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1 Venezuelan Americans pressure GOP to back permanent residency
2 Rome Court Rejects Venezuela Extradition Bid for Ex-Oil Czar
3 'A La Calle' Co-Director: Stories Of Venezuela's Humanitarian Crisis Are Universal
4 Cyber 'farming'online gets Venezuelans cash
5 Cyber 'farming' to boost income in Venezuela
6 Mexico finds a Latin American ally in Venezuela's Maduro
7 Venezuela's justice system aiding repression: Human rights probe
8 Activist: 159 Venezuelans deported in inhumane conditions
9 Lebanon’s inflation rate is worse than Zimbabwe’s and Venezuela’s
10 Venezuela Opposition Parties Will Take Part in November Elections
11 Venezuela puts state food firms in private hands as socialist policies recede
12 Venezuelans Say Most Of Guyana Is Theirs. Guyanese Call That A 'Jumbie' Story
13 Spain: Venezuelan spymaster loses court extradition dispute
14 Capturing Venezuela's Descent Into Socialist Hell
15 Opinion | Dollarization Is Helping the Collapsed Venezuelan Economy, for Now
16 Venezuelan leader Maduro lands in Mexico ahead of Latin American leaders' summit
17 Weatherwatch: Venezuela’s varied climate
18 Venezuela judicial independence deeply eroded: UN rights experts
19 Venezuela receives Sputnik V doses for revaccination — TV
20 Venezuelan man charged with attempted murder on St. Thomas
21 How Venezuela's Long Decline Hurts Caracas and Its Museums, Theaters
22 OPEC Secretary General Visits Venezuela
23 TODAY producer shares the Venezuelan foods that remind her of home
24 Venezuela: Human Rights Agenda for Political Negotiation
25 EXCLUSIVE Venezuela swapped PDVSA oil for food, then punished the dealmakers
26 The Venezuelan health-care workers secretly collecting COVID stats
27 Former Venezuelan official, charged in narco-terrorism conspiracy, is arrested in Spain, US DOJ says
28 Biggest Bank in Venezuela Suffers 5 Day Outage After Hack Attempt – Emerging Markets Bitcoin News
29 Death toll rises to at least 20 in western Venezuela floods
30 Local food truck brings a taste of Venezuela to Tulsa
31 The Venezuelans Trying to Escape Their Country Through Video Game Grunt Work
32 Official invites Russian CEC members to monitor Venezuelan elections
33 Venezuela's Ex-Spy Chief Caught After Years Disguised in Wigs and Fake Mustaches
34 COVID in Venezuela, health trials suppressed — the week in infographics
35 Venezuela's government and opposition agree efforts to ease vaccine access
36 Venezuelan spymaster loses court extradition dispute | World News
37 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto News and Price Data
38 China's unfulfilled promise to develop Venezuela's mines
39 Pope Francis prays for flood victims in Venezuela
40 Mexico criticized for welcoming Cuban, Venezuelan leaders
41 Lacalle Pou’s criticisms of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua generate division in Uruguay
42 American couple tries to pressure Venezuela to stop ‘white torture’ of imprisoned nephew
43 Venezuela's Negotiations Won't Get Rid of Maduro. So What's Next?
44 Driven by pandemic, Venezuelans uproot again to come to US
45 Fleeing hardship at home, bias abroad, Venezuelans flock to U.S.
46 Europe's Window of Opportunity on Venezuela Is Closing
47 ‘Latin America will never be the same’: Venezuela exodus reaches record levels
48 Biden Grants Protections for Venezuelans to Remain in U.S.
49 Growing Desperation Forces Record Number Of Venezuelans To Cross U.S. Border
50 'We gave Venezuelan migrants a licence to dream'
51 Despite ally donations, few Venezuelans get COVID-19 vaccine
52 Colombia Grants Legal Status to 1.7 Million Venezuelan Migrants
53 Venezuelans Enduring Day-Long Waits to Fill Gasoline Tanks
54 At least two Venezuelans die in shipwreck en route to Trinidad
55 Venezuelan refugees and their receiving communities need funding, not sympathy
56 ‘Humanitarian time bomb’: 4,700 Venezuelans flee to Colombia
57 'A Huge Opportunity': Venezuelan Migrants Welcome Colombia's New Open-Door Policy
58 Colombia's President On Amnesty For Venezuelans: 'We Want To Set An Example'
59 Chile: Rulings Uphold Rights of Deported Venezuelans
60 Continuing Venezuela exodus and COVID-19 highlights need for global solidarity for most vulnerable
61 Trump blocks Venezuelans' deportation in last political gift
62 Hunger and COVID-19 drive Venezuelans to take more dangerous routes out
63 Opinion | A Venezuelan World Heritage Site Is in Danger
64 Venezuela’s Maduro expresses desire for foreign aid, Biden deal
65 To help Venezuelans, Biden can go beyond granting temporary immigration status
66 Trinidad: A dangerous route out for Venezuelan migrants
67 Biden administration grants TPS to Venezuelans
68 As Venezuela's economy regresses, crypto fills the gaps
69 Venezuelan migrants flee homeland, find new home in Central Florida
70 Venezuela: Security Force Abuses at Colombia Border
71 Venezuela to Cut Six Zeroes Off Bolivar to Simplify Transactions
72 5,000 Flee as Venezuela Launches Largest Military Campaign in Decades
73 Trump Approves Deportation Protections for Venezuelans in U.S. Illegally
74 In An Attempt To Ease Sanctions, Venezuela's Maduro Reaches Out To U.S.
75 El Libertador and Venezuela's Rise and Fall (2019) : Throughline
76 Venezuelan boxer sees Olympic hopes rekindled
77 Terrorist Group Steps Into Venezuela as Lawlessness Grows
78 U.S. warns Venezuela, Cuba to turn away Iranian ships believed to be carrying arms
79 Britain sanctions Venezuelan President Maduro's envoy Saab
80 Gaining Temporary Protected Status and Losing Hope: Venezuelans In and Outside the Country
81 Venezuelans wait in long lines in attempt to get a COVID vaccine in Caracas
82 US eases crippling Venezuela sanction, allows propane deals
83 Maduro's Reluctant Reforms May Halt Venezuelan Economic Freefall
84 Watchdog: US aid to Venezuela driven by more than just need
85 Relocations in Brazil offer dignity and hope to thousands of Venezuelans
86 Cash-flush Venezuelan firms are moving US dollars abroad: Sources
87 For displaced Venezuelans, regularization is the key to building productive lives
88 Venezuela's revolution has stalled. Is Juan Guaidó still the answer?
89 'The government is losing ground' residents say as gangs take territory in Venezuela's capital
90 Behind The Violence Between Venezuelan Forces And Colombian Guerillas
91 A million to 1: Venezuela's currency losing 6 zeros
92 Venezuelans, Burmese among more than 600000 immigrants eligible for Temporary Protected Status in U.S.
93 Colombia is letting hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans stay. What can other countries learn?
94 Large Venezuelan Migration Sparks Xenophobic Backlash In Colombia
95 Why Biden Granted Venezuelans TPS — And What It Means For South Florida
96 World Food Programme starts distributing food in crisis-hit Venezuela
97 Opinion | What's behind Venezuela's covid numbers? A police state, obfuscation and economic paralysis.
98 U.S. weighs Venezuela policy as Maduro courts Biden administration
99 Venezuela raises minimum wage in fourth year of hyperinflation
100 Polk's Venezuelans welcome new option after country added to TPS list