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1 Major issues unresolved as Democrats in U.S. Congress seek deal on spending bill
2 US Congress voting Thursday on avoiding shutdown; talks on other legislation continue
3 Top 10 most viewed bills by the US Congress over the last week – Corridor News
4 Capitol Hill rioters: ‘US Congress members helped us plan attack’
5 Congress is about to fight over the debt ceiling again – but it doesn't have to be this way
6 U.S. Congress Democrats target palm oil, beef trade in deforestation bill
7 Democrats at odds over 'billionaires tax' to fund sweeping Biden agenda
8 WCCR Delivers Memorandum to Members of the US Congress & US Administration
9 Progressives in U.S. Congress open to cutting cost, not scope, of Biden bill
10 Congress constraints mean the US and Australia aren’t so far apart on climate after all
11 Live Updates: Pelosi Delays Vote on $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill
12 Why U.S. Congress is looking closely at Jan. 6 rally
13 US Congress averts default with stop-gap debt limit hike
14 Biden, US Congress extend transportation funding
15 US Congress seeks to compel Bannon testimony in January 6 probe
16 Yellen confident Congress will raise debt ceiling
17 US Congress blasts China for misusing Resolution 2758 against Taiwan
18 The US debt ceiling: What it is and what happens if Congress doesn't raise it
19 Congress must get its act together amid fiscal mayhem
20 What they said: Quotes from a Facebook hearing in Congress
21 'No one takes America seriously right now': Veteran running for Congress targets Afghanistan withdrawal
22 Strong Support in CA CD-45 Race for Term Limits on Congress
23 Biden pitches investment plans amid deadlock in US Congress
24 TikTok tells U.S. lawmakers it does not give information to China's government
25 Congress faces 3 major economic deadlines before the year ends: Debt limit, infrastructure and government funding
26 Congress is at an impasse on the debt limit. Here are 5 ways it could end.
27 Congress has a new plan to fix Social Security. How it would change benefits
28 Debt ceiling doesn't give U.S. government ability to spend limitless amounts of money
29 Democrats in U.S. Congress preparing measure to avert shutdown-two senators
30 Oil executives face ‘turning point’ US congressional hearing on climate crisis
31 House votes to posthumously award the Congressional Gold Medal to 13 US service members killed in Kabul airport bombing
32 How the Congress U.S. debt ceiling decision could impact you
33 Why is the US always hitting a “debt ceiling”?
34 U.S. Senate approves temporary lift of debt ceiling, averts default
35 How 4 Weeks of U.S. Paid Leave Would Compare With the Rest of the World
36 Last Week In Congress: How Cascadia’s U.S. lawmakers voted (September 27th-30th)
37 Amtrak passengers can’t sue the railroad. Congress may change that.
38 They're how old?! Ranking Congress' 5 oldest, 5 youngest members
39 Bipartisan Congressional Lawmakers Urge US To Resist International Kratom Ban
40 Yellen tells Congress that U.S. will run out of debt-ceiling flexibility on Oct. 18
41 Biden Wants to Show World He’s Serious About Cutting Emissions Despite U.S. Congress Pushback
42 Indian-American lawmakers and top Biden admin members celebrate Diwali at US Congress
43 US Congress committee says Tunisia democracy in 'danger'
44 McLeod-Skinner launches primary bid for Schrader's seat in Congress
45 These Trump fans were at the Capitol on 6 January. Now they’re running for office
46 Leaks report neglect on Facebook before the assault on the US Congress
47 Gov. Abbott approves new voting maps for state legislature, Congress, school districts for next decade
48 Trump Is Still Desperate to Keep His Tax Returns Out of Congress’s Hands for Some Reason
49 National Congress Of American Indians Calls Out Rob Manfred For Supporting Atlanta Braves ‘Chop’
50 Gaggle podcast: How redistricting impacts your representation in U.S. Congress, state Legislature
51 Biden's policies have been disastrous to the US security, the economy | TheHill
52 U.S. House holds Trump ally Bannon in contempt, seeks prosecution
53 Jackson County senator announces campaign for US Congress
54 The Congress Member Who Bought Shares Of Trump's SPAC Probably Won't Surprise You
55 The Graphic Truth: Hispanics are underrepresented in US Congress
56 Patriarch raises Halki school issue with US Congress
57 Letter: Acronym for US Congress: SAD; Translation: School for Arrested Development
58 US Congress Should Create Pathway to Citizenship
59 The climate policies tucked into Congress’ budget package are signals to investors
60 Pompeo wants Congress to deny Biden funding to reopen U.S. consulate for Palestinians
61 US Congress shows right use of contempt powers
62 Federal judges face stricter stock disclosure rules in bipartisan bills
63 Congressional Republican opposition to Biden to harden as election nears
64 US HR716 | 2021-2022 | 117th Congress
65 Texas Senate approves new congressional map protecting GOP incumbents
66 Major business groups prepare to fight new Democratic tax proposals for Biden social bill
67 US Retail Lobby Sends SOS to Congress on Supply Chain Chaos
68 Biden blocks second Trump bid to withhold more Jan. 6 documents
69 UPDATE 2-S&P says U.S. risks severe downgrade but it expects debt ceiling fix
70 US Congress Threatens to Block F-16 Deal with Turkey
71 Intel CEO says chips need boost from US Congress
72 Politics in the US and Israel: two sides of the same coin
73 Trump's use of executive privilege will test congressional power to enforce subpoenas
74 Republican governors push Congress to drop EV tax credits for unions
75 Congress must give federal wildland firefighters a pay raise | TheHill
76 How decades of disinformation about fossil fuels halted U.S. climate policy
77 US Congress hears 'shocking' reports of human rights abuses by rangers paid by WWF
78 Steve Bannon’s Contempt for Congress
79 SSG Ryan Knauss, 12 other US service members to be awarded Congressional Gold Medal
80 Former Christian County lawmaker Jay Wasson announces bid for US Congress
81 Five US lawmakers accuse Amazon of possibly lying to Congress following Reuters report
82 Congress plans fixes for US military’s AWOL weapons problems
83 Congress’ punt on infrastructure triggers partial government shutdown
84 US Congress Candidate Omari Hardy Under Fire for Supporting Palestine, BDS
85 Congress Must Care for Care Workers
86 Why All Crypto Eyes Are on the US Congress This Week By DailyCoin
87 US Congress Turns Spotlight on Turkish Extremists Grey Wolves
88 Congress has a representation problem
89 Chemical Safety Board head quizzed by skeptical US Congress members
90 Infrastructure bill still held up in Congress over social safety net measures
91 Congress Votes | News |
92 Tennessee state senator indicted in alleged campaign finance scheme | TheHill
93 US Congress Moves to Block Sale of F-16 Jets to Turkey
94 Greek Patriarch raises Halki school issue with U.S. Congress
95 Universities must challenge US Congress on climate change – Kerry
96 TikTok to face US Congress over content leading to 'school vandalism'
97 Washington Football Team, Jon Gruden email investigation now has U.S. Congress involved
98 Pakistan home to 12 terror outfits: US Congress report
99 What we know about Kyrsten Sinema's positions in spending talks
100 State Department tested diplomats for 'directed energy exposure' years before telling Congress