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1 Breaking down the Wiedemann-Franz law
2 Finite-temperature violation of the anomalous transverse Wiedemann-Franz law
3 Can You Break the Wiedemann–Franz Law? This Team of Scientists Believes So
4 Wiedemann-Franz Law: Physicists break 150-year-old empirical laws of physics
5 Physicists Have Identified a Metal That Conducts Electricity But Not Heat
6 For This Metal, Electricity Flows, But Not the Heat | Berkeley Lab
7 The realization of a single-quantum-dot heat valve
8 Physicists Have Found a Metal That Conducts Electricity But Not Heat
9 Scientists discover metal that conducts electricity but not heat
10 There's a Metal That Conducts Electricity but Not Heat
11 Analysis
12 Researchers Found a Metal That Conducts Electricity and Does Not Conduct Heat
13 Tiny cloud of atoms can be turned from a heat engine into a cooler
14 Decoupling electron and phonon transport in single-nanowire hybrid materials for high-performance thermoelectrics
15 Transverse Thermoelectric Effect Offers More Merits over Longitudinal One
16 Topological semimetals can generate sizable transverse thermoelectric figure of merit
17 This Metal Conducts Electricity But Not Heat
18 Physics
19 Conducting Electricity Without Heat
20 Physics
21 Colossal anomalous Nernst effect in a correlated noncentrosymmetric kagome ferromagnet
22 Scientists Measure Single Quantum of Heat
23 In-situ Observation of Size and Irradiation Effects on Thermoelectric Properties of Bi-Sb-Te Nanowire in FIB Trimming | Scientific Reports
24 Leverage electron properties to predict phonon properties via transfer learning for semiconductors
25 Current trend reversed: Scientists investigate the Seebeck effect in electric current
26 Electrons play a key role in heat transport through 2-D tin sheets
27 Vanadium Dioxide Is A Metal That Conducts Electricity But Acts As An Insulator For Heat
28 Bizarre metal conducts electricity without heating up
29 Large, nonsaturating thermopower in a quantizing magnetic field
30 Our Rich History: George Wiedemann, Northern Kentucky's Beer Baron and his brewery
31 Temperature evolution of impurities in a quantum gas
32 Flash Physics: How single atoms conduct heat, prosthetic senses arm motion, 3D printer mimics plant porosity – Physics World
33 Science News Releases
34 On the tuning of electrical and thermal transport in thermoelectrics: an integrated theory–experiment perspective | npj Computational Materials
35 Thermal conductivity in Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3+x and the role of dense dislocation arrays at grain boundaries
36 Modifying the thermal conductivity of small molecule organic semiconductor thin films with metal nanoparticles | Scientific Reports
37 Things to do in Cincinnati this week: May 24-30
38 How vanadium-coated smart glass saves energy
39 Observation of Poiseuille flow of phonons in black phosphorus
40 Full-scale computation for all the thermoelectric property parameters of half-Heusler compounds | Scientific Reports
41 Our Rich History: Yes, history books do make great Christmas gifts — and here's another one to prove it
42 Fully gapped superconductivity with no sign change in the prototypical heavy-fermion CeCu2Si2
43 Thermoelectric Signal Enhancement by Reconciling the Spin Seebeck and Anomalous Nernst Effects in Ferromagnet/Non-magnet Multilayers | Scientific Reports
44 Burning Question: Does Internet Speed Vary by Season?
45 Layer-engineered large-area exfoliation of graphene
46 Non-Contact Measurement of Thermal Diffusivity in Ion-Implanted Nuclear Materials | Scientific Reports
47 Generalized Anderson's theorem for superconductors derived from topological insulators
48 A strategy to optimize the thermoelectric performance in a spark plasma sintering process | Scientific Reports
49 Localised Ag+ vibrations at the origin of ultralow thermal conductivity in layered thermoelectric AgCrSe2
50 Laptops, phones, cars that never overheat? That could be a reality with this new discovery
51 Poet of the Impossible: Paul Celan at 100
52 High thermoelectric performance in copper telluride | NPG Asia Materials
53 Enhanced thermoelectric performance of heavy-fermion compounds YbTM2Zn20 (TM = Co, Rh, Ir) at low temperatures
54 Projecting the Cut Line For the 2021 NCAA Division II Swimming Championships
55 ASM Journals Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews Journal Homepage 3 weeks ago
56 Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance in Cu-Intercalated BiTeI by Compensation Weakening Induced Mobility Improvement
57 Quantum-critical conductivity of the Dirac fluid in graphene
58 The Nazis' last days in the Northwest
59 Making flexible spin caloritronic devices with interconnected nanowire networks
60 Band Structure Engineering and Thermoelectric Properties of Charge-Compensated Filled Skutterudites
61 Competition and Competition
62 Vortex phase diagram and the normal state of cuprates with charge and spin orders
63 Emergence of a real-space symmetry axis in the magnetoresistance of the one-dimensional conductor Li0.9Mo6O17
64 Super-heavy electron material as metallic refrigerant for adiabatic demagnetization cooling
65 Optical manipulation of magnetic vortices visualized in situ by Lorentz electron microscopy
66 ‘The Pass’ Wins Best Series at Austria’s Romy Awards
67 Resolving thermoelectric “paradox” in superconductors
68 Cal Athletics: The Best Bears to Wear Every Uniform Number, From 0 Through 99
69 Things to do in Cincinnati this weekend: Oct. 19-21
70 Multiple hot-carrier collection in photo-excited graphene Moiré superlattices
71 Spatial charge inhomogeneity and defect states in topological Dirac semimetal thin films of Na3Bi
73 Pam's Party Line: Token of Hope program to help homeless men in Baton Rouge
74 King Edward & Führer’s Princess
75 Sitemap Page
76 Large anomalous Hall effect driven by a nonvanishing Berry curvature in the noncolinear antiferromagnet Mn3Ge
77 California Athletics Hall of Fame
78 The Berlin Artist-Run Galleries You Need to Know
79 The Lives of Others (2006)
80 Nicole Brenez
81 8 movies honoring journalists on World Press Freedom Day
82 Richard J. Evans · Lobbying: Hitler's Aristocratic Go-Betweens · LRB 17 March 2016
83 Family of killed US journalist Marie Colvin sues Syria
84 International Athletes Descend Upon Kailua-Kona, Hawaii for Annual IRONMAN World Championship – Trizone
85 GMO studies with independent funding
86 First photos of the new “Sisi” series on TVNow – Tv