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1 Robinhood’s Struggles Continue: Its Cofounders Are No Longer Billionaires, Shares Down 60% Since IPO Forbes 7 days ago
2 CEOs to keep an eye on in 2022 The Seattle Times 29 days ago
3 Analysis: Will the games stop? SEC mulls crackdown on trading apps Reuters 20 hours ago
4 Marc Lore, Amber Venz Box & More Featured Speakers Join SXSW 2022 9 days ago
5 The Robinhood M&A rumor mill churns Axios 2 days ago
6 Robinhood Begins Crypto Wallet Beta Tests Investopedia 1 day ago
7 Robinhood's latest executive hire seen as getting a 'spare CEO' San Francisco Business Times 20 days ago
8 Robinhood grants more stock to some employees as price plunges — who's next? San Francisco Business Times 5 days ago
9 Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev could be worth $2.5 billion after IPO CNBC 6 months ago
10 Seashell Unveils Inflation-Resistant Investment Product Alongside $6M Seed Round PRNewswire 14 days ago
11 Coinbase shares plunge as crypto crash wipes out $1.4 trillion in value since peak Fortune 3 days ago
12 Robinhood: Vlad Tenev : How I Built This with Guy Raz NPR 10 months ago
13 CNBC Transcript: Robinhood Co-Founder and CEO Vlad Tenev Speaks with CNBC’s Jim Cramer Live During the CNBC Disruptor 50 Summit Today CNBC 3 months ago
14 Vlad Tenev says Robinhood critics are targeting retail-investor power Markets Insider 4 months ago
15 CNBC: Yale's Jeff Sonnenfeld picks the best and worst CEO performances of 2021 Yale School of Management 28 days ago
16 Robinhood's C.E.O., Vlad Tenev, Is in the Hot Seat The New York Times 12 months ago
17 Stock market ‘crash’ 2022 today LIVE – Dow Jones dropped 1,000 points and S&P 500 stocks down amid Russia t... The Sun 2 days ago
18 On the 1-year anniversary of the big short squeeze, GameStop bulls tried to relive their first attack, and that's the problem MarketWatch 6 days ago
19 Could Shiba Inu Finally Get Listed on Robinhood? The Motley Fool 14 days ago
20 SoFi joins the meme-stock party -- does that mean the parents have come home? MarketWatch 7 days ago
21 Robinhood Markets CEO Vlad Tenev CEO Faces Political Face-Off in GameStop Outcry Bloomberg 11 months ago
22 Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev Hopes for $40 Billion IPO Valuation Bloomberg 7 months ago
23 Before Congress, Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev to reject accusation that app encourages reckless trading MarketWatch 11 months ago
24 Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev apologizes to Alex Kearns' family Business Insider 11 months ago
25 Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev on decision to restrict trading on GameStop CNBC 12 months ago
26 Robinhood Duo Cut Their Salaries 90% and Became Billionaires Bloomberg 7 months ago
27 Robinhood crypto wallet waitlist tops 1 million customers, CEO says CNBC 3 months ago
28 Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev staying in hotel after death threats: report Business Insider 11 months ago
29 Citadel Securities: how the Wall Street outsider became 'the Amazon of financial markets' Financial Times 2 days ago
30 GameStop Taught the Robinhood CEO a Lesson in PR Bloomberg 12 months ago
31 Dave Portnoy Hurls Insults at Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev Over GameStop Drama Bloomberg 11 months ago
32 Robinhood CEO calls for changes to exchange pricing rules Reuters 7 months ago
33 Robinhood CEO details 3:30 am call to put up $3 billion CNN 12 months ago
34 Robinhood Plans to Dive Deeper into Crypto, According to CEO Vlad Tenev CryptoPotato 6 months ago
35 Robinhood Founder Vlad Tenev Says App Blocked GameStop Buys to 'Protect Investors' Newsweek 12 months ago
36 Vlad Tenev '08 apologizes to House Financial Services Committee over Robinhood controversy The Stanford Daily 11 months ago
37 Robinhood Markets, Inc. (HOOD) CEO Vlad Tenev on Q3 2021 Results Earnings Call Transcript 3 months ago
38 Robinhood CEO says it limited buying in GameStop to 'protect the firm and protect our customers' CNBC 12 months ago
39 Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev on the short squeeze that caused GameStop to skyrocket CNBC 12 months ago
40 Robinhood CEO: Tapping credit lines is proactive, not a sign of cash crunch in GameStop frenzy CNBC 12 months ago
41 Vladimir Tenev's Net Worth (Updated 2021) Wealthy Gorilla 2 months ago
42 Robinhood reveals new regulatory probes on the eve of its blockbuster IPO CNN 6 months ago
43 Cramer weighs in on Portnoy grilling Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev CNBC 11 months ago
44 Robinhood co-founder steps down as co-CEO, leaving Vlad Tenev as sole chief ahead of a rumored IPO Fortune 1 year ago
45 Dave Portnoy confronts 'rat' Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev over GameStop saga New York Post 11 months ago
46 Watch Dave Portnoy and Vlad Tenev's heated Robinhood debate Business Insider 11 months ago
47 Outlook 2022: Jim Toes, STA Markets Media 29 days ago
48 Robinhood Under Investigation for FINRA Registration Violation Coindesk 6 months ago
49 Stock that fell hardest in Wall Street Techstory 5 days ago
50 It will take a while, but the sharemarket crash has already begun 8 days ago
51 Robinhood CEO, hedge fund execs defend their role in GameStop frenzy CBS News 11 months ago
52 Robinhood co-founder Vlad Tenev on commission-free trading business model CNBC 1 year ago
53 GameStop: Robinhood CEO 'to testify before Congress on trades' Daily Mail 12 months ago
54 24kGoldn Talks Finance Career Aspirations, Music, Investing With Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev Benzinga 7 months ago
55 Meet the Robinhood founders: Indian American Baiju Bhatt and Bulgarian American Vladimir Tenev Gulf News 12 months ago
56 Kevin O'Leary says he supports Robinhood's Vlad Tenev and that the CEO is trying to stop young traders from... Markets Insider 10 months ago
57 A $25 billion dogecoin whale lurks, but Robinhood CEO says 'we don't have significant positions in any of the coins we keep' MarketWatch 9 months ago
58 Robinhood CEO: Becoming an investor is the new American dream, just like home ownership was before CNBC 12 months ago
59 Robinhood's CEO says he's working to make it easier to withdraw crypto Markets Insider 9 months ago
60 Who is Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev?... The Sun 12 months ago
61 Robinhood CEO Unwittingly Inspired $1 Million Meme Stock Fraud Bloomberg 4 months ago
62 Robinhood Co-Founders Baiju Bhatt and Vladimir Tenev: Bloomberg 50 2020 Bloomberg 1 year ago
63 From Physics Grad Student To Financial Disruptor: Robinhood's Vlad Tenev DealBreaker 6 years ago
64 Roaring Kitty, Wall Street and Reddit CEOs to testify at GameStop hearing Business Insider 12 months ago
65 Elon Musk quizzes Robinhood’s Vlad Tenev in a Clubhouse conversation Fortune 12 months ago
66 Why investors were willing to write Robinhood a $3 billion check during the GameStop chaos CNBC 12 months ago
67 Watch lawmakers grill Robinhood's CEO CNN 11 months ago
68 Tesla`s Elon Musk grills Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev over GameStop trading freeze WION 12 months ago
69 Robinhood CEO admits company did not respond perfectly to GameStop trading mania Axios 11 months ago
70 Robinhood shares tank as revenue falls way short of expectations on lighter crypto trading CNBC 3 months ago
71 Robinhood's disruptive force: The good, the bad and the controversy CNBC 8 months ago
72 Does Robinhood Think Investing Is a Party? The Wall Street Journal 4 months ago
73 Robinhood CEO 'Rejects' Criticism That It's Glorifying Gambling Bloomberg 11 months ago
74 Robinhood appoints Caleb Sima as CSO Help Net Security 11 months ago
75 Robinhood plans to hire a 'ton' of people for its crypto business: CEO Markets Insider 10 months ago
76 GameStop Hearing Centers Around Robinhood The New York Times 11 months ago
77 Robinhood CEO says SEC charges 'don't reflect Robinhood today' CNBC 1 year ago
78 Robinhood Tiptoes into Wealth Management with “Recommendations” Engine AdvisorHub 3 months ago
79 Robinhood’s Reckoning: Facing Life After GameStop The Wall Street Journal 12 months ago
80 Robinhood CEO calls for move to real-time settlement of trades Reuters 12 months ago
81 Robinhood and Reddit in the spotlight during GameStop congressional hearing: Live updates CNN 11 months ago
82 Ken Griffin, Robinhood Strike Back at Fresh Outrage Over GameStop Bloomberg 4 months ago
83 First Dogecoin Millionaire Gets Follow From Vlad Tenev Watch His Reaction 8 months ago
84 Raises $26M in Series B Funding FinSMEs 2 months ago
85 GameStop shares soar 105% after Robinhood reopens trading but the SEC warns of SEVERE losses Daily Mail 12 months ago
86 Key quotes from the GameStop testimonies: 'I am not a cat' Reuters 11 months ago
87 Wall Street Breaks From Robinhood in Stock Settlement Debate Bloomberg 5 months ago
88 Elon Musk's banter with Robinhood CEO triggers stampede for Clubhouse app Reuters 12 months ago
89 Robinhood's no-fee model has real costs: 'That is what scares me' CNET 9 months ago
90 '$40 billion' Robinhood app tries to vault SEC hurdles New York Post 9 months ago
91 Robinhood is fined $70 million over misleading customers and system outages. The New York Times 6 months ago
92 Robinhood CEO Gamestop Hearing Capped by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Duel Bloomberg 11 months ago
93 Elon Musk Interviews Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev On Stock Trading Restrictions On "Clubhouse" App RealClearPolitics 12 months ago
94 Robinhood CEO defends high-frequency trading after short-squeeze Markets Insider 12 months ago
95 Robinhood Is Going on a College Tour to Recruit New Customers The Wall Street Journal 4 months ago
96 Robinhood is testing a crypto wallet Fortune 4 months ago
97 Robinhood plans to hire a ‘ton’ of people to expand cryptocurrency operations The Independent 10 months ago
98 Robinhood founder: How I built a $1.3 billion free stock-trading app Business Insider 5 years ago
99 Redefining Social: Elon Musk’s and Vlad Tenev’s GameStop hard-talk has important signals for social media The Financial Express 12 months ago
100 Robinhood CEO Defends High-Frequency Trading in Latest Blog Post Bloomberg 12 months ago