spotted on the highway Electrek 27 days ago
4 Electric trucks like Tesla Semi will get up to $40,000 in incentives with new bill 20 days ago
5 Watch A Tesla Semi Truck With Cyber Rodeo Cowboy Art Accelerating On California Highway CleanTechnica 20 days ago
6 Tesla Semi updated prototype has three cameras in its side mirrors TESLARATI 13 days ago
7 See A Tesla Confuse A Horse And Buggy With A Huge Truck Giant Freakin Robot 1 day ago
8 Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Electric Semi Trucks Are On The Way By The End of 2022 Medium 3 days ago
9 Nikola And Tesla's Electric Truck Rivalry Heats Up Forbes 7 days ago
10 Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV of the Week: Move over, Tesla Semi – I want to buy this electric big rig! 26 days ago
11 Tesla and Nikola Big Rigs Race for Up to $40000 US Incentives Bloomberg 6 days ago
12 Nikola Beware: Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Semi Shipments Imminent, Teases Master Plan Part 3 Unveiling Benzinga 8 days ago
13 Mercedes-AMG One Production Kicks Off, Tesla Semi Truck Update, And Lamborghini Urus Pikes Peak Record: Your Morning Brief CarScoops 7 days ago
14 Four dead after Tesla goes into oncoming traffic, striking semi head-on CDLLife 2 days ago
15 Tesla Insurance: A look at its cost and which states it's available in Not a Tesla App 5 days ago
16 Listen Up, Fleets: Electric Semi Trucks Could Get $40K Credit CleanTechnica 15 days ago
17 Tesla's new airbag helps prevent front passengers from colliding [video] Not a Tesla App 5 days ago
18 Elon Musk responds to Ford CEO’s lighthearted pickup truck jab TESLARATI 7 days ago
19 Tesla uses its electric semi truck to deliver Superchargers to Laguna Seca racetrack 2 months ago
20 Tesla unveils fleet of new ‘Tesla Semi’ electric trucks 7 months ago
21 Is Tesla Taking The Next-Gen Roadster To The LA Auto Show? InsideEVs 15 days ago
22 You can finally reserve a Tesla Semi Freethink 3 months ago
23 REE Debuts Class 3 Box Truck For City & Last-Mile Deliveries CleanTechnica 2 days ago
24 Why Tesla Stock Was Up Again Monday The Motley Fool 3 days ago
25 Nikola's Electric Big Rig Beats Delayed Tesla Semi To Market Forbes 4 months ago
26 Twin Tesla Semi updated prototypes sighted testing on freeway TESLARATI 1 month ago
27 Tesla Semi spotted on California highway testing ahead of production TESLARATI 2 months ago
28 Tesla Semi: Price, release date, and rivals for all-electric truck Inverse 9 months ago
29 Pepsi & Frito Lay Are Still Waiting For Their 100 Tesla Semi Trucks CleanTechnica 2 months ago
30 Tesla starts taking orders for “badass” Semi electric truck The Driven 3 months ago
31 Tesla Semi: What's The Current Status Of Tesla's Electric Hauler? InsideEVs 6 months ago
32 What's Going On With The Tesla Semi? InsideEVs 8 months ago
33 Tesla Semi: Pepsi CEO confirms date of delivery for 100-truck order Inverse 9 months ago
34 Musk Says Tesla Semi Coming Next Year Transport Topics Online 4 months ago
35 Today Is the Last Day to Buy Tesla Before the TSLA Stock Split InvestorPlace 1 day ago
36 This Designer Created High-Resolution Renderings of the Tesla Semi Truck and They Look Incredible Interesting Engineering 5 years ago
37 Here's Why The Tesla Semi Was Delayed So Long SlashGear 2 months ago
38 Tesla Semi burns rubber and shows off turning circle in new Giga Nevada sighting TESLARATI 8 months ago
39 First 15 Tesla Semi units to be delivered to PepsiCo by end of January: report TESLARATI 7 months ago
40 EVWORLD.COM The Future in Motion Since 1998 ™ 5 days ago
41 German Court Overrules “Tesla Autopilot” Marketing Ban CleanTechnica 3 days ago
42 Tesla obtains patent for automatic tire inflation system for Tesla Semi electric truck Electrek 6 months ago
43 After 4 Long Years, Tesla Is Now Taking Semi-Truck Orders MotorBiscuit 2 months ago
44 2023 Lexus RZ vs. 2022 Tesla Model Y Comparison J.D. Power 1 day ago
45 Tesla Semi: Everything we know in August 2022 6 months ago
46 Tesla Semi gets out for a quick charge at Megacharger amid important visit 9 months ago
47 The Long Wait for the Tesla Semi Torque News 10 months ago
48 Tesla no longer prime mover in electric trucks, as new and old rivals jump on board The Driven 2 months ago
49 Tesla secures another order of electric semi trucks Electrek 8 months ago
50 Tesla is deploying the first Megacharger to charge its Tesla Semi electric truck Electrek 10 months ago
51 PepsiCo Gets Permit For Tesla Semi Megacharger Install InsideEVs 9 months ago
52 Karat Packaging Intends To Buy 10 Tesla Semi InsideEVs 8 months ago
53 Ice Caps Are Melting Faster, Nikola-Tesla Rivalry Heats Up And Making Green Hydrogen Forbes 5 days ago
54 Tesla Semi-truck hits Giga Texas as preparations for Cyber Rodeo heat up Tesla Oracle 4 months ago
55 Tesla Semi in 2023? Fuel Smarts 10 months ago
56 Tesla Semis spotted in Palo Alto Drive Tesla Canada 5 months ago
57 Tesla puts Cybertruck and Semi on hold, but Model Y underway in Austin and Berlin The Driven 7 months ago
58 Tesla Semi shows up at its future home of Gigafactory Texas with more Model Ys and possible new colors spotted 5 months ago
59 Tesla Brisk At Giga Shanghai, Musk Offloads More Shares, Canoo's Dwindling Cash Position, Nikola Names Ne Benzinga 5 days ago
60 Diesel giant Cummins makes $3.7B bet on an electric truck future with players like the Tesla Semi TESLARATI 6 months ago
61 Unmarked Tesla Semi Spotted Outside Gigafactory Could Be First of Limited Production Run The Drive 8 months ago
62 PepsiCo to receive the first 15 Tesla Semi trucks in January Global Fleet 7 months ago
63 Here's Why the Tesla Semi Will Be Delayed 1 year ago
64 After PepsiCo, this company intends to add 10 Tesla Semi trucks to its fleet HT Auto 8 months ago
65 First Tesla Megachargers for the Semi are looking ready for some real-world use TESLARATI 7 months ago
66 Tesla Semi Payload To Be At Least As High As For A Diesel Truck InsideEVs 1 year ago
67 Tesla Semi May Get An Automatic Tire Inflation System: Patent InsideEVs 6 months ago
68 Tesla begins ramping up pre-production of electric Semi, but still faces delays The Driven 8 months ago
69 Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Reveal Its Semi Truck Next Month Interesting Engineering 5 years ago
70 Elon Musk's New Smart Way To Make Money With Tesla Semi Without Production Torque News 6 months ago
71 Here's Everything We Know About the Tesla Semi 3 years ago
72 Electric Freightliner eCascadia Will Be Launched This Year, Beat Tesla Semi To Market CarScoops 3 months ago
73 Musk On Affordable Electric Truck: Extremely Hard For Tesla, Near Impossible For Others InsideEVs 6 months ago
74 Tesla Semi Spotted on San Francisco Bridge Torque News 7 months ago
75 Tesla says Tesla Semi electric truck’s weight is on point, and that’s crucial 1 year ago
76 Tesla Semi pair spotted near Giga Nevada, and one is showing off its frunk TESLARATI 7 months ago
77 Tesla Cybertruck Delayed Till End Of 2022, Semi 2023 — Lot of Supply Chain Challenges CleanTechnica 10 months ago
78 Tesla Cybertruck, Gigafactories and Tesla Semi as priorities for 2022 Torque News 8 months ago
79 Check New Photos Of Tesla Semi's Megachargers: The Plug Is Big InsideEVs 7 months ago
80 Former Tesla Semi program head joins automation firm founded by Model 3 production engineer TESLARATI 5 months ago
81 Chinese Tesla Semi truck rival aims to be tiny home on wheels Business Insider 9 months ago
82 Tesla Cybertruck, Roadster, Semi delayed, focus shifts to self-driving and Optimus robot Motor Authority 7 months ago
83 Nikola finally gives up on $2 billion patent trolling lawsuit against Tesla over semi truck design Electrek 7 months ago
84 Elon Musk Explains Why Tesla Can't Launch Cybertruck or Semi Yet Torque News 9 months ago
85 Tesla Semi: Tesla is looking to launch its ‘Semi Service Program’ starting with a surprising location 1 year ago
86 Tesla driver, passenger killed after crashing into back of semi-truck off I-75 1 month ago
87 Tesla Semi Driving on San Francisco Bridge Torque News 7 months ago
88 Tesla Semi production on hold until company can make its own batteries CNBC 2 years ago
89 Tesla Semi Will Be Able To Inflate Its Tires On The Go CarBuzz 6 months ago
90 Chinese auto giant Geely launches electric truck, its rival to Tesla's Semi CNBC 9 months ago
91 Two Tesla Semi Megachargers are now live at Giga Nevada: report TESLARATI 9 months ago
92 What Tesla's New Texas Gigafactory Means for the Cybertruck and Tesla Semi MUO 4 months ago
93 Watch Tesla Semi drive silently through Giga Nevada parking lot Drive Tesla Canada 7 months ago
94 Is Tesla Semi Really Ready To Go Into Production? InsideEVs 1 year ago
95 The Problems That Electric Semis Can & Can’t Solve CleanTechnica 4 months ago
96 The Tesla Semi Already Has Two More Competitors CarBuzz 4 months ago
97 Elon Musk: Tesla aims to complete Cybertruck development this year for production in 2023 5 months ago
98 Tesla Considering 800-Volt Architecture For Cybertruck And Semi InsideEVs 4 months ago
99 PepsiCo Readies for Delivery of Tesla Semis With Megacharger Installation The Drive 7 months ago
100 Nikola Tre BEV Series Production Began March 21, Beating Tesla Semi InsideEVs 5 months ago