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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 More False Hope for People with Tourette Syndrome Science Based Medicine 2 days ago
2 Tourette syndrome: Tics may be linked to Covid stress new scan to reveal ‘root causes' 16 days ago
3 Two reasons for teen Tourette explosion 7 days ago
4 TV tonight: on the trail of Tourette’s – why the sudden rise in tic attacks? The Guardian 20 days ago
5 My Tourette's diagnosis came as an adult, but has made sense of things retrospectively The Telegraph 7 days ago
6 'We get called freaks but we're just normal people' BBC 3 days ago
7 Rise in tics is caused by a known condition – and its not all due to TikTok The Conversation 12 days ago
8 Channel 4 should apologise over 'disgraceful' Tourette's documentary says Cornwall teenager Cornwall Live 6 days ago
9 Sydney café, Nuriyah Cafe, owner defends employee with Tourette Syndrome Daily Mail 3 days ago
10 Tourette's syndrome causes a tic too many The Star Online 30 days ago
11 Bournemouth boy to run London Marathon for Tourette’s Action Bournemouth Echo 18 hours ago
12 Tourette’s and the teenage girl | Weekend The Times 23 days ago
13 SciSparc adds Yale University to Phase IIb Tourette Syndrome trial site Clinical Trials Arena 5 days ago
14 SciSparc to Submit IND for Phase 2b Trial of Cannabis-Derived Therapy in Tourette Syndrome Neurology Live 25 days ago
15 Britain's Tourette's Mystery: Scarlett Moffatt Investigates — air date, host and everything we know What To Watch 25 days ago
16 Gulf Coast student faces alleged bullying due to medical condition WLOX 2 days ago
17 Scarlett Moffatt explores rise of tics in children in new documentary Britain's Tourette's Mystery The Yorkshire Post 26 days ago
18 A Disability Inclusive Workplace Nestlé USA 20 days ago
19 Largest worldwide Tourette syndrome genetics and neuroimaging study also promises insight into related disorders Purdue University 3 months ago
20 Managing the Tics of Tourette Syndrome University of Utah Health Care 5 months ago
21 Woman with Tourette's who ticked during Auckland mayoral debate says she's wrongly accused of faking disorder and egging candidate Newshub 11 days ago
22 Billie Eilish finds having Tourette's syndrome 'exhausting' CNN 3 months ago
23 Billie Eilish's Tourette Syndrome | MedPage Today Medpage Today 2 months ago
24 Tourette syndrome: Billie Eilish advocates; Doctors welcome discussion Palm Beach Post 2 months ago
25 Idaho family begs for answers as teen's painful hiccups have not stopped for over 8 months 2 days ago
26 PING: Brain surgery without a knife Wink News 3 days ago
27 Patients With Tourette Syndrome Susceptible to Assault, Committing Crimes Neurology Advisor 3 months ago
28 Experimental drug linked to reduced tics in children, teens with Tourette Syndrome: Study suggests medication reduces tics by 30 percent Science Daily 4 months ago
29 Excessive blinking, facial twitching, leg shaking, involuntary swearing: What causes such behaviours? Channel NewsAsia 5 days ago
30 Tics Linked With Tourette's May Have a Fractal Pattern Technology Networks 5 months ago
31 Predicting the chaos in Tourette syndrome tics The Source 6 months ago
32 Stars You Didn't Know Have Tourette Syndrome — Best Life Best Life 2 months ago
33 Tics associated with Tourette syndrome have a fractal pattern, research shows News-Medical.Net 6 months ago
34 Once Taboo, Study Examines Violence to and by People With Tourette or Chronic Tics Medpage Today 5 months ago
35 Billie Eilish: Tourette's Syndrome is 'very exhausting' Billie Eilish: Tourette's syndrome is 'very exhausting' Hunger TV 2 months ago
36 No, Tik Tok Is Not Causing Tourette Syndrome. Forbes 9 months ago
37 Embracing Tourette's And Tic Disorders Within The Neurodiversity Conversation Forbes 2 months ago
38 Is TikTok giving people Tourette’s Syndrome? | Science The Guardian 8 months ago
39 'Life changing' Tourette's gadget trialled BBC 2 months ago
40 PDE10A Inhibition in Tourette Syndrome Neurology Live 4 months ago
41 Medscape: New drug reduces tics in Tourette syndrome patients without major side effects University of Cincinnati 4 months ago
42 Austedo did not significantly reduce tics linked to Tourette syndrome in children Healio 9 months ago
43 Tourette Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, and How to Manage Tics 5 months ago
44 New drug improved tic severity in children with Tourette syndrome Healio 4 months ago
45 Predicting the chaos in Tourette Syndrome tic EurekAlert 6 months ago
46 The Tourette's community is livid over the 'TikTok tics' media frenzy Input 9 months ago
47 Man With Tourette's Confronts Security Guard for Following Him In Bathroom Newsweek 2 months ago
48 14 Years Ago South Park Understood Tourette Syndrome More Than Any Other Movie or TV Show Paste Magazine 10 months ago
49 They saw a YouTube video. Then they got Tourette's 11 months ago
50 Predicting the chaos in Tourette syndrome tics: New research may hold the key to a diagnostic tool Science Daily 6 months ago
51 Girl With Tourette's Reveals How She Bakes in Hilarious Video Seen 3M Times Newsweek 4 months ago
52 2022 Tourette Syndrome Drugs in Development by Stages, Target, MoA, RoA, Molecule Type, and Key Players 5 months ago
53 WVU freshman with Tourette syndrome spreads awareness on TikTok The Daily Athenaeum 7 months ago
54 12-year-old Grand Island youth ambassador for Tourette Association Grand Island Independent 4 months ago
55 TikTok Tics: Why Are Teen Girls Around the World Experiencing Tourette-Like Tics? Everyday Health 10 months ago
56 Essay: Tourette syndrome: Tragedy, tribulations, triumph 7 months ago
57 Additional Tourette's syndrome information and links (Under OHI) New Mexico Public Education Department 10 months ago
58 15-year-old Bloomington girl living with Tourette's uses her disability to teach others WTHR 7 months ago
59 Gene mutation linked to Tourette syndrome < Yale School of Medicine Yale School of Medicine 8 months ago
60 There's a fractal pattern in Tourette syndrome tics Futurity: Research News 5 months ago
61 Mindflip – ‘Exquisite’ [Music Review] Now Entertainment 1 day ago
62 Supporting a co-worker with Tourette’s Syndrome 7 months ago
63 They Watched a YouTuber With Tourette's—Then Adopted His Tics WIRED 11 months ago
64 Local mom, pageant winner writes book inspired by son with Tourette Syndrome Oakland Press 3 months ago
65 Is TikTok Causing Tics in Teen Girls? What Parents Need to Know Health Essentials 9 months ago
66 ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 11 Originally Ended with Larry’s Death: Scene Shot as If Series’ Last IndieWire 3 days ago
67 May is Tourette and Mental Health Awareness Month The Maverick Observer 3 months ago
68 Violent assault risk up for people with Tourette syndrome, chronic tic Medical Xpress 5 months ago
69 Experimental Drug Reduces Tics by 30% in Children and Teens With Tourette's Technology Networks 4 months ago
70 CWS 2022: Tourette Syndrome doesn’t hinder Stanford pitcher’s success on the mound WOWT 2 months ago
71 Tourette Association of America 5K set to return to Astoria Park – 3 months ago
72 Tourette's syndrome: How a US surgeon beat the condition with his scalpel Daily Mail 3 months ago
73 “My Tourette’s Made Me Viral” Dr. Phil 19 days ago
74 Tourette's Syndrome: Is TikTok Increasing Symptoms In Teenage Girls? GLAMOUR UK 9 months ago
75 Does Johnny Depp Have Tourettes Syndrome? FandomWire 2 months ago
76 Urges-to-Tic in Tourette syndrome Associated With SMA, GABA+ Levels Physician's Weekly 3 months ago
77 TikTok May Be Responsible For Rise In Tourette-Like Tics, Doctors Say NYLON 10 months ago
78 ‘That’s not on purpose. … Just Google Tourette Syndrome’: Man with Tourettes confronts security guard for allegedly not understanding disorder, ‘accosting’ him The Daily Dot 3 months ago
79 For Families Of Kids With Tourette And Tics, Finding Help Can Be Difficult ideastream 11 months ago
80 Study: Tourette Patients Respond Favorably to Cannabis Norml 5 months ago
81 B.H.S. student raises awareness of Tourette’s Syndrome WIVT 2 months ago
82 Tourette Patients Vulnerable to Assault, Criminal Behavior Medscape 5 months ago
83 Tourette Disorder Program NYU Langone Health 1 year ago
84 Novel Drug Reduces Tics in Kids With Tourette Syndrome Medpage Today 4 months ago
85 'Jeremy's Journey' — teen with Tourette syndrome getting closer to scheduling brain surgery Citrus County Chronicle 3 months ago
86 "I am not my tics." I have Tourette's Syndrome. This is what I want you to know. Mamamia 3 months ago
87 How do tics develop? Neural network responsible for tic generation Science Daily 7 months ago
88 Billie Eilish discusses Tourette’s syndrome – signs and symptoms of condition Yahoo Entertainment 3 months ago
89 Swiss Startup Tackles Tourette's Syndrome Despite Recent Failures 2 years ago
90 The Twitches That Spread on Social Media The Atlantic 5 months ago
91 North Brunswick High School graduate does not let Tourette Syndrome stop him from reaching his goals 2 months ago
92 'Tourette's-like' illness spread by social media, patients with tics Business Insider 11 months ago
93 Ecopipam Shows Promise in Tic Reduction in Children With Tourette Syndrome Neurology Advisor 11 months ago
94 Efficacy of Behavioural Intervention, Antipsychotics, and Alpha Agonists in the Treatment of Tics Disorder in Tourette's Syndrome Cureus 6 months ago
95 Teen With Tourette Syndrome Posts To Social Media Because ‘Other People Were Making Me Feel Ashamed’ Dr. Phil 5 months ago
96 Officer with Tourette, fired for uttering racial slur, quits legal battle Arkansas Online 8 months ago
97 KC Royals History: The outfielder and Tourette Syndrome Kings of Kauffman 4 months ago
98 What Makes Them Tic? The Facts about Tourette Syndrome The Doctor Weighs In 1 year ago
99 Sweet Anita: Tourette's queen of Twitch BBC 12 months ago