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1 SF's truth and justice panel to launch soon
2 Learning history from Indigenous viewpoint crucial to truth-telling
3 Let the truth of Victoria’s past and present be heard
4 Iowa City Council votes down Truth and Reconciliation Commission request, leaves its future in doubt
5 Holding KMT informants to account 'next challenge'
6 Nepali state has lied, once again, on transitional justice, conflict victims say
7 Yoo-rrook Justice Commission highlight importance of truth-telling
8 Learning the truth of Indigenous abuse key to fixing justice system
9 Berkeley Law helps uncover the 'Truth' in San Francisco policing
10 The Age’s truth: Indigenous stories told by white writers
11 National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is 1 step on a long journey, says Murray Sinclair
12 Indigenous injustice: It’s time to hear the uncomfortable truth
13 January 6 committee exposes a dark truth in going after Bannon
14 Conflict victims seek UN help for justice
15 Descendants give testimony at Maryland Lynching Truth and Reconciliation Commission's first regional public hearing
16 Does America Need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission?
17 Nation's first Lynching Truth and Reconciliation Commission to hold first public hearing in Allegany County
18 What price the truth of the story of white settlement?
19 Gambia: Truth Commission Defers Submission of Its Final Report
20 Murray Sinclair says it'll take a while to figure out what to do with Sept. 30
21 Judiciary Mourns Loss Of Justice Cornelia Clark
22 After the Yoo-rrook Truth and Justice Commission, Aboriginal people are not obliged to forgive
23 UBC experts on the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
24 Victoria's truth and justice commission must offer trauma support, assembly member says
25 Outrage in Nepal as Justice Eludes Civil War Victims
26 Cotton: Biden pick Rachael Rollins poses threat to N.E. if confirmed
27 What Australia's first Aboriginal truth and justice commission might look like
28 Gambia: The story of a Jammeh-era survivor
29 National Day for Truth & Reconciliation: Universities and schools must acknowledge how colonial education has reproduced anti-Indigenous racism
30 Kalloongoo’s story lays bare the horrors of slavery and subjugation
31 Facts vs. frenzy in the ‘encounter’ killings in the Disha gang-rape and murder case
32 State commission on lynching legacy, victim's descendants discuss slaying in Maryland
33 The Yoo-rrook Justice Commission: some facts about truth-telling
34 PNP now reviewing DOJ’s draft MOA on joint probe of drug war deaths
35 Victoria's truth-telling commission: to move forward, we need to answer for the legacies of colonisation
36 The Yoo-rrook Justice Commission: seeking truth and justice
37 Yoo-rrook truth and justice commission frustrated at COVID go-slow
38 Asheville reparations commission: How to apply, nominate someone starting Oct. 18
39 A Jim Crow–Era Murder. A Family Secret. Decades Later, What Does Justice Look Like? – Mother Jones
40 Gambia: Reconciliation Still On the Back Burner
41 New commission in three major cities targets past misconduct within criminal justice systems
42 Ohio's Truth In Sentencing Law Creates Different Outcomes For Incarcerated Men And Women
43 Moment of truth for grid expansion: Who pays?
44 Lessons in justice and peace from South Africa
45 As America Seeks Racial Justice, It Can Learn From Abroad
46 Some people want a U.S. truth commission. But truth commissions have limits.
47 'The Problem Remains'
48 Race, rights and reparations: What a U.S. truth commission might look like today
49 "Raising the bar: Jointly working towards comprehensive justice for Syria": Statement by United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet
50 Federal jury awards $350,000 to mother of young man shot by police officer in Bridgeport
51 Boston Creates Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission
52 I was born into a web we must now untangle
53 'Encounter Specialist': Judicial Panel Tears Into Hyderabad Police's Disha Case
54 Vijaya Teelock says Mauritius's Truth and Justice Commission delivered a combination of truth-telling and redress
55 The USA Needs a Reckoning. Does “Truth and Reconciliation” Actually Work? – Mother Jones
56 Victoria to set up Australia's first truth and justice commission to recognise wrongs against Aboriginal people
57 Cant Leave Plaintiff In Dark: Kerala HC Says Munsiff Bound To Decide Property Suit For Boundary Fixation...
58 Colombia's peace process is an example for world
59 Central African Republic
60 To Tell the Truth
61 Racial-Justice Commission Will Examine Inequities in New York City
62 Up to 3,200 pedophiles worked in French Catholic Church since 1950, independent commission says
63 This historic moment calls for a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation commission
64 Failings in investigations of feminicides in the State of Mexico violate women's rights
65 Tenure of two transitional justice bodies to be extended but this is not enough, stakeholders say
66 Half A Decade Gone Yet Tensions Persist In Cameroon's Anglophone Regions: What Can Be Done?
67 A rising force: how Blak media rewrote the script from its own ground
68 How the Intercontinental Slavery Museum in Mauritius Promotes Peace and Justice
69 Tunisians Recall Revolution Reluctantly, if at All: ‘It Just Faded Away’
70 Open Letter on the Recommendation by Liberia's Senate to Establish a Transitional Justice Commission
71 Truth and justice commissions will reveal the truth
72 Why We Need a Truth Commission on White Supremacy
73 Investor scepticism on ESG points to a maturing market
74 Australia’s first Indigenous truth-telling commission appoints chief executive
75 This week in history: October 18-24
76 Australia's first Truth and Justice Commission set up in Victoria
77 Do truth and reconciliation commissions heal divided nations?
78 After Cleveland Issue 24 on civilian police oversight passes: editorial
79 Jan. 6 committee prepares legal arsenal for likely subpoena fights
80 I support the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
81 Barbara Lee on her push for a racial healing commission
82 How stray bullet killed man’s dream of being a rich pilot
83 Mali: 'The Victims Speak, the Truth Commission Should Act'
84 HBO Exposes the Violent Chaos of Trump's Jan. 6 Rioters
85 Does the U.S. need a truth and reconciliation commission?
86 Nepal: Stop Stalling Enforced Disappearance Inquiries
87 Victims of Colombian Conflict Seek Resolution Through Transitional Justice
88 Prosecutors in three cities launch commissions for victims of unjust policing and prosecution
89 Olukere’s people savour recognition after long-drawn struggle
90 Balancing the record: Australia's first truth commission to record the Indigenous narrative
91 A 'Truth Commission' for Native Americans Can Heal Wounds of Neglect: Paper
92 22 Years On, Kosovo Plans Post-War Truth and Justice Strategy
93 Taiwan targets truth not justice as it investigates darker times
94 Calls for Tasmania to set up truth and justice commission
95 Iowa City’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission to request pay
96 We must walk with Victoria’s First Peoples on the land they made beautiful
97 Let history, not partisans, prosecute Trump
98 What Can America Learn From South Africa About National Healing?
99 Indigenous quest for justice at mercy of pandemic lockdowns
100 Glory of the CBD before the profiteers moved in