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1 Supermassive black hole 'spaghettifies' doomed star in tidal disruption event – Astronomy Now
2 Astrophysicists Detect High-Energy Neutrino from Tidal Disruption Event | Astronomy
3 Delayed radio flares from a tidal disruption event
4 New Evidence Finally Confirms The Theory of How Stars Get Shredded by Black Holes
5 Partial tidal disruption events by stellar mass black holes: Gravitational instability of stream and impact from remnant core
6 NASA's Swift Helps Tie Neutrino to Star-shredding Black Hole
7 Star dies by "spaghettification" as it's consumed by supermassive black hole
8 TESS Spots Its First Tidal Disruption Event | Astronomy
9 Supermassive black holes devour gas just like their petite counterparts
10 NASA’s Swift Helps Tie “Ghost Particle” to Star-Shredding Black Hole
11 Tidal Disruption Events Occur More Frequently than Thought | Astronomy
12 A black hole tore a star apart and played with the debris
13 New observations of black hole devouring a star reveal rapid disk formation
14 Two new tidal disruption events discovered
15 Delayed radio flares after star is destroyed by black hole
16 Whether They’re Stellar-Mass or Supermassive, Black Holes Behave Pretty Much the Same Way
17 Cosmic ray originated in cataclysmic event | Space
18 Ghost particle travels 750 million light-years, ends up buried under the Antarctic ice
19 What Einstein Meant By "Time is an Illusion"
20 Astronomers Witnessed a Star Being Violently 'Spaghettified' by a Black Hole
21 'Spaghettified' star wrapped around a black hole spotted for the first time
22 Supermassive Black Hole Rips Apart a Star in Rare Tidal Disruption Event
23 A Black Hole’s Lunch: Stellar Spaghetti
24 Tidal Disruption Event: Black Hole Eats Star, Beams Signal To Earth
25 Ultraviolet spectroscopic evolution of a tidal disruption event investigated by astronomers
26 Are we Seeing a Star That Just got Spaghettified?
27 'Ghostly' neutrino from star-shredding black hole reveals cosmic particle accelerator of epic proportions
28 Importance of magnetic fields in highly eccentric discs with applications to tidal disruption events
29 Study finds different ways for a black hole to swallow a star
30 An 'old faithful' active galaxy: Black hole rips away at star
31 Black hole tidal disruption flares write their signature in cosmic
32 'Old Faithful' galaxy has brilliant outbursts every 114 days
33 Supermassive black holes devour gas just like smaller, stellar-mass black holes
34 New model explains what we see when a massive black hole devours a star
35 TESS watched a black hole tear apart a star
36 Astronomers see the silhouette of the spaghettified star
37 Reading a Message Carried on a Distant Tide
38 X-ray pulse detected near event horizon as black hole devours star
39 Astronomers watch a black hole destroy a star in deep space
40 Astronomers See First Hint of Silhouette of Star Spaghettified by Black Hole
41 Supermassive black hole shreds star in rare tidal disruption
42 Supermassive Black Holes Can Force a Shredded Star to Collide With Its Own Death Spiral
43 Center for Astrophysics Collaborates to Study Star's Spaghettification: Death By Black Hole | News
44 A star shredded by a black hole may have spit out an extremely energetic neutrino
45 Scientists link star-shredding event to origins of universe's highest-energy particles
46 MIT study says all black holes undergo similar accretion cycles
47 Ghostly Particle Traced Back to a Shredded Star, Revealing a Gigantic Cosmic Particle Accelerator
48 Supermassive Black Hole Ate A Dying Star For Over A Decade In The Longest Tidal Disruption Event Observed
49 What is Spaghettification? | Smart News
50 New data reveals supermassive black hole eating a star
51 Did a Supermassive Black Hole Influence the Evolution of Life on Earth?
52 Black Holes Devouring Stars May Shed Light about the Phenomenon for Researchers
53 Scientists catch 1st glimpse of a black hole swallowing a neutron star
54 Star-Swallowing Black Holes Reveal Secrets in Exotic Light Shows
55 NASA Investigates an “Old Faithful” Active Galaxy That Erupts Every 114 Days
56 'Brightest Supernova Ever' Was Actually A Black Hole Ripping A Star Apart
57 Accretion, not colliding spaghetti, flares up as star is devoured by black hole – Physics World
58 Rare cosmic neutrino traced to star-shredding black hole
59 What is a quasar? | Astronomy Essentials
60 Black Holes Not Only Destroy Stars, They Have The Power to Reignite Them
61 How a black hole swallows a star: new observations confirm theory
62 5 Ways To Have A ‘Failed Supernova’ Instead Of A Real One
63 Astronomers Catch 'Spaghettified' Star As It Wraps Around Black Hole For First Time
64 Scientists finally observe the actual "spaghettification" of a star
65 The Tiniest Black Hole In The Milky Way Was Right There All
66 How black holes feed on star stuff (and spit some out)
67 Scott Wallace: Heat dome plus lowest tides of year equal lethal combination for sea creatures
68 Floods, Heat, Then Floods Again: England Is Battered by Wild Weather
69 Black hole releases radio flares years after it should be possible
70 Cosmic Map of Ultrahigh-Energy Particles Points to Long-Hidden Treasures
71 This Black Hole Is Really Taking Its Time Eating a Poor Star
72 A supermassive black hole shredded a star and was caught in the act
73 Black holes caught in the act of swallowing stars
74 Black holes that shred stars burp out cosmic rays and neutrinos
75 Study reveals the source of one of the weirdest particles in the universe
76 In a first, astronomers watch a black hole's corona disappear, then reappear
77 ‘Spaghettified’ Star Wrapped Round A Black Hole Observed For First Time
78 Mistaken identity: A presumed supernova is actually something much rarer
79 The birth of a little black hole may have revealed a much bigger black hole
80 Stellar Carnage by Black Holes Is More Violent Than We Thought
81 The race to save the Underground from flooding
82 Physics
83 TAU deciphers why a black hole randomly ceased swallowing material
84 Scientists Find Dinosaurs Brought to Extinction by Comet, Not Asteroid
85 MARVEL + DC = Wandering Black Holes | astrobites
86 X-ray quasi-periodic eruptions from two previously quiescent galaxies
87 A Distant Galaxy Is Flaring With Strange Regularity, And Scientists Have Figured Out Why
88 NASA footage shows black hole a million times bigger than the Sun CONSUME a star
89 In a stellar death, star gets destroyed by supermassive black hole
90 Astronomers see a black hole eating a star
91 Indian scientists find new model to probe how black holes rip apart stars
92 Researcher reports new information about black holes
93 We Might Finally Know How Supermassive Black Holes Get So Impossibly Huge
94 ‘Unicorn’ Black Hole Closest to Earth—And One of the Smallest, Discovered by Scientists, Here’s
95 The Ingenious Ancient Technology Concealed in the Shallows
96 Ohio State University telescope network captures black hole destroying star
97 Wayne State student selected for DOE's Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program
98 How black holes bring white dwarfs back to life
99 Black Hole Drags Star to Dusty Death
100 Scientists caught black holes swallowing stars — and burping energy back up