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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 The UK Biobank at 20 4 days ago
2 Whole-genome sequencing of the UK Biobank 26 days ago
3 Researchers assess UK biobank genome sequences News-Medical.Net 20 days ago
4 Assessing agreement between different polygenic risk scores in the UK Biobank | Scientific Reports 19 days ago
5 UK Biobank Copy Number-Based GWAS Discovers New Associations With Human Traits GenomeWeb 5 days ago
6 New genetic loci associated with the risk of clonal hematopoiesis 28 days ago
7 No, Exercise Can’t Make Up for a Bad Diet SciTechDaily 2 days ago
8 New study shows potential of UK Biobank to inform genetic disease research Science Daily 2 months ago
9 Biobanking Embraces Specialization and Interdependence Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 6 days ago
10 Alnylam Uncovers Genetic Mutations in INHBE That Protect Against Abdominal Obesity Business Wire 19 days ago
11 The causes and consequences of Alzheimer’s disease: phenome-wide evidence from Mendelian randomization 4 days ago
12 Genetic risk for hemochromatosis associated with abnormal iron deposition localized to motor circuits of the brain MD Linx 3 hours ago
13 Even Household Chores May Reduce Your Dementia Risk Verywell Health 3 days ago
14 Getting Enough Vitamin D Promotes Healthy Inflammatory Response, New Study Reveals mindbodygreen 5 hours ago
15 UK Biobank Pharma Proteomics Project publishes early results from its pioneering proteomics research GlobeNewswire 2 months ago
16 Increased daytime nap frequency may cause higher risk of hypertension, stroke: study Xinhua 3 hours ago
17 July: genetic-dairystudy | News and features University of Bristol 19 days ago
18 Why am I left-handed? MRI brain scans offer new clues Fast Company 2 days ago
19 Alcohol consumption and telomere length: Mendelian randomization clarifies alcohol's effects | Molecular Psychiatry 20 days ago
20 Dementia: One of the nation's favourite sandwich ingredients may hike risk by almost 50% Express 3 days ago
21 Study shows link between frequent naps and high blood pressure Science Daily 21 days ago
22 You can't exercise away poor dietary choices, study finds Medical News Today 28 days ago
23 Reallocation of time between device-measured movement behaviours and risk of incident cardiovascular disease British Journal of Sports Medicine 13 days ago
24 Q&A: Whole Genomes of 150000 Britons Reveal Novel Genetic Variants The Scientist 10 days ago
25 Genome-wide variance quantitative trait locus analysis suggests small interaction effects in blood pressure traits | Scientific Reports 21 days ago
26 Alcohol: Exceeding weekly recommendations linked to shortened chromosomes New Scientist 7 days ago
27 An intermediate-effect size variant in UMOD confers risk for chronic kidney disease | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 5 days ago
28 Surprising Side Effects of Marijuana After Age 40 — Eat This Not That Eat This, Not That 7 days ago
29 Dementia: Chores and friendly social visits may lower risk Medical News Today 13 days ago
30 Cross-sectional metabolic subgroups and 10-year follow-up of cardiometabolic multimorbidity in the UK Biobank | Scientific Reports 3 months ago
31 Artificial intelligence tools predict DNA's regulatory role and 3D structure UT Southwestern 7 days ago
32 Missing Y Chromosome in Mouse Blood Causes Heart Dysfunction The Scientist 1 month ago
33 No Role for Alcohol in CV Health: UK Biobank Data TCTMD 5 months ago
34 Researchers sort long COVID into 3 symptom clusters Medical News Today 10 days ago
35 UK Biobank WGS Consortium Describes 150K Genome Dataset at ASHG, Sets Sights on 500K GenomeWeb 10 months ago
36 Analysis of rare genetic variation underlying cardiometabolic diseases and traits among 200000 individuals in the UK Biobank 6 months ago
37 SARS-CoV-2 is associated with changes in brain structure in UK Biobank 5 months ago
38 Diets high in ultraprocessed foods may increase the risk for dementia: study New York Post 14 days ago
39 Physical activity including household chores and DIY linked to lower dementia risk Alzheimer's Research UK 19 days ago
40 Genomic sciences GSK 29 days ago
41 Estimation of biological heart age using cardiovascular magnetic resonance radiomics | Scientific Reports 19 days ago
42 The interaction of early life factors and depression-associated loci affecting the age at onset of the depression | Translational Psychiatry 21 days ago
43 Mendelian randomization reveals causal effects of kidney function on various biochemical parameters | Communications Biology 28 days ago
44 Olink Reports Second Quarter 2022 Financial Results Yahoo Finance 4 days ago
45 Plans announced to create new Manchester HQ for UK Biobank | The Business Desk 2 months ago
46 8 Surprising Benefits of Routine Daily Chores Psychology Today 3 days ago
47 Constantly adding salt to your food is not a good idea, new study says Chicago Sun-Times 4 days ago
48 Rare Mutations in CIDEB Gene Protect against Liver Disease Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 17 days ago
49 Associations between multimorbidity and adverse health outcomes in UK Biobank and the SAIL Databank: A comparison of longitudinal cohort studies PLOS 5 months ago
50 Genome-wide association of polygenic risk extremes for Alzheimer's disease in the UK Biobank | Scientific Reports 3 months ago
51 Warning: Kitchen utensils can increase risk of liver cancer up to 4.5 fold, says study News9 LIVE 2 days ago
52 Mild Covid Inflicts Paradoxical Brain Damage: Detected By Imaging But Not By Neuropsychological Assessment Forbes 26 days ago
53 Lifetime occupational exposures and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease risk in the UK Biobank cohort Thorax (BMJ) 7 months ago
54 Marijuana and Myocardial Infarction in the UK Biobank Cohort Cureus 6 months ago
55 Phenotypic and genetic associations of quantitative magnetic susceptibility in UK Biobank brain imaging 3 months ago
56 Diet high in ultra-processed foods linked to a higher risk of dementia Alzheimer's Research UK 19 days ago
57 Long COVID Is Frustrating. That Doesn't Mean We Should Lose Hope Medscape 7 days ago
58 Physical activity, diet quality and all-cause cardiovascular disease and cancer mortality: a prospective study of 346 627 UK Biobank participants British Journal of Sports Medicine 1 month ago
59 Put Down That Salt Shaker. It Might Help You Live 2 Years Longer Verywell Health 26 days ago
60 Exome sequencing and analysis of 454,787 UK Biobank participants 10 months ago
61 Daily coffee drinkers have better chance at longer life span: report The Hill 27 days ago
62 The association between a lifestyle score, socioeconomic status, and COVID-19 outcomes within the UK Biobank cohort BMC Infectious Diseases 5 months ago
63 The UK Biobank resource with deep phenotyping and genomic data 4 years ago
64 Getting adequate amount of vitamin D prevents harmful inflammation Study Finds 7 days ago
65 Researchers discuss whether coffee really affects pregnancy Global Coffee Report 5 days ago
66 Investigating the association of environmental exposures and all-cause mortality in the UK Biobank using sparse principal component analysis | Scientific Reports 2 months ago
67 Associations between moderate alcohol consumption, brain iron, and cognition in UK Biobank participants: Observational and mendelian randomization analyses PLOS 1 month ago
68 The Role Of Bioinformatics In Bringing Biobanks To The Forefront Of Scientific Breakthroughs Bio-IT World 7 months ago
69 UK Biobank Gets Geneticists To Cooperate, Not Compete : Shots Health News 3 years ago
70 Transferability of genetic loci and polygenic scores for cardiometabolic traits in British Pakistani and Bangladeshi individuals 6 days ago
71 UK Biobank-PPP expands proteomics study of 53,000 GlobeNewswire 1 year ago
72 Too much good science never gets funded. Here's something that might help fix that iNews 11 days ago
73 Huge imaging study which could solve mysteries of dementia passes 50,000 participants in Newcastle Chronicle Live 6 months ago
74 Comparison of risk factor associations in UK Biobank against representative, general population based studies with conventional response rates: prospective cohort study and individual participant meta-analysis The BMJ 3 years ago
75 UK Biobank COVID-19 antibody study: final results GOV.UK 2 years ago
76 Amazon Genomics CLI is Open Source, UK Biobank's Research Analysis Platform Live, More Bio-IT World 10 months ago
77 Association of Changes in Physical Activity and Adiposity With Mortality and Incidence of Cardiovascular Disease: Longitudinal Findings From the UK Biobank Mayo Clinic Proceedings 4 months ago
78 Retinal microvascular associations with cardiometabolic risk factors differ by diabetes status 24 days ago
79 Association of accelerometer-derived sleep measures with lifetime psychiatric diagnoses: A cross-sectional study of 89205 participants from the UK Biobank PLOS 10 months ago
80 Having just 4 drinks a week changes your brain: Study York Dispatch 5 days ago
81 Polygenic Scores Have Low Portability Between Genetic Populations, UK Biobank-Based Study Finds GenomeWeb 7 months ago
82 UK rates of nearsightedness have increased significantly over time, study finds: Myopia study of more than 100000 UK Biobank adults also found changing associations with sex, ethnicity and educational level Science Daily 7 months ago
83 Consumption of coffee and tea and risk of developing stroke, dementia, and poststroke dementia: A cohort study in the UK Biobank PLOS 9 months ago
84 Using machine learning to predict COVID-19 infection and severity risk among 4510 aged adults: a UK Biobank cohort study | Scientific Reports 3 months ago
85 Smoking and COVID-19 outcomes: an observational and Mendelian randomisation study using the UK Biobank cohort Thorax (BMJ) 11 months ago
86 Multi-disciplinary community respiratory team management of patients with chronic respiratory illness during the COVID-19 pandemic | npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine 2 days ago
87 Systematic Heritability and Heritability Enrichment Analysis for Diabetes Complications in UK Biobank and ACCORD Studies Diabetes Journal 6 months ago
88 Inside the bank holding biodata of 500,000 Brits Knowable Magazine 3 years ago
89 Why taking painkillers like ibuprofen can make you feel WORSE! Daily Mail 7 days ago
90 UK Biobank Supercharges Medicine with Gene Data on 500,000 Brits MIT Technology Review 5 years ago
91 Association of renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system inhibition with Covid‐19 hospitalization and all‐cause mortality in the UK biobank Safizadeh 8 months ago
92 UK Biobank puts medical records of half a million Britons online The Guardian 10 years ago
93 Genetic Variants in HMGCR Gene Linked to Cataract Risk in Study of UK Biobank GenomeWeb 2 months ago
94 The influence of personality on the risk of myocardial infarction in UK Biobank cohort | Scientific Reports 4 months ago
95 UK imaging study finds that even in mild COVID cases there is brain atrophy and cognitive decline WSWS 5 months ago
96 Sleep, physical activity, sedentary behavior, and risk of incident dementia: a prospective cohort study of 431,924 UK Biobank participants | Molecular Psychiatry 2 months ago
97 Association of physical activity intensity and bout length with mortality: An observational study of 79503 UK Biobank participants PLOS 11 months ago
98 UK Biobank to build AWS-hosted data analysis platform with DNAnexus to speed research 2 years ago
99 Biomedical firm moves into 10,000 sq ft of new space at Park Square | The Business Desk 5 months ago
100 UK Biobank Contracts With DNAnexus, AWS to Build Data Analysis Platform Bio-IT World 2 years ago