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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 DOE Office of Science Call for Position Papers: ASCR Workshop on Visualization for Science , Dec. 10 Due Date 16 days ago
2 Plants Buy Us Time to Slow Climate Change – But Not Enough to Stop It Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 8 hours ago
3 Scientists Discover Another Reason Why EV Batteries Can’t Charge In A Few Minutes CleanTechnica 3 days ago
4 These tiny liquid robots never run out of juice as long as they have food: By removing electricity from equation, discovery overcomes yearslong hurdle in robotics Science Daily 8 hours ago
5 Argonne-related spinoff company charges up the battery world EurekAlert 1 day ago
6 ORNL's Mark Noakes receives Ray Goertz Award from ANS EurekAlert 1 day ago
7 Battery 'dream technology' a step closer to reality with new discovery Science Daily 2 days ago
8 Julia R. Greer: Then and Now / 2011 Early Career Award Winner EurekAlert 8 days ago
9 Superheavy science: Lab's actinide abilities enable the discovery of new elements 3 hours ago
10 Anne White: Then and Now / 2011 Early Career Award Winner EurekAlert 1 month ago
11 Argonne focuses its decarbonization expertise on new Net Zero World Initiative Newswise 30 days ago
12 How can next-gen computer chips reduce our carbon footprint? EurekAlert 7 days ago
13 Sizing Up the Challenges in Extracting Lithium from Geothermal Brine Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 9 days ago
14 Turning Up the Heat: Thermal Energy Storage Could Play Major Role in Decarbonizing Buildings Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 21 days ago
15 Future snowmelt could have costly consequences on infrastructure Science Daily 1 day ago
16 A cure for blindness? A next-generation solar concentrator? University of Rochester 1 day ago
17 Argonne quantum research may reshape how we sense and relay data EurekAlert 9 days ago
18 Fusion Energy Advocates Press Case for Federal Backing FYI: Science Policy News 8 days ago
19 AI used to optimize several flow battery properties simultaneously Science Daily 16 days ago
20 Fermilab Director Lockyer awarded the DOE's Distinguished Career Service Award Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 30 days ago
21 New insights into proteins may aid cancer and infertility research Newswise 14 days ago
22 Researchers team up to get a clearer picture of molten salts EurekAlert 9 days ago
23 Game-changing rare-earth elements separation technology licensed to Marshallton EurekAlert 8 days ago
24 CyberForce Competition challenges collegiate students to outwit cyber attackers EurekAlert 30 days ago
25 Slugging it out: Scientists find material that mimics the intelligence of sea slugs Nanowerk 1 day ago
26 Argonne and NIU team up to host AI camp for high school students EurekAlert 8 days ago
27 New Technique Improves Conversion of Carbon Dioxide Into Liquid Fuels Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 22 days ago
28 Big batteries on wheels can deliver zero-emissions rail while securing the grid EurekAlert 16 days ago
29 Lab on a chip: ORNL's top commercialization success Oak Ridger 4 hours ago
30 New scalable method resolves materials joining in solid-state batteries EurekAlert 29 days ago
31 Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tuskegee University collaborate on advanced bioderived materials research EurekAlert 7 days ago
32 Getting to the Root of Plant-Soil Interactions: Optical Instrument to Give Clearest 3D Images Yet of Rhizosphere | Research Research Horizons 6 days ago
33 Physics-informed deep learning to assess carbon dioxide storage sites Penn State News 8 days ago
34 Scientists Develop Lead-absorbing Tape to Boost Viability of Perovskite Solar Cells Laboratory Equipment 3 days ago
35 The Week of December 6, 2021 FYI: Science Policy News 2 days ago
36 Patent awarded to C3 – is it the most impactful PV innovation since half-cut cells? Solar Builder 10 hours ago
37 Battelle Energy Alliance, NASA seek industry partners to design nuclear power system for lunar applications Space Ref 17 days ago
38 A measured energy use, solar production, and building air leakage dataset for a zero energy commercial building | Scientific Data 16 days ago
39 Key witness helps scientists detect 'spooky' quantum entanglement in solid materials EurekAlert 1 month ago
40 IGS Energy in Dublin to add 75 jobs The Columbus Dispatch 2 days ago
41 Argonne employee group funds service dog for Chicago area veteran EurekAlert 29 days ago
42 DOE Panel Finds US Falling Behind in Basic Energy Sciences FYI: Science Policy News 3 months ago
43 Hidden Insights In The FERC 2021 Report Of Enforcement Energy and Natural Resources 7 days ago
44 PPPL scientists create insights into perhaps EurekAlert 21 days ago
45 Jefferson Lab accelerator gets a fresh pair of eyes EurekAlert 6 days ago
46 FY22 Budget Outlook: DOE Office of Science FYI: Science Policy News 4 months ago
47 Fiber Lasers Poised to Advance Berkeley Lab's Development of Practical Laser-Plasma Accelerators Mirage News 2 days ago
48 Soil Scientist Asmeret Berhe Picked to Lead DOE Science Office FYI: Science Policy News 7 months ago
49 HPC Career Notes: December 2021 Edition HPCwire 7 days ago
50 U.S. hands over radiation detection equipment valued at over $1 million to Tajikistan AKIpress 2 days ago
51 NREL: NREL Launches New Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Program, West Gate India Education Diary 3 days ago
52 Harris: Space goals to include climate E&E News 7 days ago
53 Statement by Energy Secretary Granholm on the President's US Department of Energy Fiscal Year 2022 Budget 6 months ago
54 Final FY21 Appropriations: DOE Office of Science FYI: Science Policy News 11 months ago
55 DOE Awards $17.3 Million for Student and Faculty Research Opportunities and to Foster Workforce Diversity 7 months ago
56 How to be a better mentor (and mentee) Symmetry magazine 16 days ago
57 Eight Awesome STEM Programs You Didn't Know About 1 month ago
58 DOE Awards $110 Million to Small Businesses Pursuing Scientific, Clean Energy, and Climate Solutions 8 months ago
59 DOE Gearing Up to Bring Equity Agenda to Energy Technology FYI: Science Policy News 4 months ago
60 US Department of Energy's INCITE Program Seeks Proposals for 2022 HPCwire 8 months ago
61 US is falling behind in basic energy sciences, DOE panel finds Physics Today 3 months ago
62 UW's Scougale One of 65 Graduate Students Nationwide Selected to DOE's SCGSR Program | News University of Wyoming News 2 months ago
63 DOE to Provide $100 Million for High Energy Physics Research HPCwire 4 months ago
64 PPPL hosts its first Minority Educational Institution Student Partnership Program intern 2 months ago
65 U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Prepare for Exascale Era with New Testbed Supercomputer Business Wire 4 months ago
66 Katie Sautter: Building Materials for a Quantum Future 4 months ago
67 Graduate Students from Around the World Learn About Plasma Physics 3 months ago
68 ICYMI: Innovation and Energy Justice at the Forefront of DOE's Mission 3 months ago
69 PPPL Physicist Erik Gilson Joins Secretary of Energy in Panel Discussion on DOE Internships 4 months ago
70 Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm visits Berkeley Lab Berkeley Lab 4 months ago
71 Intern talks about his upcoming summer of research and fusion energy with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm 6 months ago
72 DOE's HPC4EI Program Award Helps Argonne Steer Manufacturers Toward Supercomputing HPCwire 2 months ago
73 US Department of Energy Awards $5 Million to the Next Generation of Nuclear Scientists and Engineers 8 months ago
74 DOE Announces $30 Million for Quantum Information Science to Tackle Emerging 21st Century Challenges 9 months ago
75 DOE supports Ph.D. student Kovner's continued QCD studies at JLab William & Mary News 1 month ago
76 DOE's Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Program Selects 52 Outstanding U.S. Graduate Students 1 year ago
77 DOE Releases Solar Futures Study Providing the Blueprint for a Zero-Carbon Grid 3 months ago
78 The US Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National GlobeNewswire 3 months ago
79 The Export Boom That Could Transform Texas—and the World The Nation 2 days ago
80 Five ORNL scientists to receive DOE Early Career Research awards Oak Ridger 5 months ago
81 ORNL expertise supports latest IPCC report and efforts to understand, address climate change | ORNL 4 months ago
82 Department of Energy gives green light for a flagship petawatt laser facility at SLAC Stanford University News 2 months ago
83 Department of Energy Selects 76 Scientists to Receive Early Career Research Program Funding 1 year ago
84 DOE Announces Over $65 Million in Public and Private Funding to Commercialize Promising Energy Technologies 6 months ago
85 FY22 Budget Request: DOE Applied Energy R&D FYI: Science Policy News 5 months ago
86 Students Nationwide to Compete in 31st Department of Energy National Science Bowl® 11 months ago
87 Energy Secretary, Washington Governor Dedicate Energy Sciences Center at PNNL Newswise 1 month ago
88 Argonne scientists receive Department of Energy funding for microelectronics research Newswise 3 months ago
89 FY22 Budget Outlook: DOE Applied Energy RD&D FYI: Science Policy News 3 months ago
90 Department of Energy Awards Berkeley Lab's Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Its Prestigious Project Management Excellence Award Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 1 month ago
91 Perseverance is the theme at PPPL's annual Young Women's Conference in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics 7 months ago
92 President Biden Announces 12 Key Climate and Infrastructure Administration Nominations 8 months ago
93 A super material applicable to batteries and other energy conversion devices Newswise 3 months ago
94 A Partnership for Public Engagement 11 months ago
95 US achieves laser-fusion record: what it means for nuclear-weapons research 3 months ago
96 New Report Shows Technology Advancement and Value of Wind Energy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 3 months ago
97 Bolingbrook High School students build positive connections with Argonne's collaborative STEM community through the Exemplary Student Research Program (ESRP) 5 months ago
98 Seven ORNL technologies win R&D 100 research awards EurekAlert 2 months ago
99 2 Fermilab scientists receive DOE Early Career Research Awards Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 7 months ago
100 Penn State-led team awarded $17M to study climate risk and adaptation strategies Penn State News 2 months ago