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1 SOCOM Commander: Navy SEALS to Focus on Strategic Reconnaissance, Working with Partners Seapower 29 days ago
2 Lawsuit filed on behalf of Navy SEALs facing intimidation for seeking religious COVID-19 vaccine exemptions Fox News 23 days ago
3 Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets train with Greek special operators as bilateral military ties deepen Stars and Stripes 6 days ago
4 Did Navy SEALs Raid Cargo Ship Full of Smuggled Children? 22 days ago
5 Book Excerpt: Navy SEAL’s Behavior Led Teammates to Change Their Mission The New York Times 18 days ago
6 Navy SEALS Battle Terrorists at a Black Site Prison in 'One Shot' 27 days ago
7 Retired Navy SEAL Reveals Secrets to Going Off Grid: 'Make Your Plans in Pencil and Give God the Eraser' CBN News 22 days ago
8 US Navy SEALs to shift focus to ‘global threats’ 7 months ago
9 After scandals, Navy SEALs have to rethink how they pick their leaders Business Insider 4 months ago
10 Navy veteran short of one credit receives high school diploma 50 years later 14 days ago
11 Navy creates new Naval Special Warfare group amid great power rivalry Business Insider 3 months ago
12 How Navy SEALs are refocusing to fight China and Russia Business Insider 7 months ago
13 SEALs going 'back to the future' to help Navy against Russia, China Business Insider 4 months ago
14 Navy SEAL Platoons to be Downsized Under New Plan Newsweek 7 months ago
15 NSWC Panama City Division National American Indian Heritage Month 2021 Bobby June 3 days ago
16 Military service members face deadline to get COVID-19 vaccine or face disciplinary action​ CBS News 3 days ago
17 Woman qualifies for Naval Special Warfare Command crew for the first time CNN 5 months ago
18 Comsewogue students aspire to train with elite US Navy SEALs 2 months ago
19 Why real Navy SEALs hate the Charlie Sheen movie 'Navy SEALs' Business Insider 4 months ago
20 Navy SEALs, SWCC training to fight on land and water near Russia Business Insider 7 months ago
21 US Navy SEALs, Cyprus Special Forces Hold Anti-Terror Drill 3 months ago
22 So You Wanna Be a Frogman? My Navy SEAL BUD/S 1st Phase Story SOFREP 1 month ago
23 Navy SEALs explain why submarine-launched commando raids are so tough Business Insider 3 months ago
24 Helocast operations get US special operators to hard to reach areas Business Insider 3 days ago
25 Navy's Top Admiral Said SEALs Had 'Character and Ethics' Issues 4 months ago
26 SEAL Team 1 honors its first commanding officer, who died in May 2 months ago
27 Female Navy SEAL Candidates Prepare for Hell Week SOFREP 2 months ago
28 New River Marine, N.C. Marine officer plaintiffs in military vaccine mandate lawsuits Jacksonville Daily News 6 days ago
29 Naval Special Warfare in a 'Race for Relevancy' as Mission Shifts to High-end Conflict USNI News 5 months ago
30 CBS's 'SEAL Team' Has Only Male SEALs — but Are There Any Real Female U.S. Navy SEALs? Distractify 7 months ago
31 How Navy SEAL Candidates Recover From Hell Week Selection Business Insider 4 months ago
32 Book review of Alpha: Eddie Gallagher and the War for the Soul of the Navy SEALs by David Philipps The Washington Post 3 months ago
33 How 'Hell Week' puts aspiring Navy SEALs to the test Business Insider 11 months ago
34 Navy SEALs take combat diving capability to another level Business Insider 11 months ago
35 Check Out These Flag-Bearing Navy SEALs Training With A Submerged Submarine The Drive 5 months ago
36 Historic exercise shows how Navy SEALs can work with aircraft carriers Business Insider 9 months ago
37 Wrong goat: Army cadets grab animal, but not Navy’s mascot KIRO Seattle 8 days ago
38 Potential exodus of Navy SEALs brings backlash on vaccine mandate The Center Square 2 months ago
39 Special Report: US Navy SEALs vaccine mandate could force many to be relieved of duty - KUSI 1 month ago
40 Navy SEALs seeking religious exemptions to vaccine mandate facing intimidation and harassment, sources say Fox News 2 months ago
41 Navy SEAL killed in Yemen raid was awarded posthumous Bronze Star for valor Task & Purpose 4 months ago
42 Austen Alexander Tries the Navy SEAL Physical Screening Test 3 months ago
43 First Joint German Special Ops and US Navy SEAL Mission SOFREP 1 month ago
44 How the Vietnam War changed the Navy SEALs forever We Are The Mighty 5 months ago
45 USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: Nov. 29, 2021 USNI News 3 days ago
46 Two Medals of Honor, four generations of Navy SEALs at Class 342 graduation DVIDS 7 months ago
47 About Those Custom Rifles Navy SEALs Were Seen Carrying On A Recent Training Mission The Drive 7 months ago
48 Story about SEALs rescuing children in cargo ship is false PolitiFact 14 days ago
49 US Special Operators Have a Rough, Little-Known Way to Get to Missions in Hostile Territory SOFREP 2 days ago
50 Navy SEALs dedicate monument to fallen brethren at Miramar Cemetery 3 months ago
51 Navy SEAL will oversee special operations efforts to combat terror in Africa Stars and Stripes 5 months ago
52 Navy SEALs 'rusty' after scandals, Middle East wars, insiders say Business Insider 1 year ago
53 Veteran US Navy SEAL blasts Biden on Afghanistan: 'I haven't seen his heart in any of this' Fox News 3 months ago
54 Inside the world’s most fearsome special forces from Iraq’s skull-faced commandos to Russia’s secret death... The Sun 20 hours ago
55 My 9/11 Never-Forget Story: A Navy SEAL Shares SOFREP 1 month ago
56 Navy SEAL gets 10 years for his role in Green Beret's death ABC News 10 months ago
57 The First Group of Women Arrive at Navy SEAL Training – ‘First of the Best,’ a Novel SOFREP 3 months ago
58 Five retired Navy SEALs running for Congress: 'America certainly can be fixed' Fox News 4 months ago
59 Biden's vaccine mandate losses mount as 3 federal judges cite executive overreach in 2 days The Center Square 9 hours ago
60 Top US Commander in Kabul, Afghanistan Is Navy SEAL Peter Vasely Bloomberg 4 months ago
61 US military's elite commando forces look to expand diversity ABC News 6 months ago
62 Navy drops charges against SEAL accused of sexual assault 10 months ago
63 Journalist: Eddie Gallagher Case Reveals A 'War For The Soul Of The Navy SEALs' NPR 3 months ago
64 New Book Recounts Trial, Aftermath Of Controversial Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher KPBS 3 months ago
65 How Much Do Navy SEALs and Other Special Ops Make? GOBankingRates 4 months ago
66 Hey You! Want to Become a Navy SEAL? SOFREP 4 months ago
67 Let the Pain Begin: Here's How to Become a U.S. Navy SEAL The National Interest 9 months ago
68 “The Rock”: the Last Stage for the two Female Navy SEAL Candidates SOFREP 8 months ago
69 Eddie Gallagher Vs. the World: After War Crimes Trial, Notorious SEAL Is Out to Settle Scores 5 months ago
70 A Detailed Look At The Helicopters Used By Navy Seals HotCars 11 months ago
71 Pennsylvania State Trooper swimming with Navy SEALs in NYC to benefit veterans ABC27 4 months ago
72 Navy SEALs | The Complete Guide SOFREP 1 year ago
73 Current, former Navy SEALS say fame from killing Osama bin Laden caused divide in the ranks KSLA 7 months ago
74 Questions Raised Over Nonprofit Saved in America's Social Media Appeals to Navy SEALs Times of San Diego 3 months ago
75 Stealth Navy SEAL training in 28 Washington state parks? Vote on expanded access is coming this week Seattle Times 10 months ago
76 US special-operations units have a daring way to storm enemy ships Business Insider 10 months ago
77 Run the Guantlet of Navy SEAL Hazing SOFREP 2 months ago
78 The Navy SEAL Trident | What Is the Navy SEAL Trident? Popular Mechanics 1 year ago
79 Ex-Navy Seal Calls for 'Rapid Strike' Missions to Get Weapons, Allies Out of Afghanistan Newsweek 3 months ago
80 From Navy SEAL to Part of the Angry Mob Outside the Capitol The New York Times 10 months ago
81 US Navy SEALs change creed statement to become gender-neutral New York Post 1 year ago
82 Navy SEAL Breaks Air Force Officer’s Nose in Afghanistan Gets Away With It SOFREP 8 months ago
83 Why Do So Many Montanans Become Navy SEALS? 7 months ago
84 Meet The First Women Navy SEALs JJ and Olga Rakanova SOFREP 9 months ago
85 Chiefs Patrick Mahomes earns another award, this time for what he did off the field 8 days ago
86 U.S. Naval Special Warfare Operators Strengthen Maritime Capabilities in Europe DVIDS 7 months ago
87 How a US Navy Seal Tragedy Inspires New Drone Technology The National Interest 5 months ago
88 Navy SEALs Try to Prevent a DC Terror Attack in ‘One Shot’ 2 months ago
89 Ask Stew: Is There a Backlog in Navy Special Warfare Recruiting? 6 months ago
90 A Navy SEAL Submarine Surfing in Panama? No $hit There I Was… SOFREP 1 month ago
91 Navy SEAL Sent Home From Bahrain Suspected of War Crimes: STEEL FEAR SOFREP 5 months ago
92 Navy Offering SEAL Officers Bonuses up to $125,000 to Stay in Uniform Business Insider 1 year ago
93 SEAL Dropout Who Shipmates Said 'Hates' the Navy Is Suspected in Bonhomme Richard Fire 4 months ago
94 Activists Ask Pentagon to Reinvestigate Deaths in Yemen The Intercept 2 days ago
95 SEAL commander ordered force-wide drug testing as Navy resumes "normal" drug screening CBS News 6 months ago
96 The First Woman Has Made it Through SEAL Officer Screening 2 years ago
97 How Navy SEAL Trainers Prepare the Next Generation of SEALs SOFREP 10 months ago
98 MISSION POSSIBLE: US’ Navy Seals Again Demonstrate Why They Are The ‘Top Dogs’ For Covert Operations EurAsian Times 1 year ago
99 Art & craft festivals abound, more Christmas events starting in Tampa Bay Thanksgiving weekend WFLA 6 days ago
100 Eddie Gallagher's shocking claim that SEALs intended for detainee to die ABC News 7 months ago