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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Mind Mysteries: Sitting Down with Michael Gurven The Bottom Line 29 days ago
2 Tsimane people's lifestyle may be key to understanding healthy brain aging USC News 12 months ago
3 Amazon Health Study Finds Low Rates of Dementia Among Indigenous Villagers | Chapman Newsroom Chapman University: Happenings 2 months ago
4 The awake ape: Why people sleep less than their primate relatives Knowable Magazine 22 days ago
5 Study suggests words are needed to think about numbers MIT News 3 months ago
6 Low dementia rates found in Amazonian indigenous groups — USC News USC News 2 months ago
7 Why Humans Sleep Less Than Their Primate Relatives Smithsonian Magazine 14 days ago
8 It's Easy to Blame Mental Health Issues on Tech. But Is It Fair? WIRED 2 months ago
9 Bolivia's Tsimane people's average body temperature fell over time Science News Magazine 2 years ago
10 Millennial Medicine Reviews (Natural Health Response) Dr. Richard Gerhauser Report? Homer News 15 days ago
11 The Health Gap | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 12 months ago
12 Why Bolivia's Tsimane People Avoid Doctors And What Makes Them Change Their Mind : Goats and Soda NPR 4 years ago
13 All in a Day's Work | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 5 months ago
14 How the Tsimané of Bolivia Stay Heart-Healthy, Despite a 2,700-Calorie Diet Inverse 4 years ago
15 Amazon Tsimane People Have the Healthiest Hearts NBC News 5 years ago
16 Socioecology shapes child and adolescent time allocation in twelve hunter-gatherer and mixed-subsistence forager societies | Scientific Reports 4 days ago
17 Tsimane people: Indigenous Bolivian group have 'world's healthiest arteries', study finds The Independent 5 years ago
18 New Research Finds Words Are Needed To Think About Numbers SciTechDaily 3 months ago
19 Chapman Health Economist Hillard Kaplan Earns Lifetime Achievement Award | Chapman Newsroom Chapman University: Happenings 10 months ago
20 Food for Thought | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 4 years ago
21 Bolivian Tsimane People Have World's Healthiest Arteries, Study Says | Anthropology, Medicine 5 years ago
22 Perception of musical pitch varies across cultures | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT News 3 years ago
23 Chapman-Led Research Project Pivots to Safeguard Amazon Villagers from COVID-19 | Chapman Newsroom Chapman University: Happenings 2 years ago
24 Tsimané of the Bolivian Amazon have world's healthiest hearts, says study The Guardian 5 years ago
25 Tsimane tribe in Bolivia's Amazon rainforest: Do they have the healthiest hearts on earth? CBS News 5 years ago
26 Risky Food-Finding Strategy Could be the Key to Human Success Duke Today 4 months ago
27 Bolivia’s Tsimane have healthiest hearts: study Al Jazeera English 5 years ago
28 Looking to the Tsimane people of the Bolivian rainforest for heart health The Globe and Mail 5 years ago
29 Can this Amazonian diet offer a solution to heart disease? Medical News Today 4 years ago
30 People's bodies now run cooler than 'normal' – even in the Bolivian Amazon The Conversation 2 years ago
31 'Healthiest hearts in the world' found BBC 5 years ago
32 Heart-healthy life: GPs redefining the “new normal” MJA Insight 2 months ago
33 What's The Secret To Having The Healthiest Hearts In The World? : Goats and Soda NPR 5 years ago
34 Bolivian Rainforest People Perceive Musical Pitch Differently Technology Networks 3 years ago
35 In Bolivian Amazon, a Yardstick for Modern Health (Published 2012) The New York Times 10 years ago
36 Opinion: In Bolivia, a Model for Indigenous Groups Grappling With Covid-19 Undark Magazine 2 years ago
37 Playing Defense | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 6 years ago
38 Life lessons from the native tribe with the healthiest hearts in the world CNN 3 years ago
39 Capybara and eight-hour hunts: Why Bolivian hunter-gatherers have the healthiest arteries STAT 5 years ago
40 What's on the menu for people in the Amazon? Not the paleo diet ASU News Now 3 years ago
41 Parents in a Remote Amazon Village Barely Talk to Their Babies—and the Kids Are Fine Scientific American 4 years ago
42 Indigenous South American group has healthiest arteries of all populations yet studied, providing clues to healthy lifestyle Science Daily 5 years ago
43 The Status of Women | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 2 years ago
44 Bolivian Forager-Farmers with Amazing Heart Health Are Divided Over What Makes a Good Life Baylor University 3 years ago
45 Indigenous Protection | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 2 years ago
46 Heart-healthy forager-farmers in lowland Bolivia are changing diets and gaining weight Science Daily 3 years ago
47 Why an Amazonian tribe has the lowest rate of heart disease of any global population UNM Newsroom 5 years ago
48 How We Age | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 2 years ago
49 Coalitions and conflict among men EurekAlert 1 year ago
50 American Men Have Higher 'Macho' Hormone than Bolivian Tribesmen 10 years ago
51 Hunting success boosts testosterone of Tsimane men Futurity: Research News 8 years ago
52 Life Lessons | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 5 years ago
53 A land without heart disease University of California 5 years ago
54 Learning a mother tongue: A universal process? Science Daily 5 years ago
55 Amazon's Tsimane People Who Eat Monkeys And Piranhas Have Healthiest Hearts In The World Tech Times 5 years ago
56 For Whom the Births (and Worms) Toll | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 6 years ago
57 A tribe living in the Bolivian rainforest has the healthiest hearts in the world ZME Science 5 years ago
58 Heart Healthy in the Amazon The New York Times 5 years ago
59 Science explains why we need words to define numbers Hardwood Paroxysm 2 months ago
60 All in the Family | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 7 years ago
61 Glad to Be Home | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 7 years ago
62 Do parasitic worms help keep arteries young? Futurity: Research News 5 years ago
63 These people eat monkeys and piranhas. They also have the lowest rates of heart disease ever measured. The Washington Post 5 years ago
64 Studying the Evolutionary Benefit of Personality Traits | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 9 years ago
65 Musical Note Perception Can Depend on Culture Scientific American 3 years ago
66 WEIRD Science | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 4 years ago
67 The World's Best Heart Health Found in Indigenous Amazon Group 5 years ago
68 'Love hormone' spikes after Tsimane men come home Futurity: Research News 7 years ago
69 Old Foes, Old Friends | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 2 years ago
70 Universal musical harmony | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT News 2 years ago
71 Musical pitch differs across cultures Cosmos 3 years ago
72 The Population Paradox | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 3 years ago
73 The Average Human Body Temperature Is Dropping, And It's Not Clear Why IFLScience 2 years ago
74 When it comes to numbers, culture counts | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT News 8 years ago
75 Sleep and Light Exposure; Patients Protest CMS Plan; Lamotrigine's Cardiac Risks? Medpage Today 2 months ago
76 Why do you like certain music? | BrandeisNOW Brandeis University 6 years ago
77 Josh McDermott seeks to replicate the human auditory system MIT News 1 year ago
78 New Evidence Shows It's Not Just Americans Whose Bodies Are Getting Colder ScienceAlert 2 years ago
79 Study of the Tsimane people of Bolivia examines how parasitism affects female fertility Medical Xpress 7 years ago
80 Despite meat-heavy diet, indigenous tribe has world's healthiest hearts — but why? ASU News Now 5 years ago
81 The Surprising Musical Preferences of an Amazon Tribe The Atlantic 6 years ago
82 Opinion | An Ancient Cure for Alzheimer’s? The New York Times 5 years ago
83 Women's fertility may be boosted through parasites STAT 7 years ago
84 An Indigenous Group Famous for Its Heart Health Started Using Cooking Oil—and Began Gaining Weight Gizmodo 3 years ago
85 Amazon men in their 80s have the arteries of Americans in their 50s CBC News 5 years ago
86 USC researchers discuss recent Alzheimer's disease discoveries USC News 11 months ago
87 Heart Disease and Tribal Diet Healthline 3 years ago
88 People Without Electricity Don't Get 8 Hours' Sleep Either National Geographic 7 years ago
89 Bolivian jungle dwellers have lowest rates of heart disease ever measured The Mercury News 5 years ago
90 Tsimane People Have Very Low Risk of Heart Disease TIME 5 years ago
91 UCSB Researchers Study Diet of Population With 'World's Healthiest Arteries' Daily Nexus 3 years ago
92 Why does this Amazon tribe have the healthiest hearts in the world? The Irish Times 5 years ago
93 Competition-linked bursts of testosterone are fundamental aspect of human biology, study of Amazonian tribe suggests Science Daily 10 years ago
94 Bolivia's “Astonishingly Heart-Healthy” Indigenous Group Gained Weight After Adding Cooking Oil IFLScience 3 years ago
95 How the brain perceives rhythm | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT News 5 years ago
96 The musical harmonies you like depend on where you're from New Scientist News 6 years ago
97 Even 80-year-olds in this Amazon tribe have healthier hearts than yours. Here’s how Hindustan Times 5 years ago
98 South American group has the healthiest arteries ever seen New Scientist News 5 years ago
99 Is the sky really blue? It depends on what language you speak Science News for Students 2 months ago
100 Nothing Simple About Hunter-Gatherer Societies The New York Times 7 years ago