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1 US Census Bureau delivers 2020 Census Redistricting Data in easier-to-use format
2 Poverty in U.S. Declined Thanks to Government Aid, Census Report Shows
3 Did The US White Population Decline And Shrink? It's Complicated
4 The American Community Survey 2020 1-Year Estimates Won’t Come Out This Fall
5 2020 Census Results By State: Study Finds No Major Irregularities
6 Counting Little Kids Is a Big Challenge for the U.S. Census
7 US Census Bureau releases block-level population data – Ballotpedia News
8 US Census Bureau will release easier-to-use format of 2020 census data on Sept. 16 – Ballotpedia News
9 Richardson 2020 census data reveals substantial increases in residents of color
10 Fountaindale Public Library District: Get Counted In The US Census Department's COVID-19 Household Pulse Survey
11 Latest census data reveal the state of poverty in the U.S.
12 What’s New in Civic Tech: Device Access for Every American Act
13 Hackers launched a cyber attack on U.S. Census Bureau in 2020
14 Census Has Struggled To Count American Indians. Some Tribes Fear COVID-19 Made It Worse.
15 Opinion | What the ‘Majority Minority’ Shift Really Means for America
16 Inside the Diverse and Growing Asian Population in the U.S.
17 IN-DEPTH: 2020 U.S. Census indicates growing number of multiracial Americans
18 2020 US Census: More Than Half of All US Counties Lost Population
19 Latinx Files: What the U.S. census tells us about what's ahead for Latinx community
20 Why the jump in the Native American population may be one of the hardest to explain
21 With Census Redistricting Data Indicating Growing Diversity, Policymakers Must Ensure Democracy for All
22 Census review details NWI's growing, shifting population
23 Unincorporated El Jebel outpaced Basalt for growth between 2010 and 2020
24 2020 Census: How has Alaska's population changed in the last decade?
25 U.S. Census Bureau releases county population data for 2020
26 Somerville Census 2020: What do you need to know?
27 Census figures show Farmington growth
28 The 2020 Census Predicts America's Future, And It's Rapidly Diversifying
29 Detroit could keep $150M in federal funding if challenge to 2020 census works
30 Rural counties see population losses the size of small towns, even as minority groups grew
31 Press Release | September 16, 2021 Survey of Income and Program Participation Data Release The U.S. Census Bureau today released data from the 2019 Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP).
32 County Auditor launches County Commission redistricting following Census 2020
33 2020 Census: Teton County population grows, may be undercounted
34 Multiracial boom reflects US racial, ethnic complexity
35 2020 Census Shows Big Changes In Race, Ethnicity For US & The Region
36 Opinion | Census results revealing
37 Pinal County officials consider challenging census results
38 Does The Census Not Adequately Capture Your Racial Identity? We Want To Hear Your Story.
39 White supremacy, with a tan
40 Census data highlights shifting demographics in Palo Alto neighborhoods
41 Analysis | The new census numbers kicked off redistricting. That's even more complicated than you may realize.
42 2020 Census Gets a Cautious Thumbs-Up From Experts
43 2020 census results: Who are the biggest population losers in west-central Illinois?
44 UCF Professor Fernando Rivera Says Latest US Census Data Shows How Latino Community is Shaping Central Florida
45 The South Is Still King, But New Census Trend Shows More Black People Are Finding Moving West Is Best
46 COVID-19 kills Americans at a rate of 1 in 500, data shows
47 4 takeaways from new Pa. census data and what it means for redistricting · Spotlight PA
48 Press Release | September 14, 2021 2020 Census Paid Temporary Workers The U.S. Census Bureau has begun releasing the total number of 2020 Census paid temporary workers that earned any pay during a specific weekly pay period.
49 Census Bureau: 'Health Insurance Coverage in US: 2020'
50 Thanks to new numbers from the US Census Bureau, Utah gets a few more bar licenses.
51 Cleveland is Cuyahoga County’s largest city by total area. See the rest of the top 10
52 America is short more than 5 million homes, and builders can't make up the difference
53 Census release shows America is more diverse and more multiracial than ever
54 Census: County population shrinks while diversity increases
55 The Census Said Detroit Kept Shrinking. The Mayor Begs to Differ.
56 Painting pictures by numbers
57 U.S. census data shows Hays County is fastest-growing county in nation
58 Census records population drop in L.A.'s Eastside
59 Press Release | September 16, 2021 Comparative and Bridge Statistics Reports From 2017 Economic Census These two reports mark the last of the data released from the 2017 Economic Census.
60 Washington Co., TN Commission begins redistricting process under tight deadline
61 How Philadelphia adapts to our growing pains will be the story of the next decade | Editorial
62 City of Ashland and Milton Township lost a total of nearly 7,500 people since 2010
63 US Census housing units trends for Louisville area
64 Local campaign director uncovers hidden figures in the census
65 From Bend, Oregon to Tampa: How these 10 U.S. cities became remote work hotspots
66 Ken Paxton asks judge to block lawsuit over redistricting, saying it's 'wrong about Texas law'
67 Steve Flower: Census results are revealing
68 City of Columbia expects to see more business and residential growth
69 Census Bureau announces 331 million people in US, Texas will add two congressional seats
70 2020 Census reveals 7.7% population loss in Montgomery County over past 10 years |
71 2020 Census Data And Differential Privacy: What You Need To Know
72 Wrangell Sentinel: Murkowski sees opportunities for Wrangell in infrastructure funding
73 Federal judges deny Republicans' motion to toss redistricting lawsuits
74 In which states did unemployment claims increase last week?
75 Here's why Hispanic Heritage Month starts in the middle of September
76 Census-driven process to create more precincts in Buckeye
77 New US Census Report Could Show Growth of Minorities
78 Census data shows widening diversity; number of White people falls for first time
79 What The New Census Results Tell Us About Diversity In The U.S.
80 Plan proposes big changes in Iowa's congressional districts
81 Father files $1M lawsuit after daughter's hair cut by Michigan teacher without permission
82 VERIFY: Yes, the American Community Survey is legitimate
83 How accurate will the 2020 US census be?
84 LIVE STREAM: US Census to release first local level data from 2020 Census
85 All recent US population growth comes from people of color, new census estimates show
86 U.S. Census Bureau experts puzzled by high rate of unanswered questions about households
87 The first batch of census data surprised many. What's next?
88 Census Bureau Estimates US Population Before Releasing 2020 Count
89 The 2020 Census Data For Voting Districts Will Be Available Aug. 12
90 Census won't release key annual survey because of pandemic's impact on data
91 What the 2020 census will reveal about America: Stagnating growth, an aging population, and youthful diversity
92 Census Bureau dodges challenge to controversial privacy tool
93 The First-Ever Census Bureau Director Of Color Was James F. Holmes
95 Biden Is Reviving An Effort To Change How The Census Asks About Race And Ethnicity
96 Auburn Libraries has partnered with the US Census Bureau to offer Census data webinars
97 EXPLAINER: What the release of 2020 census numbers means
98 Multiracial population grew in almost every county in the US. It doesn't mean racism is over
99 Census Bureau's use of 'synthetic data' worries researchers
100 Recent US Census Bureau text message not a scam, looking for feedback