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1 Attorney General Todd Rokita files lawsuit against robocall company
2 Editorial: Rokita discovers new way to stir the pot
3 Attorney General Todd Rokita warns Hoosiers to beware of purchasing flood-damaged vehicles
4 Indiana's attorney general sues companies blamed for millions of robocalls across the US
5 John Krull column: Seems we have Marie Antoinette as attorney general for Indiana
6 Attorney General Todd Rokita: 'California liberals should not set environmental policy for Indiana'
7 Abdul-Hakim Shabazz Gets Booted From AG Todd Rokita's Press Conference
8 Indiana Attorney General pushing back on federal vaccine mandate, White House coordinator addresses concerns
9 Rokita: Court’s ruling of Indiana emergency law puts power back into hands of the people
10 Attorney General Todd Rokita warns Hoosier nurses of license-related scam
11 Expert: Rokita statements against Biden's Indigenous People's Day proclamation show political agenda
12 Rokita supportive of Congressional hearings addressing dangers of social media for children
13 Attorney General Todd Rokita expresses support for US Senate hearings addressing dangers of social media among youth – Hamilton County Reporter
14 AG Rokita, White House vaccinations coordinator discuss Biden administration’s COVID-19 mandates
15 Abundance of recalls leads to reminder from Indiana's Attorney General
16 Attorney General Todd Rokita threatens President Biden with lawsuit over vaccine mandate
17 Indiana AG Rokita opposes strengthened Voting Rights Act in Senate testimony
18 Attorney General Rokita: Court's ruling is about power being placed back in the hands of the people
19 Attorney General wants to"take action" against Biden's federal employee vaccine mandate
20 Rokita to appear before US Senate committee Wednesday during hearing on voting rights
21 JOHN KRULL: Gerrymandering an addiction pols just can't break
22 Rokita: Warning to beware of buying flood damaged cars
23 Bartels: Federal vaccine mandates are unconstitutional
24 Rokita to seek legal action against President's vaccine order
25 Commentary: Todd Rokita and the benefits of ignorance
26 Attorney General-Elect Todd Rokita announces transition team with strong experience in the office
27 Todd Rokita has no case against Facebook, Twitter
28 Todd Rokita and the benefits of ignorance
29 Indiana Attorney General Rokita leaves health care company after facing scrutiny
30 AG Todd Rokita Sends Letter Condemning Federal Anti-Racism Education Efforts
31 South Bend crowd rallies over women's reproductive rights as part of national movement
32 Quickly: Readers sound off on the issues of the day
33 Indiana GOP Lags On School COVID Chaos, Forcing Children To Pay
34 John Krull: Todd Rokita's odd compulsion | Columns |
35 Commentary: Todd Rokita's odd compulsion
36 New Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita says state ethics officials cleared him to keep job at health benefits firm
37 Attorney General Todd Rokita releases ‘Parents Bill of Rights’
38 Commentary: Todd Rokita says, 'Thank you, sir! May I have another?'
39 Rep. Banks authors bill aimed to reverse federal vaccine mandate
40 Commentary: Todd Rokita continues Indiana's attorney-general tradition
41 Howey: Redistricting and the spoils of victory
42 John Krull: Todd Rokita says, 'Thank you, sir! May I have another?'
43 Questions linger as employers and workers wait for Biden's new vaccine rules
44 Attorney General Todd Rokita sues to recover more than $154 million on behalf of taxpayers fleeced by virtual schools
45 Attorney General Todd Rokita investigates Chinese Communist Party's propaganda program
46 Attorney General Todd Rokita warns Hoosiers of new 'unsubscribe' scams
47 IN Focus: Rep. Bucshon discusses debt ceiling, infrastructure negotiations, vaccine mandates
48 Rokita, Commissioners, Public Share Thoughts On Education
49 Attorney General Todd Rokita: 'We will continue to advocate for protecting Hoosiers from sex offenders'
50 Federal appeals court sides with Attorney General Todd Rokita on Indiana's continued enforcement of abortion laws
51 Indiana Attorney General Rokita being paid tens of thousands of dollars for advisory roles
52 Indiana AG asks state's Supreme Court to stop Holcomb's lawsuit
53 Critical race theory: Todd Rokita releases 'Parents Bill of Rights'
54 Attorney General Todd Rokita takes further action in the Big Tech censorship investigation
55 5th Circuit keeps Heartbeat Law in place while case proceeds
56 Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita's team returns $113,023 to Hoosiers at the Indiana State Fair
57 Attorney General Todd Rokita's response to the Supreme Court Decision
58 'It Just Doesn't Make Sense': Hoosiers React to Rokita's New 'Parent Bill Of Rights'
59 Indiana Atty. Gen. Todd Rokita speaks with 95.3 MNC about parents' rights and schools
60 Todd Rokita tweets Valentine's Day meme implying 2020 election was stolen from Trump
61 Attorney General Todd Rokita leads 23-state effort to combat federal takeover of states' elections
62 Indiana governor, attorney general feud over power
63 Indiana AG Rokita asks Supreme Court to hear case against Trump-era ban on bump stocks
64 Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb, Attorney General Todd Rokita face off ina high-powered legal battle over authority…
65 State Attorneys General, Including Indiana's Todd Rokita, File Antitrust Suit Against Google
66 Todd Rokita, Republican candidate for Indiana Attorney General, tests positive for coronavirus
67 Attorney General Todd Rokita: Shelbyville at risk of losing crucial funding to fight opioid epidemic
68 Facebook, Google, others targeted by Todd Rokita over 'censorship'
69 Rokita: Unknown how much state investigation into big tech will cost
70 Attorney General Todd Rokita: Indiana Medicaid recovers $1.8 million under a national settlement with Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
71 Attorney General Todd Rokita elected to National Leadership by the Republican Attorneys General Association
72 Todd Rokita joins 15-state effort against Joe Biden border policy
73 Commissioners Meeting Thursday With AG Rokita Moved
74 Indiana AG Todd Rokita files brief to stop California cities from setting climate policy
75 Indiana Supreme Court denies AG Todd Rokita request in Holcomb lawsuit
76 Rokita declined to sign letter condemning Capitol riots
77 AG Todd Rokita Warns Hoosiers Against Telephone Scam
78 Critical race theory: Group condemns Rokita's Parents' Bill of Rights
79 Attorney General Todd Rokita warns Hoosiers of hospital data breach – WRBI Radio
80 Attorney General Todd Rokita works to safeguard Hoosiers' Second Amendment rights from schemes of Washington bureaucrats
81 Rokita’s effort to stop Holcomb’s General Assembly lawsuit heard in court
82 Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita speaking out against critical race theory in schools
83 Indiana AG calls Affordable Care Act 'insidious government takeover' after court ruling
84 AG Todd Rokita Lays Out A “Parents Bill Of Rights” On Critical Race Theory In Schools
85 Rokita investigating alleged Chinese propaganda program
86 In tweet, Todd Rokita pledges support for embattled Trump
87 Attorney General Todd Rokita asks Supreme Court to strike down ban on bump stocks
88 Todd Rokita: Cities at risk of losing funding to fight opioid epidemic
89 Todd Rokita probes China influence in Indiana colleges
90 Rokita thanks New Haven officials at City Council meeting for opting into state’s opioid settlement
91 Attorney General Todd Rokita: US Department of Education backs off critical race theory, marking a win for Hoosier families
92 Attorney General Todd Rokita invites Hoosiers to visit the Indiana Unclaimed booth at State Fair
93 Attorney General Todd Rokita obtains $1.3 million judgment against debt collector accused of fraud
94 Twitter backtracks on Indiana AG Todd Rokita's election fraud tweet
95 Todd Rokita said tweet supporting President Trump was free speech test
96 Rokita investigates Valparaiso University over Chinese propaganda fear
97 Todd Rokita wins Indiana attorney general race
98 Rokita Moves To Stop Holcomb Lawsuit Against General Assembly
99 Indiana governor's lawyers push challenge to emergency law
100 Indiana abortion laws: What happens after some laws struck