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1 Durte Dom responds to controversial 2018 Vlog Squad video
2 David Dobrik Says He’s ‘Stranded’ in Slovakia Because of Green Card Issues
3 Casandra Ramos, David Dobrik’s ex-assistant hits out at Vlog Squad
4 David Dobrik reveals he’s stranded in Slovakia and desperate for return to US
5 All of the members of David Dobrik's Vlog Squad — former and current
6 Companies cut ties with YouTuber David Dobrik amid misconduct allegations against his Vlog Squad
7 David Dobrik Ignores Vlog Squad Controversies in YouTube Comeback
8 Miss the Vlog Squad? We do, too. Here's what they're up to
9 David Dobrik Was the King of YouTube. Then He Went Too Far.
10 Commentary: The downfall of David Dobrik, the Vlog Squad and the consequences of their lifestyle
11 Rapper Tekashi69 changes his opinion of David Dobrik after first official meetup
12 YouTuber David Dobrik back in U.S. after immigration drama
13 David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad: All the allegations and why companies are cutting ties
14 BigNik says David Dobrik's 'Vlog Squad' was 'toxic,' a 'cult'
15 David Dobrik is back on YouTube after getting canceled
16 David Dobrik Steps Down From Dispo App
17 David Dobrik Says He ‘Doesn’t Stand for Any Misconduct’ in New Statement
18 TikToker says she got COVID-19 after partying with the Vlog Squad
19 David Dobrik was complicit in assault: Why he needs to be held accountable
20 How to watch Discovering David Dobrik: Travel series with Vlog Squad
21 David Dobrik on Vlog Squad rape scandal: 'I didn't get it'
22 David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad stopped by police after racing $3m car with a toilet
23 Vlog Squad's Jeff Wittek began to 'resent' David Dobrik after accident
24 Seth Francois says Jason Nash of Dobrik's Vlog Squad assaulted him
25 David Dobrik's popularity tumbles after Vlog Squad rape allegation
26 How Trisha Paytas' ties to David Dobrik and Jason Nash dissolved
27 Jason Nash returns to YouTube without addressing controversies
28 David Dobrik timeline: Backlash to Vlog Squad rape allegation
29 Vlog Squad's Scotty Sire said David Dobrik wanted them to get hurt
30 David Dobrik Dropped by Brands After Former Vlog Squad Member Dominykas Zeglaitis Is Accused of Sexual Assault: Controversy Timeline
31 David Dobrik Accused of Endangering Jeff Wittek's Life With Dangerous Stunt
32 Why Did Seth Francois Leave the Vlog Squad? He Alleged He Was Assaulted
33 Durte Dom posts first TikTok after rape allegation, names Vlog Squad
34 When Is David Dobrik Coming Back? Is the YouTuber Planning His Return?
35 YouTuber David Dobrik Resurfaces After 'Vlog Squad' Rape Scandal
36 David Dobrik #Cancelled As He and His 'Vlog Squad' Face Accusations
37 Trisha Paytas calls out Natalie Mariduena for David Dobrik comments
38 David Dobrik & Vlog Squad get their own Discovery show for Shark Week
39 David Dobrik allegedly cancels secret Hawaii trip after Vlog Squad comeback leaks
40 David Dobrik Apologizes Amid Vlog Squad Sexual Assault Allegations
41 Opinion | David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad Abuse for Content
42 Corinna Kopf gives update on David Dobrik’s YouTube return following Vlog Squad scandal
43 Durte Dom, former Vlog Squad member, responds to rape allegation
44 Jeff Wittek: How YouTuber found fame from Vlog Squad and documentary
45 Ex-Vlog Squad member claims David Dobrik tricked him into “traumatizing” content
46 The David Dobrik allegations and controversy explained – The Bradley Scout
47 Natalie Mariduena defends David Dobrik over Durte Dom accusations
48 Vlog squad's Scotty Sire apologizes for criticizing Seth Francois
49 Brand Safety Lessons From David Dobrik Vlog Squad's Scandal
50 Ally Hardesty said David Dobrik apologized about Durte Dom
51 "This is disgusting": David Dobrik sells tickets for fans to party with him and the Vlog Squad, fans are upset
52 Jeff Wittek Denies Supplying Alcohol to Minors Amid Vlog Squad Sexual Assault Allegations
53 A Tesla giveaway won't fix this one, David Dobrik
54 Ex-Vlog Squad member says working with David Dobrik made him feel “worthless”
55 The rise and fall of the Vlog Squad: Who is David Dobrik? – Film Daily
56 A clip of a Vlog Squad member saying he almost died for a stunt in a David Dobrik video has resurfaced
57 The Vlog Squad’s Reign Has Come To An End
58 David Dobrik talked about Seth Francois prank in old podcast episode
59 David Dobrik Under Fire for Sexual Assault Claims
60 A YouTuber Said A Prank David Dobrik Pulled On Him Was Sexual Assault
61 Video shows Vlog Squad's Jeff Wittek took part in the dangerous 'milk crate challenge' that has been criticized by doctors and banned from TikTok
62 "Cancel David Dobrik": Vlog Squad under fire as underage girls allege sexual assault after Seth Francois' allegations
63 Natalie Mariduena speechless as her car is accidentally wrecked in David Dobrik vlog
64 David Dobrik’s assistant Natalie responds to vlog squad controversy
65 Who's In The Vlog Squad? It’s Hard To Say
66 David Dobrik Made Vlog Squad Member Feel 'Worthless' Due to Relentless Bullying
67 Corinna Kopf reveals she made a whopping $4.2 million from OF earnings, leaves David Dobrik and Vlog Squad dumbstruck
68 SNL parodied YouTube apologies with parallels to David Dobrik
69 David Dobrik's popularity plummeted after a Vlog Squad rape allegation. Now he's one of the most disliked influencers.
70 "All signs point to Jason Nash": Tana Mongeau alleges that a Vlog Squad member may have been stalking her
71 Vlog squad: Exposing every awful act from their careers so far – Film Daily
72 A YouTuber who accused an ex-Vlog Squad member of sexual assault in 2017 said David Dobrik recently apologized
73 David Dobrik Controversy: How Insider's Kat Tenbarge Learned of Ex-Vlog Squad Member Accused of Sexual Assault
74 Former Vlog Squad Member Seth Francois Says He Was Sexually Assaulted In One of David Dobrik's Viral Videos
75 Jeff Wittek launches ‘tell-all’ YouTube docuseries about meeting David Dobrik, growing up on Staten Island
76 VLOG SQUAD Durte Dom apologizes to Seth Francois for racist videos and Big Nik for disrespectful
77 Ex Vlog Squad member Seth Francois says David Dobrik pranked him into kissing Jason Nash without his consent
78 Jeff Wittek claims David Dobrik ‘abandoned him’ after near-fatal Vlog Squad accident
79 "Not watching Shark Week anymore": Discovery faces backlash for featuring David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad on "Sharkbait" special
80 Gabbie Hanna's abuse in the Vlog Squad: Watch this shocking Twitter video – Film Daily
81 David Dobrik explains his side of life-threatening Jeff Wittek vlog accident
82 Who is in David Dobrik's Vlog Squad?
83 Former David Dobrik fan Javier Aliaga confronts David Dobrik on video
84 Discovery Channel faces backlash over David Dobrik Shark Week special
85 "I never gave them my consent": Former Vlog Squad producer alleges that Jason Nash forced him to be shirtless in a video
86 MrBeast leaves David Dobrik’s brother in tears with huge cash gift
87 Two Members Of David Dobrik's Vlog Squad Released A Line Of Coffee
88 What Happens Now: Revelations in the Wake of David Dobrik's Cancellation | The Retriever
89 Is Vlog Squad member Scotty Sire declaring war? Watch his explosive video – Film Daily
90 David Dobrik Shows Off New $9.5 Million Mansion, Unveils Video Version Of ‘Views’ Podcast
91 Durte Dom, former member of David Dobrik's Vlog Squad, responds to rape allegation for the first time
92 Is David Dobrik coming back to YouTube? Corinna Kopf hints at new podcast episode
93 ‘First SNL thing I’ve laughed at’: ‘SNL’ seemingly roasts David Dobrik’s apology video
94 YouTuber Jeff Wittek says David Dobrik stunt ‘made me resent him’
95 Tana Mongeau says she's in therapy for David Dobrik 'threesome' idea
96 Inside David Dobrik's Chicago Lollapalooza 'house party': photos, cost
97 David Dobrik left "stranded" in Slovakia and can't get back in the US
98 Jeff Wittek: Toddy Smith, Zane Hijazi saved me after excavator injury
99 David Dobrik's app "Dispo" flooded with harrowing reviews following Vlog squad s*xual assault fiasco
100 "I've been dropped by everybody": Jeff Wittek and Scotty Sire reveal they both lost their sponsors post the David Dobrik scandal