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1 United BioPharma, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Centre and Cheng Kung University Partner on World's First Long-acting Herpes Treatment UB-621
2 EPMA announces 2021 Distinguished Service Awards
3 Highlights from the German Astrobiological Society Meeting | Daily Planet
4 PSMA PET imaging more accurate than CT in detecting hepatocellular carcinoma
5 The German-Turkish Recruitment Agreement 60 years on
6 'We want to have a voice': How Germany's tough citizenship rules affect foreigners
7 First-time voters in Germany consider life after Merkel
8 Why Did All Patients with Atrial Fibrillation and High Risk of Stroke Not Receive Oral Anticoagulants? Resu...
9 “Es ist wunderbar”
10 Germany's Ruhr region may have come late to the game, but it's an undisputed hub for B2B startups
11 Germany marks 60 years since Turkish 'guest workers' came during labour shortage
12 Opinion: Erdogan's influence on the German election
13 Epigenetics, the misunderstood science that could shed new light on ageing
14 With Manley's departure, Stellantis loses powerful voice in North America who strengthened Jeep
15 Can a Wiki Be an Antidote to Zoom Fatigue?
16 Trianel, Stadtwerke Hamm to build green hydrogen plant
17 Research into wireless charging of electric taxis in the German city of Cologne
18 Want to study in Germany? Here's everything you need to apply to universities and for your visa
19 Germany's Rhine-Ruhr Selected as Host of 2025 World University Games
20 Putting the social back into physical distancing: The role of digital connections in a pandemic crisis
21 As Angela Merkel’s exit looms, Germany’s ‘China city’ hopes for jobs boom
22 Silver ions hurry up, then wait as they disperse
23 4 New Stroke Studies and Guidelines to Know
24 Floods drive climate to heart of German election campaign
25 In Battle With U.S. for Global Sway, China Showers Money on Europe’s Neglected Areas
26 Would-be German chancellors go head-to-head in local battle
27 Nostalgia-fuelled Trabants outnumber Teslas in Germany | World
28 Updates in Migraine, Cluster, and Posttraumatic Headache
29 New Data Suggest Cause of Post-COVID Vaccine Blood Clots
30 Ancient Roman 'Gate to Hell' Killed Victims With Its Deadly Lake
31 ArtSci Roundup: Borders and Blackness: Communicating Belonging and Grief, Drop-in Session: Meditation Inspired By Nature, and More
32 Deenova Wins MarienHospital Unit Dose Pharmacy Automation Contract, First in Germany
33 Future counsellor robots could comfort humans with a simple pat on the hand, new study suggests
34 Rhythm Pharmaceuticals to Present at the 59th Annual ESPE Meeting
35 Germany wants to be at the forefront of the development of 6G
36 German conservatives mired in ‘the swamp’
37 Why silver dissipates from gold-silver nanoparticles
38 The end of the world's capital of brown coal
39 Convalescent plasma treatment of critically ill intensive care COVID‐19 patients
40 Are Some Foods Addictive?
41 Chemists show ions' staged release from gold-silver nanoparticles could be useful property
42 Why Do Students Drop Out of Higher Education?
43 6 Neurology Updates to Know
44 CAR study finds no major automotive job loss
45 Immigrants and Their Children Shift Toward Center-Right in Germany
46 Oil-encased water droplets are mini-ecosystems for microbes
47 Brussels will ban diesel cars by 2030, petrol cars by 2035 — Quartz
48 SARS‐CoV‐2‐specific humoral and cellular immunity in two renal transplants and two hemodialysis patients treated with convalescent plasma
49 Jakob Kapeller, Stuart Leitch and Rafael Wildauer, author at Social Europe
50 Oliver Stuenkel
51 DFG to fund eleven new collaborative research centers
52 An expression for the angle of repose of dry cohesive granular materials on Earth and in planetary environments
53 A stable copper catalyst for CO2 conversion
54 Webcast: The Battle of Algorithms
55 DIMO offers local students a gateway to 700+ German degrees through its partnership with FH Aachen University
56 Fasting can be an effective way to start a diet
57 Help for serious shopaholics
58 Opel is 'fresh sheet' for Stellantis struggling in China
59 Lockdown shows us it is not work that attracts us to big cities – but the social life
60 Studies reveal verified social media users are fueling COVID-19 fake news
61 Contact electrification explained at last – Physics World
62 Italy & Germany to Host FISU World University Games in 2025
63 URI language professor earns prestigious national award for the teaching of German culture
64 Ford bets $1 billion on electric future, new EV manufacturing facility in Germany
65 German universities juggle health and learning in coronavirus pandemic
66 SOLIDARITY WITH BOĞAZİÇİ UNIVERSITY: 3317 academics from around the world call on Turkey to respect university autonomy
67 Nomograms to predict outcomes after 177Lu-PSMA therapy in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: an international, multicentre, retrospective study
68 Turkey's mysterious 'portal to the underworld'
69 Study casts doubt on possible far-right MEP alliance
70 Evonik introduces silicon-carbon composite material for anodes: Siridion Black
71 Transistor-like device controls graphene's electronic properties – Physics World
72 Brain Tumors Incited by Blood Stem Cells
73 Perlmutter Cancer Center Researcher Finds New Drug Is Effective Against Lung Cancers Caused by Common Genetic Error
74 A Paradigm Shift for Preventing Stroke in Patients With Diabetes
75 Young University Rankings 2021: the ages of resilience
76 Why a Russo-German pipeline is a potential US sanctions battleground
77 Universities wrestle with question of how open to be with China
78 Merkel says car industry can be part of climate 'solution'
79 Will Chinese investment rescue a city in Germany’s Rust Belt — or exploit it?
80 SARS‐CoV‐2 rapid antigen test: Fast‐safe or dangerous? An analysis in the emergency department of an university hospital
81 Association Between FIASMAs and Reduced Risk of Intubation or Death in Individuals Hospitalized for Severe COVID‐19: An Observational Multicenter Study
82 Study of NCOA3 yields novel findings of melanoma progression
83 One water bucket to find them all: Detecting fish, mammals, and birds from a single sample: Revolutionary environmental DNA analysis holds great potential for the future of biodiversity monitoring, concludes a new study
84 Germany's small liberal party eyes big role in Merkel succession
85 Stellantis merger to close on Jan. 16 after PSA, FCA shareholders approve
86 Study examines motives for dropping out of college
87 RWTH Aachen: BMBF selects 6G research hubs
88 Germany's Excellence Strategy 'more prestige than substance'
89 Jan Behringer, Till van Treeck and Achim Truger
90 COVID‐19 vaccine‐associated cerebral venous thrombosis in Germany
91 Electric Cars Threaten the Heart of Germany’s Economy
92 Fiat Chrysler, Groupe PSA merge to become Stellantis
93 This way home: A dog's magnetic sense of direction
94 Working from home: Not all that glitters is gold
95 Germany's 'China City': how Duisburg became Xi Jinping's gateway to Europe
96 Unhealthy foods aren't just bad for you — they may also be addictive
97 Biden, Sanders have free college plans. They might learn from other countries.
98 Antidepressants May Reduce Severity of COVID-19 | Psychiatric News
99 Detroit's auto presence in UK could be reduced after Brexit deal reached
100 Sage and perilla herbal teas could help to prevent or treat COVID-19