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1 Intel CEO sees making own chips as a matter of national security
2 Tear gas unregulated by U.S. government, safety studies lacking despite widespread use: House panels
3 U.S. government closes out the Dulles Expo Center, where it processed 45000 Afghan evacuees
4 Venezuelan government suspends negotiations with opposition
5 The US government avoided a shutdown – but what happens next?
6 Government shutdown: Which services may — or may not — be impacted
7 More Cyberattacks Coming, 'Incompetent' US Government Unprepared
8 Guide to AP U.S. Government and Politics Course
9 US Government to permit fully vaccinated foreign nationals to enter the US from 08-Nov-2021 | CAPA
10 US government will run out of money by October 18, Treasury secretary says
11 U.S. Government Is Spending $42.5 Billion To Own The “New Internet”
12 US Government Launches New Project to Combat Corruption and Wildlife Trafficking in Madagascar
13 U.S. tells Supreme Court Guantanamo detainee can give limited testimony
14 US government ordering Google to provide users' search data: report
15 Gangs expand territory as Haiti government struggles to stay in control
16 Biden’s Plans Raise Questions About What U.S. Can Afford Not to Do
17 US government needs to compete for tech talent, says GSA chief – Global Government Forum
18 Americas Investigations Review 2022
19 Senate Republicans block measure to fund government, stave off U.S. default
20 Prepare for government shutdown, White House to tell U.S. agencies
21 Doesn’t Anyone in the U.S. Government Like the U.S.?
22 US should call out Nigeria's horrendous religious freedom record | TheHill
23 Explainer: What happens when the U.S. federal government shuts down?
24 US government braces for possible shutdown
25 Here's how U.S. government agencies are planning to adapt to climate change
26 The U.S. government could both shut down and default on its debt within the next month
27 Opinion | How the U.S. government can deter China's threat in Taiwan
28 AI technology could reshape the U.S. government, but should it?
29 Syrian Government, Opposition Agree to Redraft Constitution -Envoy | World News | US News
30 US government working to help about 100 US citizens and permanent residents leave Afghanistan
31 Government Stimulus Spending Proved Government Works If It's Funded
32 The US government requests more user data than other countries
33 U.S. government to buy rapid COVID-19 tests from Abbott, Celltrion -official
34 U.S. Government Takes A Hard Line to Stop Human Rights Abuses With Clear Signals to Industry
35 Carol Roth: Our government's plan to make America socialist is working
36 Thousands of frustrated visa lottery winners sued the U.S. government. They won.
37 U.S. House approves bill to avert government shutdown
38 US Government to Transform Its Coastlines Into Colossal Offshore Wind Farms
39 Stocks slide as investors assess potential impact of U.S. government shutdown
40 Exclusive: Government Secretly Orders Google To Identify Anyone Who Searched A Sexual Assault Victim's Name, Address And Telephone Number
41 San Marcos fish recommended to be declared extinct by U.S. government
42 US gov claims ransomware 'earned' $590m in the first half of 2021 alone – mostly in Bitcoin
43 Cuban intelligence chief says 'U.S. government preparing final blow' to revolution
44 The U.S. Government Does Not Respect Autonomy. Bitcoin Does.
45 German Greens Vote to Enter Government Coalition Talks | World News | US News
46 What would happen if the U.S. doesn’t raise the debt ceiling?
47 Russia Throws Tantrum Over 'Crazy' American Women in Government
48 China Removes All Traces of Its Role Impeding UN Sanctions in North Korea
49 NYPD Uses Chinese Drones Despite US National Security Warning
50 Indigenous Peoples Day recognized by the U.S. government
51 US Government Should End Child Labor at Home
52 Neal Sher, U.S. Government’s Leading Nazi Hunter, Dies at 74
53 US Government Warns of Insider and Ransomware Threat to Water Plants
54 The importance of an independent press
55 Tesla CEO Elon Musk says U.S. government should avoid regulating crypto
56 U.S. government rejects 2019 petition to investigate Tesla vehicle fires
57 What will the Fed will do if the U.S. government hits the debt ceiling again?
58 FACT SHEET: Ongoing Public US Efforts to Counter Ransomware
59 Protecting the US Government from Cyber Attacks
60 What happens when America’s government shuts down?
61 Debt ceiling showdown forces Biden, Schumer to call for urgent action
62 Stimulus checks aren’t free – US government projected to run out of money in weeks
63 Thousands protest in El Salvador against Bukele government
64 Venezuela's government halts talks with opponents in retaliation for extradition to US of Maduro ally
65 Government Contractors Association Continues Focus on Bridging Korean Businesses With US
66 U.S. Debt Limit Could Be Reached in Mid-October, Analysts Say
67 Coast Guard: 1,200-foot ship dragged California oil pipeline
68 U.S. wants federal contracts to reflect climate risk
69 U.S. Government Projected to Run Out of Money Needed to Pay Its Bills by October
70 Debt Ceiling Bill Approved by Senate
71 Harris to discuss drought, climate change at Lake Mead
72 Bill to fund U.S. government, suspend debt limit advances in House
73 Should the US government share the Moderna COVID vaccine recipe?
74 Government shutdown: What to know
75 Explainer: What are Congress' options for funding government and raising the debt limit?
76 White House says millions of government contractors must be vaccinated by Dec. 8
77 US govt to probe Zoom's $14.7B Five9 deal for natsec risks
78 Jill Biden says SC 'prayer partner' helped change her life
79 US pursues cybersecurity solution with new program based on esports
80 Scoop: U.S. government buying risky Chinese drones
81 What is the debt ceiling? Why a government default could directly affect your wallet
82 As yields rise, some U.S. banks shift cash to Treasuries
83 If the US defaults on its debt, Social Security, tax refunds, other payments are at risk
84 The U.S. Debt Ceiling: Everything You Need to Know
85 Military aid for Israel removed from U.S. funding bill, but leadership pledges vote later this week
86 What happens if the U.S. defaults on its debt?
87 Government's job is to protect us (letter) | Letters To The Editor |
88 Climate change can impact your finances. The government wants to come up with solutions
89 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Government must budget like rest of us
90 'No one would be spared': Debt default would set off dire consequences
91 U.S. didn't violate crime victims' law in IS case, Va. judge says
92 U.S. Senate approves stop-gap funding to keep government running
93 The US Government Announced it Will Run Out of Money Soon, and the Internet is Not Having It
94 Office of Management and Budget begins government shutdown prep, just in case
95 Government should pay people to work amid labor shortage: Sternlicht
96 Biden signs bill averting U.S. government shutdown: White House
97 Should the U.S. government do away with observing Columbus Day as a federal holiday?
98 United States Donates 1.6 Million More COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccines to Egypt
99 Live Updates: Pelosi Delays Vote on $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill
100 The US Government Supports the Cuban People's Ability to Demonstrate ⋆ 4State News MO AR KS OK