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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 TikTok reportedly plans a "major push" into gaming and games livestreamers could play with viewers The Verge 15 hours ago
2 TikTok launches its first creator crediting tool to help video creators cite their inspiration TechCrunch 2 days ago
3 Is the TikTok Discover Page Really Gone? Users Have Questions Distractify 18 hours ago
4 Lance Bass Reenacts Amber Heard’s Testimony, Joining Controversial Viral TikTok Trend Variety 2 days ago
5 After TikTok video on faux Coach purse at Humboldt Park vintage store goes viral, store owners fear for their safety Chicago Tribune 19 hours ago
6 10-year-old Chester girl died doing a TikTok choking ‘challenge.’ Her mother is suing the video platform. The Philadelphia Inquirer 2 days ago
7 Rithy Panh Further Explains His Resignation As Jury President Of Cannes’ TikTok Competition Deadline 7 hours ago
8 Older people using TikTok to defy ageist stereotypes, research finds The Guardian 2 days ago
9 TikTok to Sponsor LA Pride Parade Next Month Hollywood Reporter 14 hours ago
10 Furry famous: A pair of TikTok pups give back to humane society KAIT 14 hours ago
11 Bobbi Brown's TikTok Goes Viral for 'Shade' The Cut 3 days ago
12 What does ‘unspoken rizz’ mean on TikTok? Yahoo Sports 16 hours ago
13 8 Fast Lip-Plumping Hacks I Learned From TikTok Who What Wear 9 hours ago
14 How To Let Other People Save Your TikTok Videos | Screen Rant Screen Rant 15 hours ago
15 How to scroll through TikTok hands-free on iPhone Dexerto 3 hours ago
16 Teacher Warms Hearts in Viral Video Singing About Dumplings With Her Students TODAY 20 hours ago
17 Influencer sparks outrage over TikTok video shot next to forest fire Insider 1 day ago
18 How to Create a TikTok Video Using a Template MUO 17 hours ago
19 Gen Zs are turning to the likes of TikTok and Instagram to learn new hobbies – including extreme makeup, roller-skating and ghost hunting The Scotsman 4 hours ago
20 TikTok rolls out new ‘Friends’ tab to more users, replacing the current ‘Discover’ tab TechCrunch 11 days ago
21 TikTok Nuns go viral. What is #NunTok? Deseret News 22 hours ago
22 Cannes Goes Meta as Instagram Takes on Festival Sponsor TikTok (EXCLUSIVE) Variety 1 day ago
23 6 Brilliant Homebuying Lessons We Learned From TikTok News 18 hours ago
24 My double chin made me a TikTok star: ‘The reaction was crazy’ New York Post 2 days ago
25 BookTok influencer reignites passion for reading on TikTok Elon News Network 2 days ago
26 These home renovation hacks from TikTok fit into any budget Tulsa World 12 hours ago
27 The Viral TikTok “30,000” Sound Fits Nearly Every Scenario Bustle 17 hours ago
28 Elon Musk Chinese doppelgänger suspended from China's TikTok, Twitter Business Insider 2 days ago
29 Utah teacher on leave over TikTok video 4 hours ago
30 Epic TikTok video speeds through Lake St. Louis home construction KTVI Fox 2 St. Louis 22 hours ago
31 How Charles Gross Became TikTok’s Voice Of Luxury BuzzFeed News 3 hours ago
32 Opinion | TikTok May Be More Dangerous Than It Looks The New York Times 12 days ago
33 TikTok star Remi Bader, 26, is seeking treatment for a binge-eating disorder Daily Mail 16 hours ago
34 TikTok Nuns Are Posting About Convent Life The New York Times 4 days ago
35 TikTok’s New, Terrible Trend WIRED 7 days ago
36 9 ways agents can leverage TikTok to build a real estate brand Inman 20 hours ago
37 What’s the Deal With Synesthesia TikTok? WIRED 4 days ago
38 North Bay Haven student suspended for racist TikTok WMBB 1 day ago
39 Why Were Corn Flakes Invented? TikTok Has the Answer Distractify 16 hours ago
40 TikTok Is Eating Up Rivals. Can It Keep Users Hooked? The Wall Street Journal 7 days ago
41 Halsey Calls Out Body Comments In New TikTok BuzzFeed 17 hours ago
42 TikTok isn't a social media platform, according to TikTok Fast Company 21 days ago
43 TikTok looms large in tech earnings reports as digital ad giants struggle to keep up CNBC 21 days ago
44 TikTok Plans to Share Ad Revenue With Creators for the First Time Variety 16 days ago
45 Duolingo employee apologises for Amber Heard joke on brand TikTok The Tab 23 hours ago
46 The Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial Is Dominating TikTok and YouTube CNET 12 hours ago
47 Police: Multiple incidents involving TikTok ‘lug nut challenge’ reported in Covington 23 hours ago
48 TikTok Sports Talk: Bulls & Blackhawks mid-May playoff envy WGN TV Chicago 20 hours ago
49 TikTok Wants People to Look Wealthy The Cut 9 days ago
50 How to go viral on TikTok in 4 easy steps Fast Company 18 days ago
51 Does TikTok's Baking Soda Hack Really Mask the Taste of Booze? VinePair 21 hours ago
52 Hawaiian restaurant in Texas sells out after TikTok about UT Austin 'kicking out' its owners goes viral Yahoo News 2 days ago
53 W MI teens on how TikTok changes high school experience 2 days ago
54 TikTok Viral Trend: Videos Ridiculing Amber Heard’s Testimony in Johnny Depp Case Variety 11 days ago
55 How to see who viewed your TikTok profile TechCrunch 22 days ago
56 TikTok was the top app by worldwide downloads in Q1 2022 TechCrunch 24 days ago
57 Most cannabis use is depicted positively on TikTok, study finds PsyPost 3 days ago
58 ‘This game is my way of travelling’: Meet the Google maps TikTok star Euronews 9 hours ago
59 TikTok's viral "bark at your dog" trend may not be a good idea Salon 2 days ago
60 Shakira Proves Her TikTok Dance Skills on ‘Fallon’ Rolling Stone 3 days ago
61 Autistic People Are Using TikTok To Connect And Advocate For Neurodivergent Communities BuzzFeed News 8 days ago
62 TikTok rolls out interactive add-ons for in-feed ads globally TechCrunch 28 days ago
63 Amazon Prime debuts on TikTok with help from Jason Derulo TechCrunch 25 days ago
64 TikTok Is Disrupting the Digital Advertising Business. What It Means for Social Media Stocks. Barron's 1 month ago
65 Europe’s New Law Will Force Secretive TikTok to Open Up WIRED 16 days ago
66 Instagram is testing a TikTok-like full-screen feed The Verge 17 days ago
67 How TikTok Could Overtake YouTube, Facebook Business Insider 16 days ago
68 How TikTok Live Became 'A Strip Club Filled With 15-Year-Olds' Forbes 23 days ago
69 What is “Libs of TikTok” on Twitter? Why is it controversial? | Opinion Deseret News 1 month ago
70 Mark Cuban says TikTok is 'the future of sports media' — here's why CNBC 21 days ago
71 TikTok Ads For Beginners: A Complete Guide & Steps To Success Search Engine Journal 1 month ago
72 How one musician cracked the code to making a Top 40 hit by using TikTok : Planet Money NPR 1 month ago
73 Google Is Remaking Search, Maps for the TikTok Generation Bloomberg 9 days ago
74 Google's Stock Fell Again. YouTube Has a TikTok Problem. Barron's 23 days ago
75 Johnny Depp And Amber Heard's Trial Has Dominated TikTok BuzzFeed News 21 days ago
76 TikTok’s Work Culture: Anxiety, Secrecy and Relentless Pressure The Wall Street Journal 14 days ago
77 Taliban Ban TikTok App for 'Misleading the Younger Generation' Bloomberg 29 days ago
78 Meta, TikTok, and YouTube may finally have to start sharing data with researchers The Verge 15 days ago
79 An early TikTok exec just launched a dating app, Spark TechCrunch 18 days ago
80 Why half a million people watch me study on TikTok BBC 16 days ago
81 New study identifies the most definitive signs of "TikTok addiction" PsyPost 17 days ago
82 This Week in Apps: Fortnite’s back on iOS, TikTok’s new ad product, apps hit NewFronts TechCrunch 13 days ago
83 UNHCR and TikTok launch campaign in solidarity with refugees from Ukraine and beyond UNHCR 16 days ago
84 Get out, Gen Z: Kim Kardashian proves TikTok is ruled by over-40 crowd now New York Post 18 days ago
85 Pinterest addresses the TikTok threat in its first quarter earnings TechCrunch 22 days ago
86 TikTok Videos Show What It’s Like Living With Dementia, and Raise Privacy Questions The Wall Street Journal 16 days ago
87 Biden 'disinfo' czar Nina Jankowicz ripped over cringeworthy Mary Poppins TikTok New York Post 21 days ago
88 Pro-choice activist group Ruth Sent Us says TikTok account was 'permanently banned' Fox News 6 days ago
89 'Robert Pattinson' TikTok account is latest unlikely celebrity profile raising questions NBC News 26 days ago
90 Dietitians are using TikTok to urge you to stop dieting CNN 26 days ago
91 Ukraine war: False TikTok videos draw millions of views BBC 25 days ago
92 Florida woman says Dollar General fired her over viral TikTok videos Fox Business 26 days ago
93 Women On TikTok Are Sharing The Texts From When The Men They Were Dating Flipped A Switch On Them, And It's Nauseating BuzzFeed 4 days ago
94 Bella Poarch Conquered Her Past, the Navy, and TikTok. Now She’s Coming for Pop Music. Rolling Stone 28 days ago
95 Washington Post reporter speaks out about controversial 'Libs of TikTok' article CNN 26 days ago
96 TikTok owner ByteDance appoints lawyer Julie Gao as new CFO Reuters 25 days ago
97 'Buy now, pay later' is sending the TikTok generation spiraling into debt, popularized by San Francisco tech firms SFGATE 14 days ago
98 Kim Kardashian Joins TikTok With Solo Account and Her First Video Is Very On-Brand E! NEWS 25 days ago
99 Alphabet revenue falls short as YouTube and TikTok battle for users The Guardian 24 days ago