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1 Early Muslim DNA remains found in Syria linked to Yemenite Jews The Jerusalem Post 22 days ago
2 Israel to Allocate $1.8 Million to Preserve Heritage of Jewish Communities From Iran and Arab Countries Algemeiner 16 days ago
3 History of the Jews of Yemen History, Jewish Geography, Featured 2 months ago
4 The legacy of Azerbaijani and Yemenite Jewry opinion 2 months ago
5 Explosion at arms depot in Yemen kills three, wounds 18, officials say Haaretz 22 hours ago
6 Does Megadrought of the 500s in Yemen help Explain the Rise of Islam? Informed Comment 3 days ago
7 The Surprising Success of the Truce in Yemen Foreign Affairs Magazine 8 days ago
8 The Changing Face of American Immigration to Israel » Mosaic Mosaic 6 hours ago
9 Yemen’s Jewish population, once over 50,000, drops to below 10 Middle East News 1 year ago
10 The US Has a Chance to Foster Unprecedented Arab-Israeli Cooperation » Mosaic Mosaic 6 hours ago
11 Podcast: Motti Inbari on the Yemenite Children Affair » Mosaic Mosaic 2 months ago
12 'Pro-Palestinian' rallies violence against Jews were always connected The Jerusalem Post 6 days ago
13 Families of missing Yemenite children required to sign waiver as condition for reparations, sparking backlash Haaretz 1 year ago
14 For first time, grave of alleged ‘disappeared’ Yemenite baby to be exhumed The Times of Israel 2 months ago
15 Only one Jew remains in Yemen, UN says Jewish Insider 4 months ago
16 Yemenite Children Affair: In first, boy's grave opened for DNA testing Israel News 1 month ago
17 Jerusalem exhibition unveils rich history of Yemenite Jewry The Jerusalem Post 2 years ago
18 New UN report highlights Houthis' 'systematic persecution' of Yemeni Jews Jewish Insider 5 months ago
19 A Jewish man, Levi Marhabi, is being held hostage by Yemen's Houthi rebels Jewish Insider 1 year ago
20 Remembering Elgen Long, aviator who brought Yemenites to Israel -opinion The Jerusalem Post 5 months ago
21 Modern-Day Zionism and the Yemenite Jewish story Israel Today 11 months ago
22 The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem: 6 Jewish Communities Who've Long Called Jerusalem Home History, Featured 1 month ago
23 Health Ministry helped Israel kidnap Yemenite children in 1950s report 7 months ago
24 Report details Israelis being whisked from Istanbul as assassins awaited them The Times of Israel 23 days ago
25 'Belittling the abduction of Yemenite kids is like Holocaust denial' Israel News 1 month ago
26 The Roots of American Christian Zionism Lie in Both Religious and Secular Reasoning » Mosaic Mosaic 5 days ago
27 Diverse scholars gather at conference to follow the commandment to Proclaim Peace Ke Alakai 8 hours ago
28 For Jewish Israelis of Yemenite Heritage, Reviving a Past The New York Times 4 years ago
29 Israel’s oldest man, a Yemenite Jew, passed away at 117. Here’s a glimpse at the lost world he came from. Forward 2 years ago
30 The Last Jews of Yemen Jewish Society, Israel 2 years ago
31 How the Jews who fled Arab countries in 1948 built new lives in Israel The Jerusalem Post 10 months ago
32 MKs push to release report of Health Ministry’s action in Yemenite children affair The Times of Israel 2 months ago
33 Multi-sensory exhibit explores Yemenite Jewish culture and history 4 years ago
34 Biden says upcoming Mideast trip aimed at boosting Israel’s integration in region The Times of Israel 6 days ago
35 Seeking Justice for Victims of the Yemenite Children Affair 1 year ago
36 BIPOC power surfer Johnny Boy Gomes, once compared to “Darth Vader eating raw dinosaur leg during a 9.2 magnitude earthquake”, slams World Surf League for ignoring his pivotal '97 Pipe Masters win in best-of list! BeachGrit 10 hours ago
37 Ignored by the UN, Mizrahi Jews survived pogroms and expulsions, too The Times of Israel 7 months ago
38 New book: A 'Queer, Disabled' early Zionist illustrates 'roads not taken' – J. The Jewish News of Northern California 1 month ago
39 The New York Times makes historic blunder snubbing greatest athlete of all time Kelly Slater in story about stars who refuse to retire, “When Will Federer and the Williams Sisters Call It Quits? Maybe Never” BeachGrit 1 day ago
40 Glamorous Norwegian luggage company partners with influential European podcast in order to discover best new voices in surf, skate, snow and shower with riches! BeachGrit 12 hours ago
41 Yemeni Academic Dr. Abd Al-Wadud Muqasher: Muslims Must Exterminate The Jews; Allah Transformed Jews Into Apes And Pigs, They Are The Filthiest Of Allah's Creatures Middle East Media Research Institute 2 months ago
42 In Yemen, child soldiering continues despite Houthi promise The Advocate 20 days ago
43 An Israeli singer returns to her Yemeni roots – and fans in Yemen approve Israel News 4 years ago
44 Government expresses ‘regret,’ will compensate for disappeared Yemenite children The Times of Israel 1 year ago
45 After promising “transmission will resume shortly,” Australia's troublingly voyeuristic surf forecaster Swellnet dealt heavy blow, told naughty cameras must be kept turned off! BeachGrit 17 hours ago
46 Yemenite Jews in Stamford Hill: A failed experiment? The Jewish Chronicle 3 years ago
47 The Houthis and the Jews 10 months ago
48 Former Israeli Minister Calls for Stronger Ties with Azerbaijan Caspian News 2 months ago
49 ‘The Flying Camel’: The Mizrahi feminist who stopped asking for permission from Ashkenazi Jews Haaretz 6 months ago
50 A Final Push to Free Yemen's Remaining Jews Tablet Magazine 2 years ago
51 7 Trending Jewish Foods For Israel's Independence Day Jewlish, Celebrate, Featured 2 months ago
52 Old Yemenite synagogue in Kfar HaShiloach hosts special Selichot event 10 months ago
53 First-ever photos of Yemen's Jews stunned the Jewish world Israel News 5 years ago
54 17 Yemenite Jews secretly airlifted to Israel in end to ‘historic mission’ The Times of Israel 6 years ago
55 National Library shows off rare Torah scrolls, including one mufti saved from Nazis The Times of Israel 1 month ago
56 Telling the story of Yemen's Jews, and their legendary poet Israel News 4 years ago
57 11 Unique Jewish Wedding Customs From Around the World 12 months ago
58 Motti Inbari » Mosaic Mosaic 2 months ago
59 Yemen minister says fate of country’s last 50 Jews unknown The Times of Israel 5 years ago
60 80+ Jewish Last Names That’ll Have You Toasting “L’Chaim” Scary Mommy 3 years ago
61 Abolish 'Nakba Day' 2 months ago
62 This week in Jerusalem: Yemenite protest The Jerusalem Post 3 months ago
63 The Houthis have won in Yemen: What next? Brookings Institution 5 months ago
64 Maimonides the polymath The Jewish Chronicle 7 months ago
65 Emirate Prince and Russia's Chief Rabbi Bring a Yemenite Couple to Safety Elders are among final remnants of 3000-year-old community 2 years ago
66 Seventeen lawmakers write to Biden urging reinstatement of Houthi terrorist designation Jewish Insider 5 months ago
67 99% of Yemenis support Palestine cause: political analyst Tehran Times 2 months ago
68 No – Not just Russian Imperialism Has Triggered War in Ukraine Fair Observer 3 days ago
69 Portraits in Glass: Artist Creates Series Focused on the Jews of Yemen — Detroit Jewish News The Jewish News 2 years ago
70 Yemen's ex-foreign minister sees no end to long-running civil war The Washington Diplomat 2 months ago
71 The invention of Arab Jews erases Mizrahi Jewish history The Jerusalem Post 8 months ago
72 Yemenite Jew said jailed for helping smuggle ancient Torah to Israel The Times of Israel 6 years ago
73 Why some Jews have said Yemeni Jews aren't welcome in Israel Al-Monitor 6 years ago
74 Hundreds of pounds of matzah distributed to Jews across Saudi Arabia in 2022 Israel Hayom 3 months ago
75 Darkness in the Holy Land Jewish Currents 3 months ago
76 That Time The Jews Got Kicked Out Of Tennessee History, Featured 24 days ago
77 'No one has the right to close Israel to Jews' Israel Hayom 3 months ago
78 Polls indicate more Israeli political impasse Tehran Times 4 days ago
79 Yemenite Jew among detainees at JFK due to Trump ban The Times of Israel 5 years ago
80 Israeli Jew and Yemenite Muslim: A musical match that could only be made in NY The Times of Israel 4 years ago
81 When Israeli doctors allegedly tested Yemenites for ‘Negro blood’ The Times of Israel 5 years ago
82 Yemen's Houthis claim they targeted UAE ship as 'warning' to Israel The Jerusalem Post 6 months ago
83 Virtual Yemen tour to show once-thriving Jewish community The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle 2 years ago
84 How Did The Queen Of Sheba Come To Be Seen As Black? Brandeis University 7 months ago
85 In Yemen, thrilled to meet a foreigner who speaks in the holy tongue Israel News 2 years ago
86 Abhijit Bhattacharyya | If Ukraine war goes on, no return to status quo The Asian Age 7 days ago
87 The Intellectual Fireworks of Talmud Study Move Outside the Yeshiva » Mosaic Mosaic 8 months ago
88 Daily Briefing May 19: Likud battles over IDF bill; change in Haredi community? The Times of Israel 2 months ago
89 Biden Administration Calls for Release of Jewish Prisoner in Yemen 1 year ago
90 Alex Edelman crashed a white supremacist meeting. It left him grappling with his own Jewish identity Forward 7 months ago
91 French-Jewish Journalist ‘Infiltrated’ Khamenei’s Website ایران اینترنشنال 4 months ago
92 The end of Jewish Yemen is imminent EXCLUSIVE 2 years ago
93 Israeli doctors did take Yemenite immigrants' kids, but they had no other choice, documents reveal Israel N 2 years ago
94 The Cohanim DNA Connection 13 years ago
95 Kuwaiti poet: ‘Embrace Jews without having a political agenda’ The Jerusalem Post 5 months ago
96 Is Anti-Zionism Anti-Semitism? The New Yorker 2 months ago
97 Saying goodbye to Dubai Expo, where Israelis could safely 'enter' Iran, Syria The Times of Israel 3 months ago
98 Yemen's Last Jews Jewish Society, Israel 7 years ago
99 Americans for Peace Now Americans for Peace Now 9 days ago
100 In Yemen, antisemitism is rampant even though few Jews actually live there Forward 1 year ago