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1 'Nervous about Oz's prospects': Trump and his allies worry about a Barnette victory in Pennsylvania CNN 4 days ago
2 Trump, emboldened after Ohio victory, faces challenges ahead The Associated Press 8 days ago
3 Trump-backed Rep. Mooney wins W.Va. Republican House primary NBC News 6 days ago
4 Opinion | The bottom line in Ohio? Trump wins. The Washington Post 13 days ago
5 Don Walton: Pillen's victory also a Ricketts win, Trump loss Lincoln Journal Star 1 day ago
6 Nebraska governor, West Virginia primaries offer Trump chance for more GOP wins NBC News 6 days ago
7 Can Trump Power a Carpetbagger to Victory in West Virginia? The Atlantic 11 days ago
8 Trial opens in Trump-Russia case of Hillary Clinton's 'Alfa Bank' lawyer New York Post 6 hours ago
9 Trump Admits 'Ultra-MAGA' Candidate Can't Win Against Democrats Newsweek 2 hours ago
10 Ted Budd Thrives in G.O.P. Senate Race in North Carolina The New York Times 5 hours ago
11 Trump attorney John Eastman pushed Pennsylvania lawmakers to appoint alternate electors in bid to overturn Biden victory, emails show CBS News 4 days ago
12 Pennsylvania Senate race rocked by late twists, from John Fetterman's stroke to Kathy Barnette's meteoric rise NBC News 12 hours ago
13 Hillary Clinton's undelivered 2016 speech spoke to Trump supporters: book Business Insider 6 days ago
14 Trump Announces First Move After 2024 Victory Will Be Appointing Himself Head Of Disinformation Board The Babylon Bee 6 days ago
15 How Christian Nationalism And The Big Lie Fused To Fuel Doug Mastriano's Candidacy TPM 6 hours ago
16 Opinion | We're in danger of losing our democracy. Most Americans are in denial. The Washington Post 5 days ago
17 House Committee refers longtime foe of Delta communities to US Department of Justice on allegations of taking bribes • Sacramento News & Review Sacramento News & Review 4 hours ago
18 Actress Andie MacDowell blames Trump victory, all-male cast for panic attack The Post Millennial 2 days ago
19 Pillen's victory may boost Ricketts' political future — but not in a big way Omaha World-Herald 1 day ago
20 Revenge of the establishment? Trump’s GOP critics rally behind Kemp The Atlanta Journal Constitution 1 day ago
21 'We think for ourselves': Nebraska GOP governor candidate expects victory without Trump endorsement Washington Examiner 9 days ago
22 POLITICO Playbook: The West's new fear: What if Ukraine wins?- POLITICO POLITICO 10 hours ago
23 Putin seriously ill, says Trump-Russia dossier author Steele Business Insider 11 hours ago
24 Even Trump Can't Make Sense of His Own Dark-Money Maze The Daily Beast 4 days ago
25 Trump, largely silent on abortion, holds rally in Pennsylvania with Oz The Washington Post 11 days ago
26 Every Pa. Republican governor candidate campaigns on election disinformation. Here are the facts. 3 days ago
27 Election 2022: Death of a son propelled Lindy Blanchard from business to ministry to Alabama politics 7 hours ago
28 Fauci says he'll leave White House if Trump wins 2024 election Fox News 19 hours ago
29 In N.C., a Black Senate candidate talks abortion. Her rival doesn't. The Washington Post 1 day ago
30 Dr. Scott Jensen wins GOP endorsement for Minnesota governor KNSI 15 hours ago
31 Midterm Memo: Trump endorsement prestige on line in Cawthorn GOP primary fight msnNOW 4 days ago
32 Youngkin's Win Is Not a Trump Victory The Atlantic 6 months ago
33 Trump takes post-Mueller victory lap The Hill 3 years ago
34 What if Trump wins again? | The Interpreter The Interpreter 3 months ago
35 Trump won a round in records fight. The Jan. 6 committee will win the war. MSNBC 6 months ago
36 Trump wins CPAC 2024 GOP presidential nomination straw poll, with DeSantis second Fox News 3 months ago
37 Trump allies' fake Electoral College certificates offer fresh insights about plot to overturn Biden's victory CNN 4 months ago
38 Trump campaign lawyer authored 2 memos claiming Pence could halt Biden's victory POLITICO 5 months ago
39 ‘Trump is not my God’: how the former president’s only vaccine victory turned sour The Guardian US 3 months ago
40 Analysis | The Jan. 6 Committee Scores a Big Victory Over Trump The Washington Post 4 months ago
41 Trump is in full attack mode as Biden celebrates a victory that eluded him CNN 6 months ago
42 Trump seeking to elevate Republicans who refuse to accept Biden victory The Guardian 7 months ago
43 Did Trump Really Claim Victory on Election Night on a Whim? New York Magazine 10 months ago
44 Trump scores legal wins with one lawsuit dropped and another dismissed CNN 6 months ago
45 Trump Organization wins suit against New York City over golf course contract 1 month ago
46 Judge says Trump ‘likely’ committed crimes in bid to block Biden victory The Guardian 2 months ago
47 Viktor Orbán—Right-Wing Hungarian Leader Endorsed By Trump—Declares Reelection Victory Forbes 1 month ago
48 Hillary Clinton says Americans won't 'recognize our country' if Trump wins in 2024 Fox News 5 months ago
49 If Trump Wins in 2024, Then Who Threatens Democracy? The Wall Street Journal 7 months ago
50 What’s at stake if Trump wins in 2024? Single-party authoritarian rule The Hill 7 months ago
51 Trump takes victory lap after Cheney's ouster from House Republican leadership NBC News 1 year ago
52 Trump says he would pardon Jan. 6 rioters if he runs and wins 4 months ago
53 Trump called aides hours before Capitol riot to discuss how to stop Biden victory The Guardian 6 months ago
54 Trump won these counties big. His supporters question the results there, too. NBC News 8 months ago
55 Poll: A Third of Americans Question Legitimacy of Biden Victory Nearly a Year Since Jan. 6 U.S. News & World Report 5 months ago
56 Trump plans to declare premature victory if he appears ahead on election night Axios 2 years ago
57 State GOPs Can't Explain Millions in 'Trump Victory' Cash The Daily Beast 11 months ago
58 Stephanie Grisham: Trump ‘will be about revenge’ if he wins in 2024 The Guardian 7 months ago
59 Opinion | Why do some still deny Biden's 2020 victory? Here's what the data says. The Washington Post 6 months ago
60 Behind Biden's 2020 Victory Pew Research Center 11 months ago
61 All the ways Trump tried to overturn the election — and how it could happen again The Washington Post 3 months ago
62 Trump campaign officials, led by Rudy Giuliani, oversaw fake electors plot in 7 states CNN 4 months ago
63 Trump Boasts of 'Tremendous Win' in Texas Special Election Where His Endorsed Candidate Lost Newsweek 9 months ago
64 Exclusive: Federal prosecutors looking at 2020 fake elector certifications, deputy attorney general tells CNN CNN 4 months ago
65 Trump reasserts GOP dominance as others focus on midterms The Associated Press 3 months ago
66 How Trump becomes president again in 2024 Business Insider 3 months ago
67 Despite his victory in Texas and no credible evidence of widespread fraud, Donald Trump calls for election audit legislation The Texas Tribune 8 months ago
68 Trump tries to claim victory even as ballots are being counted in several states — NBC has not made a call CNBC 2 years ago
69 Republicans, Basking in Tuesday’s Victories, Diverge on What Comes Next The New York Times 6 months ago
70 Life After Proclaiming a Trump Re-election as Divinely Ordained The New York Times 8 months ago
71 Trump declares premature victories in battleground states on Twitter The Verge 2 years ago
72 Trump's premature victory claim prompts quick rebukes POLITICO 2 years ago
73 How Donald Trump Could Subvert the 2024 Election The Atlantic 5 months ago
74 No, Donald Trump didn't win Texas 'by a lot' in 2020; it was among the worst GOP victory margins in decades The Dallas Morning News 12 months ago
75 Trump’s judicial campaign to upend the 2020 election: A failure, but not a wipe-out Brookings Institution 6 months ago
76 Trump's ex-communications director has warned that if the former president wins a 2nd term he would establish an autocracy in the US Yahoo News 6 months ago
77 ‘It’s not up to him’: how media outlets plan to sidestep any Trump ‘victory’ news The Guardian 2 years ago
78 Trump pick wins U.S. House special Republican primary election in Ohio 10 months ago
79 Democratic Insider and a Republican Backed by Trump Win Ohio House Races The New York Times 7 months ago
80 Texas primary results: Major wins for Democratic progressives and Trump GOP candidates 3 months ago
81 Here's the full text of Donald Trump's victory speech CNN 6 years ago
82 Scoop: Trump campaign boosted by unsuspecting state GOPs Axios 1 year ago
83 Trump’s Unlikely Path to Victory The Wall Street Journal 2 years ago
84 Fiona Hill: If Trump runs and wins in 2024, 'democracy's done' Business Insider 7 months ago
85 President Donald Trump defeats Joe Biden in Texas The Texas Tribune 2 years ago
86 Democrats cannot rule out Trump victory Financial Times 2 years ago
87 'Authoritarian': Trump condemned for falsely claiming election victory The Guardian 2 years ago
88 Trump's blueprint for victory POLITICO 2 years ago
89 Election: Donald Trump Wins the 2016 Election TIME 6 years ago
90 Will Black Men Deliver the Votes for a Trump Victory? – InsideSources InsideSources 2 years ago
91 Donald Trump's False Victory Tour The New York Times 2 years ago
92 What can Trump do to eke out a victory in the Electoral College? Brookings Institution 2 years ago
93 Trump Says He Will Declare Victory 'When There is Victory, If There is Victory' The New York Times 2 years ago
94 Trump has a narrow path to an Electoral College victory Al Jazeera English 2 years ago
95 2016 Election: Donald Trump Wins the White House in Upset NBC News 6 years ago
96 How Trump Wins Impeachment, Again POLITICO 1 year ago
97 Trump, allies make frantic steps to overturn Biden victory The Associated Press 1 year ago
98 'Red mirage': the 'insidious' scenario if Trump declares an early victory The Guardian 2 years ago
99 Models are predicting a Trump victory in 2020. Slate 3 years ago
100 It’s not over: These 5 steps could lead to a Trump victory The Hill 2 years ago