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1 Putin: His Life and Times review: the banality of the Russian president laid bare The New Statesman 1 day ago
2 Boris Johnson says there'd be no war in Ukraine if Vladimir Putin 'were a woman' USA TODAY 4 days ago
3 Column: Vladimir Putin is the unabashed lord of war crimes in the 21st century Yakima Herald-Republic 10 hours ago
4 Restoration of empire is the endgame for Russia's Vladimir Putin CNN 22 days ago
5 Who is Vladimir Putin? | Start Here Al Jazeera English 18 days ago
6 Vladimir Putin to make first foreign trip since Ukraine invasion Al Jazeera English 7 days ago
7 Putin could face a ‘hammer to the head’ if his inner circle turns on him over Ukraine war, former CIA official says Fortune 5 days ago
8 Putin lambasts the West and declares the end of 'the era of the unipolar world' CNN 15 days ago
9 Don't Blame Vladimir Putin for Higher Prices The National Interest Online 23 hours ago
10 Fresh humiliation for Putin 4 hours ago
11 Vladimir Putin supporters demand revenge after 'five killed' in Russian border city The Mirror 9 hours ago
12 Vladimir Putin seen shaking in latest video New York Post 19 days ago
13 Intel Reveals Putin Plan to Weasel His Way Into American Hearts The Daily Beast 11 days ago
14 Mikhail Khodorkovsky: What comes after Vladimir Putin is one of my biggest concerns The Independent 5 hours ago
15 The Many Deaths of Vladimir Putin Center for European Policy Analysis 27 days ago
16 Bernie Ecclestone Says He Would “Take A Bullet” For Vladimir Putin, Criticizes Volodymyr Zelensky & U.S. Intervention Deadline 3 days ago
17 Putin's week: Facing NATO expansion, West's unity on Ukraine The Associated Press 2 days ago
18 Major crisis facing Russian football clubs after Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine Daily Star 1 day ago
19 Ukraine LIVE: Putin's 'horror' next phase of war to destroy lives of tens of millions Express 3 hours ago
20 Russian President Vladimir Putin's Ukraine war helped NATO MSNBC 2 days ago
21 Investigation Into Vladimir Putin's Finances Dismissed by Russia Newsweek 12 days ago
22 Vladimir Putin Rival Mikhail Kasyanov Warns of Sinister Twist in Russia's Master Plan of War The Daily Beast 20 days ago
23 Vladimir Putin made ‘historic’ error in Ukraine: France Al Jazeera English 1 month ago
24 Vladimir Putin's evil plan exposed as Russia loses 'floating missile base' Snake Island The Mirror 2 days ago
25 Russian State TV Dishes on the Moment Vladimir Putin Could Win the War in Ukraine The Daily Beast 25 days ago
26 Video Showing Russian President Vladimir Putin's Motorcade Rushing To Kremlin Sparks Speculation NDTV 6 days ago
27 Vladimir Putin loses his 57th colonel in just four months of war The Independent 3 days ago
28 NATO 'prepared for all eventualities' as Russian President Vladimir Putin issues fresh threats ABC News 3 days ago
29 Vladimir Putin Told French President Emmanuel Macron He Would Rather "Play Ice Hockey" Than Hold Peace Talks: Report NDTV 3 days ago
30 Putin allegedly told not to make 'lengthy' public appearances because of bad health New York Post 23 days ago
31 Vladimir Putin, PM Modi discuss Ukraine, food and oil prices in call Times of India 2 days ago
32 Putin Has a Patriotism Problem The New Yorker 25 days ago
33 Vladimir Putin blasts NATO 'imperialism' over Western military shake-up plan Euronews 3 days ago
34 Paralysis in Moscow: why Putin persists with his strategy The New Statesman 10 days ago
35 China’s new vassal: Vladimir Putin POLITICO Europe 27 days ago
36 Vladimir Putin Questioned by His Greatest Cheerleader: 'I Serve Russia' Newsweek 19 days ago
37 Vladimir Putin's dark journey from economic reformer to war criminal Atlantic Council 20 days ago
38 Visiting Vladimir Putin's Lost Russia The Atlantic 15 days ago
39 What a 1904 War Can Teach Vladimir Putin The Atlantic 10 days ago
40 Hospital Pounded by Putin's Army Braces for Fresh Bloodbath The Daily Beast 17 hours ago
41 Op-ed: We must stop Putin in Ukraine before the rule-of-law is replaced by the rule-of-the-jungle CNBC 28 days ago
42 Indonesia’s Widodo gave Putin message from Ukraine’s Zelensky South China Morning Post 3 days ago
43 Vladimir Putin issues decree to seize full control of the Sakhalin-2 gas and oil project WION 2 days ago
44 Vladimir Putin still intends to conquer most of Ukraine, claims US intelligence official Republic World 3 days ago
45 Vladimir Putin critic forced to sit under nemesis's portrait for hours while in jail The Mirror 2 days ago
46 Putin Still Wants Control of Whole of Ukraine, US Ambassador to OSCE Michael Carpenter Says The Daily Beast 19 days ago
47 Opinion: How I (almost) got Putin wrong CNN 1 month ago
48 Vladimir Putin says Western sanctions pushing Russia-Belarus unification ahead Republic World 2 days ago
49 Vladimir Putin is the world's best wind turbine salesman The Telegraph 2 days ago
50 Sanna Marin has defied Vladimir Putin in joining NATO. It could be Finland's 'most important moment' ABC News 2 days ago
51 Vladimir Putin's terrifying debt to North Korea's Kim Jong-un after secret meetings The Mirror 2 days ago
52 Does Vladimir Putin Believe Using Nuclear Weapons Is Taboo? Foreign Policy 2 days ago
53 Vladimir Putin prepares to declare himself a conqueror ThePrint 18 days ago
54 See Putin's warning to US over long-range missiles CNN 28 days ago
55 This job stinks! Putin's bodyguards box up his poop New York Post 23 days ago
56 Remarks by President Biden on Gas Prices and Putin's Price Hike The White House 11 days ago
57 China will support Russia on security, Xi tells Putin in birthday call CNN 17 days ago
58 No regrets over handling of Vladimir Putin, says Angela Merkel The Guardian 26 days ago
59 Vladimir Putin struggling to keep upright as leader's legs repeatedly buckle during speech Express 19 days ago
60 Putin warns United States against supplying Ukraine longer range missiles Reuters 28 days ago
61 Tory donor and Vladimir Putin associate facing forgery charges in Luxembourg The Guardian 7 days ago
62 After 100 days of war, Putin is counting on the world's indifference CNN 1 month ago
63 Ukraine: Russian soldier reveals bloodthirsty fantasy to wife in horror phone call Express 15 hours ago
64 Ukraine's president says Vladimir Putin has become 'a terrorist' The Indian Express 4 days ago
65 As one of Vladimir Putin's closest advisers on Ukraine, Nicolai Patrushev spreads disinformation and outlandish conspiracy theories The Conversation 26 days ago
66 Putin appears to hint at further invasions; Zelenskyy says Ukrainian forces holding on in the Donbas CNBC 23 days ago
67 Putin is 'another Hitler in the making,' Egyptian billionaire Sawiris says CNBC 18 days ago
68 Vladamir Potanin, Russia's wealthiest oligarch friend of Vladimir Putin, docks $US300 million superyacht in Dubai ABC News 5 days ago
69 Vladimir Putin urges citizens to stand united in speech to mark Russia Day The Independent 21 days ago
70 Who is winning the war in Ukraine? Putin's forces conquered 20 per cent of the nation, but a chilly deadline looms ABC News 23 hours ago
71 Impossible to 'fence off' country like ours, says Russian president Vladimir Putin Deccan Herald 23 days ago
72 Vladimir Putin's popularity in Russia rises since Ukraine war ... according to Kremlin The Telegraph 2 days ago
73 Vladimir Putin blames West for food, energy crises amid Ukraine war Business Standard 29 days ago
74 Putin under pressure as Kremlin growing 'upset' over sanctions 'Some unrest in Moscow' Express 2 hours ago
75 Putin 'preparing to starve' parts of developing world: Yale historian Business Insider 22 days ago
76 Vladimir Putin's right-hand woman is Valentina Matviyenko, a Ukrainian-born politician who passionately supports his war ABC News 24 days ago
77 Boris Johnson reveals how Vladimir Putin has made more than 30 threats of nuclear war Daily Mail 3 days ago
78 Ukraine War: Vladimir Putin's terror tactics show world why he must be defeated, whatever the cost – Scotsman comment The Scotsman 2 days ago
79 As Russia goes dark, Vladimir Putin could be taking cues from Kim Jong Un on how to quash dissent ABC News 23 days ago
80 US Officials: Putin's Lies Prevent Full-Scale War Effort in Ukraine Foreign Policy 19 days ago
81 ‘Horsemen of the apocalypse’: Russia erupts 19 days ago
82 Is Putin a fantasist, a Fascist, or modern-day tsar? The Armidale Express 22 hours ago
83 Vladimir Putin Signed a Decree to Transfer Rights to the Sakhalin 2 Oil and Gas Project to ... Latest 5 hours ago
84 'Can trigger article 5!' NATO on brink of WW3 as Russia wages cyber warfare on West Express 10 hours ago
85 'Testy exchange': Pleitgen challenges Russian official on Putin's message CNN 17 days ago
86 Vladimir Putin issues three warning shots to Sweden one of them is nuclear war 18 days ago
87 ‘They would kill me’: Ukraine’s Canberra envoy on his journey from Eurovision to Putin’s hit list Sydney Morning Herald 3 days ago
88 'Scary and horrifying!' Vladimir Putin’s 'most outspoken critic' mysteriously vanishes Express 18 days ago
89 Putin has an ‘awful bleakness awaiting him’ as despot’s mind laid bare in analysis Express 7 hours ago
90 Vladimir Putin's mistress makes second surprise appearance in a week amid health rumours The Mirror 21 days ago
91 'No illusions!' Putin 'threatened' Gordon Brown during Moscow visit, ex-PM says Express 13 days ago
92 Yulia Tymoshenko on war in Ukraine: ‘It’s a chance for the free world to kill this evil’ The Guardian 25 days ago
93 ‘Party like a Russian’ turns toxic at Putin’s economic forum Sydney Morning Herald 20 days ago
94 ’Obscene’: Nuclear powers clash in ugly spat 24 days ago
95 What Is Putin Thinking? The New Yorker 3 months ago
96 For Vladimir Putin, Survival Is All That Matters Fair Observer 6 months ago
97 Putin's daughters: Who are they and why were they sanctioned? NPR 3 months ago
98 Vladimir Putin says the West has 'ignored' Russia's key concerns over Ukraine CNN 5 months ago
99 Why the West May Have to Offer Putin a Way Out The Atlantic 4 months ago
100 Vladimir Putin: from his early days to the world stage, his biography USA TODAY 4 months ago