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1 Ukrainians: ‘We Cannot Pause Our Lives' VOA Learning English 20 hours ago
2 Two Ukrainians work to build new lives in Ames: 'We do feel like part of this family, absolutely' Ames Tribune 7 hours ago
3 The Ukrainians Living in British Spare Rooms The New Yorker 1 day ago
4 Israel’s High Court allows visa exemption for Ukrainians fleeing war Haaretz 5 hours ago
5 Splintered Ukrainian city braces for new battle with Russia ABC News 11 hours ago
6 Ukrainians taken captive by Russia say they were held in brutal conditions: ‘Everyone was beaten’ NBC News 9 hours ago
7 Denver area Ukrainians raise money, send supplies to frontlines of war FOX 31 Denver 2 hours ago
8 Ukraine women serving in record numbers as medics and machine gunners The Washington Post 9 hours ago
9 Ukrainian missile strike kills three in Russia, Kremlin claims Fox News 5 hours ago
10 Russians press assault on eastern Ukrainian city NPR 10 hours ago
11 Because of the war, about 800,000 Ukrainians lost their homes Yahoo News 9 hours ago
12 Belarus claims to have shot down Ukrainian missiles CNN 10 hours ago
13 Ukrainians are building homemade tech in attempt to thwart Russian drone onslaught New York Post 20 hours ago
14 Russia-Ukraine live news: ‘Many killed’ in Sloviansk shelling Al Jazeera English 5 hours ago
15 Ukrainian orphans stranded as American families struggle to save them from war Fox News 4 hours ago
16 Two Ukrainian fighters describe the current state of the frontlines against Russia NPR 1 day ago
17 This Ukrainian footballer begged his parents to flee. They said they'd be safe in suburban Bucha CNN 13 hours ago
18 DOD Official Says Ukrainians Heroically Defending Lysychansk > US Department of Defense > Defense Department News Department of Defense 6 days ago
19 Ukraine says Russian ship carrying Ukrainian grain detained by Turkey Reuters UK 3 hours ago
20 Uprooted by war, some Ukrainians in the UK now face homelessness alone CNN 6 days ago
21 Ukrainian troops using US-supplied HIMARS system The Washington Post 2 days ago
22 Farmington-area group explores Ukrainian sponsorship, to meet July 11 Lewiston Sun Journal 12 hours ago
23 Ukrainians resettle in Savannah amid ongoing conflict WSAV-TV 3 days ago
24 Zelensky: 2,610 Ukrainian cities, towns remain under Russian occupation The Hill 18 hours ago
25 Two Ukrainians at Wimbledon describe the horrors of war The Washington Post 6 days ago
26 Ukrainian borscht gets a spot on U.N. protection list The Washington Post 2 days ago
27 Medics battle relentless wave of trauma in Ukrainian town of Borodyanka The Guardian 9 hours ago
28 100 days after Ukraine was plunged into war, over 2 million Ukrainians have returned NPR 1 month ago
29 Russia says it hit Ukrainian military sites in Donbas and Mykolaiv region CNBC 1 day ago
30 Ukrainians resume badminton training in Ipswich BBC 1 day ago
31 In New Poll, 89% of Ukrainians Reject Ceding Land to Reach Peace With Russia The Wall Street Journal 4 days ago
32 Opinion | The U.S. door swings open to Ukrainians The Washington Post 11 days ago
33 Ukrainians in Naples love US, long for home this July 4th Naples Daily News 2 days ago
34 Ukrainians concede key bastion could fall Manning River Times 14 hours ago
35 How the Russian Media Spread False Claims About Ukrainian Nazis The New York Times 1 day ago
36 Russia targeted Ukrainian ammunition to weaken Kyiv on the battlefield The Washington Post 9 days ago
37 Perspective | Ukrainians have fought for independence for more than a century The Washington Post 20 days ago
38 Ukrainians find Russian priest ready to help them rebuild their shattered lives CNN 12 days ago
39 Moscow blasted for sending Ukrainians to firing squad POLITICO 23 days ago
40 Forcibly displaced Ukrainians: Lessons from Syria and beyond Brookings Institution 12 days ago
41 What Ukrainians tell Russian family members about the war The Washington Post 13 days ago
42 The Ukrainians’ American-Made Rockets Blast The Russians For The First Time Forbes 9 days ago
43 Russia Holding 8 Ukrainian Mayors Captive: Report Newsweek 19 hours ago
44 Ukraine defenders cling to key battleground city of Severodonetsk The Washington Post 25 days ago
45 Donation may help reunite MU Ukrainian student with girlfriend Columbia Daily Tribune 7 hours ago
46 For Ukrainian troops, a need arises: Javelin customer service The Washington Post 19 days ago
47 Ukrainians cheer nation's EU candidacy amid wartime woes The Associated Press 9 days ago
48 Enemy tongue: eastern Ukrainians reject their Russian birth language The Guardian 29 days ago
49 As ammunition runs out, Ukraine's hopes dim on eastern battlefield The Washington Post 23 days ago
50 BC provides financial assistance for displaced Ukrainians | BC Gov News BC Gov News 4 days ago
51 Millions of Ukrainian refugees will stay in European Union., says European Commission VP The Washington Post 27 days ago
52 Ukrainians still finding bodies in former occupied villages outside Kyiv The Guardian 11 days ago
53 Ukrainians who fled to Georgia reveal details of Russia’s ‘filtration camps’ The Guardian 21 days ago
54 Russia controls 80 percent of Sievierodonetsk as ‘scorched earth’ shelling continues, Ukrainians say PBS NewsHour 19 days ago
55 U.S. Lacks a Clear Picture of Ukraine’s War Strategy, Officials Say The New York Times 25 days ago
56 Ukrainians struggle to make sense of their new normal WBUR News 18 days ago
57 A couple honoured their Ukrainian roots with a rollicking wedding steeped in tradition Toronto Star 9 hours ago
58 Opinion | A young soldier's death reminds Ukrainians that the war is taking their best The Washington Post 16 days ago
59 Maine volunteers welcome Ukrainian refugees NPR 24 days ago
60 Ukraine artillery war on the eastern frontlines The Washington Post 1 month ago
61 Opinion | Ukrainians would never vote against Boris Johnson The Washington Post 25 days ago
62 War isn't funny but humor helps Ukrainians cope with trauma The Associated Press 19 days ago
63 Fact Sheet – Documentation and Benefit Eligibility for Ukrainians United States of America 25 days ago
64 Ukrainians are using 3D technology to preserve hundreds of cultural artifacts in a digital archive, far away from Russia's attacks CNN 22 days ago
65 'We found our family here' Ukrainians flock to the Fort 1 day ago
66 Russian soldiers capture own commander to prevent him from escaping combat zone – Ukrainian Intelligence Yahoo News 7 hours ago
67 Ukraine: Russian attitudes to Ukrainians can help to explain the atrocities The Conversation 24 days ago
68 June 16, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news CNN 17 days ago
69 We Are All Ukrainians Now The Moscow Times 26 days ago
70 Why Ukrainian newcomers are not refugees and why that matters 8 days ago
71 'Overwhelming firepower': How Russia is wearing down Ukrainian forces in the Donbas CNN 2 days ago
72 Ukrainians set their sights on revenge in battle for the Black Sea coast The Telegraph 1 day ago
73 U.S. skeptical U.N.-Russia talks will free trapped Ukrainian grain POLITICO 28 days ago
74 Timid Biden condemns Ukrainians to an agonising war without end The Guardian 28 days ago
75 Symbol of Ukrainian resistance at center of new dispute CNN 4 days ago
76 Ukrainians fleeing war find asylum in unexpected Asian country CNN 13 days ago
77 None of the US Air Force's linguists spoke Ukrainian. Then Russia invaded. 2 days ago
78 MHK queries whether Island can speed up help for Ukrainians Manx Radio 1 day ago
79 US Charity Gives Ukrainians Lifesaving Gift in Wartime Voice of America 16 days ago
80 See Ukrainian troops try out US-supplied M4 rifles CNN 18 days ago
81 Sexual Violence 'Most Hidden Crime' Being Committed against Ukrainians, Civil Society Representative Tells Security Council | Meetings Coverage and Press Releases United Nations 27 days ago
82 US supports international inquiry into war crimes in Ukraine – as it happened The Guardian 29 days ago
83 Moscow Relying on Loyal Ukrainians for Heaviest Fighting to Spare Russian Troops U.S. News & World Report 27 days ago
84 Newfoundland and Labrador Welcomes Second Airlift of Ukrainians News Releases 19 days ago
85 Ukrainian nationals arriving in New Brunswick Government of New Brunswick 26 days ago
86 Ukrainians who come to UK illegally could be sent to Rwanda, Johnson says The Guardian 10 days ago
87 Ukraine’s high casualty rate could bring war to tipping point The Guardian 23 days ago
88 Ukrainians finding their feet in Thunder Bay, Ont., as Russian invasion nears 4th month 10 days ago
89 Specialist gang ‘targeting’ Ukrainian treasures for removal to Russia The Guardian 21 days ago
90 Ukraine forces ‘recapture 20% of territory lost in Sievierodonetsk’ – as it happened The Guardian 1 month ago
91 Ukrainian troops plead for more artillery to offset Russia’s firepower in Sievierodonetsk – as it happened The Guardian 24 days ago
92 Thousands of Ukrainian refugees offered school places around the country GOV.UK 24 days ago
93 Helping Ukrainians New to Mississauga Settle by Making City's ActiveAssist Program Accessible City of Mississauga 26 days ago
94 Finding A Place That "Feels Like Home": Ukrainians Stuck Amid War NDTV 18 days ago
95 Ukrainians looking for housing in Nova Scotia | CTV News CTV News Atlantic 19 days ago
96 UK to offer major training programme for Ukrainian forces as Prime Minister hails their victorious determination GOV.UK 16 days ago
97 Exclusive: How a 15-year-old Ukrainian drone pilot helped destroy a Russian army column Global News 27 days ago
98 President Biden to Announce Uniting for Ukraine, a New Streamlined Process to Welcome Ukrainians Fleeing Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Homeland Security 2 months ago
99 Let's Help Ukrainians Transition to Security in PA Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus 3 months ago
100 How Ukrainians Saved Their Capital The New Yorker 2 months ago