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1 Montana's Martha Williams nominated to lead the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
2 Native News Weekly (10/24/2021): DC Briefs | Currents
3 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Proposes Listing Bog Buck Moth as Endangered
4 Wildlife Officials Expand Maine Public Hunting + Fishing Access
5 U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service Plans To Classify 23 Species As Extinct
6 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ordered to address poaching in Mexican wolf recovery plan
7 Williams nominated to lead US Fish and Wildlife Service
8 Fish & Wildlife Service leans on Minnesota DNR to correct course on logging
9 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announces final recovery plan for the eastern massasauga rattlesnake
10 Mourn the Extinct, Fight like Hell for the Living — a Wildlife Reporter's Plea
11 Fish and Wildlife Service proposes endangered status for Nevada desert flower | TheHill
12 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes removal of 23 endangered species due to extinction
13 TVA, Fish & Wildlife Service to Continue Popular Trout Stocking Program
14 US Fish and Wildlife Service Reinstates MBTA Interpretation and Seeks Input on Take Permitting Scheme
15 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declares 23 species extinct
16 Wildlife service seeks comments on protection of land for fishers
17 USFWS Issues 12-month Findings on Chipmunk, Moss, Butterflies, and Springsnails
18 Commissioner Nikki Fried Urges US Fish and Wildlife to Restore 'Endangered' Status for Manatees / 2021 Press Releases / Press Releases / News & Events / Home
19 US Fish and Wildlife Service Announce Winners of the 2021 Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest
20 Bald Eagles shot in Louisiana, U.S Fish and Wildlife Service offer reward for information on illegal act
21 US Fish & Wildlife Service to Propose Scioto Madtom Is Extinct
22 Threatened by melting sea ice, polar bears' status up for review under Endangered Species Act
23 Gates installed on Alabama bat cave to protect habitat
24 Three types of mussels in Guadalupe River may be added to endangered species list
25 TVA, Fish And Wildlife Service To Continue Popular Trout Stocking Program
26 2 bald eagles shot on Kincaid Lake, U.S Fish & Wildlife Service offer reward for information on illegal act
27 Public comments sought for proposed changes to Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
28 FWS receives request to re-classify manatees as endangered
29 Sea otters could be returning to Oregon Coast
30 Back from the dead? Cloned ferret offers hope for endangered species
31 Lawsuit challenges federal government's failure to protect giraffes
32 Forestry and Wildlife Sciences alumni honored for efforts to protect Red Hills salamander
33 Restore manatees’ endangered status, says Nikki Fried
34 Fish and Wildlife Service Seeks Input on Migratory Bird Permit Program
35 American Bumble Bee Could Be Next on Endangered Species List, And Honey Bees Could Be Part of the Problem
36 DNR
37 Biden Administration Restores Migratory Bird Treaty Act Protections
38 Ed Case Funding for Unique Hawai'i Wildlife
39 Endangered Spotted Gar Documented in Lake Erie
40 Snake receives critical habitat designations in Arizona, New Mexico
41 Nearly two dozen species of birds, fish and other wildlife are set to be declared extinct and removed from the endangered species list
42 Chipmunk subspecies only found in the White Mountains could be listed as endangered
43 Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers, Bachman's Warbler And 21 Other Species Declared Extinct
44 How to save more species before they're gone forever
45 Equilibrium/Sustainability — Presented by The American Petroleum Institute — When escaping the Endangered Species list means going extinct | TheHill
46 Judge finds poaching remedies vague in Mexican gray wolf recovery plan
47 Humboldt Martens to Gain More Than 1 Million Acres of Protected Critical Habitat in Oregon, California
48 U.S. District Court denies effort by state, county officials to weigh in on prairie dog lawsuit
49 Cherokee Lake among recipients of Trout Stocking Program by TVA, Fish & Wildlife Service
50 Wildlife refuge kiosk coming to airport
51 Check out these photos of some of the 23 species just declared extinct
52 Lawsuit Launched to Protect Minnesota's Lynx, Wolves From Federal Trappers
53 The Quivira water fight continues. Birds, farmers and government entities are trying to come up with a resolution.
55 Development push around Hamilton Pool sparks petition to list local salamander as endangered
56 Species are now being lost at fastest rate in history of Earth
57 Scientists work to catch up with Va.'s endangered and threatened species before it's too late
58 Savannah GA wants to save freshwater marsh from climate change
59 DNR seeks comment on shooting range | News, Sports, Jobs
60 The Bumblebee’s Plight: Why It Is Disappearing in the U.S.
61 This fish only found near Columbus was just declared extinct
62 President Biden Announces Key Nominations
63 How wildfires impact wildlife, their habitat
64 Pristine Prairie, Home to Endangered Bee, May Be Destroyed
65 US Fish And Wildlife Expands Hunting And Fishing In National Wildlife Refuges
66 DNR and partner agencies to continue innovative search for invasive carp : Oct 22, 2021 | News Release
67 Scientists work to catch up with Va. endangered species
68 Former FWP Director Appointed To U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service
69 Our wildlife heritage faces a double-barreled assault
70 New campaign with New Mexico roots pushes for wildlife management reform
71 Biden Urged to Nominate U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director
72 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to re-evaluate gray wolf protections
73 States, feds work together to remove invasive carp
74 Piping Plovers Experience Poor Nest Productivity Year in Delaware
75 5 Things We Can Do Now to Save the Florida Panther
76 Officials: Controlled burns planned for Stratford wildlife refuge
77 Florida proposes spending $3.8 million more to help suffering manatees
78 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Propose Removing 23 Animals from Endangered Species List
79 The American Bumblebee Has Nearly Vanished From Eight States
80 Parties in federal salmon lawsuit seek pause in litigation
81 Know your ducks: Early hunting span, with restrictions, runs through Oct. 31
82 New York Man Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Trafficking Exotic African Cats
83 Birding: Endangered Species Act, since 1973, continues to make an impact
84 US Fish and Wildlife Service releases the Environmental Assessment and Draft Compatibility Determination for Cooperative Farming
85 Doe Lake at Ocala National Forest stocked with thousands of catfish
86 Florida lawmakers hear Fish & Wildlife agency response to manatee death 'catastrophe'
87 Idaho reaches deal to reimburse hunters who kill wolves
88 Creating native grasslands and wildflower fields for Moorestown’s butterflies, birds, bees — and people
89 Endangered bumblebee is blocking Illinois airport expansion | State and Regional |
90 Colorado wildlife crossings dramatically reduce collisions
91 Trout Stocked in White Clay Creek to Provide Fall Fishing Opportunities
92 NEW YORK: Trafficker in Protected African Cats Gets 18 Months |
93 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Consider Re-Listing Gray Wolf Populations under ESA
94 Eels in the Susquehanna: A surprising success story
95 Williams embracing role with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
96 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to explore relisting the gray wolf
97 Gary Griggs, Our Ocean Backyard | Otter and pelican populations rebound
98 What it means to save a turtle
99 Food, trash raiding grizzly bear caught and killed by wildlife managers in Grand Teton
100 Man-made islands in Utah Lake? 6 things you need to know