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1 US Central Command confident of conducting operation in Afghanistan without any base
2 Senior al-Qaida leader killed in northwest Syria drone strike: CENTCOM
3 CENTCOM disputes Air Force account of attempted hijacking at Kabul airport during Afghanistan evacuation
4 Largest CENTCOM C-130 Squadron hosts coalition partners
5 Why the Army Clings to Its Space Troops: 'Translating Geek to Grunt'
6 Drone attack targets US troops at US base in Syria, initial assessment suggests no US injuries
7 CENTCOM commander acknowledges he did not try to stop Taliban from entering Kabul
8 Colin Powell passes at 84 – Fort Carson Mountaineer
9 US Central Command absorbs Israel into its area of responsibility
10 U.S. intensifies talks to use Russian bases for Afghan counterterrorism ops
11 Gen. David Petraeus: The US has a 'moral obligation' to help those left behind in Afghanistan
12 General Says Planning, Connectivity Were Keys to Afghanistan Evacuation
13 The US acknowledges mistakes in Afghanistan. Will it learn from them?
14 Israel formally moves to US Central Command’s area of responsibility
15 Task Force Phoenix CEMA cell in the fight against adversary unmanned aerial systems
16 CENTCOM commander vows to keep the pressure on adversaries even after leaving Afghanistan: Exclusive interview
17 CENTCOM Boss Takes Command of Afghanistan Mission as Drawdown Continues
18 CENTCOM commander: As US scales back in Mideast, China may step in
19 US Central Command chief: Important to keep pressure on ISIS
20 Qatar Voices Frustration Over U.S. Response to Request to Buy Drones
21 The US Brings Israel into CENTCOM
22 Space Command Supports CENTCOM Mission as Troops Exit Afghanistan
23 The US Is Now Halfway Out of Afghanistan, CENTCOM Commander Says
24 In waning days, Trump shakes up CENTCOM to increase Arab-Israeli efforts against Iran
25 Why Israel's move to CENTCOM matters
26 CENTCOM Commander Announces Completion Of U.S. Military Withdrawal From Afghanistan
27 US won't be asking Taliban permission to strike terror groups in Afghanistan
28 Control of limited Afghan mission transferred to head of US Central Command
29 Space Force planning for new component in the Middle East alongside AFCENT
30 Pakistan using informal intelligence channels to prop up Taliban fight against ISIS
31 Pentagon Shifts Israel to CENTCOM Responsibility
32 U.S. Central Command Statement on the Investigation into the Attack on the Motor Tanker Mercer Street
33 Head of U.S. Central Command says Taliban 'thwarted' earlier attacks
34 US Central Command speaks out on US counterterrorism on ISIS-K
35 CENTCOM head says talks between Afghan government and Taliban are 'critical' as US drawdown reaches halfway mark
36 The world in brief: 2 Afghan civilians die in roadside blast
37 US Air Force planes, crews recovering after Afghanistan evacuation
38 CENTCOM Chief Says US Won't Use Airstrikes to Support Afghan Forces After Withdrawal: Report
39 Kabul drone strike that killed 10 was 'a mistake' -Central Command head
40 CENTCOM commander says U.S. sharing intel with Taliban
41 US to withdraw air defences from CENTCOM
42 CENTCOM Commander: US 'Completely Focused' on Responsible Afghanistan Withdrawal
43 US withdrawal from Afghanistan nearly complete, CENTCOM says
44 Why does US Central Command now include Israel?
45 US Central Command Commander Releases Statement Regarding Afghanistan Evacuation, Kabul Airport
46 A Short History of US Central Command > US Department of Defense > Defense Department News
47 Investigation of Aug. 29 Airstrike in Kabul to Get Its Own Review
48 United States Central Command Commander Visits Lebanon
49 US, coalition airstrikes in CENTCOM region plummet amid withdrawal plans
50 Central Command awards a gigantic task order to help with a range of intelligence challenges
51 Centcom Commander Describes Regional Threats to Stability > US Department of Defense > Defense Department News
52 CENTCOM opens command, civilian casualty investigations into Kabul drone strike that US said killed ISIS terrorist
53 ECS Named Prime on $36.7M CENTCOM Contract
54 Top US General: Afghanistan's Military May Not 'Hold On After We Leave' | National News
55 U.S. Centcom Commander visits Egypt to attend part of 'Bright Star 2021' exercises
56 Centcom Commander: Middle East Refugee Camps Rife for Extreme Ideology
57 CRW Airmen support CENTCOM Resolute Support Mission
58 Military Leaders Discuss Defense Authorization Request, Future Years Defense Program
59 US and Israeli Navy Conduct Exercise Under New US Central Command
60 CENTCOM commander warns about Iranian drone threat during House hearing
61 DoD to Transition Oversight of Israel to US Central Command
62 In wake of 9/11 attacks, MacDill AFB provided global and domestic response
63 US nearing a formal agreement to use Pakistan's airspace to carry out military operations in Afghanistan
64 Here's why CENTCOM thinks Iran was behind a fatal drone attack on a ship last month
65 US brings Israel into CENTCOM
66 Statement by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III on the Results of Central Command In
67 Ohio National Guard Soldiers to deploy for U.S. Central Command duty
68 Military withdrawal from Afghanistan up to 20 pc complete: US Central Command
69 US 5th Fleet kicks off first-ever Central Partnership Station exercise in Lebanon that pairs training, humanitarian aid
70 Head of US military’s Central Command lands in Israel to meet with IDF top brass
71 U.S. Central Command: We eliminated ‘imminent ISIS-K threat’ with drone strike
72 Gantz meets top US general in first visit since Israel moved to Central Command
73 Howard University students protest 'unlivable' housing conditions by sleeping in tents
74 Israel officially moves into US military's CENTCOM area of responsibility
75 Does it matter if Israel's located under US Middle East command structure?
76 GERD issue is concerning to US: CENTCOM Commander
77 Central Command evolved from a small task force. They’re gathering to remember.
78 BTC: the lifeline of the AOR
79 CENTCOM Commander Reveals U.S. Intelligence-Sharing Operation with Taliban
80 U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan more than 50% complete, CENTCOM says
81 COMM-I Officers keep the signal strong in CENTCOM AOR
82 The Painful Lessons of Afghanistan
83 Vermont Army National Guard deploys to US Central Command
84 Threats Persist As The U.S. Plans To Continue Evacuations From Kabul
85 Israel Gets Ready for the Big Move—to U.S. CENTCOM
86 Israel Joins the Arab Club, With U.S. Sponsorship | Opinion
87 Troops in Qatar running on fumes as CENTCOM bases continue to take in Afghan evacuees
88 Bollinger Shipyards Delivers 46th Fast Response Cutter Ahead of Schedule Despite Direct Hit From Hurricane Ida
89 Kosovo sends troops to Kuwait on 1st peacekeeping mission; KSF to operate under US Central Command
90 U.S. Central Command commander Gen. Frank McKenzie visits Egypt
91 The world's tallest single-track roller coaster is coming to Southern California
92 This Marine officer wants to charge a general with 'dereliction of duty' over Afghanistan
93 Trace Systems to Support Air Forces Central Command under $600 Million Contract
94 US Central Command: Drone Airstrike Outcome Indicates ISIS-K Planner Killed in Nangarhar Province Afghanistan
95 Putin-Bennett talks come amid Russia tensions with West
96 60 planeloads of US military equipment leave Afghanistan as drawdown begins, CENTCOM says
97 US military: Afghanistan withdrawal process 2 to 6 percent complete | TheHill
98 Alert: US Central Command head says innocent civilians, not extremists, were killed in Aug. 29 US drone strike in Kabul
99 CENTCOM general to visit Israel as Biden admin. looks to deal with Iran
100 Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby and General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. Hold a Press Br