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1 Voter ID laws are probably here to stay. What can be done about it?
2 Debate over photo voter ID laws enduring and complex
3 Voter ID is voter suppression
4 Analysis | Rep. Clyburn's false claim that 'no Democrat' has opposed voter ID laws
5 House Republicans seek to boost case for voter ID laws
6 LETTER: Support for a voter ID law | Letters To The Editor |
7 Should Massachusetts require voters to present a photo ID at the polls?
8 Clyburn 'absolutely' open to ID requirement in voting rights bill
9 Voter ID aims to prevent fraud that doesn’t exist, and more to know as Pa. considers stricter rules
10 ‘We’re f---ed’: Dems fear turnout catastrophe from GOP voting laws
11 Gov. Wolf changes course, says he's now open to some stricter voter ID rules
12 Republicans Top Democrats in Passing State Voting Laws, Often Adding Limits
13 John Fetterman, speaking to Texas Democrats, slams voter ID laws and calls electoral fraud 'fiction'
14 Massachusetts Republicans are trying to put a voter ID law on the 2022 ballot. Here’s what we know so far.
15 Could a voter ID compromise be a win for voting rights?
16 Texas voting bills: What to know about the latest legislation
17 What you need to know about hotly debated US voting laws
18 WV County Clerks Conference highlights clean voter registration list ahead of 2022
19 Voter ID is not voter suppression (opinion)
20 Governor says his position on voter ID hasn't changed
21 GOP defending voter ID laws in Texas ad campaign | TheHill
22 Editorial: Wolf should have leveraged voter ID for election reforms
23 Letter: We need voter ID
24 Republicans ready to reopen talks with Wolf on election reform after voter ID comments
25 Pennsylvania GOP gets 2nd chance at voter ID bill
26 Pennsylvania Governor Vetoes Voting Restrictions—But GOP Could Still Pass Voter ID Rule Anyway
27 Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. says voter ID requirements 'insidious' in talk with fleeing Texas Dems
28 Voting Laws Roundup: July 2021
29 Millions in UK face disenfranchisement under voter ID plans
30 MassGOP Chairman Pushes Petition For Voter ID Requirement
31 New poll shows 78 percent are in favor of stronger voter ID laws
32 Next Most Americans favor voter ID laws, poll finds
34 Kamala Harris Pushes Back on Voter ID Laws: 'Makes It Almost Impossible'
35 State to pay $1.1 million for violating voting rights law
36 Group to petition for Nebraska voter ID
37 Voting curbs enacted in 18 US states this year despite none finding widespread fraud
38 Republicans increasingly look to ballot initiatives as way to enact voting measures
39 ‘We Find that [Voter ID] Laws Have No Negative Effect on Registration or Turnout.’
40 Republicans push for voter ID requirement | Local News |
41 Virginia Democrats condemn GOP’s ‘election integrity’ rally at Liberty University
42 The Great Vote Suppression Campaign of 2021
43 7 Ways New Voting Laws Can Affect People With Disabilities
44 'You oppose Voter ID?': Hegseth clashes with Texas Democrat who fled quorum to DC over election reform bill
45 Port: Lawsuit against North Dakota's voter ID wasn't about winning legal fees
46 Arkansas voter ID law sponsor running for secretary of state
47 McAuliffe calls on Youngkin to cancel appearance at local GOP's rally billed around 'election integrity'
48 House Majority Whip Clyburn: "No Democrat Has Ever Been Against Voter ID"
49 Georgia asks judge to toss DOJ lawsuit targeting voting law
50 Equity in schools and voter suppression are top concerns for Michigan’s new civil rights director
51 North Dakota must pay attorney fees, expenses in tribal voter ID lawsuits
52 March from Georgetown to Texas Capitol inspired by events in Selma
53 Biden to Meet with Top Democrats on New Voting Rights Proposal
54 Coalitions rally for a "call to action" against voter suppression and minimum wage
55 Senate Democrats take their case for voting bill to Georgia
56 Can Democrats Stomach A National Voter ID Law To Please Joe Manchin?
57 In Texas, Efforts To Make Voting Harder Have Some Worried In Harris County
58 Here's the list of the 'Stop the Steal' nonprofits paying Cyber Ninjas millions for the Arizona election audit
59 Here’s how hard it is to vote in Texas
60 Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Voting Restrictions in Another Blow to Voting Rights Act
61 Willie Nelson, denouncing election law changes, to play at ‘March for Democracy’ rally
62 Rep. Scott Bounds speaks at the 2021 Neshoba County Fair
63 Rep. Hank Johnson among 10 demonstrators arrested at voting rights protest
64 Democrats Can’t Out-Organize a Gerrymander — or Outflank Joe Manchin
65 Joe Biden: Requiring Voter ID Is Bringing Back The Civil War
66 #PHVote Guides: Why is Comelec no longer issuing voter IDs?
67 Democrats' voter ID opposition isn't going as well as they thought it would: Mollie Hemingway
68 Sheila Jackson Lee is third Black lawmaker to be arrested during voting rights protests
69 Gov. Tom Wolf vetoes GOP-backed voting bill, calling it 'riddled with unacceptable barriers'
70 Pennsylvania lawmakers may never reach agreement on voting issues, those on both sides say
71 ‘Not a foregone conclusion:’ Republicans confront limits of Trump’s endorsement
72 The hidden security threats of vaccine passports and digital voter IDs
73 Letter: Dividing the left from the right
74 Budget breakdown: Minnesota election reforms limited to drop box security
75 LOWRY/Biden's demagogic voting speech
76 Civil rights leaders arrested at Sinema's office after protesting her filibuster support
77 Missouri to pay about $1 million in federal voting lawsuit
78 The next Republican target: Ballot campaigns
79 Vice President Kamala Harris set to meet with Native American leaders on voting rights
80 Jonah Goldberg: Voting stance isn't a war on democracy
81 Hungarian election panel clears questions of LGBT referendum
82 Kenneth L. Bowers: Need for voter identification is absolute
83 Federal government commitment necessary to protect voting rights for historically marginalized people, Fraga testifies
84 Gerald Allen announces that he is running for re-election
85 Texas House Democrats continue elections bill fight while RNC launches ad to change dialogue
86 Sununu signs election-related bills into law | Local News |
87 Absentee voting available in Greene County on Saturday and Monday
88 Rajasthan tops in updating voters’ list
89 Trump-backed candidate loses in Texas special election
90 Beto O'Rourke discusses continued efforts by Texas Democrats to stop proposed voting laws
91 See what’s on Aug. 3 election ballots in the Kalamazoo area
92 Senate GOP leader intends to step down from leadership if he runs for governor
93 Missouri to pay about $1M in federal voting lawsuit
94 After being booed at Trump rally, Ugenti-Rita criticizes the Senate's election 'audit'
95 Voter ID requirements are really popular. So why are they so divisive?
96 Why Democrats Are Reluctantly Making Voter ID Laws a Bargaining Chip
97 Tuesday's August Primary light after busy 2020 election cycle
98 Alabama Forestry Association endorses Mike Jones for state Senate
99 No immediate ruling as North Carolina voter ID trial ends
100 Wisconsin Republican leader Robin Vos is caught in the middle over the election probe as he faces criticism from the left and right