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1 WFP Colombia Country Brief, June 2021
2 Statement by WFP Executive Director on Qatari funding for humanitarian operations in Yemen
3 WFP Honduras Country Brief, June 2021
4 WFP Guatemala Country Brief, June 2021
5 WFP Eastern Africa Regional Outlook and 2020 Achievements (June 2021)
6 Tigray: As famine looms, first WFP humanitarian flight arrives
7 WFP Niger Country Brief, June 2021
8 WFP El Salvador Country Brief June 2021
9 WFP Cuba Country Brief, June 2021
10 WFP Bolivia Country Brief, June 2021
11 WFP Peru Country Brief, June 2021
12 WFP and WHO launch innovative project on Emergency Health Facilities
13 WFP Ecuador Country Brief, June 2021
14 WFP Haiti Country Brief, June 2021
15 WFP Nicaragua Country Brief, June 2021
16 WFP Syria Situation Report #6, June 2021
17 WFP Bangladesh | Rohingya Refugee Response Situation Report #51
18 WFP Burundi Country Brief, June 2021
19 WFP Colombia Country Brief, April 2021
20 WFP and WHO launch joint project to improve emergency response to health crises
21 WFP Mauritania Country Brief, June 2021
22 WFP Chad Country Brief, June 2021
23 WFP Côte d'Ivoire Country Brief, June 2021
24 WFP Egypt Country Brief, June 2021
25 WFP Market Monitor
26 WFP D.R. Congo External Situation Report #26
27 WFP Syria Country Brief, June 2021
28 First WFP food supplies for vulnerable school children arrive in Venezuela
29 WFP Jordan Country Brief, June 2021
30 WFP Palestine Country Brief, June 2021
31 WFP Ethiopia Country Brief, June 2021
32 WFP Libya Country Brief, June 2021
33 WFP Angola Country Brief, June 2021
34 Amid COVID job losses, 'high food prices are hunger's new best friend', WFP warns
35 WFP launches school meals programme in Venezuela
36 WFP Yemen Country Brief, June 2021
37 WFP Turkey Country Brief, June 2021
38 WFP and the Iraqi Ministry of Trade launch a food ration smartphone app for 1.6 million people in Iraq [EN/AR/KU]
39 Madagascar Famine is First Caused Entirely by Climate Change | Time
40 WFP Djibouti Country Brief, June 2021
41 WFP South Sudan Situation Report #291, 16 July 2021
42 The Iraqi Ministry of Education and WFP plan to broaden access to school feeding for 3.6 million children [EN/AR/KU]
43 WFP Sudan Country Brief, May 2021
44 WFP East Africa: Regional Refugee Update
45 WFP Yemen Situation Report #6, June 2021
46 WFP Benin Country Brief, June 2021
47 The European Union helps WFP provide food assistance to people displaced by the conflict in Northern Mozambique
48 WFP Angola Country Brief, May 2021
49 Evaluation of Bolivia WFP Country Strategic Plan 2018-2022
50 WFP says delivering food in Tigray, hopes for air bridge soon
51 World Food Programme convoy reaches Tigray, many more are vital to meet growing needs
52 WFP Mozambique Country Brief, May 2021
53 WFP Yemen Food Security Update, July 2021
54 WFP Policy Engagement and Technical Assistance for the National Nutrition Programme for School Children in Indonesia (Progas): Learning, Conclusions and the Way Forward
55 Impact Evaluation: Annual Report for the Strategic Advisory Panel on Impact Evaluation at WFP
56 Evaluation of Central African Republic WFP Country Strategic Plan 2018-2022
57 WFP warns of 'biblical' famine without action
58 WFP Guinea-Bissau Country Brief, January
59 WFP Guinea-Bissau Country Brief, April 2021
60 12 things you didn't know about the World Food Programme
61 Heartland Produce CEO Bill Dietz joins World Food Program USA board of directors
62 World Food Programme Strategy for Support to Social Protection (July 2021)
63 World Food Programme Convoy Attacked Enroute To Ethiopia's Tigray
64 Starving children in Madagascar have 'no energy to cry'
65 WFP Nepal mVAM Market Update # 2 (July 2021)
66 WFP donates $50K to wildfire relief and readiness efforts
67 'Nothing left': A catastrophe in Madagascar's famine-hit south
68 Angola: Millions facing hunger, as thousands flee their homes as drought ravages the south of Angola
69 UN 'extremely concerned' by Tigray humanitarian situation
70 It’s Not Just Adams vs. Sliwa: Long-Shot Mayoral Candidates Line Up for November
71 BK Progressives Celebrate Down Ballot Wins, Excited About Future
72 Humanitarian Biometrics in Yemen: The complex politics of humanitarian technology – PRIO Blogs
73 Climate crisis: Madagascar drought worsens
74 What the left should learn from Adams
75 Mystery Disease Strikes Song Birds
76 Madagascar famine becomes first in history to be caused solely by climate crisis
77 Aid in Danger Bi-Weekly News Brief, 30 June
78 Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes gets an endorsement from the Wisconsin Working Families Party in the race for US Senate
79 Introducing Food Tank's New Interactive Musical, WeCameToDance – Food Tank
80 UNSC calls for ‘immediate reversal’ of Turkish and Turkish Cypriot decision on Varosha
81 Famine knocking at the door of 41 million worldwide, WFP warns
82 Israeli representative initiates women's UN leadership network
83 Working Families Party Endorses Alves For Mayor Of Danbury
84 Pandemic puts Brazil back on the world hunger map
85 Laos: Rice from South Korea boosts emergency reserves during economic woes
86 WFP Global Operational Response Plan 2021, Update #2 (June 2021)
87 WFP to provide school meals in Venezuela
88 Building resilient communities top priority as WFP Chief visits central America
89 WFP Chief Welcomes Qatar's $100Mln Allocation to Fund Operations in Yemen
90 Several Suspects in Custody in Plot to Assassinate Madagascar’s President
91 WFP chief uses Nobel speech as call for action to avert 'hunger pandemic'
92 Safety net programmes underway to help Vincentians
93 Nutrition crisis looms as more than 39 billion in-school meals missed since start of pandemic – UNICEF and WFP
94 WFP Colombia Country Brief, March 2021
95 WFP Global Operational Response Plan 2021
96 Only chicken for Aidiladha in besieged Yemen town – Borneo Bulletin Online
97 WFP Jordan Country Brief, April 2021
98 Yemen: Famine around the corner, says World Food Programme
99 3 Million Yemenis Added to List of Beneficiaries Receiving Food Assistance
100 WFP Dominican Republic Country Brief, May 2021