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1 New edition of landmark English-Yiddish Dictionary includes “lockdown” and “breakout room”
2 Yiddish Vinkl for October 22
3 IT PAYS TO KNOW: How to Talk Yiddish
4 The ultimate response to antisemitism? Learn Yiddish
5 Colin Powell’s early life was steeped in Jewish culture and Yiddish. It stayed with him.
6 This new video of a classic Yiddish song will make you plotz
7 Colin Powell's Early Life Was Steeped In Jewish Culture And Yiddish. It Stayed With Him.
8 Yiddish Vinkl for October 15
9 Yiddish Vinkl for October 8
10 Learning to speak Yiddish is the ultimate act of resistance to Jew hatred
11 A Taste of Yiddish Through Nature Poetry & Song
12 Colin Powell, RIP: Soldier, Statesman, Immigrant's Kid, Yiddish Speaker
13 David Duchovny on his grandfather, a Yiddish writer – The Forward
14 Colin Powell dies; the former Joint Chiefs spoke Yiddish
15 Yiddish Vinkl for October 1
16 Another funny Yiddish proverb my Bubbe/Zayde used to say
17 Intensive beginners’ Yiddish class will use new prizewinning textbook
18 Yiddish Vinkl for September 24
19 Jacob Apelberg, who survived a labor camp in the Soviet Union to become a Yiddish language preservationist, dies
20 Simche Friedman Releases Klezmer-Style Yiddish Song
21 'Songs in Dark Times': Yiddish poets engage mid-20th century crises and traumas
22 National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene Launches 107th Season
23 Oxford courses on 12 rare Jewish languages aim to keep heritages alive
24 American Yiddish scholar discovers unknown work by Sholom Aleichem
25 Ruth Wisse on the miracle of modern Jewish history
26 Painted Jewish time machines: New exhibition challenges norms
27 A gritty novel by Sholom Aleichem is published in English for the first time
28 Nu? Want to Learn Yiddish? There's an App
29 Spooky Schmoozing: Ep. 291 — Unorthodox Podcast — Tablet Magazine
30 'Zeyer Gut!': JSL Resident Does a 'Very Good' Job Teaching Yiddish to Her Neighbors — Detroit Jewish News
31 The classic Jewish film ‘Hester Street’ gets a new life in 2021
32 How Duolingo developed its new Yiddish course
33 Jewish Community Center of the North Shore Celebrates Jewish Book Month
34 This Seattle chocolatier is making fancy chocolate more fun
35 Yiddish words still common in the German language
36 Yiddish Book Center Revives Poet's Legacy Through Film
37 Jewish Museum Milwaukee sheds light on significance of Jewish peddlers
38 Boston Yiddish Chorus Set to Debut Concert Worldwide
39 At Yiddish Week, a beloved language is as vital as ever
40 Yiddish to fulfill A&S language requirement | Cornell Chronicle
41 Yiddish Limerick: Yom Kippur — Detroit Jewish News
42 Duolingo Adds First Yiddish Language Course | JewishBoston
43 Designing a Flag for Yiddish Takes Chutzpah
44 Yale to offer L1 Yiddish class that fulfills language requirement
45 Tsvey Brider
46 Jimmy Buffett’s famed bar ballad gets Yiddish translation
47 NYTF celebrates 'A Yiddish Renaissance' and Zalmen Mlotek's 70th birthday
48 My joys of Yiddish
49 There's a new documentary called 'Yiddish.' Guess what it's about.
50 Duolingo adds Yiddish to its language lessons
51 Yale to Offer Beginner Yiddish Courses to Fulfill Language Requirements
52 Two new books burrow into Yiddish and the 'language of thieves' – J.
53 Duolingo just added a Yiddish course. Could you plotz?
54 My New Joy of Yiddish
55 22 Yiddish Expressions About Telling the Truth
56 I took Duolingo’s new Yiddish course for a test drive. Here’s what I found.
57 Iowa City woman's online Yiddish class creates bonds across America during COVID-19 pandemic
58 The Politics of "Jewface"
59 Yiddish is alive and well
60 Duolingo Partners With Jewish Delis To Offer Free Bagels To Yiddish Speakers
61 Celebrating Yiddish and the Folksbiene
62 The Yiddish Journalists of Argentina
63 What the new Pew study missed by not asking about Yiddish
64 Yiddish Limerick: Happy New Year — Detroit Jewish News
65 Jack Ciattarelli slammed for campaigning without permission at America's largest Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva – Shore News Network
66 How a secular scholar and some NY Hasidic Jews set up Duolingo’s Yiddish course
67 Nu? Want to learn Yiddish? There's an app for that.
68 Exploring Yiddish Film History: A New Boxed Set Unearths 10 Classics From a Forgotten Era of Filmmaking — Detroit Jewish News
69 A Yiddish retreat in upstate NY unites ‘mamaloshen’ enthusiasts young and old
70 Yiddish in the Catskills
71 The Woman behind Duolingo's New Yiddish Course
72 The Undying Half-Life of Yiddish
73 Sholom Aleichem, the Mark Twain of the Yiddish-speaking world
74 How this NYC high school student came to Yiddish
75 Oy Vey! Do You Know Your Yinglish?
76 The Essence (A Yiddish Theatre Dim Sum) to Open on the Upper West Side
77 The Yiddish word of 2020
78 The Yiddish professor and female Orthodox rabbi sharing Yiddish children’s literature with the world
79 How classic Yiddish tales are being brought back to life — and in English too!
80 Yiddish Limerick: Tu b'Shevat — Detroit Jewish News
81 FBI New York releases posters in Hebrew and Yiddish to help encourage hate crime reporting
82 The 10 essential films of the Yiddish renaissance
83 Jewish Actor Josh Peck Teaches Ryan Seacrest Yiddish Word 'Shvitz'
84 Yiddish Vinkl for June 25
85 Yiddish Vinkl for September 10
86 Dancing in Yiddish
87 20 Yiddish words you could have learned this year
88 World of Our Stickers, and Other Yiddish Swag
89 Feeling at home in my Yiddish-speaking bubble
90 Talking Yiddish to the Dead
91 A queer, heretical Yiddish play too edgy for 1906 lives again on Zoom
92 Fake Rabbis: Evangelical Christians posing as orthodox Jews
93 Why only Yiddish and Ladino? Oxford wants to teach you Judeo-Tat and Karaim
94 Yiddish Vinkl for July 2
95 Finding his voice in Yiddish song
96 How a Yiddish theater mecca became ‘the church of rock ‘n’ roll’
97 Yiddish Language Thriving in Melbourne
98 The “golden age” of Yiddish-speaking criminals
99 Duolingo is introducing its first Yiddish-language course next month
100 Yiddish: Celebration of life, language of remembrance