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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Xi Jinping's Saudi trip seeks to exploit Riyadh-Washington tensions POLITICO 1 day ago
2 Hong Kong tells teachers to study Xi Jinping's speech CNN 12 hours ago
3 Xi Jinping Reemerges in Sign China's Secretive Summer Retreat Is Over Bloomberg 13 hours ago
4 Xi Jinping’s Guns of August Council on Foreign Relations 2 days ago
5 KT McFarland: Biden's a ‘fool’ if he visits China after Xi Jinping’s ‘unprecedented’ re-election campaign Fox Business 5 hours ago
6 China’s Xi Jinping Economic Slump The Wall Street Journal 2 days ago
7 Biden Should Set Preconditions for Meeting With China's Xi Reason 2 days ago
8 Background Press Call on President Biden's Call with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China The White House 21 days ago
9 Xi Jinping’s Reach Exceeds His Grasp The Wall Street Journal 5 days ago
10 Why Give the Nobel to WHO When Xi Jinping Inspired the Global Lockdowns? Brownstone Institute 23 hours ago
11 China's 20th Party Congress looms closer Axios 1 day ago
12 What to Expect From a Bolder Xi Jinping Foreign Affairs Magazine 21 days ago
13 Xi Jinping Replies to Letter from Teachers and Students of a Secondary School "China Corner" in Malta MFA China 8 days ago
14 Nancy Pelosi says China's Xi Jinping "acting like a scared bully" Axios 8 days ago
15 A Third Term for China's Xi Jinping's Isn't In Doubt Barron's 28 days ago
16 Pak PM Shehbaz Sharif may meet Chinese President Xi Jinping: Sources The Statesman 8 hours ago
17 'Win hearts and minds' in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Chinese leader Xi urges Communist Party CNN 17 days ago
18 Zelensky Makes Public Plea to China's Xi Jinping After Calls Unanswered Newsweek 14 days ago
19 Xi Jinping misses his chance to dismiss Nancy Pelosi's trip as feeble grandstanding Financial Times 17 days ago
20 Xi Jinping Speaks with President of Poland Andrzej Duda on the Phone MFA China 20 days ago
21 China says Xi Jinping and other leaders have been given domestic Covid-19 vaccines, amid public concern over safety CNN 25 days ago
22 Xi Jinping Welcomes a Rare Visitor in Indonesia's President Foreign Policy 23 days ago
23 Xi Jinping Speaks with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on the Phone MFA China 20 days ago
24 As Xi Jinping ordered missiles to be fired over Taiwan, some residents on these tiny Kinmen islands feared a return to the past ABC News 1 day ago
25 Will China’s Xi Jinping be formally named ‘the people’s leader’? South China Morning Post 22 days ago
26 'The situation has changed' Putin and Xi set for 'extremely worrying' crunch talks on war Express 20 hours ago
27 China Lays Out Its Taiwan Plans in First Report Under Xi Jinping Newsweek 7 days ago
28 Why Xi Jinping changed tack in his crackdown on Didi Financial Times 28 days ago
29 Hong Kong tells teachers to study Xi Jinping's speech | News Channel 3-12 KEYT 10 hours ago
30 The uncomfortable economic truth behind Xi Jinping's Taiwan threats Atlantic Council 6 days ago
31 President Xi Jinping, please let Taiwan be! The Niche 13 hours ago
32 China's Xi wishes Biden a 'speedy recovery' from Covid CNBC 27 days ago
33 Setting the record straight on Xi Jinping SupChina 23 days ago
34 FILE PHOTO: China's President Xi Jinping gives a speech following a swearing-in ceremony to inaugurate the city's new leader and government in Hong Kong Colorado Springs Gazette 15 hours ago
35 President Xi Jinpings Beijing invite ignored by top Europe leaders Business Standard 30 days ago
36 Meme placing Florida Asian American judge between Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping sparks outrage Yahoo News 2 days ago
37 Xi Jinping’s Xinjiang visit may signal new emphasis on the assimilation of Uyghurs Radio Free Asia 30 days ago
38 Xi Jinping's graft crackdown targets technology minister Financial Times 21 days ago
39 China: Xi Jinping uses Hong Kong, Xinjiang trips to bolster his power DW (English) 23 days ago
40 Will President Xi Jinping order PLA to invade Taiwan? Hindustan Times 7 days ago
41 'Accountable For Life:' Xi Jinping's Government Bans 7 Taiwanese Officials For Performing 'Poorly During Benzinga 1 day ago
42 Biden says he expects to speak with China's Xi in 10 days CNBC 29 days ago
43 Why Xi must meet Biden in person in Bali and Bangkok South China Morning Post 14 days ago
44 Xi Jinping's Banker Crusade Is Too Much Stick, No Carrots Bloomberg 6 days ago
45 Xi Jinping's $920 Billion Venture Capital Push Has a Dark Side Bloomberg 15 days ago
46 Full text of Xi Jinping's letter to grassroots heroes Global Times 3 days ago
47 Xi Jinping in crisis as entire region in China forced to shutdown production over power Express 2 days ago
48 Xi Jinping Sends Message of Condolence to Philippine President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos over the Earthquake Disaster in the Philippines MFA China 19 days ago
49 China Mortgage Boycott: Xi Jinping Faces Revolt From Homebuyers Seeking Justice Bloomberg 30 days ago
50 Xi Jinping's Government Asks India To Reiterate 'One China' Principle Benzinga 3 days ago
51 Xi Jinping's Rare Rally of High-Ranking Officials in Beijing Twice in First Half of 2022 The Epoch Times 17 days ago
52 'Loneliest man in the world': Xi Jinping the 'judge, jury and executioner' Sky News Australia 3 days ago
53 From Shrikant Tyagi to Xi Jinping: Time to unite and expose the bully | OPINION India Today 9 days ago
54 3 big problems vex China’s economy—and complicate Xi Jinping’s plans for a third term: ‘People in China are clearly unhappy with the state of the economy’ Fortune 17 days ago
55 Will Xi Jinping stir up more trouble at LAC to tide over multiple crises? An assessment of Sino-Indian state of play Firstpost 13 days ago
56 Oppression Under Xi Jinping Forces China Citizens To Seek Asylum Elsewhere NDTV 28 days ago
57 The perils of autocracy in Xi Jinping’s China and Vladimir Putin’s Russia The New Statesman 14 days ago
58 China ridiculed as Xi Jinping warned not to gamble with Washington 'Can't take the US!’ Express 14 days ago
59 China In Eurasia Briefing: How Beijing Lost Central And Eastern Europe Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 11 hours ago
60 Xi Jinping Sends Message of Condolence to First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee and Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel over Oil Storage Facility Explosions in Cuba MFA China 10 days ago
61 Joko Widodo to be first foreign leader to meet Xi in person since Olympics South China Morning Post 27 days ago
62 China's Xi Jinping Offers New Sri Lanka President Support Amid Crisis NDTV 27 days ago
63 Chinese President congratulates Murmu The Hindu 24 days ago
64 Why Chinese Feel Let Down By Xi Jinping Led China’s Reaction to Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan Visit Times Now 13 days ago
65 BREMBERG: Here's How The West Can Stand Up To Xi Jinping's Brutal Communist Regime Daily Caller 2 days ago
66 Opinion | China's decline may be looming. Here's how the U.S. can win, if it so chooses. The Washington Post 6 hours ago
67 ‘Ticking time bomb’—China’s real estate bust deepens as housing prices fall for 11th straight month Fortune 2 days ago
68 Xi Jinping Begins Appointing Loyalists To Key Posts Strategic News Global 3 days ago
69 Xi Jinping eyes first in-person summit with Biden in November The Siasat Daily 4 days ago
70 Russian ‘Z’ Symbol Spotted On Chinese Military Vehicle; Is Xi Jinping Using Putin’s Ukraine Path On Taiwan? EurAsian Times 13 days ago
71 China is an enemy to the world 台北時報 4 hours ago
72 Xi has made China a pariah for global investors Sydney Morning Herald 27 days ago
73 Xi Jinping being threatened due to fear, Nancy Pelosi spoke on China's antics Globe News Insider 5 hours ago
74 Dire Straits: Taiwan crisis and the Indo-Pacific Observer Research Foundation 1 day ago
75 Xi Jinping leaves mainland China for the first time since the beginning of pandemic CNN 2 months ago
76 India-China Competition: Perspectives from the Neighbourhood Observer Research Foundation 2 days ago
77 Biden to speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping Friday CNN 5 months ago
78 President Xi Jinping Has a Video Call with US President Joe Biden MFA China 5 months ago
79 Why a Xi Jinping Third Term Looks Secure The Diplomat 1 month ago
80 China's political elites enshrine Xi Jinping as a historical leader Axios 9 months ago
81 President Xi Jinping, China's 'chairman of everything' The Associated Press 7 months ago
82 Xi Jinping Thinks Unapproved History Is The Enemy Within Foreign Policy 4 months ago
83 Op-ed: Why China’s Xi Jinping’s damage control is all about heading off a crisis CNBC 2 months ago
84 Xi Jinping Is Sending Mixed Messages To Investors Bloomberg 2 months ago
85 XI Jinping | RSF Reporters sans frontières 1 month ago
86 Xi Jinping Is Watching His Back Foreign Policy 7 months ago
87 China's Xi Jinping faces mounting troubles to his leadership Los Angeles Times 3 months ago
88 Readout of President Joseph R. Biden Jr. Call with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China The White House 5 months ago
89 2022 New Year address by President Xi Jinping MFA China 8 months ago
90 'All the power is in his hands': why Xi Jinping remains supreme Financial Times 3 months ago
91 Xi Jinping to step down, rumors suggest, amid harsh China COVID lockdowns Washington Times 3 months ago
92 China's Xi Jinping Keeps Hong Kong Guessing on In-Person Visit Bloomberg 2 months ago
93 Xi Jinping sends warning to anyone who questions China's zero-Covid policy CNN 3 months ago
94 China's Xi Jinping, preparing for a third term, shuts the door on the past The Washington Post 10 months ago
95 Statement by Press Secretary Jen Psaki on President Biden’s Call with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China The White House 5 months ago
96 President Xi Jinping Delivered a Keynote Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the BRICS Business Forum MFA China 2 months ago
97 Xi Jinping's Solution Is China's Problem Forbes 1 month ago
98 Xi Jinping Health Rumors Swirl As China's COVID Battle Continues Newsweek 3 months ago
99 Xi Jinping Makes Announcement of China's Greatest Fear | Opinion Newsweek 4 months ago
100 Xi Jinping's Green Language Is About Party Power Foreign Policy 3 months ago