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1 'Get to the airport': Wally Funk encourages young women to pursue aviation in OKC visit
2 Wally Funk on her 60-year-old aviation career
3 Wally Funk, A Lifelong Aspiring Astronaut, Will Finally Head To Space At 82
4 'Good Morning America' host, NFL great Michael Strahan going to space
5 Mercury 13's famous Wally Funk is going to space with Jeff Bezos and the Blue Origin crew
6 Hometown hero Wally Funk celebrated in Grapevine after return from space flight
7 Wally Funk Returns To OSU For First Time Since Historic Space Flight
8 Wally Funk Sets World Record During Space Flight
9 Who Is Wally Funk? – The Oldest Person Ever In Space
10 Jeff Bezos offered Tom Hanks spaceflight before William Shatner
11 After 60 years, Wally Funk is going to space
12 Former Taoseña Wally Funk makes history | Local News |
13 International Women’s Air & Space Museum celebrates women with the right stuff
14 Blue Origin Spaceflight Was Just Okay, Says Jeff Bezos’ ‘Honored Guest’ Wally Funk
15 Aspiring astronaut Wally Funk, held back by sexism, may finally get to go to space
16 Age of space tourism
17 North Texans Watch Grapevine's Wally Funk Make History in Blue Origin Launch
18 Soaring ambitions: The desire to fly propels the lives of two aviators with New Mexico connections
19 Meet Wally Funk, The North Texas Aviation Pioneer Going To Space This Week
20 ‘I’ll be flying 'til I die!’ Why Wally Funk won’t give up her lifelong space mission
21 Jeff Bezos Picks Female Aerospace Pioneer Wally Funk to Launch to Space With Him
22 Two passengers on Blue Origin from New Mexico
23 Wally Funk's church celebrates her Blue Origin spaceflight: 'What an inspiration she's been to us all'
24 She Couldn’t Go to Space Because She Was a Woman. But She Hasn’t Given Up on Her Dream.
25 Moment Jeff Bezos asks 82-year-old woman, Wally Funk, to go to space with him
26 Writer's Block: I cheered as Mercury 13 woman achieved dream
27 Video Wally Funk overcame decades of sexism to become oldest astronaut
28 A Virgin Galactic ticket holder who met Blue Origin passenger Wally Funk at parties said the 82-year-old had 'the energy of 6,000 labradors'
29 Pictures of what happened this week: Wally Funk becomes the oldest person to ever go into space; athletes from around the world take part in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony
30 FAA changes policy on who qualifies for commercial astronaut wings on same day as Blue Origin spaceflight
31 Five facts about William Shatner's Blue Origin star trek
32 This Pilot Is Headed To Space With Or Without NASA
33 Wally Funk: the remarkable woman who lost the race to get into space
34 "Wally Funk's Race for Space: The Extraordinary Story of a Female Aviation Pioneer" by Sue Nelson
35 Jeff Bezos launches into space on Blue Origin's 1st astronaut flight
36 Bezos offers NASA $2 billion in exchange for moon mission contract
37 SNL says what we were all thinking in its billionaire Star Trek sketch
38 Teen Chosen to Fly Into Space With Bezos
39 The true story of the Mercury 13 and the women who never made it to space
40 She could've been the first woman in space; 60 years later, she's about to go
41 Richard Branson surprises mom with a free trip to space aboard Virgin Galactic's Unity 22
42 The Wonder of an 80th Birthday
43 Wally Funk recounts first female astronaut program | Local News |
44 Workers at Bezos’ rocket company allege sexism, safety risks
45 Why NASA’s women astronauts cannot fly as much as men
46 Newspaperman Wallie Funk dies at age 95
47 William Shatner went to space. Here's how much it would cost you.
48 Dream come true: 100-year-old naval pioneer gets her wish to fly in Navy helicopter
49 Billionaire Bezos Back on Earth After Successful Suborbital Trip
50 What Aviation Can Teach Healthcare – InsideSources
51 Assessing and celebrating the global impact of the “First Lady Astronaut Trainees”
52 Wally Funk and the future of female astronauts
53 Pioneer pilot Wally Funk honored at Pacific Aviation Museum
54 How bad is private space travel for the environment and other key questions, answered
55 Space tourism tax: Congressman announces new plan after Blue Origin launch
56 Rocket Report: Super Heavy rolls to launch site, Funk will get to fly
57 First all-civilian space crew on Inspiration4 shares stunning images of Earth taken from space
58 Blue Origin shares multimillion-dollar spaceship ticket proceeds with 19 charities
59 Meet the SM East alum who played key role in successful launch of Jeff Bezos-funded Blue Origin rocket
60 John Glenn's fan mail shows sexism thwarted the ambitions of many
61 Why Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin gets so much hate
62 Making your Delta Sky Miles count for space tourism
63 Where Will Blue Origin Launch From, and When Is Jeff Bezos Going to Space?
64 After returning from space flight, Jeff Bezos donates $100M each to chef José Andrés and Van Jones
65 The Mercury 13: The women who could have been NASA's first female astronauts
66 Watch Blue Origin launch its New Shepard rocket on an uncrewed suborbital flight today
67 The spyware secretly hacking smartphones
68 Blue Origin’s lawsuit against US and SpaceX delayed due to DoJ’s trouble processing PDFs
69 Oliver Daemen: 5 Things To Know About The 18-Year-Old Who Went To Space With Jeff Bezos
70 These are the 9 best things to do in Fort Worth this weekend
71 U.S. plans to make airlines refund fees if bags are delayed
72 Virgin Galactic stock sinks on plan to sell up to $500m in shares
73 Gary Brown: Traveling a new road to space
74 It would be wrong to let Jeff Bezos ruin space for the rest of us
75 You Can Buy a Miniature Version of Jeff Bezos' Penis Rocket for $69
76 Daughter Of Murdered Woman Feels 'Beyond Blessed' By New Decision On McGirt Ruling
77 Watch: Certified Child & Parenting Specialist Discusses Challenges Kids Face Heading Back To The Classroom
78 Overnight Health Care: Fauci clashes with Paul
79 Oklahoma Congressmen: Delays In Passport Approvals Caused By Shorthanded State Dept.
80 Jeff Bezos rockets into space on first Blue Origin astronaut flight
81 Transcript: The Rachel Maddow Show, 7/2/21
82 Meet Wally Funk, the woman cheated out of the space race
83 Kids Heartbroken After Little Free Library Stolen From Tulsa Childcare Center
84 In Other Words: Heaven and Hell
85 Netflix Documentary Profiles the Women Who Could Have Been Mercury Astronauts
86 Wallie V. Funk dies at age 95 | Skagit |
87 Police Give All-Clear At Metro Target After Suspicious Package ID'd As Duffel Bag
88 NASA Never Gave Mercury 13 Women the Chance to Fly
89 Jerrie Cobb, decorated pilot once in line to become first female astronaut, dies at 88
90 Women who have made history and achieved firsts this year
91 The great space wait
92 Mercury 13: the forgotten women of the space race
93 The pioneering female astronauts who never saw space
94 22 pioneering women in science history you really should know about