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1 Shopping for execs: ID management biz Okta poaches Google's veep of engineering to run product dev activities
2 New Optogenetic Tool May Find Application in Understanding Epileptic Seizures
3 Machine learning tool sorts the nuances of quantum data | Cornell Chronicle
4 Podcast: Beating the AI hiring machines
5 Top Big Data Tools & Software for 2021
6 7 Things to Know About Low-Code Development Platforms
7 UW School of Energy Resources Student Conducts Fieldwork in Mobile Air Quality Lab | News
8 Salesforce follows application rivals into the RPA market with Servicetrace purchase
9 The Secret Art Of Chip Graffiti
10 X-59 Resembles Actual Aircraft
11 Hightouch Raises $12M To Empower Business Teams With Operational Analytics
12 The 7 things insurance leaders need to know about low-code
13 Hoe yes he did: IT pro record-botherer balances garden tool on his head for 2.5 hours
14 DOE Names Phase 1 Winners in SMART Visualization Platform Challenge
15 With TikTok Resumes, the social media app is betting on the future of video resumes
16 Solving Network Performance Issues with Network Monitoring Solutions
17 Positive Technologies: APT Group Targeting Government Agencies Around the World Detected in Russia for the First Time
18 UK chancellor: Getting back to the altar of corporate dreams (the office) will boost young folks' careers
19 7 data modeling techniques and concepts for business
20 ROBOTICS: Meet Your New Offshore Robotic Co-workers; Charles, Eddie, ANYMal & Spot Aug 03, 2021
21 Blaster Master Zero (Xbox Series X) Review 1
22 DevOps Unbound: How DevOps has Changed Testing Forever
23 Applying Lean Tools and Techniques to Scrum
24 Unity Acquires SpeedTree Creator Interactive Data Visualization
25 Simulation brings insight into the condo collapse
26 Wiring Diagram Shows 200,000 Cells, 500 Million Synapses in Tiny Piece of Mouse Brain
27 Leeds City Council swallows the Gartner glossary and orders up 'post-modern' ERP in £44m SAP replacement
28 Transform 2021: Retail’s key topics
29 Article: Software Engineering at Google: Practices, Tools, Values, and Culture
30 News | Positive Technologies Reveals APT Attacks | Pipeline Publishing
31 Rise in hacking tool downloads as cybercrime becomes 'more organised than ever'
32 Amazon shifts Lumberyard to open source 3D game engine supported by 20 companies
33 3 Deep
34 The Complicated Legacy of an Anti-Tobacco Hero
35 Spam is Chipotle's secret ingredient: Marketing email hijacked to dish up malware
36 Nothing ear (1) Review: Better Than AirPods, and Cheaper
37 Amazon Lumberyard is dead, long live the permissively licensed Open 3D Engine
38 Should You Embrace No-Code Software?
39 'Login infrastructure issue' blamed as sustained Xero outage threatens payrolls
40 Snap-on Industrial's Visual Tool Control Cabinets Place the Most Often Used Tools in Clear View
41 Bioethics & The Brain
42 Kiromic Announces the Acquisition of InSilico Solutions Leveraging on Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence to Advance Clinical Development on Its Outpatient Allogeneic CAR-T for Solid Tumors
43 Porsche Engineering developing 'intelligent vehicles' with computer games engines
44 Visual Analysis Tool Aims to Prevent Concrete Deck Errors
45 Since it's the only way to differentiate in a Chromium-dominated market, Vivaldi 4.1 introduces 'Accordion' tabs
46 Apex Legends Emergence Update – Patch Notes (Today, August 3rd)
47 Telefónica's cloud limb slurps Cancom's UK&I biz to cash in on Brit enterprise tech market
48 Anviz enhances biometric security at Evertis | Security News
49 Badri Hiriyur: Developed AI-based Visual Analysis Tool for Facade Inspection
50 The Noosphere Gazette: On Peter B. Kaufman's “The New Enlightenment and the Fight to Free Knowledge”
51 To the Brain, a Tool Is Just a Tool, Not a Hand Extension
52 HP To Acquire Teradici: 'Huge Asset' In Remote Computing Push
53's Huawei watchdog says firm made 'no overall improvement' on firmware security but won't say why
54 Belgian boffins dump Starlink dish terminal's firmware, gain root access and a few ideas
55 DEF CON offers beginner-level Spot the Fed this year: He'll be on stage giving a keynote
56 Porsche Engineering is developing the intelligent vehicle of the future with Game Engines
57 Prophecy Spins Up Low-Code Data Pipeline Tool
58 Power Platform becomes the new Visual Basic
59 Microsoft and OpenAI have a new A.I. tool that will give coding suggestions to software developers
60 Transforming Manufacturing with PLM Tools
61 Visual Thinking and Autism
62 Google rolls out AI-powered visual inspection tool for manufacturers
63 Autodesk will launch WetaM cloud-based special effects tools for artists
64 An artificial intelligence tool that can help detect melanoma
65 Team 'reads minds' to understand human tool use
66 How Augmented Reality Became a Serious Tool for Manufacturing
67 Octopai Brings ETL Reverse-Engineering Tool to Azure Data Factory
68 Building Reliable Software Systems with Chaos Engineering
69 Article: The Future of Data Engineering
70 Gremlin Releases State of Chaos Engineering 2021 Report
71 Science News Releases
72 Tool helps clear biases from computer vision
73 The Best Design Tools for Engineers in 2019
74 New tool activates deep brain neurons by combining ultrasound, genetics | The Source
75 Hiring developers? Here's how to keep them happy and productive
76 A closer look at 6 popular low-code development platforms
77 Will Low- and No-Code Platforms Steal Developers' Jobs?
78 Help Net Security Kali Linux 2021.2 released: Kaboxer, Kali-Tweaks, new tools, and more!
79 7 new social engineering tactics threat actors are using now
80 Passive collaboration is essential to remote work’s long-term success
81 How To Prioritize Clean Code, According To 21 Experts
82 CoScreen exits stealth to bring multi-user screen sharing and editing to remote engineering teams
83 Toward deep-learning models that can reason about code more like humans
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85 Asynchronous Video: A Powerful Way to Teach, Present, and Communicate with Students
86 Autism Will Soon Be Able To Be Detected In Toddlers Using A Smartphone
87 Trifacta unveils new integrations to enable data wrangling
88 Researcher Develops Better Tools for Understanding, Protecting Big Data
89 Cutting long, tapered surfaces
90 10 Productivity Tools for Software Engineers
91 Reverse Engineering: A Security Researcher's Toolkit
92 IARPA’s Bioweapon Detection Tools Have Difficulty Finding What They’re Not Looking For
93 The top 5 open-source tools for visualizing AI-generated data
94 Next Next post: The 16 Best Application Integration Tools to Consider for 2021
95 AI Emerges as Crucial Tool for Groups Seeking Justice for Syria War Crimes
96 Microsoft announces new Project OneFuzz framework, an open source developer tool to find and fix bugs at scale
97 19 Data Modeling Tools You Should Know
98 TOMRA Visual Assist, the new augmented reality tool for remote assistance
99 Brace yourselves. Facebook has a new mega-leak on its hands
100 Atlassian Open DevOps Integrates Jira with Tools Like GitHub and Datadog