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1 Miracle Chinese pig that survived 2008 Sichuan earthquake is dying, says owner
2 Zhu Jianqiang's last days
3 China mourns passing of acclaimed pig that survived 2008 quake
4 China bids farewell to legendary 'strong-willed' pig who survived quake
5 Chinese pig that became symbol of hope after Sichuan earthquake dies
6 Legendary pig that survived the 2008 devastating earthquake is dying
7 A celebrity pig, snow for sale: China’s quirkiest stories of 2021 so far
8 China mourns death of ‘strong-willed pig’ that survived 36 days under rubble following Sichuan earthquake
9 ‘Fan Run Run’: teacher who left students during earthquake in new controversy
10 Zhu Jinqiang, China's celebrity earthquake pig, exposes sensitivities
11 Two strong earthquakes rattle China, killing at least three
12 China's celebrity earthquake pig exposes sensitivities
13 Little marvels: Chinese scientists clone piglets from ‘hero’ survivor of 2008 Sichuan earthquake
14 Legendary pig emaciated due to age not sickness, says breeder
15 CDT Weekly, May 21-June 18
16 ‘I hope you die’: insults against women made into artwork protesting misogyny
17 As US pulls out of Afghanistan, China sees opportunities -- and potential for chaos
18 Beware, the Klopp-flash of dazzling white teeth can blind. I'll stay yellow
19 The two-legged pig who's become a celebrity in China
20 China strips rights lawyer of licence over social media comments
21 Chinese tariffs muck up market for U.S. pig parts and hog farmers
22 2008 Sichuan earthquake: 10 years later
23 Earthworms could help reduce antibiotic resistance genes in soil
24 Pig survivor hogs limelight amid sensitivity over Sichuan quake
25 Grumpy miracle pig voted most popular animal
26 China's 'Strong-Willed Pig' Has Been Cloned : The Two-Way
27 Chengdu: Pig in the pink |From A to Z
28 Environmental antimicrobial resistance driven by poorly managed urban wastewater
29 Mechanisms of stearoyl CoA desaturase inhibitor sensitivity and acquired resistance in cancer
30 Calycosin induces gastric cancer cell apoptosis | OTT
31 Mastering Chinese Poetry Ep.20: The Lantern Festival Night
32 Germline genomic patterns are associated with cancer risk, oncogenic pathways, and clinical outcomes
33 Critical supplies for N China's Hebei outbreak arrive from Hubei
34 Pig learns to walk on two legs
35 KDD 2020 Recognizes Winning Teams of 24th Annual KDD Cup
36 Experience ice climbing in Beijing 2022 host site Yanqing
37 RUNX represses Pmp22 to drive neurofibromagenesis
38 The Destructive Earthquake That Gave China's Charities New Life
39 Parasite Can Pass Warnings between Co-Joined Hosts
40 Synchronous Neoplastic Lesions In Referred Patients With Colorectal Ca | CMAR
41 Kallikrein-related peptidase 8 is expressed in myocardium and induces cardiac hypertrophy
42 Xinhua Headlines: Music warms hearts amid COVID-19 -- Chinese, Egyptian musicians stage virtual performance of Triumphal March
43 Amazon detective show 'Bosch' returns for its final season on June 25th
44 Mongolian PM resigns after protests over Covid-19 mother's treatment
45 EU should speed up accession of entire Western Balkans, Slovenia's president says
46 New Zealand PM sets out plans to re-connect with post-pandemic world
47 Study reveals unsettling multidrug antibiotic resistance in remote Arctic soil microbes
48 Clinical Analysis of 15 Cases of Gallbladder Neuroendocrine Carcinoma | CMAR
49 Asymmetric excitation of surface plasmons by dark mode coupling
50 Chrysanthemum transcription factor CmLBD1 direct lateral root formation in Arabidopsis thaliana
51 The Nokia 2720 Flip phone is finally coming to the US
52 ‘Fortnite’ will kick off its new season with a unique solo mission
53 Circulating miR-106a is a Novel Prognostic and Lymph Node Metastasis Indicator for Cholangiocarcinoma | Scientific Reports
54 USPS inspires more merch with phone cases 'inspired by the postal journey'
55 Internal-Modified Dithiol DNA–Directed Au Nanoassemblies: Geometrically Controlled Self–Assembly and Quantitative Surface–Enhanced Raman Scattering Properties
56 Technologies Available for Licensing|RPI
57 'Superbug gene' found in one of the most remote places on Earth
58 First Shipment of Athos Blueberries from Peru Arrives in Shanghai
59 Ubiquitin-protein ligase E3C promotes glioma progression by mediating the ubiquitination and degrading of Annexin A7
60 Extramedullary relapse of acute lymphoblastic leukemia after allogenei | OTT
61 Integrated analysis of mRNA-seq and miRNA-seq in the liver of Pelteobagrus vachelli in response to hypoxia | Scientific Reports
62 China's Rural Pollution Problem
63 Hamstand: 'Gymnast' piglet born without hind legs learns to walk on two front trotters
64 A graphene oxide/amidoxime hydrogel for enhanced uranium capture | Scientific Reports
65 Hunt is on for Ming dynasty admiral’s lost treasure ship
66 The Chemokine MIP-1α/CCL3 impairs mouse hippocampal synaptic transmission, plasticity and memory | Scientific Reports
67 40 years through a lens(1/13)
68 Legal betting goal for many
69 Cancer sufferer buys two-legged goat for fighting spirit
70 Tsinghua University Publishes Comprehensive Machine Translation Reading List
72 ‘Strong-Willed Pig’ Living in Stylish Sty Since 2008
73 TikToker, 27, goes viral in 'Never Been Kissed' video
74 Pig Born Without Back Legs: A Balancing Act Like No Other