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1 U.N. weather agency says world ill-prepared for 'looming water crisis'
2 UN-backed report reveals rising climate change risk across Africa
3 World Meteorological Congress concludes historic session with landmark decisions
4 WMO endorses Water Declaration, including the Water and Climate Coalition
5 World Meteorological Congress calls for international cooperation in meteorology, climatology, operational hydrology
6 By 2030, early warnings on floods and droughts to be available for all: WMO
7 AFRICA: Global warming threatens over 100 million people
8 Joint statement by WMO and UNDRR on the creation of a Centre of Excellence for Climate and Disaster Resilience
9 WMO overhauls data exchange policy
10 Science expertise integral to the COP26 negotiations
11 Report: Melting Glaciers Foretell Future Climate Impacts in Africa
12 Africa's glaciers 'to vanish in 20 years'
13 In South Sudan, flooding called 'worst thing in my lifetime'
14 Half of the world is failing to manage its water resources
15 Rising CO2 concentration threatens all 17 SDGs, says WMO report
16 South Sudan experiences worst flooding in 60 years
17 While Frequency Of Natural Disasters Is Increasing, Related Death Tolls Are Actually Decreasing
18 Climate change will exacerbate extreme poverty in Africa
19 Climate change in Africa: Lack of weather data hinders climate research, early-warning systems
20 State of the Climate in Africa 2020
21 Climate report: Africa's rare glaciers soon to disappear
22 Global water crisis looming large
23 UN agency warns of looming global water crisis
24 Lee Hamilton | |
25 Dramatic increase of drought and flooding events in the last 20 years: WMO
26 Talking the Tropics With Mike: Quiet Atlantic Basin
27 Is the ‘Unprecedented’ Reform of the World Meteorological Organization Seriously Stalled?
28 US: More threats, more desperate refugees as climate warms
29 WMO supports new Sun-Smart UV App
30 WMO commits to greener future
31 A major drought in the central Brasil is causing a socio-economic crisis
32 Cyclone Gulab: How did it get its name?
33 From intention to action at COP26
34 Animated Short Film Calls Attention to Children Displaced by War and Climate Change
35 2020, one of three warmest years on record: World Meteorological Organization
36 Climate change, population increase fuel looming water crisis
37 Pacific Northwest Heatwave 'Exceptional and Dangerous,' World Meteorological Organization Says
38 Goodbye Greek alphabet: World Meteorological Organization releases new list of tropical cyclone reserve names
39 World Meteorological Day 2021: The ocean, our climate and weather
40 NRE Professor Richard Anyah Appointed Scientific Advisory Panelist for World Meteorological Organization
41 WMO Executive Council endorses unified data policy
42 WMO: New climate report is a clarion call for urgent action
43 UNHCR responding to worst flooding in decades in South Sudan
44 WMO published its new report on weather-related disasters
45 Freetown Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr announces Africa's First Chief Heat Officer
46 WMO Report: 2020 One Of Three Warmest Years On Record
47 WMO Provisional Report on the State of the Global Climate 2020
48 [Graphic News] Weather, climate disasters surge fivefold in 50 years: UN
49 World Meteorological Organization: A key global climate limit will be reached within five years
50 Earlier hurricane season? Not this year, says World Meteorological Organization
51 World Meteorological Organization retires four hurricane names and the Greek Alphabet
52 EarthBeat Weekly: Ahead of COP26, checking the temperature on public opinions about climate change
53 World Meteorological Day 2021: Slogan, vision and celebration
54 World on the verge of climate 'abyss', as temperature rise continues: UN chief
55 Record high temperature for Antarctica confirmed by WMO
56 As Ida drenched New York and beyond, the hurricane is on track to be most expensive ever
57 World Meteorological Organization might start hurricane season 2 weeks earlier
58 WMO: Weak La Niña may re-emerge
59 World Meteorological Organization report hits close to home for Newfoundland and Labrador | Saltwire
60 Interview: WMO chief warns of rising extreme weather events, natural disasters
61 Does COVID-19 Have Seasons? An Update With the Latest From the World Meteorological Organization
62 Report examines meteorological and air quality factors and COVID-19
63 WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin: The State of Greenhouse Gases in the Atmosphere Based on Global Observations through 2019 (No. 15 | 23 November 2020)
64 'Ofa Fa'anunu re-elected WMO President Region V
65 India tasked with coordinating global monsoon research
66 COVID-19 restrictions bring brief air-quality gains in 2020
67 WMO warns temperatures in continental Europe could reach up to 50C
68 Northern Hemisphere sees devastating flooding, wildfires this summer: WMO
69 Building homes for a heating planet
70 WMO: La Niña ends – YubaNet
71 Explainer: How does WMO validate temperature records from around the world?
72 World Meteorological Organization office to open in Croatia
73 2020 was one of three warmest years on record: World Meteorological Organisation
74 Greek alphabet tossed out for hurricane names
75 'Time is fast running out': World Meteorological Organization warns climate efforts are falling short
76 UN weather agency seeks to confirm 48.8°C 'record' heat spike in Sicily
77 Extreme Weather Becoming the Norm, Not the Exception
78 Climate Change Makes Weather Disasters More Likely
79 La Niña ends
80 WMO report: Global temperature could exceed key climate target within 5 years
81 Earth’s average temperature to rise each year for next 5 years, World Meteorological Organization says
82 It's only getting worse: New WMO report flags intensifying climate crisis in Latin America & Caribbean
83 WMO launches its annual photography competition for its 2022 calendar
84 The Atlas of Mortality and Economic Losses from Weather, Climate and Water Extremes (1970–2019)
85 WMO joins Emergency Alerting Call to Action
86 UN weather agency: millions affected by climate change and extreme weather in Latin America and Caribbean
87 How the hottest temperatures in the world are verified
88 Greek letters will no longer be used to name hurricanes
89 WMO El Niño/La Niña Update (January 2021)
90 Evan Thompson Elected President of Regional Association IV of the World Meteorological Organization – Jamaica Information Service
91 UN Study: Weather Disasters Increased Fivefold in Last 50 Years
92 Chilliest Spring in years is cold comfort as CO2 emissions rise: WMO
93 As La Nina peaks, longer, harsher winter likely
94 Do not use weather as a basis to relax COVID-19 control measures, UN agency urges
95 WMO: Atlantic hurricanes no longer to receive names from Greek alphabet
96 WMO: 2020 was one of three warmest years on record, cyclone Amphan caused $14 billion of economic loss in
97 Water-related hazards dominate disasters in the past 50 years
98 Earth Temperature Could Reach ‘Tipping Point’ Within Five Years, Study Warns
99 Global Temperatures Already 1.2ºC Above Pre-Industrial Levels
100 Cooling La Niña is on the wane, but temperatures set to rise: UN weather agency