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1 Louisville CBP Stops the Transport of Ancient Artifacts
2 Paisas Gang Member Arrested by Border Patrol
3 Agents in RGV Seize $197K Worth of Marijuana
4 DHS Statement on Expedited Removal Flights for Certain Families
5 CBP Cincinnati Seizes 44 Pounds of Sildenafil Pills Worth $712756
6 EXCLUSIVE Rights group asks U.S. customs to probe Goodyear Malaysia over labour practices
7 Border Patrol Agents Rescue Eight Migrants Over Weekend
8 U.S. Customs and Border Protection: CBP Announces June 2021 Operational Update
9 CBP Nets Another Ton of Marijuana at Detroit Border
10 Migrant Hoisted from Mountaintop
11 CBP Officers Seized $190K in Hard Narcotics at Eagle Pass Port of Entry
12 Richard J. Fortunato Selected as Deputy Chief Patrol Agent for U.S. Border Patrol's Swanton Sector
13 Border Patrol Agents Apprehend Two Aggravated Felons Saturday
14 Convicted Sex Offender Arrested
15 CBP AMO pilots assist in rescue of stranded hiker
16 Memphis Seizes 11 Kilos of Marijuana en route to Michigan
17 U.S. Border Patrol Unveils “Se Busca Informacion” Initiative Which Identifies 10 New Targets
18 Charlotte CBP Officers Intercept Over 6 Pounds of Cocaine
19 State of El Paso Sector
20 CBP Agriculture Specialists Prevent Smuggled Animal Products from Entering United States
21 U.S. Customs agents seize more than a ton of marijuana in Detroit
22 U.S. Customs Proposes Broadly Applicable Changes to Rules of Origin for Goods from Canada and Mexico
23 RGV Agents Encounter a Group of 298 Migrants
24 CBP Modifies Withhold Release Order on Imports of Carpets and Hand-Knotted Wool Products from Nepal
25 Port of New Orleans Finds Invasive Insects in Wood on Deck of Foreign Vessel
26 US Customs Duty Whistleblower Lawsuit Settles for $6 million
27 Off-Duty USBP Agent Stops Knife-Wielding Suspect
28 DOJ sues Texas, Gov. Abbott over executive order restricting travel of migrants
29 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Settles Civil Fraud Lawsuit Against Clothing Companies And Their Former CEO For Misrepresenting The Value Of Goods To Avoid Paying Customs Duties
30 CBP Agriculture Specialists Intercept Mangos Harboring Fruit Fly Larvae
31 Border Patrol Agents Disrupt Meth Smuggling Attempt
32 Summer Heat Poses Increased Risk for Migrant Deaths
33 Laredo Sector Agents Stop a Human Smuggling Attempt at the Rio Grande Riverbanks
34 US Consulate General and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Donate Water Supply for COVID-19 Support | US Consulate General in Bermuda
35 Laredo Sector Border Patrol Agents Provide Aid to Accidental Gunshot Victim
36 Memphis Seizes Methamphetamines Hidden in Individual Peanut Shells
37 Opioids & Pain Pills Flood International Mail Facility at O'Hare
38 Vehicle Illegally Enters the United States through Private Property in Northern Vermont
39 Cabarrus County Man Sentenced to Prison for Drug Trafficking and Firearm Offenses
40 Laredo Sector Border Patrol Rescues and Aids Lost Individual
41 Two Large Groups of Migrants Apprehended in RGC
42 Big Bend Sector Touts Rescue Beacon Effectiveness
43 Two Large Groups of Migrants Enter the U.S.
44 Two Large Groups of Migrants Apprehended in RGV
45 U.S. Customs and Border Protection Failed to Adequately Secure and Protect Traveler Data
46 Thousands of Fake Apple AirPods Worth $1.3 Million Seized by Cincinnati CBP
47 Border Patrol Agents Arrest Man Convicted of Attempted Murder
48 US Customs and Border Protection warns of scammers impersonating officers
49 Viral Claim Gets Biden's COVID-19 Travel and Immigration Policies Wrong
50 U.S. Border Patrol Agents locate 65 migrants in two stash houses
51 US CBP urged to probe Goodyear Malaysia over worker abuse accusation
52 Guerrero: Border Patrol helped cause 'browning' of America
53 Illegal Border Crossings Are Surging Along With the US Economy
54 BORSTAR Agents Rescue Man Lost in Remote Wilderness
55 US Border Patrol, FURA Seize Cocaine Haul Worth $4.6 Million near Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
56 Convicted Sex Offender Arrested Over the Weekend
57 USBP Intercepts $414K Cash Stash on I-5
58 CBP Agriculture Specialists in Pharr Intercept Rare Pest, a First in the Nation Discovery
59 US Customs officers find meth shipment hidden inside peanut shells
60 El Centro Border Patrol Agents Seize Meth at Checkpoint
61 CBP Officers at the Laredo Port of Entry Seize Narcotics Worth Over $75 Million
62 Immigration Enforcement: Actions Needed to Better Track Cases Involving U.S. Citizenship Investigations
63 AMO in San Diego Disrupt 8 Maritime Smuggling Events in 4 Days
64 ASF detected in Western hemisphere for the first time in 40 years
65 Baltimore CBP Reminds Travelers that Marijuana Possession Still Violates Federal Law
66 CBP Officers Seize over $700K in Narcotics at the Hidalgo International Bridge
67 Ship forced to leave US waters after invasive bugs discovered on deck, officials say
68 Memphis Seizes 4.2 Kilos of “Personal Use” Clovidol Opioids
69 Man Sentenced for Methamphetamine and Heroin Drug Conspiracy
70 Ur Jaddou confirmed as immigration agency director
71 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's border security initiative sees confusing start
72 Yuma Agents Apprehend Sex Offender at Train Station
73 Air Cargo Security: TSA Field Testing Should Ensure Screening Systems Meet Detection Standards
74 Summer Turns Deadly for US-Bound Migrants Braving Scorching Desert Heat
75 Over $1 million worth of meth recovered from U.S., Mexico border
76 US port chiefs call for more funding for CBP inspections
77 3,000 pairs of illegally imported false eyelashes seized by U.S. Customs at New Orleans airport
78 Brownsville CBP Officers Seize $1.9 Million in Methamphetamine at Veterans Bridge
79 Canada border guards vote to strike days ahead of reopening to U.S. tourists
80 Exodus from Michoacan: Lime orchard workers flee Mexico cartel violence seeking asylum
81 U.S. Customs and Border Protection releases June operations data
82 Former Customs and Border Protection Officer Sentenced on Child Exploitation Charge
83 Red Lake Man Charged with Murder in the Shooting Death of a Red Lake Tribal Police Officer
84 US Customs seizing record numbers of fake AirPods
85 Smuggler and Previously Deported Migrants Indicted Following Boat Crash in Pompano Beach
86 Buzz Aldrin reveals customs report he had to fill out after travelling back from space
87 What to know about Texas governor's Covid order targeting migrant transport
88 US Customs reminds travelers that marijuana possession still breaks federal laws
89 In Light of China's Forced Labor Allegations in Xinjiang Region, US Solar Industry Retraces Its Polysilicon Sourcing Steps
90 FACT SHEET: The Biden Administration Blueprint for a Fair, Orderly and Humane Immigration System
91 Orange County’s number of fentanyl deaths is skyrocketing each year
92 Invasive Pest-infested Cargo Ship Ordered to Leave U.S. Waters
93 Port representatives say US Customs and Border Protection shortfalls exacerbate congestion issue
94 Plattsburgh CBP locate stolen yacht worth $1.5M on Lake Champlain
95 CBP Officers Seize $1.4 Million in Hard Narcotics at Laredo Port of Entry
96 Returning from travel abroad? A court put limits on border officers rummaging through your phone
97 Barry Moore: Exactly what 'progress' is VP Harris seeing on the southern border?
98 Fake Viagra Pills Continue to Flood the Market
99 FreightWaves Classics: U.S. Customs and Border Protection has key freight responsibilities
100 51 migrants found crammed at apartment complex in northeast El Paso