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1 On This Day: The conclusion of Operation Magic Carpet
2 Bible scrolls from around the world
3 The edible insects coming to a supermarket near you
4 Demolition orders issued in Silwan, house moved into by Jews
5 Ari’el Stachel Departs Stage Adaptation Of ‘The Visitor’; Tony-Winning Actor Had Expressed Concern Over Musical’s Depiction Of Arab-American Character
6 Seeking Justice for Victims of the Yemenite Children Affair
7 Families of missing Yemenite children required to sign waiver as condition for reparations, sparking backlash
8 Project to open Yemenite Jewish heritage center in East Jerusalem halted
9 Old Yemenite synagogue in Kfar HaShiloach hosts special Selichot event
10 Government expresses ‘regret,’ will compensate for disappeared Yemenite children
11 Families of disappeared Yemenite children demand state open secret files
12 Modern-Day Zionism and the Yemenite Jewish story
13 Discover an unsung hero’s many imprints on the holy city of Jerusalem
14 daniel elkayam molds goat's cheese into traditional yemenite patterns
15 London's First Centurion Lounge Is Now Open at Heathrow Airport
16 Why slow-baked Yemenite bread ‘jachnun’ is Europe’s next COVID craze
17 Classical music: Vancouver’s Tzimmes celebrates ‘sweet’ anniversary
18 How the Jews who fled Arab countries in 1948 built new lives in Israel
19 Almost all remaining Jews in Yemen deported
20 Israeli, Tunisian and Yemenite artists meet in song for peace
21 Portraits in Glass: Artist Creates Series Focused on the Jews of Yemen — Detroit Jewish News
22 Houthis deport some of Yemen's last remaining Jews
23 Stop mocking Ayelet Shaked's English
24 Jerusalem Oud Festival returns after COVID-19 hiatus
25 Israeli doctors did take Yemenite immigrants' kids, but they had no other choice, documents reveal
26 Baked overnight, ready by morning: a recipe for Yemeni Kubaneh
27 Home-cooked Yemenite Jewish food an homage to family, and now a business
28 When a personal aliyah becomes a personal mission
29 For dinner or dessert, give Yemenite spice hawaij a try – J.
30 The perfumes of Arabia: The Bible Lands Museum reopens
31 MK: Looting of Yemenite Jews' Property 'State-Sponsored Organized Crime'
32 Houthis expel Yemen's few remaining Jewish families
33 Yemenite Soup: How to Make a Great Comfort Food
34 Loyalty of last Yemen Jews repaid with expulsion
35 Missing babies: Israel's Yemenite children affair
36 Letters to the editor October 18, 2021: Can Israel learn from New York?
37 The Disappeared Children of Israel
38 The Yemenite Giant and the Death of Stalin
39 Israel's missing Yemenite kids were abducted, families believe. The archives tell a different story
40 Jerusalem exhibition unveils rich history of Yemenite Jewry
41 Palo Alto JCC launches kosher food hall with Yemeni breads, sushi and more
42 When Israeli doctors allegedly tested Yemenites for ‘Negro blood’
43 Turning Dates Into Honey
44 Israel’s oldest man, a Yemenite Jew, passed away at 117. Here’s a glimpse at the lost world he came from.
45 Formidable fruits: Squeezing the most out of etrogim
46 'Shofar in the Park' to provide COVID-19-safe Rosh Hashanah services
47 Yemenite babies who disappeared in 1950s Israel were sold to U.S. Jews, new film claims
48 US Special Envoy on Antisemitism Calls for Release of Yemenite Jew Said to Be Jailed by Iran-Backed Houthis
49 Israeli Jew and Yemenite Muslim: A musical match that could only be made in NY
50 Zhug Recipe
51 The Myth of the Kidnapped Yemenite Children, and the Sin It Conceals
52 Independence Day torch lighters span in age from 18 to 102
53 The Yemenite immigrants who rebelled against the new Israeli state
54 AJMF9: 2 Flavors of Yemenite Influence
55 Yemenite Seder night
56 Shakshuka and Yemenite fried chicken are coming to Sharon
57 Multi-sensory exhibit explores Yemenite Jewish culture and history
58 Satmar Chasidim: Was the project to settle Yemenite families in Stamford Hill a 'failed experiment'?
59 Up Your Coffee Game With 6 Cups From Around the World
60 A Jewish man, Levi Marhabi, is being held hostage by Yemen's Houthi rebels
61 Image of the Week: Yemenite Seder
62 In A-Wa's New Yemenite-Israeli Hip Hop Album, Home Is Not A Place — It's A Feeling
63 Minister seeks posthumous pardon for controversial ‘Yemenite children’ activist
64 Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan families protest 1950s alleged kidnappings
65 Virtual Yemen tour to show once-thriving Jewish community
66 Yemenite family reunited decades after ‘disappearance’ of baby
68 Jewish Yemeni heritage center launched in heart of Arab East Jerusalem
69 New data on missing Yemenite children shows gross negligence, but not state-sponsored kidnappings
70 Too hot to bake? Try Yemenite flatbreads
71 Parashat Emor: The counting of the Omer
72 Israel to compensate families of missing children from 1950s
73 Yemenite Jew said jailed for helping smuggle ancient Torah to Israel
74 Orthodox Jew supports Yemenite bodega strike
75 What Happened To The Yemenite Children? We’re Still Waiting On An Answer.
76 Yemenite woman finds long-lost sister thanks to DNA testing
77 How homemade jachnun is giving a lifeline to European Jews in a second COVID wave
78 This year's Israel Independence Day torchbearers span in age from 18 to 102
79 Adoption files to be opened in lost Yemenite children affair
80 The Last Yemenite Silversmith
81 eBay reports record-breaking shofar sales ahead of Rosh Hashanah
82 What happened to the lost Yemenite children of Israel?
83 Healing a 70-year-old wound: On the disappearance of Yemenite children
84 Justice Minister Apologizes for Shabby Treatment of Yemenite Activist
85 19 Yemeni Jews Arrive in Israel, Ending Secret Rescue Operation
86 Hundreds of Yemenite children were abducted in state's early years, says Israeli cabinet minister
87 Parashat Mishpatim: A thief's dignity
88 National Library posts state report on Yemenite children online
89 Alaska charters military flights
90 Virtual Mimouna event to host famed Israeli artists, promote diversity
91 holon institute of technology's yemenite totem rearranges into a stackable sitting set
92 Two grandsons offer a musical glimpse of their ancestral Yemenite history
93 Telling the story of Yemen's Jews, and their legendary poet
94 Wounds over missing Yemenite children open, MKs renew push for truth
95 A Bread You Can Bake in Your Sleep
96 Government okays unsealing papers on vanished Yemenite children
97 Terra Incognita: The sickening contempt for missing Jewish Yemenite children
98 11 Unique Jewish Wedding Customs From Around the World
99 My Morocco: A journey in search of my heritage
100 MKs vote to allow exhuming remains of Yemenite children presumed dead