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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Trade remedies notice 2021/12: countervailing duty on certain rainbow trout originating in Turkey GOV.UK 8 days ago
2 Extension of time to answer the investigation questionnaire in the case of anti-circumvention of trade remedies for some cane sugar products originating from Thailand Lexology 9 days ago
3 Reps. Sewell and Johnson Announce Legislation to Combat Unfair Trade Practices JD Supra 5 days ago
4 Commission imposes anti-dumping duties on Chinese aluminium converter foil imports EIN News 13 hours ago
5 Extension Of Time To Answer The Investigation Questionnaire In The Case Of Anti-circumvention Of Trade Remedies For Some Cane Sugar Products Originating From Thailand International Law 7 days ago
6 TRA reconsiders recommendation on welded tubes and pipes measures GOV.UK 15 days ago
7 International Trade in Goods and Services in the Dominican Republic: Overview 2021 Lexology 28 days ago
8 Why is the Biden administration increasing the cost of building houses? NPR 2 days ago
9 Trade remedies notice 2021/10: anti-dumping duty on bicycle parts from China (exemption) GOV.UK 17 days ago
10 Government launches Trade Remedies Authority to combat unfair practices The Institute of Export and International Trade 6 months ago
11 Amendments to the trade remedies legislative regime to allow the Secretary of State for International Trade to call in power GOV.UK 1 month ago
12 Indian stainless steel sector drowning in Chinese imports Moneylife 2 days ago
13 United Kingdom: Update on the UK Trade Remedies Regime Lexology 1 month ago
14 Minister Shaw Hails Anti-Dumping and Subsidies Commission – Jamaica Information Service Government of Jamaica, Jamaica Information Service 1 month ago
15 As Part of Trend to Target China, Sens. Brown and Portman Introduce Updates to U.S. Antidumping Duty/Countervailing Duty Laws Sidley Austin LLP 7 months ago
16 How we assess causation in dumping and subsidy investigations GOV.UK 11 months ago
17 Trade remedies notice 2021/08: anti-dumping duty on welded tubes and pipes from Belarus and China GOV.UK 4 months ago
18 Trade remedies notice 2021/04: Suspension of anti-dumping duty on cold-rolled flat steel goods originating in Russia GOV.UK 11 months ago
19 Senators introduce federal bill designed to strengthen trade remedy laws Recycling Today 8 months ago
20 Our repayment investigation process GOV.UK 11 months ago
21 Trade remedies notice 2021/03: Suspension of anti-dumping duty on welded tubes and pipes of iron or non-alloy steel originating in Belarus or Russia GOV.UK 4 months ago
22 How we carry out transition reviews into EU measures GOV.UK 11 months ago
23 Anne-Marie Trevelyan delivers speech on free trade at Centre for Policy Studies GOV.UK 17 days ago
24 Taxation notice 2020/34: Anti-dumping duty on bicycles and certain bicycle parts originating in the People's Republic of China (including bicycles consigned from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Tunisia) GOV.UK 17 days ago
25 TRA to review anti-dumping measures on aluminium road wheels GOV.UK 2 months ago
26 Notice of determination 2020/18: anti-dumping duty on ceramics tiles originating in the People's Republic of China GOV.UK 11 months ago
27 New exporter review GOV.UK 11 months ago
28 Ten Things to Know About Successful Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Cases JD Supra 8 months ago
29 Why every company needs to know about the UK trade remedies regime City A.M. 8 months ago
30 Zim submits proposed ACfTA tariff offer to AU Commission The Herald 10 days ago
31 An introduction to our investigations process GOV.UK 11 months ago
32 Transition reviews (anti-dumping and countervailing measures) Trade Remedies Investigations Directorate (TRID) dumping, subsidisation and safeguarding investigations guidance 2 years ago
33 How measures fit into our dumping and subsidy investigation process GOV.UK 11 months ago
34 The UK trade remedies investigations process GOV.UK 2 years ago
35 Vietnam: Investigating the application of measures to prevent evasion of trade remedies for cane sugar products from Thailand Lexology 2 months ago
36 Notice of determination 2020/01: anti-dumping duty on certain welded tubes and pipes of iron or non-alloy steel originating in Belarus, the People's Republic of China and Russian Federation GOV.UK 4 months ago
37 How we assess injury GOV.UK 11 months ago
38 Notice of determination 2020/32: countervailing duty on certain polyethylene terephthalate (PET) originating in India GOV.UK 11 months ago
39 Supply chain solutions at the Port of New York and New Jersey rely on U.S. innovation | Opinion 23 days ago
40 Spotlight: international trade law in Pakistan Lexology 2 months ago
41 Taxation Notice 2020/10: anti-dumping duty on certain cold rolled flat steel products originating in the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation GOV.UK 11 months ago
42 Suspension notice 2020/07: countervailing duty on hot-rolled flat products of iron, non-alloy or other alloy steel originating in the People's Republic of China GOV.UK 11 months ago
43 How to make an application for a trade remedies investigation GOV.UK 11 months ago
44 TRA opens first case in response to application from UK industry GOV.UK 6 months ago
45 Anti-absorption provisions introduced in anti-dumping and countervailing duties Rules Lexology 1 month ago
46 The TRA's Pre-Application Office GOV.UK 11 months ago
47 Govt eases procedure for filing anti-dumping applications by fragmented industries Economic Times 4 months ago
48 TRA publishes final recommendation on steel safeguard measures GOV.UK 6 months ago
49 Notice of Determination 2020/15: countervailing duty on hot-rolled flat products of iron, non-alloy or other alloy steel originating in the People's Republic of China GOV.UK 11 months ago
51 Hardly any finished goods incur anti-dumping duties Times of India 11 months ago
52 CBSA Initiates New Dumping and Subsidy Investigation into Container Chassis from China Lexology 6 months ago
53 China Sues Australia Over Some Anti-Dumping Measures at WTO Bloomberg 6 months ago
54 Spotlight: international trade law in Brazil Lexology 2 months ago
55 Initial findings recommend Turkish rainbow trout tariffs be kept GOV.UK 6 months ago
56 Canada gives final conclusion on anti-dumping duty to upholstered seating from Vietnam 4 months ago
57 TRA to reconsider findings of steel safeguard transition review GOV.UK 3 months ago
58 Portman, Brown Urge Administration to Work with Congress to Develop New Trade Remedy Tools Senator Rob Portman 7 months ago
59 How we carry out a dumping investigation GOV.UK 11 months ago
60 Streamlining Of Anti-Dumping Duty And Countervailing Duty Procedures By The Directorate General Of Trade Remedies International Law 2 months ago
61 DGTR for imposing countervailing duty on aluminium wires from Malaysia Economic Times 5 months ago
62 Wiley Files Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Investigation Petition Against Imports of Unfairly Priced Chinese Freight Railcar Coupler Systems Yahoo Finance 2 months ago
63 Trade defence Trade 3 years ago
64 The Ministry Of Industry And Trade Investigates Anti-dumping And Anti-Subsidy Measures To Thailand Cane Sugar Products International Law 2 months ago
65 DGTR recommends anti-dumping duty on polyester yarn from China, Indonesia and Vietnam The New Indian Express 4 months ago
66 US delays final conclusion on anti-dumping probe into Vietnam’s stainless steel 3 months ago
67 Trade defence report: restoring the level playing field for European producers EU News 2 years ago
68 CF Industries Holdings, Inc. Announces Petitions Seeking Remedies for Unfairly Traded Imports of UAN from Russia and Trinidad and Tobago Business Wire 5 months ago
69 Govt not to impose anti-dumping duty on certain copper items import Business Standard 5 months ago
70 Steel safeguard measures review – draft recommendation published GOV.UK 7 months ago
71 Spotlight: international trade law in Malaysia Lexology 1 year ago
72 America’s Abusive Trade Practices The Wall Street Journal 3 years ago
73 Trade and customs in European Union Lexology 2 years ago
74 Notes To The Process Of Anti-dumping Investigation In Vietnam International Law 5 months ago
75 India sets anti-subsidy duty on solar glass imports from Malaysia Renewables Now 9 months ago
76 Stainless-steel sector sees a massive 177% jump in imports Free Press Journal 3 months ago
77 UK's new trade remedies system comes into force GOV.UK 3 years ago
78 ‘Anti-subsidy duty’ on fibreboard coming BusinessLine 7 months ago
79 In a nutshell: international trade law in Brazil Lexology 2 years ago
80 Anti-dumping Trade 2 years ago
81 Commerce Ministry for imposing anti-dumping duty on pharma API from China The Hindu 3 months ago
82 VSSA requests investigation on trade remedies evasion into Thai cane sugar sggpnews 3 months ago
83 Panaceas: Dumping And Trade Remedies In Nigeria International Law 2 years ago
84 Kenya moves to protect industries from unfair foreign competition Xinhua | 1 year ago
85 DGTR to look into Bangladesh anti-dumping import duty sunset clause: IJMA Mint 5 months ago
86 USTR Tai Urges New Laws Aimed at Chinese Overseas Steel Investment U.S News & World Report Money 1 month ago
87 In a nutshell: international trade law in Japan Lexology 2 years ago
88 Tariffs by Fiat: The Widening Chasm between U.S. Antidumping Policy and the Rule of Law Cato Institute 1 year ago
89 New U.S. Tariffs Are Contributing to the Shipping Crisis, and There's Little We Can Do About It Cato Institute 3 months ago
90 How we handle requests for reconsiderations of our decisions GOV.UK 11 months ago
91 Firms urged to respond to trade remedies Economy 2 years ago
92 Vietnam Launches Anti-Dumping Investigation On Imports Of Certain Tables And Chairs From Malaysia And China International Law 3 months ago
93 The China Challenge The American Prospect 2 months ago
94 What Brexit means for the trade in goods Lexology 11 months ago
95 Anti-dumping duties, countervailing duties altered to put brakes on cheap imports Economic Times 10 months ago
96 DOC may extend anti-dumping duty on PE bags from Vietnam 5 months ago
97 How we carry out a subsidy investigation GOV.UK 11 months ago
98 Washing machines reveal how trade and competition are linked The Economist 10 months ago
99 India may impose anti-subsidy duty on imports of Butadiene Rubber from Korea Economic Times 11 months ago
100 US and China Trade War: Understanding Trade Remedies Lexology 3 years ago