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1 How to set up and use WhatsApp Web or the desktop app Business Insider 2 days ago
2 WhatsApp comes to Windows 11 and 10 as an app here's how to try it out 2 days ago
3 Here is how to message someone on WhatsApp without saving them as a contact The Indian Express 2 days ago
4 FBI Document Says the Feds Can Get Your WhatsApp Data — in Real Time Rolling Stone 3 days ago
5 WhatsApp for iOS readying new Reactions feature 9to5Mac 4 days ago
6 WhatsApp Plus 2021: How to download the latest version for free 2 days ago
7 WhatsApp on the web gets a built-in sticker maker The Verge 8 days ago
8 Uber to allow users to book rides via WhatsApp in India. How it works Livemint 6 hours ago
9 WhatsApp may be working on a Communities feature The Verge 26 days ago
10 What Is WhatsApp, and Why Is It So Popular? MakeUseOf 11 days ago
11 WhatsApp wins approval to double payments offering to 40 mln users in India -source Reuters India 6 days ago
12 WhatsApp pushes privacy update to comply with Irish ruling NBC News 10 days ago
13 WhatsApp for iOS to add new privacy features for seeing Profile Photo, Last Seen, About 9to5Mac 19 days ago
14 Improve Your WhatsApp Experience With These 10 Top Android Apps MakeUseOf 9 days ago
15 Apple's iOS 15.2 iMessage Update Is A Problem For WhatsApp Forbes 12 days ago
16 WhatsApp Delta: What is it and why it may get you banned on WhatsApp Times of India 10 days ago
17 Police warn 1.5BILLION WhatsApp users to delete this dangerous new text... The Sun 2 days ago
18 WhatsApp Updates 2021: What are the new features of WhatsApp 2021 and 2022? Gadgets Now 15 days ago
19 WhatsApp on Apple Watch: how to use the messaging service TechRadar 26 days ago
20 Legal woes mount for NSO after court rules WhatsApp lawsuit can proceed The Guardian 24 days ago
21 How to use WhatsApp Status, the app's 'stories' feature Business Insider 20 days ago
22 WhatsApp may begin supporting Novi integration for peer-to-peer payments news 23 days ago
23 Apple Users Should Change iCloud Settings To Protect Encrypted WhatsApp Backups Forbes 26 days ago
24 Are you unable to log in to WhatsApp Desktop? Heres what you can do Geo News 11 days ago
25 5 new features WhatsApp may introduce soon Geo News 7 days ago
26 WhatsApp to make changes to ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature: Report The Indian Express 22 days ago
27 WhatsApp to alert users with new security code. Read why Livemint 26 days ago
28 How to change WhatsApp font color in chats and status 19 days ago
29 You Can Finally Transfer Your WhatsApp Chats Between iPhone and Android Lifehacker 1 month ago
30 How to hide your profile picture on WhatsApp Messenger 21 days ago
31 WhatsApp users urged to be wary over 'friend in need' scam Sky News 21 days ago
32 How to send a public message privately in WhatsApp 23 days ago
33 These WhatsApp messages can now land you in serious legal trouble in South Africa BusinessTech 29 days ago
34 WhatsApp shutdown sparks concern around the world The Depaulia 2 months ago
35 WhatsApp refreshes branding in new update, now ‘WhatsApp from Meta’ 9to5Mac 1 month ago
36 WhatsApp to allow chat history transfers between iOS and Android The Verge 4 months ago
37 WhatsApp brings its Business API to the cloud to speed adoption TechCrunch 1 month ago
38 WhatsApp relaxes deadline for accepting its new privacy policy The Verge 7 months ago
39 WhatsApp will add multi-device support, introduce ‘view once’ disappearing feature TechCrunch 6 months ago
40 WhatsApp for iOS readying Disappearing Messages feature and redesigned chat bubbles 9to5Mac 2 months ago
41 WhatsApp is integrating its joinable calls feature directly into group chats TechCrunch 2 months ago
42 How Facebook Undermines Privacy Protections for Its 2 Billion WhatsApp Users ProPublica 3 months ago
43 WhatsApp beta now supports multi-device compatibility Tom's Guide 23 days ago
44 WhatsApp rolls out ‘Collections’ to make it easier to shop TechCrunch 1 month ago
45 WhatsApp to support iPad and at least another iPhone in a future update 9to5Mac 2 months ago
46 Following backlash, WhatsApp to roll out in-app banner to better explain its privacy update TechCrunch 10 months ago
47 Extremely Online: What's Up With WhatsApp? : 1A NPR 1 month ago
48 Is WhatsApp Really ‘Lying’ To You—Is This A Reason To Quit? Forbes 7 months ago
49 WhatsApp launches its ‘View Once’ disappearing photos and videos The Verge 4 months ago
50 HalloApp is a private ad-free social network from two early WhatsApp employees The Verge 5 months ago
51 WhatsApp Has Shared Your Data With Facebook for Years, Actually WIRED 11 months ago
52 First look: How reactions in WhatsApp for iOS will work 9to5Mac 3 months ago
53 WhatsApp messages are being deleted by UK officials. Should that be allowed? CNN 2 months ago
54 WhatsApp for iPad coming as the company works on multi-device support 2.0 9to5Mac 3 months ago
55 Is WhatsApp Safe? Everything You Need to Know About the App's Privacy Policy Parade 7 months ago
56 WhatsApp now won’t limit functionality if you don’t accept its new privacy policy The Verge 6 months ago
57 WhatsApp rolling out new calling interface for iPhone users 9to5Mac 4 months ago
58 WhatsApp gets new features: Payments Backgrounds, Chat History transfer, and more The Indian Express 4 months ago
59 WhatsApp developing transcriptions to tame chaotic voice notes The Verge 3 months ago
60 WhatsApp for Desktop launches public beta for macOS users 9to5Mac 3 months ago
61 How WhatsApp Swallowed Half The World Gizmodo 2 months ago
62 Facebook adds Shops to WhatsApp, among other e-commerce updates TechCrunch 5 months ago
63 WhatsApp is fined $267 million for breaching EU privacy rules CNBC 3 months ago
64 WhatsApp begins testing a yellow pages-style business directory The Verge 3 months ago
65 WhatsApp clarifies it cannot see your private messages Mashable 11 months ago
66 WhatsApp targeted in EU consumer complaints over privacy changes Reuters 5 months ago
67 WhatsApp blocks 2 million Indian accounts in battle against spam messages CNN 5 months ago
68 Is it time to leave WhatsApp – and is Signal the answer? The Guardian 10 months ago
69 New WhatsApp features: view once, keep chats archived, multi-device... AS English 4 months ago
70 WhatsApp adds voice and video calling to desktop app TechCrunch 9 months ago
71 WhatsApp Backtrack Is Good News For 2 Billion Users Forbes 6 months ago
72 WhatsApp: How to message yourself to take notes The Indian Express 2 months ago
73 When WhatsApp went down, Brazilian workers’ jobs went with it The Verge 1 month ago
74 So you can activate the 'do not disturb' function in WhatsApp to disconnect from the app without deleting it Entrepreneur 4 months ago
75 WhatsApp is soon expected to get 5 new features: Check details The Indian Express 2 months ago
76 How to use WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop Tom's Guide 5 months ago
77 WhatsApp can delete your account without prior notice if you do certain things 2 months ago
78 Sorry iPhone Users—You Will Not Get WhatsApp’s Stunning New Update Forbes 6 months ago
79 Facebook’s WhatsApp Takes Aim At Apple Over Child Safety Software Plan The Wall Street Journal 4 months ago
80 WhatsApp Plus: How to download the upgraded version of the app 1 month ago
81 How American Law Lets Feds Spy On WhatsApp Without Needing To Say Why Forbes 4 months ago
82 WhatsApp fixing this issue with multi-device feature. See details Livemint 3 months ago
83 WhatsApp and Instagram was down for thousands of users worldwide, restored later Livemint 9 months ago
84 Best WhatsApp tricks: from backups to blocking | WIRED UK 3 months ago
85 WhatsApp privacy settings to get first update in years. The new option does this Livemint 3 months ago
86 Telegram says it added 70M users during day of Facebook and WhatsApp outage TechCrunch 2 months ago
87 WhatsApp terms and conditions update: What you need to do and why 7 months ago
88 India asks court to block WhatsApp’s policy update, says new change violates laws TechCrunch 9 months ago
89 Facebook still testing interoperability with WhatsApp and more 9to5Mac 8 months ago
90 WhatsApp CEO says Pegasus Project stories show need for greater smartphone security The Washington Post 4 months ago
91 12 Hidden Functions of WhatsApp Entrepreneur 8 months ago
92 WhatsApp boss decries attacks on encryption as Orwellian The Guardian 6 months ago
93 All the data WhatsApp and Instagram send to Facebook 4 months ago
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95 Facebook relaunches WhatsApp money transfers in Brazil Reuters 7 months ago
96 Stop Using WhatsApp Until You Change This Critical Setting Forbes 9 months ago
97 Apple iMessage Beaten By WhatsApp’s New Updates Forbes 4 months ago
98 Yes, You Can Stop Using WhatsApp—But Don't Make This Mistake Forbes 11 months ago
99 WhatsApp for iOS gets two major features: Large Media Preview, and more The Indian Express 8 months ago
100 WhatsApp new feature: Voice messages can be played faster. Here's how Livemint 6 months ago