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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 China's Wuhan shuts down district of 1 million people over 4 asymptomatic Covid cases CNN 12 days ago
2 The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan was the early epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic Science 13 days ago
3 Wuhan resume with win as Chinese Super League sides return home Reuters 11 hours ago
4 Covid-19’s Origins Are More Complicated Than Once Thought WIRED 4 days ago
5 New studies suggest Covid-19 likely originated from Wuhan wet market CNN 12 days ago
6 Wuhan University Finds Cholera Case, Fueling Fears of Spread Bloomberg 28 days ago
7 American lab says its contract with Wuhan Institute of Virology may have violated the law U.S. Right to Know 6 days ago
8 Wuhan: the Covid diary, by Fang Fang Le Monde diplomatique 7 days ago
9 POV | Wuhan Wuhan | Season 35 | Episode 1 PBS 28 days ago
10 Wuhan Lab Was Genetically Manipulating Deadly Nipah Virus, Expert Testifies at Senate Hearing The Epoch Times 3 days ago
11 Secret docs reveal FBI investigated decision to give cash to Wuhan lab linked to COVID-19 Washington Examiner 20 days ago
12 There’s no evidence that the virus behind the monkeypox outbreak was leaked from a Wuhan lab PolitiFact 11 days ago
13 New research: Two studies reinforce Covid-19's Wuhan market origin The Indian Express 11 days ago
14 GLOBALink | Aquaponics farm in China's Wuhan shows eco-friendly agriculture Xinhua 20 hours ago
15 Test site for Intelligent Connected Vehicles built in China's Wuhan CGTN 2 days ago
16 Draft bill would ban CDC, NIH from funding lab research in China Science 27 days ago
17 Baidu Wins China Approval for Full Driverless Taxis Over, Xpeng Bloomberg 2 hours ago
18 Wuhan redux? China looks to engage India on Afghan affairs Times of India 2 days ago
19 Substantial new evidence tracks Covid origin to a Wuhan wildlife market msnNOW 13 hours ago
20 Chinese scientists invent laser so powerful it can scar the air The Independent 17 days ago
21 China Real Estate Market: Mortgage Boycott May Spur Multi-Billion Dollar Rescue Bloomberg 5 days ago
22 Chinese Super League, Round 11, Guangzhou City V Wuhan Three Towns Chinese Super League 2022, Season 2022 Episode 21 1 day ago
23 Sen. Marshall Connects Dr. Fauci to EcoHealth Alliance's Gain-of-Function Research Projects in China Roger Marshall 4 days ago
24 New Research Points to Wuhan Market as Pandemic Origin The New York Times 5 months ago
25 Pandemic start point is Wuhan seafood market, according to new studies : Goats and Soda NPR 5 months ago
26 China Says COVID Might Have Originated in U.S., Calls Wuhan Lab Theory Lies Newsweek 2 months ago
27 Covid-19: WHO urges more investigation into Chinese Wuhan 'lab-leak' theory NBC News 2 months ago
28 Wuhan Sees Virus Return Days After Xi Reinforces Covid Zero Bloomberg 1 month ago
29 WHO "open" to probing "new evidence" of COVID-19 lab leak origin theory, accepts "key pieces of data" still missing CBS News 2 months ago
30 Focus In Wuhan, Chinese authorities rewrite history of Covid-19 6 months ago
31 First Known Covid Case Was Vendor at Wuhan Market, Scientist Says The New York Times 9 months ago
32 Wuhan two years later: A legacy of China's Covid policies CNN 7 months ago
33 Eosinophil cationic protein-myeloperoxidase test paper | JAA Dove Medical Press 5 days ago
34 How to avoid lockdown in the next pandemic Newsroom 11 hours ago
35 A timeline of COVID-19’s first weeks in Wuhan Los Angeles Times 9 months ago
36 10 reasons why scientists believe coronavirus originated from lab in Wuhan, China Fox News 6 months ago
37 Meet the scientist at the center of the covid lab leak controversy MIT Technology Review 6 months ago
38 What Happened in Wuhan? The Wall Street Journal 8 months ago
39 ‘He Goes Where the Fire Is’: A Virus Hunter in the Wuhan Market The New York Times 4 months ago
40 ‘Terror and Confusion’: On the Ground in Wuhan, China in the Early Days of Covid-19 Rolling Stone 8 months ago
41 'Kafkaesque' true stories of ordinary people: inside the first days of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China The Conversation Indonesia 4 months ago
42 The Wuhan lockdown The Lancet 3 months ago
43 Context for two new studies suggesting COVID-19 originated in Wuhan Market Lynnwood Times 5 months ago
44 Top Virologist Who Visited a Wuhan Market in 2014 Said He Found The New York Times 5 months ago
45 Inside the Wuhan lab: French engineering, deadly viruses and a big mystery The Washington Post 11 months ago
46 ‘Like Wuhan all over again’: As Shanghai protests, China censors Al Jazeera English 3 months ago
47 Reporter Zhang Zhan risked her life to show the world Covid in Wuhan. Now she may not survive jail. NBC News 8 months ago
48 Xi Focus: Xi's inspection tours reflect efforts to steer China's economy toward sustainable future Xinhua 4 days ago
49 Covid-19 cases continue to rise in China's worst outbreak since Wuhan CNN 5 months ago
50 US pushed partnership with Wuhan lab since 2017 – with promise of 'pandemic preparedness,' documents show Fox News 5 months ago
51 China to test thousands of Wuhan blood samples in Covid-19 probe CNN 10 months ago
52 Wuhan's First Covid-19 Patients Still Suffering After Two Years Bloomberg 3 months ago
53 Why did Wuhan lab director decline trip to Europe before Covid-19 outbreak? U.S. Right to Know 7 months ago
54 China Faces Its Worst COVID-19 Outbreak Since Wuhan TIME 5 months ago
55 COVID Omicron Updates: Coronavirus started in wet market in Wuhan, China, studies claim WABC-TV 5 months ago
56 Opinion | She told the truth about Wuhan. Now she is near death in a Chinese prison. The Washington Post 9 months ago
57 A citizen journalist who shined a light on the pandemic in Wuhan may die in prison NPR 9 months ago
58 Wuhan, U.S. Scientists Planned to Make Coronaviruses, Documents Leaked by DRASTIC Show Newsweek 10 months ago
59 '76 Days' documentary goes inside Wuhan ICUs in the earliest days of the pandemic WBUR News 6 months ago
60 Covid-19 origins: Earliest cases in humans point to Wuhan market as the source of the coronavirus New Scientist 9 months ago
61 COVID-19 Vaccines Hinder the Immune System, Lead to More Severe Illness: Dr. Robert Malone The Epoch Times 5 days ago
62 '1 in 3 dies, should we worry': Wuhan scientists warn of new Covid virus 'NeoCov' with high death rate and spread, says report The Tribune India 6 months ago
63 Covid-19 Is Back in Wuhan Bloomberg 1 year ago
64 Where Did Covid Come From? Infected Wuhan Wild Animal Report Sheds New Light Bloomberg 12 months ago
65 System Shock: Nonlocal Grassroots Response to COVID-19 at Ground Zero, Wuhan Non Profit News 5 months ago
66 Exclusive: Intel agencies scour reams of genetic data from Wuhan lab in Covid origins hunt CNN 1 year ago
67 Shanghai’s daily covid cases have surpassed the peak in Wuhan Quartz 4 months ago
68 New documents show US officials knew China was withholding data, trained Wuhan Institute scientists Fox News 5 months ago
69 COVID origins: Unanswered questions on Wuhan outbreak Axios 10 months ago
70 Wuhan Iab can delete data in 'explosive' legal agreement with U.S. lab U.S. Right to Know 4 months ago
71 China faces biggest Covid-19 crisis since Wuhan as cases surge South China Morning Post 5 months ago
72 Letter confirms Wuhan lab's COVID-19 leak was funded by US taxpayers New York Post 9 months ago
73 China’s COVID crisis and the dilemma facing its leaders, by experts who have monitored it since the Wuhan outbreak The Conversation Indonesia 3 months ago
74 China doubles down on zero-Covid as it battles most widespread outbreak since Wuhan CNN 9 months ago
75 Biosafety expert close to Wuhan Institute of Virology urged associates there to address his tough questions about lab origin of SARS-CoV-2 U.S. Right to Know 8 months ago
76 3 New Studies Further Support Wuhan, China, Market As Covid-19 Pandemic’s Original Epicenter Forbes 5 months ago
77 If Covid-19 Came From Wuhan Lab, It Wasn’t Engineered, U.S. Spy Agencies Say The Wall Street Journal 9 months ago
78 The World Needs to Know What Happened at the Wuhan Lab The Wall Street Journal 12 months ago
79 China: Release jailed Wuhan activist 'close to death' after hunger strike Amnesty International 9 months ago
80 NIH Sent The Intercept 292 Fully Redacted Pages Related to Virus Research in Wuhan The Intercept 6 months ago
81 Life In Wuhan, 1 Year After The COVID-19 Outbreak Began NPR 2 years ago
82 Wuhan Lab Wanted to Genetically Enhance Bat Viruses to Study Human Risks, Documents Show Newsweek 11 months ago
83 Emails reveal scientists suspected COVID leaked from Wuhan lab – then quickly censored themselves New York Post 7 months ago
84 An antibody that neutralizes SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 by binding to a conserved spike epitope outside the receptor binding motif Science 3 days ago
85 'What would Jim do?': U.S. virologist close to Wuhan lab quietly called for investigation U.S. Right to Know 5 months ago
86 Wuhan: Inside the Chinese city at the center of the coronavirus outbreak CNN 3 years ago
87 Wuhan long Covid study gives rare insight into lingering effects in China South China Morning Post 9 months ago
88 New Details Emerge About Coronavirus Research at Chinese Lab The Intercept 11 months ago
89 Why China’s Economy Won't Roar Back Like It Did After Wuhan Lockdown Barron's 3 months ago
90 Wuhan Marathon postponed amid Covid-19 surge in China South China Morning Post 10 months ago
91 Most Americans believe COVID-19 leaked from Wuhan lab, support 'reparations' for cover-up, poll finds Fox News 8 months ago
92 What happened in Wuhan? | Mint Mint 8 months ago
93 China battles biggest surge in Covid cases since original Wuhan outbreak CNN 5 months ago
94 The tricky calculus of second boosters in mostly breakthrough-infected Korea The Korea Herald 5 days ago
95 ‘It’s probably worse than Wuhan’: Experts warn China’s COVID-19 lockdowns will once again cripple global supply chains Yahoo Finance 4 months ago
96 Wuhan: The Chinese mega-city at the center of coronavirus outbreak The Washington Post 3 years ago
97 Newly published evidence points to Wuhan seafood market as pandemic origin point Houston Public Media 5 months ago
98 US professor claims Covid leaked from American lab, not from Wuhan Times Now 1 month ago
99 WHO launches a new group to study the origins of the coronavirus NPR 10 months ago
100 Unexpected result that wasn't reported to NIH leads to questions about Wuhan lab CNN 10 months ago