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1 Environment group goes to court to block wetland road project
2 Western Ghats Biodiversity Hotspot
3 Free zoo passes offered as COVID-19 vaccination incentive
4 Noordhoek development threatens Western leopard toad
5 Conservationists call for watertight wetlands management amid claims of Princess Vlei destruction
6 Noordhoek environmentalists fight to stop wetlands road in order to save toads
7 Western Leopard Frogs Move a Step Closer to Protection
8 Keep watch for western leopard toads
9 Cape Town's climate strategy isn't perfect, but every African city should have one
10 Preventing pandemics through biodiversity conservation and smart wildlife trade regulation
11 Which Animals Are Going Extinct? The 32 Closest Ones Are Often Overlooked
12 Rare Gunther's toad sighting highlights farms as biodiversity hotspots Arathi Menon July 13, 2020
13 Monitoring of SARS‐CoV‐2 infection in mustelids
14 Weston Family Foundation donates nearly $25 million to prairie conservation efforts
15 Announcing 2020's Conservation Leadership Programme winners | BirdLife
16 Gene Chague | Berkshire Woods and Waters: Trout stocking begins, and some springtime items to keep in mind
17 What science tells us about fire hazards facing Cape Town and its surrounds
18 Vail Pass project looks at wildlife connectivity
19 Watch now: Game and Parks hosts 'BioBlitz' at Scout's Rest Ranch
20 VIDEO: Have leopard frogs changed their spots?
21 NCC land purchase expands conservation area in Sask.
22 ‘200,000-plus’ wild animals slaughtered in Table Mountain National Park by Cape Town cats each year
23 Nora Is Back At The Oregon Zoo
24 The rolling ashes from Dzukou hills write back
25 Jaguars no longer have protected land in New Mexico
26 East Paradise Grazing Plan Seeks to Expand Livestock Production
27 Saving the last remaining grassland habitat in Bengaluru region
28 Water frog species on the brink of extinction now has a chance to be saved
29 Burn scars, winter storms threaten rare and endangered species in San Gabriel Mountains
30 Development plans test a decade-old conservation deal
31 Delving into the secret lives of frogs and toads
32 TREADING WATER: Iowa ag groups wield clout to stymie conservation land buys
33 A quick guide to threatened terrestrial and freshwater species in your state
34 British Columbia's looming extinction crisis
35 Condors evacuated as fires threaten zoo's offsite facility
36 Recent Fox Attacks in Maine May Be Due to New Rabies Strain
37 Chiricahua Leopard Frog: Messing with Nature
38 Help name the Oregon Zoo's new red panda baby
39 Frogs Leap on Forever Stamps – Postal Service Celebrates Four American Species – WBIW
40 Other State Forests and the Conservation of Sri Lanka’s Rainforest Biota
41 DFO announces project funding to at-risk species conservation programs – Chilliwack Progress
42 Filbert's Winter Prediction: Oregon Zoo beaver gives forecast
43 Tiger photographed in Rupandehi, Kapilvastu and Palpa after several years
44 House Agrees Saguaro National Park Should Grow By 1,200 Acres
45 Endangered tadpoles travel via plane, car and kayak to their new home
46 Home News CITES conference to strengthen wildlife trade rules for fisheries, timber, exotic pets, elephants and more
47 Ticks Are So Bad They're Climbing Up The Side of Matt's House
48 Mary Peacock | EECB Graduate Program Faculty
49 Why the River Club development is destructive By Opinion Nov 21, 2020
50 CDFW News
51 Pets Adopted During Pandemic Are Being Returned in Record Numbers
52 Community pasture land swap finalized
53 Urban Camping Programs Bring the Outdoors to Cities | Outside Online
54 Assam’s ‘Golden Tiger’ sighting: Not a sign of joy, but concern, says photographer
55 Pining for wildlife? Build your own menagerie with a symbolic adoption
56 Cattaraugus Creek hot spot | News, Sports, Jobs
57 18 Extraordinary Types of Monkeys
58 Cindy Lange-Kubick: A huge milestone for the National Geographic Photo Ark and Lincoln photographer Joel Sartore
59 NY hunting licenses for 2020-21 season on sale Monday, record numbers of new hunters likely
60 Kashmir: Why the Hangul's future still hangs in the balance?
61 30 wonderful wildlife holidays for 2021
62 Species at Risk get a boost in the Kootenays
63 Last Bastion Of Unscathed Rainforest – OpEd – Eurasia Review
64 Oregon Zoo welcomes tiny new panda cub | Neighbors |
65 Oregon bill aims to reduce wildlife collisions | News |
66 Maine Moose Hunting Permit Applications Due in Wednesday
67 What you need to know about hunting bullfrogs in Upstate NY (video)
68 Ranchers blindsided by Trump's border wall — High Country News – Know the West
69 India’s big seven
70 Calling all frogs: Citizen science project catalogs Calgary's wetland residents
71 A Deadly European Fungus Threatens the Future of American Salamanders
72 Jack Ma shows why China’s tycoons keep quiet
73 Making Frogs Chytrid-Proof—One Hopper at a Time
74 Live with bats or kill them? There is a third option even during coronavirus crisis
75 Scientists discover new species of frog on Staten Island
76 Utah DWR contemplates changes to make it easier to own native reptiles, amphibians
77 Climate change is making it harder to revive damaged land
78 27 Amazing Animals That Are Almost Extinct
79 Winthrop Library to Host Marine Scientist Heather Leslie
80 The Endangered Species Act's biggest experiment (Little big bird) — High Country News – Know the West
81 Experience the outdoors: Cooke Family Wildlife Conservation Park is the place to spot beaver
82 Something to hide? Department of Environment takes the path of least disclosure
83 Sky Islands And Starry-Eyed Frogs: Breathtaking Photos Of Remote Ecosystems
84 Crisis biology: Can bacteria save bats and frogs from deadly diseases?
85 Vet pulls out huge cane toad from a Keelback snake found in Queensland's Sunshine Coast
86 Trump administration rubber stamps Arizona copper mine — High Country News – Know the West
87 ‘Discovery of new species from Mumbai’s Aarey Colony pushes need to protect entire green lung as forest’
88 Jackson Park Project A Threat To Clean Water
89 The Earth has half as many animals as it did in 1970
90 Frogs Leap onto US Postal Service "Forever" Stamps: Four American Species
91 Action leap for imperilled frogs
92 The Daily Wild: Nature's Most Incredible Creatures
93 Road-construction Spree In Asia Could Mean The End Of The Road For Tigers
94 This Photographer Is Working To Document Species Before They Go Extinct
95 In Arizona’s Santa Rita Mountains, plans for the giant Rosemont mine have unleashed a battle
96 Pat Green performs at the Houston Zoo Conservation Gala's first-ever after-party
97 Experience the outdoors: View bluebells and hear frogs at the Audubon Wetlands Preserve
98 California Department of Fish and Wildlife – CDFW News
99 Newsletter 2020-03-12
100 In a Rare U.S. Preserve, Water Pressures Mount As Development Closes In