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Result Content Outlet Published Research
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17 TypeScript v4.4 Ships, Gets New Home Page Visual Studio Magazine 5 months ago
18 TypeScript 4.3 Improves Property Write Types 8 months ago
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20 TypeScript 4.3 Ships Visual Studio Magazine 8 months ago
21 Announcing TypeScript 4.0 TypeScript 1 year ago
22 TypeScript 4.4 Beta Boosts Performance, Suggests JavaScript Spelling Visual Studio Magazine 7 months ago
23 Sentry Migrates Its Frontend to Typescript Lessons Learned 9 months ago
24 esbuild, part 2: Practical implementation of JavaScript bundling Market Research Telecast 20 days ago
25 Typescript 4.2 Released, Improves Types and Developer Experience 11 months ago
26 Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3 shines on JavaScript, TypeScript, Git InfoWorld 5 months ago
27 In Pictures: See the Extraordinarily Detailed Maps From ‘Lord of the Rings,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ and Other Fictional Worlds artnet News 7 days ago
28 RISC-V In… Typescript? Hackaday 3 months ago
29 Can Github Copilot create art? Analytics India Magazine 5 days ago
30 TypeScript Surge Flatlines in New GitHub Octoverse Report Visual Studio Magazine 2 months ago
31 TypeScript Outshines C# in Developer Ecosystem Report Visual Studio Magazine 6 months ago
32 TypeScript adds ESM support for Node.js Reseller News 3 months ago
33 TypeScript Coding Outside of Angular Applications HTML Goodies 6 months ago
34 Report: TypeScript Pays Well, Projected for Huge Growth (C#, Not So Much) Visual Studio Magazine 10 months ago
35 SD Times news digest: TypeScript 4.4 RC, AWS announces cross-account data sharing for Amazon Redshift, JetBrains releases GoLand 2021.3 roadmap 5 months ago
36 Jamstack research: Typescript and serverless are the winners The Register 4 months ago
37 How to Build a Monorepo with Nx, Next.js and TypeScript SitePoint 5 months ago
38 TypeScript creator: How the programming language beat Microsoft's open-source fears ZDNet 1 year ago
39 Choosing Between TypeScript String Literals and Enums | HTMLGoodies HTML Goodies 6 months ago
40 SD Times news digest: AWS Cloud Control API, TypeScript 4.5 beta, announces AI solution for SAFe 4 months ago
41 TypeScript 4.4 Improves Control Flow Analysis iProgrammer 7 months ago
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44 Rare first edition of first Harry Potter book to go under auction for £30,000 The Independent 19 hours ago
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47 Microsoft's TypeScript 4.0 programming language arrives: It's a big milestone ZDNet 1 year ago
48 Microsoft makes TypeScript 4 generally available 1 year ago
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50 WebdriverIO 7 Rewritten in Typescript, Released with Improved Lighthouse Integration 12 months ago
51 Microsoft lead engineer: Programming language TypeScript took off thanks to Google's Angular ZDNet 2 years ago
52 TypeScript 4.0 arrives with performance boosts InfoWorld 1 year ago
53 Null References: How to Avoid the Trillion-Dollar Mistake in JavaScript and TypeScript Market Research Telecast 3 months ago
54 Mick Jagger's long lost "masterpiece" memoir Far Out Magazine 8 days ago
55 “SysJoker” backdoor revealed after going undetected on Windows, Linux, and macOS for several months Wccftech 7 days ago
56 Could TypeScript replace JavaScript? Use of programming language spin-off soars ZDNet 3 years ago
57 Innovative Houston food charity scores prestigious Amazon tech grant CultureMap Houston 6 days ago
58 TypeScript 4.1 RC: New features for Microsoft's JavaScript-based programming language TechRepublic 1 year ago
59 SD Times news digest: TypeScript 4.3 beta, Pluralsight Skills platform free for the month of April, and Julia 1.6 10 months ago
60 TypeScript 4.2 tunes tuple types InfoWorld 11 months ago
61 Cyber Security Today, Jan. 17, 2022 New backdoor found attacking servers, another ransomware campaign against QNAP storage devices, and more 7 days ago
62 Programming language TypeScript 3.9 cuts compile times by up to 40%, says Microsoft ZDNet 2 years ago
63 TypeScript's co-creator speaks out on TypeScript 4.0 TechTarget 1 year ago
64 TypeScript’s Quiet, Steady Rise Among Programming Languages WIRED 3 years ago
65 Python's creator shares his thoughts on Rust, Go, Julia, and TypeScript Developer Tech 8 months ago
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68 Rust 1.58.1 now available with fix for security vulnerability 3 days ago
69 Bloomberg Engineering Share Experiences of Adopting TypeScript across a Large Codebase 1 year ago
70 SD Times news digest: TypeScript 4.2 RC, Android App Quality, and Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence 5.1 12 months ago
71 TypeScript 4.1 Adds Template Literal Types 1 year ago
72 Programming languages: Why JavaScript developers are choosing TypeScript ZDNet 3 years ago
73 Rentfuse publishes neo-wallet-adapter, a TypeScript library to assist with dApp-wallet connectivity NEO News Today 2 months ago
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75 JavaScript: Framework Nuxt.js 3 supports TypeScript and integrates Vite.js Market Research Telecast 3 months ago
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77 TypeScript 4.0 Adds Long-Awaited Variadic Tuple Types 1 year ago
78 This New Prague Startup Will Help Tenants to Split Rent Payments Prague Morning 5 days ago
79 Airbnb Releases Tool to Convert Large Codebases to Typescript 1 year ago
80 TypeScript for Enterprise Developers 3 years ago
81 Deno 1.0: Node.js makers have new JavaScript runtime for TypeScript programming language ZDNet 2 years ago
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85 Senior C# Full Stack Developer with Angular 9+ Johannesburg North (semi-remote) 20 days ago
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93 Essential decisions when writing a new React app Medium 2 months ago
94 Deno 1.10 overhauls test runner InfoWorld 9 months ago
95 TypeScript 3.7 arrives with optional chaining InfoWorld 2 years ago
96 TypeScript 4.0 now available 1 year ago
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98 Prettier 2.0 Supports Typescript 3.8, Improves CLI 2 years ago
99 How Bloomberg Embraced TypeScript Language to Improve JavaScript Code ITPro Today 1 year ago
100 TypeScript 4.1 comes packed with new features 1 year ago