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1 Congress Faces Decision on Military Justice Overhaul
2 Guantanamo Bay: Twenty Years of Counterterrorism and Controversy
3 Guantanamo: A former prosecutor’s solution to an ‘unsolvable problem’
4 The Misbegotten Court of Military Commission Review
5 When Is a State Secret Not a Secret?
6 Supreme Court wrestles with eroding secrecy around U.S. torture tactics
7 Guant�namo Bay detainee Asadullah Haroon Gul held illegally, judge rules.
8 Military appeals court shoots down claims about 9/11 Gitmo judge
9 Appeals Panel Overturns Army Judge’s Ruling on Torture
10 Supreme Court Cases to Watch in October 2021 Term
11 Aung San Suu Kyi to Defend Herself in Myanmar 'Show Trial'
12 Sudan’s Prime Minister Was Detained at Home of General Who Led Coup
13 Executive Privilege Fight Heats Up
14 Equal Supreme Court Access for Military Personnel: An Overdue Reform
15 Opinion | America’s Crumbling Global Position
16 Naming Commission Still Undecided How To Handle Ships with Confederate Ties
17 Tragic tales of Guantanamo Bay prison
18 Supreme Court to Hear Ted Cruz’s Campaign Finance Challenge
19 Court of Military Commissions Review Upholds Life Sentence for al-Bahlul
20 Judge Permits Information From C.I.A. Torture in Terror Case
21 ‘Watching Darkness Fall’ Review: Our Men in Europe
22 Supreme Court, Alec Baldwin, M.L.B.: Your Friday Evening Briefing
23 Army Base Names Are Changing. But to What?
24 Democrats Pressed to Finalize Deal; First Female FCC Head Tapped | Bloomberg Government
25 HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Paid Leave Advocates Turn to HHS's Becerra | Bloomberg Government
26 Dozens of lawmakers demand release of Marine from pretrial confinement
27 Biden, Supreme Court, Cider: Your Weekend Briefing
28 Chief Guantánamo Prosecutor Retiring Before Sept. 11 Trial Begins
29 State AGs warn about cannabis candy as Halloween approaches (Newsletter: October 27, 2021)
30 Two More Guantánamo Detainees Are Approved for Release
31 Roh Tae-woo, 88, South Korean Leader in Move Toward Democracy, Dies
32 What Biden Must Do to Right the Wrongs of Guantánamo
33 It's Time to Admit That the Military Commissions Have Failed
34 Military Commissions Resume On Guantanamo Amid Biden Closure Plans and Pandemic Uncertainty
35 OFCCP Week In Review: October 2021 #4 | DirectEmployers Association
36 The D.C. Circuit, Conspiracy, and the Guantanamo Military Commissions: Third Time's the Charm?
37 Abatement in Al-Nashiri is Reversed
38 Book Review: ‘The Chancellor,’ by Kati Marton
39 CFIUS, Team Telecom and China
40 Supreme Court Won't Hear Case on Military Draft
41 Wealthy Countries Are Spending More on Border Security Than Climate Aid
42 A Guide to Appellate and Collateral Review Under the Military Commissions Acts
43 The Scourge of Military Commissions
44 Course Correction Still Needed on Anti-Torture Obligations
45 Al-Nashiri III: A No Good, Very Bad Day for US Military Commissions
46 Upcoming Cases Provide Opportunities to Reassess the Application of the Due Process Clause at Guantanamo
47 DC Circ. Won't End Gitmo Detainee's Military Prosecution
48 The Future of the US Military Commissions: Legal and Policy Issues
49 The D.C. Circuit's Passive-Aggressive Approach to Military Commission Mandamus
50 Delays in trial of accused 9/11 plotters continue partly due to role of torture conducted by Spokane-based psychologists
51 New judge says 9/11 trial at Gitmo is 'at least one year away'
52 High Court Says Judges Can Sit on Two Military Panels
53 Opinion | Cori Bush and A.O.C. Are Right About Jan. 6 and 1866
54 20 Years After 9/11, Victim Families May Finally Get a Trial
55 Military Judge in U.S. Held Court by Video Link to Guantánamo Bay
56 You'll Want to Keep Your Doritos-Dusted Fingers Off These Luxurious $450 Lambskin Gaming Headphones
57 Baldwin didn't know weapon on movie set contained a live round, search warrant says
58 New Judge in 9/11 Trial Lacked Enough Experience For Job Last Year
59 Bali bomb case starts in Guantanamo 18 years after capture
60 The U.S. and Taliban are to hold the first talks since Afghanistan withdrawal
61 Supreme Court rules it has jurisdiction over military court of appeals
62 Neal Sher, U.S. Government’s Leading Nazi Hunter, Dies at 74
63 Opinion | Tax the Rich, Help America’s Children
64 President Biden announces fifth slate of federal judicial nominees – Ballotpedia News
65 The Secret to Eating in Midtown Manhattan
66 Texas Man Is Sentenced to 15 Months for Online Covid-19 Hoax
67 Meet Skimpflation: A Reason Inflation Is Worse Than The Government Says It Is
68 Overlooked No More: Kim Hak-soon, Who Broke the Silence for ‘Comfort Women’
69 Lawmakers Back Changes at C.I.A. for Handling Mystery Health Episodes
70 Congress, Biden Appear Determined to Undermine U.S. Military Justice System
71 ‘The End of Bias’ Says There’s Hope for Meaningful Change
72 Chief Guantanamo prosecutor announces abrupt retirement
73 Argument analysis: Justices debate the dual-officeholding ban and jurisdiction over military courts
74 Supreme Court won't hear challenge to male-only military draft
75 State Secrets that Aren't Secret
76 Are Military Courts Really Just Like Civilian Criminal Courts?
77 Brazil Senate report urges charging Bolsonaro with crimes over the pandemic
78 Guantanamo Prison Lingers, an Unresolved Legacy of 9/11 | World News
79 Pentagon-appointed commission finds military unequipped to address sexual assault and harassment in the ranks
80 Biden Legal Team Divided on Scope of Rights of Guantánamo Detainees
81 An Arctic Dispatch
82 White House releases findings of commission on sexual assault in the military
83 Gene Freidman, ‘Taxi King’ Who Upended His Industry, Dies at 50
84 Don't force military court to hear Omar Khadr appeal, U.S. government argues
85 Gitmo military commissions should end or be reformed, says report shared with Congress in ABA letter
86 Statistics don't support removing commanders from military justice | TheHill
87 Supreme Court Commission: Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing
88 How 9/11 Radically Expanded the Power of the U.S. Government
89 Opinion | Second-Class Justice in the Military
90 The 20-Year Contest to Crack the Code of the Rosetta Stone
91 How to Fix the US Litigation Position in Key Pending Cases
92 U.S. court rejects Omar Khadr’s request for military to hear his appeal
93 Book Review: ‘Unprotected,’ by Billy Porter
94 Opinion | Health Care Employment Is Rising. Is That a Good Thing?
95 Moldova: Russia threatens gas supply in Europe's poorest state
96 Biden Commissions the Supreme Court
97 South Korea tests 1st domestically made rocket as it pursues satellite launch program
98 The Biden Administration Joins the Military Justice Reform Debate as It Heats Up in the Senate
99 The Supreme Court and Military Control of Civil Offices
100 Last Week at the Military Commissions: 9/11 Commission Debates Who Gets to Determine When Hostilities Began