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1 Nations and Soviets: The National Question in the USSR Liberation 20 days ago
2 Belarus Is Back in the USSR 23 days ago
3 Letter: Back to the USSR — in pursuit of a simpler life Financial Times 1 month ago
4 A history of Soviet whaling: Why the USSR killed so many whales, and why they stopped. Slate 22 days ago
5 One Of The Authors Of Accords Dissolving U.S.S.R., Gennady Burbulis, Dies At 76 Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 5 days ago
6 Letter: USSR reminds us of the fate of work-shy societies Financial Times 19 days ago
7 Russia to mark anniversary of WWII Nazi Germany's USSR invasion in 1941 Republic World 4 days ago
8 Sir Paul McCartney axes Beatles hit song Back in the USSR from all live shows The Mirror 9 days ago
9 Vilnius broke the rules Russia will revise Lithuania's withdrawal from the USSR 16 days ago
10 Shall we be a country with many histories? 2 days ago
11 1st Indian ship to blend West, USSR techs Times of India 29 days ago
12 'Arvydas could qualify for a handicapped parking spot' Why Arvydas Sabonis never reached his full potential in the NBA 16 hours ago
13 Russians Planned To Distribute USSR Passports In Kyiv Region SSU 16 days ago
14 Wazwan: A Kashmiri cuisine that turned political tables The Siasat Daily 1 day ago
15 Letters: Christianity, atheism; Donald Trump Longmont Times-Call 22 hours ago
16 What Countries Were Part of the Soviet Union? History 4 months ago
17 Putin: From Frank Sinatra to Leonid Brezhnev Asharq Al-awsat 2 days ago
18 Toppling Ukraine's Russian and Soviet Past Atlas Obscura 2 days ago
19 Understanding NATO enlargement through the Realist principle of 'Anarchy' Kashmir Reader 15 hours ago
20 Ukraine war: Is Kazakhstan going cool on Russia? Al Jazeera English 2 days ago
21 Soviet Union Leaders: A Timeline History 4 months ago
22 The 30th anniversary of the fall of the USSR Brookings Institution 6 months ago
23 Last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, 91, 'seriously ill' with kidney ailment The Mirror 6 days ago
24 A new return to the USSR EL PAÍS in English 2 months ago
25 A New Central Asia? Kazakhstan's Drift From Moscow – Analysis Eurasia Review 4 days ago
26 What was the USSR and why did it end? NationalWorld 3 months ago
27 Unlike Soviet Union, Russia is no friend to India: Ukrainian scholar tells 'Indian friends' COUNTERVIEW 2 days ago
28 The cold war is back but the USSR is not Morning Star Online 4 months ago
29 Which For All Mankind Characters Will Lead Season 3? CBR 1 day ago
30 Looking at the Ukraine War Through the Lens of the Korean War RealClearDefense 8 days ago
31 Russia's law to uncreate Lithuania: laugh or cry? EUobserver 10 days ago
32 Why Putin's Ukraine policy has strong parallels to Stalin's post-WWII plan for Germany Moneyweb 6 days ago
33 Russia to deploy 'Prometheus hypersonic nuclear missile system' as he warns ex-USSR countries an invasion is on the cards London Business News | 4 days ago
34 The Undoing Of The USSR: How It Happened Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 9 months ago
35 Daily Life in USSR Wasn't Less Than War History of Yesterday 2 months ago
36 iPhones, Gaming Consoles Enter Russia As 'Parallel Imports' – Kommersant The Moscow Times 3 days ago
37 Who Saw the Collapse of the USSR Coming? The Washington Post 6 months ago
38 Medvedev Says EU Could Fall Apart Before Ukraine Joins Tasnim News Agency 7 days ago
39 'We must address the sustainability of sanctions', PM tells European leaders MaltaToday 2 days ago
40 Is Russia turning back into the USSR? The Week UK 3 months ago
41 Why Russia is not the USSR, and why that is not good news | Column Tampa Bay Times 4 months ago
42 Russia’s Ukraine Invasion Won’t Be Over Soon: Putin Is Counting On The West’s Short Attention Span Outlook India 4 days ago
43 Ukraine to Place Restrictions on Russian Books, Music VOA Learning English 12 hours ago
44 Decades after the USSR collapsed, Eurasian countries struggle to maintain democracy NPR 2 months ago
45 Titanium Is What Made Russia's Lira-Class Submarine A Legend 19FortyFive 4 days ago
46 Russia Says 'Impossible' to Revive Soviet Union Amid U.S. Concerns, Growing Nostalgia Newsweek 7 months ago
47 REPUBLIC: US is constitutional and democratic Coeur d'Alene Press 2 hours ago
48 Following the collapse of the USSR, a new Russian bartering system was born : Planet Money NPR 3 months ago
49 I can't believe the UDP is still criticizing starter houses Amandala 1 day ago
50 Herbert Hoover in the USSR: The Greatest Humanitarian Campaign in History 7 months ago
51 Putin Is Repeating the USSR's Mistakes Foreign Affairs Magazine 4 months ago
52 Glastonbury: Paul McCartney flies in Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen for surprise set Irish Mirror 11 hours ago
53 The Surprising Reason Why the Soviet Union Wanted to Join NATO History of Yesterday 3 months ago
54 A-12: How the CIA Built a Mach 3 Spy Plane 19FortyFive 2 days ago
55 1991: When America Tried To Keep Ukraine In The USSR – OpEd Eurasia Review 2 months ago
56 How China Became A Force In The Former Soviet Space After The Fall Of The U.S.S.R. Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 7 months ago
57 Russia, Belarus Call on Former Soviet Nations to Help Form USSR-Style Union Newsweek 2 months ago
58 Dec. 8, 1991: USSR is dead as Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia form new union Chicago Tribune 4 months ago
59 Back in the USSR: Lenin statues and Soviet flags reappear in Russian-controlled cities The Guardian 2 months ago
60 Red Leviathan uncovers Soviet Union's slaughter of whales Daily Times 4 days ago
61 Transcript: Black in the USSR MSNBC 3 months ago
62 Ukraine pride parade canceled amid Russian war USA TODAY 5 days ago
63 Kazakhstan, Not Russia, Was the Last Republic to the Leave the USSR The National Interest Online 8 months ago
64 Putin Allies' Wealth Will Keep Him From Reviving USSR Newsweek 1 month ago
65 Review: "Firebird" forbidden love set in 1970s USSR armed forces The Providence Journal 2 months ago
66 Russian Ice Hockey Team's USSR Jerseys Raise Eyebrows Bloomberg 6 months ago
67 For Lessons On Russia vs. Ukraine, Look At USSR vs. Hungary In 1956 Newnan Times-Herald 4 months ago
68 The Real Collapse Of The USSR Is Taking Place Only Now – OpEd Eurasia Review 3 months ago
69 Russia's T-34: The Best Tank Ever? 19FortyFive 4 days ago
70 The re-Sovietization of Russia The Washington Post 2 months ago
71 Russia warns of 'non-diplomatic' response to Kaliningrad restrictions The Jerusalem Post 4 days ago
72 Paul McCartney's feud with John Lennon and heartbreaking last words before assassination Irish Mirror 14 hours ago
73 Russian Think Tank Head: We Faced The West When It Was Weakest Middle East Media Research Institute 3 days ago
74 Vietnam’s role in eliminating Khmer Rouge in Cambodia Modern Diplomacy 18 hours ago
75 Black in the USSR MSNBC 3 months ago
76 The New USSR: The Union of Socialist States of Red | Opinion Newsweek 4 months ago
77 Is today's Russia a “USSR 2.0”? Putin wants us to think so New Eastern Europe 4 months ago
78 Putin's crackdown on dissent recalls Stalin, USSR repression The Washington Post 2 months ago
79 Yellow Fillings, Iron Teeth: Russians Fear Return Of Soviet Dentistry Under Sanctions Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 4 days ago
80 Opinion: Putin goes back to the USSR The Atlanta Journal Constitution 4 months ago
81 Russian lawmakers push bill to fine anyone equating USSR with Nazi Germany Fox News 3 months ago
82 Voice of reason from a former US diplomat to USSR SHINE 4 months ago
83 War over sea row unlikely – Carlos The Manila Times 2 days ago
84 Back in the USSR – surprises in the Russia-Ukraine conflict The Interpreter 4 months ago
85 DEATH OF THE USSR: Remembering Moldova's children of the Gulag bne IntelliNews 7 months ago
86 Abandoned former USSR sites – in pictures | World news The Guardian 7 months ago
87 The United States Is Not The USSR National Review 4 months ago
88 ‘We’re going back to a USSR’: long queues return for Russian shoppers as sanctions bite The Guardian 3 months ago
89 ‘It’s a reference to the USSR — to its return’ Meduza 2 months ago
90 US and NATO lack capability to supply a long war Asia Times 3 days ago
91 Why romanticising the Soviet Union obscures its colonial past gal-dem 4 months ago
92 A moment that changed me: I was so desperate to leave home I agreed to smuggle 80,000 Bibles into the USSR The Guardian 4 months ago
93 How Lumumba’s murder prompted unspeakable trauma The Citizen 2 days ago
94 Putin's Russia: people increasingly identify with the Soviet Union – here's what that means The Conversation 2 months ago
95 This DC Poet Was Once the USSR's Biggest Kid Actor Washingtonian 2 months ago
96 Except China BRICS members not interested in US bashing The Siasat Daily 3 hours ago
97 Ex-U.S. Ambassador to USSR: Ukraine Crisis Stems Directly from Post-Cold War Push to Expand NATO Democracy Now! 4 months ago
98 U.S. Will Fold Like USSR, State Lawmaker Says While Arguing for Secession Newsweek 4 months ago
99 How Putin's Ukraine Policy Parallels Stalin's Plan For Germa... MENAFN.COM 7 days ago