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1 Ignored by the UN, Mizrahi Jews survived pogroms and expulsions, too The Times of Israel 5 days ago
2 The invention of Arab Jews erases Mizrahi Jewish history The Jerusalem Post 28 days ago
3 Paris exhibition explores Jewish history in Middle East and North Africa The National 8 days ago
4 Some of Yemen’s last remaining Jews said expelled by Iran-backed Houthis The Times of Israel 8 months ago
5 Two new Jewish cookbooks offer sure hits for Hanukkah Los Angeles Times 10 days ago
6 8 Hanukkah lamps, 8 international female artists The Times of Israel 12 days ago
7 A Jewish man, Levi Marhabi, is being held hostage by Yemen's Houthi rebels Jewish Insider 6 months ago
8 How the Jews who fled Arab countries in 1948 built new lives in Israel The Jerusalem Post 2 months ago
9 Modern-Day Zionism and the Yemenite Jewish story Israel Today 4 months ago
10 On This Day: The conclusion of Operation Magic Carpet The Jerusalem Post 2 months ago
11 Government expresses ‘regret,’ will compensate for disappeared Yemenite children The Times of Israel 10 months ago
12 Project to open Yemenite Jewish heritage center in East Jerusalem halted Haaretz 6 months ago
13 Bible scrolls from around the world in pictures 2 months ago
14 The Last Jews of Yemen Aish 1 year ago
15 Seeking Justice for Victims of the Yemenite Children Affair 9 months ago
16 Old Yemenite synagogue in Kfar HaShiloach hosts special Selichot event Cleveland Jewish News 3 months ago
17 A Final Push to Free Yemen's Remaining Jews Tablet Magazine 1 year ago
18 Families of missing Yemenite children required to sign waiver as condition for reparations, sparking backlash Haaretz 6 months ago
19 MK: Looting of Yemenite Jews' Property 'State-Sponsored Organized Crime' 3 years ago
20 Israel’s oldest man, a Yemenite Jew, passed away at 117. Here’s a glimpse at the lost world he came from. Forward 1 year ago
21 The end of Jewish Yemen is imminent EXCLUSIVE 1 year ago
22 Israeli doctors did take Yemenite immigrants' kids, but they had no other choice, documents reveal Haaretz 1 year ago
23 Pompeo calls for release of Yemeni Jew held by Houthi militia The Jerusalem Post 1 year ago
24 Demolition orders issued in Silwan, house moved into by Jews The Jerusalem Post 2 months ago
25 Jerusalem exhibition unveils rich history of Yemenite Jewry The Jerusalem Post 2 years ago
26 Controversy surrounds unconfirmed reports that Houthis rounded up Jews The Jerusalem Post 1 year ago
27 Iran-backed Houthis continue to imprison sick Yemeni Jew The National 5 months ago
28 The perfumes of Arabia: The Bible Lands Museum reopens The Jerusalem Post 10 months ago
29 Multi-sensory exhibit explores Yemenite Jewish culture and history 4 years ago
30 Yemen minister says fate of country’s last 50 Jews unknown The Times of Israel 5 years ago
31 19 Yemeni Jews Arrive in Israel, Ending Secret Rescue Operation New York Times 6 years ago
32 For Jewish Israelis of Yemenite Heritage, Reviving a Past The New York Times 3 years ago
33 11 Unique Jewish Wedding Customs From Around the World 5 months ago
34 The Aden Jewish Museum brings Jewish history to life The Jerusalem Post 7 months ago
35 The dispossessed Jews you will never hear about Jewish News 7 months ago
36 The Disappeared Children of Israel The New York Times 3 years ago
37 Why slow-baked Yemenite bread ‘jachnun’ is Europe’s next COVID craze The Times of Israel 1 year ago
38 17 Yemenite Jews secretly airlifted to Israel in end to ‘historic mission’ The Times of Israel 6 years ago
39 Satmar Chasidim: Was the project to settle Yemenite families in Stamford Hill a 'failed experiment'? Jewish Chronicle 2 years ago
40 Virtual Yemen tour to show once-thriving Jewish community The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle 11 months ago
41 Israel says Yemenite Jews all back in Israel after "complex, covert operation" CBS News 6 years ago
42 When Israeli doctors allegedly tested Yemenites for ‘Negro blood’ The Times of Israel 4 years ago
43 First-ever photos of Yemen's Jews stunned the Jewish world Haaretz 5 years ago
44 Aden’s Jews and a museum coming to life book review 3 months ago
45 Report: Yemen's Remaining Jews to Move to UAE Following Israel Treaty 1 year ago
46 Yemen's Jews furtively flee to Israel, leaving an ancient legacy behind CNN 6 years ago
47 The tragedy and shame of 1950s Israel’s treatment of Yemenite children Jerusalem Post Israel News 5 years ago
48 Remembering the forgotten exodus of Arab Jews | Opinion Sun Sentinel 9 months ago
49 Why some Jews have said Yemeni Jews aren't welcome in Israel Al-Monitor 6 years ago
50 Telling the story of Yemen's Jews, and their legendary poet Haaretz 3 years ago
51 High Court to rule on eviction of Arab families from Silwan The Jerusalem Post 1 month ago
52 Yemenite babies who disappeared in 1950s Israel were sold to U.S. Jews, new film claims Haaretz 5 years ago
53 Portraits in Glass: Artist Creates Series Focused on the Jews of Yemen — Detroit Jewish News The Jewish News 1 year ago
54 Discover an unsung hero’s many imprints on the holy city of Jerusalem The Times of Israel 2 months ago
55 When a personal aliyah becomes a personal mission The Jerusalem Post 3 months ago
56 Inside the Jewish feast where kosher was pushed to its limits Haaretz 5 months ago
57 A 70-year-old mystery: Yemeni Jews say young relatives were stolen in Israel The Washington Post 5 years ago
58 Yemenite Jew said jailed for helping smuggle ancient Torah to Israel The Times of Israel 6 years ago
59 Yemenite Seder night Jerusalem Post Israel News 5 years ago
60 Missing babies: Israel's Yemenite children affair BBC News 4 years ago
61 Learn from the pride of the new generation Jewish Chronicle 1 month ago
62 Synagogues and Jewish venues urged to avoid racial profiling in security searches The Guardian 8 months ago
63 A new Jewish cookbook that everyone should own Los Angeles Times 3 months ago
64 Secret Mission Rescues Yemen's Jews WSJ 12 years ago
65 Video: UAE helps two Yemeni-Jewish families reunite after decades of separation Khaleej Times 11 months ago
66 Yemen’s Jews and the road to Israel Al-Monitor 6 years ago
67 Home-cooked Yemenite Jewish food an homage to family, and now a business The Jewish News of Northern California 3 years ago
68 Israeli Jew and Yemenite Muslim: A musical match that could only be made in NY The Times of Israel 3 years ago
69 Emirate Prince and Russia's Chief Rabbi Bring a Yemenite Couple to Safety Elders are among final remnants of 3000-year-old community 1 year ago
70 Yemen's remaining Jews to be transferred to UAE following Israel deal Middle East Monitor 1 year ago
71 On wings of eagles: Operation to bring Yemenite Jews to Israel Jerusalem Post Israel News 5 years ago
72 War-torn Yemen demands return of Jewish treasures now in the U.S. The Jerusalem Post 2 years ago
73 'Israeli-Houthi secret deal' to airlift Yemenite Jews arouses furor Jerusalem Post Israel News 6 years ago
74 Al-Aqsa preacher: Muslims who sell property to Jews are denied burial The Jerusalem Post 8 months ago
75 Alaska Airlines and the Jews of Yemen Aish 3 years ago
76 Dance company returns to the stage for first time since 2020 with performance about hope WHYY 1 month ago
77 Jewish Yemeni heritage center launched in heart of Arab East Jerusalem The Times of Israel 3 years ago
78 Yemenite Jew among detainees at JFK due to Trump ban The Times of Israel 5 years ago
79 The tragedy of the Yemeni Jews The Guardian 13 years ago
80 The Last Yemenite Silversmith Jewish Journal 3 years ago
81 Yemeni Jewish family reunited after 15 years apart with help of UAE The Jerusalem Post 1 year ago
82 Palo Alto JCC launches kosher food hall with Yemeni breads, sushi and more Palo Alto Online 9 months ago
83 Bible Lands Museum exhibits age-old Yemenite culture and heritage, and their contemporary connections to Israel 2 years ago
84 Yemenite Children Were Never Kidnapped in Israel | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner 5 years ago
85 Ethiopian Jews and the Elephant in the Anti-Israel Room Algemeiner 6 months ago
86 Israel airlifts 19 of last remaining Yemeni Jews The Guardian 6 years ago
87 Operation Magic Carpet Begins The Jewish News 3 years ago
88 Bernie's Bile | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner 7 months ago
89 Celebrating over 30 years of Yemenite-Jewish culture The Jerusalem Post 4 years ago
90 17 Yemenite Jews brought to Israel in covert operation Jerusalem Post 8 years ago
91 Terra Incognita: The sickening contempt for missing Jewish Yemenite children Jerusalem Post Israel News 5 years ago
92 Yemenite government to Jews: Convert or leave Yemen Jerusalem Post Israel News 6 years ago
93 The Yemenite immigrants who rebelled against the new Israeli state Haaretz 4 years ago
94 How homemade jachnun is giving a lifeline to European Jews in second COVID wave 1 year ago
95 A Yemenite Jewish Woman Wonders How ‘White’ She Really Is Forward 5 years ago
96 In Yemen, thrilled to meet a foreigner who speaks in the holy tongue Haaretz 2 years ago
97 The Myth of the Kidnapped Yemenite Children, and the Sin It Conceals Tablet Magazine 3 years ago
98 Joint effort The Jewish Standard 12 months ago
99 Almost 70 Years Later, A Hero Is Honored Jewish Week 4 years ago
100 Passover and the Power of Jewish Continuity The Wall Street Journal 9 months ago