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1 'Save Chick-fil-A'? Texas Supreme Court is weighing 2019 state law Austin American-Statesman 7 days ago
2 Texas abortion access on the line as Supreme Court reconsiders Roe v. Wade The Texas Tribune 8 days ago
3 Supreme Court: The hideous legal obstacles facing DOJ’s voting rights suit in Texas 13 hours ago
4 U.S. Supreme Court weighs religion's place in the Texas death chamber The Texas Tribune 29 days ago
5 Supreme Court's head fake leaves Texas women waiting for answers on abortion rights CNN 16 days ago
6 Mark Meadows says Trump was despondent after Supreme Court Texas ruling Business Insider 11 hours ago
7 Texas high court rules for insurer in coverage for gold scam Business Insurance 9 hours ago
8 State Capital Highlights: Young appointed to Texas Supreme Court 28 days ago
9 65% Of Americans Want Supreme Court To Reject Texas Abortion Law, Poll Finds As Court Deliberates Forbes 22 days ago
10 Texas' SB 8 still in effect with no ruling from SCOTUS The Dallas Morning News 9 days ago
11 SCOTUS Skepticism and the Texas Abortion Law JURIST 30 days ago
12 Texas Utility Can't Shake Suit Over Spiked Prices, Judge Told Law360 7 hours ago
13 Toyota and Reavis family reach settlement Dallas Business Journal 1 day ago
14 Supreme Court may allow more public funds for church schools Los Angeles Times 13 hours ago
15 Appellate Partner Jeff Oldham Rejoins Bracewell's Houston Office 15 hours ago
16 In Latest Crackdown on Anything Adjacent to Marijuana, Texas Gets Smokable Hemp Banned Again Dallas Observer 2 days ago
17 Biden Supreme Court commission's draft report details 'profound' disagreement over adding seats to bench CNN 1 day ago
18 Winter Storm Uri lawsuits, two Texas appeals courts wrestle over ERCOT's sovereign immunity Dallas Business Journal 1 day ago
19 Siding with Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas Supreme Court temporarily halts mask orders in Dallas and Bexar counties Cleburne Times-Review 4 months ago
20 The Supreme Court looks ready to gut Roe v. Wade. Amy Klobuchar says Congress needs to make it law—and fast. Mother Jones 2 days ago
21 Travis Scott denies legal liability in Astroworld Festival tragedy, court documents show 6 hours ago
22 Texas’s new social media law is likely to face an uphill battle in federal court Brookings Institution 29 days ago
23 Texas Supreme Court rules Democrats who break quorum can be arrested The Texas Tribune 4 months ago
24 Supreme Court Upholds New Texas Abortion Law, For Now NPR 3 months ago
25 Texas Supreme Court Sides with Paxton Regarding Ban on Mask Mandates 3 months ago
26 California to welcome over 1 million abortion patients KCRW 8 hours ago
27 Oregon Clinics Are Bracing for the Supreme Court's Ruling on Roe v. Wade Portland Monthly 11 hours ago
28 Ahead of Dale Ho's Senate Hearing, Bipartisan Group of Yale Law Classmates Urge His Confirmation to SDNY | National Law Journal 7 days ago
29 Opinion: Is abortion a humanitarian crisis? Houston Chronicle 20 hours ago
30 Texas Supreme Court halts San Antonio ISD vaccine mandate Spectrum News 2 months ago
31 SAISD reinstates mask mandate, anticipating rise in COVID-19 cases San Antonio Report 6 hours ago
32 As Gerrymanders Get Worse, Options to Overturn Them Get Weaker The New York Times 17 days ago
33 Democrats ask Texas Supreme Court to strike down Abbott veto of money for Legislature Austin American-Statesman 6 months ago
34 Texas Supreme Court Denies Review Of Challenge To Texas Central's Eminent Domain Power JD Supra 5 months ago
35 'A Grand Reunion'; Texas Supreme Court Holds First In-Person Meet Since COVID-19 Closure | Texas Lawyer 6 months ago
36 Some Say Gov. Greg Abbott's Reelection Bid Could Crumble if Energy Grid Fails During Another Winter Storm Dallas Observer 2 days ago
37 Texas Supreme Court hears oral arguments in San Antonio's 2019 Chick-fil-A case Texas Public Radio 1 month ago
38 Can ERCOT be sued? Texas Supreme Court declines to answer Austin American-Statesman 9 months ago
39 How The Supreme Court Reached The Decision To Uphold Texas' Law Restricting Abortion NPR 3 months ago
40 House Democrats' walkout could be impacted by Texas Supreme Court decision The Texas Tribune 5 months ago
41 Supreme Court Order on Texas Abortion Ban Puts ‘Shadow Docket’ in the Spotlight U.S. News & World Report 3 months ago
42 Stephen Breyer calls Supreme Court decision on Texas abortion law 'very, very, very wrong' CNN 3 months ago
43 Judge Overturns Texas Ban On School Mask Mandates In Blow To GOP Governor HuffPost 28 days ago
44 Absent House Democrats can be arrested to force return, Texas Supreme Court says Austin American-Statesman 4 months ago
45 Why the threat to Roe may not save Democrats in 2022 POLITICO 3 days ago
46 Here's Who Wants To Be A Texas Supreme Court Justice Law360 4 months ago
47 Top Texas court rejects case, then agrees to hear it after appellant donates $250K to reelection PAC ABA Journal 4 months ago
48 Texas Supreme Ct. Approves Discovery for Documents Related to Medical Charges Claims Journal 6 months ago
49 Texas Supreme Court rules Austin must change ballot language on measure to hire more police Austin American-Statesman 3 months ago
50 Texas courts cleared for in-person trials after coronavirus created backlog The Texas Tribune 9 months ago
51 Supreme Court upholds Texas abortion ban Los Angeles Times 3 months ago
52 Handling the Texas Supreme Court’s Public Information | Osler McCarthy | Texas Appellate Law Podcast JD Supra 4 months ago
53 Senators spar over shadow docket in wake of court's order allowing Texas abortion law to take effect SCOTUSblog 2 months ago
54 Texas Supreme Court tosses Shelley Luther's contempt finding for refusing to close salon Austin American-Statesman 8 months ago
55 Texas-led ACA challenge tossed by Supreme Court The Texas Tribune 6 months ago
56 Texas Supreme Court extends state program to help tenants avoid eviction until Oct. 1 The Texas Tribune 5 months ago
57 Texas Supreme Court blocks mask mandates WNDU-TV 4 months ago
58 Texas Supreme Court Draws Line on Attorney Immunity Privilege JD Supra 4 months ago
59 Texas Supreme Court Order Amends State Bar Rules Defining Membership | Texas Lawyer 2 months ago
60 New Texas appeals court would take high-profile cases under Senate bill The Texas Tribune 8 months ago
61 Is There A Trustee Get Out Of Jail Free Card? The Use Of Exculpatory Clauses In Trust Documents In Texas Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration 16 hours ago
62 Texas Supreme Court case challenging high-speed rail project moving forward; 5 Katy commercial projects underway and more top Houston-area news Community Impact Newspaper 2 months ago
63 Letters to the Editor — Texas Supreme Court, child welfare, masks, homeless, voter fraud The Dallas Morning News 3 months ago
64 DOJ will ask the Supreme Court to halt the Texas abortion ban NPR 2 months ago
65 Texas Supreme Court Allows Lawsuit Against Facebook for Participating in Sex Trafficking to Proceed The Texan 5 months ago
66 How the Supreme Court made it harder to challenge Texas GOP voting law Business Insider 3 months ago
67 Senate Democrats target Supreme Court 'shadow docket' after Texas abortion decision Reuters 2 months ago
68 The Texas GOP has more redistricting power than ever thanks to a 2013 Supreme Court case Houston Public Media 2 months ago
69 Texas Supreme Court Allows In-Person Court Proceedings But Requires Health Precautions | Texas Lawyer 9 months ago
70 Texas Supreme Court Tosses Lawsuits Against Retailer That Sold Gun, Ammo Used in Church Shooting Courthouse News Service 6 months ago
71 Texas Supreme Court halts enforcement of Austin dine-in curfew 11 months ago
72 Texas Supreme Court rules in favor of Houston's historical preservation ordinance Community Impact Newspaper 6 months ago
73 Texas Supreme Court Ends Enforcement Of National Eviction Moratorium Statewide Houston Public Media 8 months ago
74 Texas Supreme Court Holds That A Beneficiary May Not Accept Any Benefit From A Will And Then Later Challenging The Will JD Supra 6 months ago
75 Texas and Mississippi abortion laws may run parallel paths to Supreme Court The Texas Tribune 2 months ago
76 City's historic preservation ordinance upheld by Texas Supreme Court The Leader 6 months ago
77 Group of Texas lawmakers seek motion for Texas Supreme Court to rehear high-speed rail eminent domain case KLTV 4 months ago
78 U.S. Supreme Court says Biden administration must comply with ruling to restart “remain in Mexico” program for asylum-seekers The Texas Tribune 4 months ago
79 Supreme Court puts execution of Texas man on hold in dispute over pastor's access CNN 3 months ago
80 Texas Supreme Court to Review Eight-Corners Duty-to-Defend Rule JD Supra 9 months ago
81 U.S. Supreme Court throws out Texas lawsuit contesting 2020 election results in four battleground states The Texas Tribune 12 months ago
82 Texas AG says Biden admin's recent lawsuits show they want 'control,' 'don't like Texans' Fox News 13 hours ago
83 Texas Supreme Court dismisses former City Council candidate’s request for new election The Dallas Morning News 6 months ago
84 Texas Court Backlog Could Last Five Years Without More Funding Bloomberg Law 7 months ago
85 Texas Supreme Court possibly clears way for Dallas-Houston bullet train line by siding with advocates on The Dallas Morning News 6 months ago
86 Texas Supreme Court Clarifies Scope of Property Owners' Statutory Protections The National Law Review 8 months ago
87 Texas Supreme Court chief justice: Civil legal aid must be essential Port Arthur News 9 months ago
88 Texas Supreme Court to decide if ERCOT is immune from storm lawsuits Houston Chronicle 10 months ago
89 Fifth Circuit Seeks Guidance From The Texas Supreme Court On When The Concurrent Cause Doctrine Applies JD Supra 2 months ago
90 Texas Supreme Court Again Denies City Of Fort Worth’s Request To Review Decisions To Fire Former Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald CBS Dallas / Fort Worth 2 months ago
91 Raising requirements for judicial candidates Spectrum News 2 months ago
92 Suit alleging Austin Energy charged illegal electric rates can continue, Texas Supreme Court rules Austin American-Statesman 8 months ago
93 Supreme Court Refuses to Block Texas Abortion Law The New York Times 2 months ago
94 AMC Convinces Texas Supreme Court to Hear Antitrust Grievances Bloomberg Law 6 months ago
95 Texas Supreme Court Issues Two Key Pro-Arbitration Decisions SHRM 5 months ago
96 Texas governor's unmasking order doesn't apply to judiciary, state high court says Reuters 7 months ago
97 Texas Supreme Court hears landowner case against Texas Central Railroad Texas Farm Bureau 1 month ago
98 READ: Supreme Court's order on Texas abortion law and Sotomayor dissent CNN 2 months ago
99 Examining the Supreme Court's use of emergency applications NPR 2 months ago
100 Texas Supreme Court Rules on Correction Deeds in a Case of First Impression JD Supra 6 months ago