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1 HDD support and Zoned Namespaces: Key takeaways about NVMe 2.0
2 How Zoned Namespaces Improve SSD Lifetime, Throughput and Latency
3 Look for PCIe 5.0, NVMe 2.0 to boost storage performance
4 Samsung launches first Zoned Namespace SSD for enterprise servers
5 NVMe Zoned Namespace lowers costs and improves performance
6 The Next Step in SSD Evolution: NVMe Zoned Namespaces Explained
7 Testing Zoned Namespace SSDs with SVF Pro/Enduro
8 Why Zoned Storage, and Why Now? – The New Stack
9 WD Adds Flash Smarts To Spinning Disk
10 NVMe 2.0: Even Faster Access to Storage
11 NVMe 2.0 Brings Support for PCIe-Connected Hard Disk Drives
12 Zoned flash: The next big thing in enterprise SSDs
13 NVM Express Announces the Rearchitected NVMe® 2.0 Library of Specifications
14 Samsung Unveils ZNS SSD: TLC V-NAND for Datacenter-Grade Endurance & Performance
15 Western Digital at FMS 2020: Zoned SSDs, Automotive NVMe And More
16 Restructuring NVMe
17 What Is ZNS SSD Technology for Digital Storage?
18 Western Digital's Ultrastar DC ZN540 Is the World's First ZNS SSD
19 Western Digital partners with Percona to optimize drives for MySQL
20 Western Digital's new ZNS SSDs is optimized for muti-tenancy
21 This week in storage with Kioxia and Elastic – Blocks and Files
22 Zoned SSDs live fast, die old, Western Digital claims – Blocks and Files
23 NVMe Gets Refactored | EE Times
24 Zoning in on better storage performance and capacity
25 This week in storage: Teradata in the cloud, WD Zoned SSDs and more – Blocks and Files
26 Your occasional storage digest with TrendForce, NVM Express and Datto – Blocks and Files
27 Flash Memory Summit 2020 Sessions from Day Two
28 NVM Express Announces the Rearchitected NVMe 2.0 Library of Specifications
29 Flash storage grows up with new EDSFF SSDs, denser 3D NAND
30 NVMe "Simple Copy" Offloaded Copy Support Being Prepared For The Linux Kernel
31 Western Digital Expands Flash Portfolio for Scaling Data-Centric Architectures in the Zettabyte Era
32 Accelerating Flash for a Competitive Edge in the Cloud and Beyond
33 Western Digital flashes fresh Black gamer SSDs, faster flash cards – Blocks and Files
34 Marvell Announces First PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD Controllers: Up To 14 GB/s
35 Western Digital Corporation (WDC) Management Presents at Deutsche Bank 2021 Virtual Technology Conference (Transcript)
36 Apple's macOS 11.4 Update Fixed SSD Wear Reporting on M1 Macs
37 SANBlaze Announces SBExpress 8.1 NVMe Software Release
38 Even hard drives will get to use the super-fast NVMe 2.0 interface
39 Radian completes integration and testing of Zoned Flash SSD with SPDK
40 Western Digital goes all in on Zoned Storage to face zettabyte era
41 Case Study: IBM Research's integration of Radian's Zoned Flash SSD
42 Flash Memory Summit Announces 2020 Best of Show Award Winners
43 How Much Does NVM-Express Flash Really Boost IBM i Performance?
44 Samsung Teasing: PCIe 5.0 Enterprise SSD Coming Q2 2022
45 Storage Startup Pliops Snags $65M Round As Nvidia Ups Stake
46 ScaleFlux: Our computational storage drives are bigger, faster and cheaper than ordinary SSDs – Blocks and Files
47 Western Digital launches open-source zettabyte storage initiative
48 Linux 5.9 released – OSnews
49 NVMe in Cloud Applications
50 Your occasional storage digest with Storj and Tesla, Komprise, OVH Cloud and more – Blocks and Files
51 Optimizing NVMe Drives for Your Applications
52 Things to consider when selecting enterprise SSDs for critical workloads
53 Backs Up Against The Memory And I/O Walls
54 Toshiba's 5-bit PLC SSDs will be slow and fail quicker, but should improve TLC drives
55 Red Hat lays out OpenShift Container Storage, Ceph roadmaps
56 Toshiba Talks 5-Bit-per-Cell Flash, Demos First PCIe 4.0 Enterprise SSDs
57 Samsung announces its first Exynos with AMD RDNA2 GPU in July
58 Linux 5.9 Features New GPU Support To Numerous Security + Performance Optimizations
59 Flash Memory Summit 2020
60 Dozens of drivers face cars being written off due to contaminated petrol from Morrisons
61 Samsung unveils affordable Galaxy Book Go Windows 10 laptop with optional 5G
62 How to avoid social engineering attacks
63 Flash Stacks Sloooowly Rise
64 Flash Stacks on the Rise